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To bear myself in me

29 September 2018 – “Speaking with the Stars”: There’s roughly a two-hour window of darkness now between twilight’s end & moonrise The window gets longer every night this week. Late tonight when the Moon does rise, it’s in company with Aldebaran. By Sunday morning the 30th, the Moon and Aldebaran are shining very high toward the south.


“In the karma of every single Anthroposophist is written: Become a person of initiative; observe whether out of the hindrances of your body or any other hindrances that thwart you, you do not discover initiative to be the center of your being. Suffering and joy for you will actually depend on whether or not you can discover personal initiative. As if in letters of gold, there should always stand before the soul of the Anthroposophist: ‘Initiative is part of your karma; much of what meets you in life will depend on whether you can bring this initiative to consciousness’. ~Rudolf Steiner.


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

The Feast Day of St. Michael All the Heavenly Hosts, also called MICHAELMAS

1227 – Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, is excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX for his failure to participate in the Crusades. A man of extraordinary culture, energy, & ability Frederick II was called stupor mundi (the wonder of the world), by Nietzsche, also the first European, the first modern ruler – by many historians, Frederick established in Sicily & southern Italy a modern, centrally governed kingdom with an efficient bureaucracy.

He was a King of Germany, of Italy, & Burgundy. His other royal title was King of Jerusalem by virtue of marriage & his connection with the Sixth Crusade.

He was frequently at war with the Papacy, hemmed in between Frederick’s lands in northern Italy & his Kingdom of Sicily (the Regno) to the south. Pope Gregory IX went so far as to call him an Antichrist.

Speaking six languages (Latin, Sicilian, German, French, Greek & Arabic, Frederick was an avid patron of science & the arts. He played a major role in promoting literature through the Sicilian School of poetry. His Sicilian royal court in Palermo, saw the first use of a literary form of an Italo-Romance language, Sicilian. The poetry that emanated from the school had a significant influence on literature & on what was to become the modern Italian language.

He was also the first king who explicitly outlawed trials by ordeal as they were considered irrational.

Related imageCaravaggio

1571 – Birthday of Caravaggio, Italian painter

1717 – An earthquake strikes Antigua Guatemala, destroying much of the city’s architecture & making authorities consider moving the capital to a different city

1812- Birthday of Caspar Hauser, grown up in the total isolation of a darkened cell. Theories link  him with the grand ducal House of BadenThese claims, & his subsequent death by stabbing, sparked much debate & controversy.

“…It was the case of that human being, so enigmatic for many people, who was once placed into this city in a mysterious way, and who in just as mysterious a way met his death in Ansbach. An author, in order to indicate the mystery of his life, wrote that as he was carried out to burial the sun was setting on the one horizon and the moon was rising on the other. I speak, as you know, of Caspar Hauser. If you disregard all the pros and cons that have been asserted, if you look only at what has been fully verified, you will know that this foundling — who was one day simply there in the street, and who since he did not know whence he came, was called the Child of Europe — could neither read nor write when he was found. At an age of twenty years he possessed nothing of what is gained through the intellect but he had a remarkable memory. As they began to instruct him, as logic entered his soul, his memory disappeared. This transition in consciousness was accompanied by something else. He possessed at first an incredible, an entirely inborn truthfulness and it was precisely in this truthfulness that he went more and more astray. The more he nibbled, so to say, at intellectuality, the more it vanished. There would be many things to study were we to enter deeply into this human soul which had been artificially held back. It is not difficult for the student of Spiritual Science to credit the popular tradition, so unacceptable to the learned people of to-day, which relates that while Caspar Hauser still knew nothing, while he still had no idea that there were beings besides himself of different form, he exercised a remarkable effect upon quite savage creatures. Savage animals humbled themselves and became mild, something streamed from him that made such beasts gentle, although they savagely attacked anyone else. We could in fact penetrate deeply into the soul of this remarkable personality, so enigmatic to many, and you would see how things that cannot be explained from ordinary life are led back through Spiritual Science to spiritual facts. Such facts cannot be learnt by speculation but only by spiritual observation, though they are comprehensible to an unbiased and logical thinking.

All this has only been said in order to show you that the modern consciousness has evolved from another, an age-old-state when man was not in direct touch with outer objects in the modern sense, but on the other hand was in connection with facts and beings of the spiritual world.” ~Rudolf SteinerThe Apocalypse of St. John, Spiritual Science — The Gospel — The Future of Mankind

Image result for 1885 – The first public electric tramway

1885 – The first public electric tramway in the world is opened in Blackpool, England

1902 – Deathday of Émile Zola a French novelist, playwright, journalist, the best-known practitioner of the literary school of naturalism, & an important contributor to the development of theatrical naturalism. He was a major figure in the political liberalization of France & in the exoneration of the falsely accused & convicted army officer Alfred Dreyfus, which is encapsulated in the renowned newspaper headline J’accuse. Zola was nominated for the first & second Nobel Prize in Literature in 1901 & 1902. His death from carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected to have been murder

1924 – Ludwig Polzer holds his 1st First Class Lesson

Related image


1954 – The convention establishing CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) is signed

Image result for 1957 – Twenty MCi of radioactive material is released in an explosion at the Soviet Mayak nuclear plant at Chelyabinsk

1957 – Twenty MCi of radioactive material is released in an explosion at the Soviet Mayak nuclear plant at Chelyabinsk

Related imageImage result for Adolf Arenson

1981 – Deathday of Adolf Arenson, German composer & Anthroposopher. Arenson editied many of Rudolf Steiner’s works, & composed the music for many of the plays & productions. Steiner mentions him at the end of Wonders of the World lecture 1

Image result for 2008 – Following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers & Washington Mutual, The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 777.68 points,

2008 – Following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers & Washington Mutual, The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 777.68 points, the largest single-day point loss in its history

Related image

2009 – The 8.1 Mw Samoa earthquake strikes with a maximum Mercalli intensity.  A destructive tsunami follows, leaving 1189 dead & hundreds injured.


POD (Poem Of the Day)

~my hives shimmer with grace
golden in the grey day
the ever busy bees work at home today
cleaning house
singing appeasements to the undines…
the sukkah waits
as the countenance of Michael
the power of Divine Will
in Love


A deep holiness broods over the dying light. Now, in ourselves we must find our own power of bestowing warmth; that we may shine from within. In the realm of the senses the plant world sinks down into death. Inwardly the fire-spirits, offspring of the lofty Beings of the Sun, bearing the Archetypal pictures of the plant kingdom, stream down into the womb of Mother Earth. All around us we see withering, the color leaving to reveal the essence. As human beings we must not allow the death of nature to draw us into sleep. In autumn we must discover the force of resurrection within, so that we can pass with full consciousness thru the gate of death with a wakened soul, in our time. This is possible by what Michael bestows as the Fire of Will. We can come into communion with the most hidden secrets of existence now, whispering: Feel yourself as bearer of the Motherhood of Nature, to conceive in love the fiery germ of Self.

Blessings of Michaelmas dear friends.


see you in NOLA

AGM of the ASA Friday, Oct 5 – Sunday, Oct 7 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana


First Grace United Methodist Church 3401 Canal Street, New Orleans (Check out their amazing history here!)

Pre-conference: Thursday, Oct 4: Living in the Branches National Branch and Group Gathering

Friday 5 October 2018 4:00-5:15 pm Cain and Abel: Building a bridge between the Two Streams, with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg


Friday 19 October 2018, 7 – 9 pm

COMMUNITY MEETING: ”A healing conversation about equality and the threefold social order: What is living in us now?” 

Facilitated by Paulette Arnold


Friday 2 November 2018, 7 – 9 pm


Earthly Death / Cosmic Life

Storytelling: The Descent of Inanna – An archetype of the soul in the spirit world

 Lemniscate Journey thru the Planetary Spheres & the Zodiac –Artistic Exploration – Which Wandering or Fixed Star calls to you?


Remembering those who have Crossed the Threshold

The Hallelujah in Eurythmy

Contact Carolyn Arnett with the names of loved ones, who have died this year, to be read in the circle. (773-539-3688)

$10 Donation & Snacks to Share Encouraged

For more info. contact Hazel Archer Ginsberg


Friday 30 November 2018 – 7 – 9 pm 


‘Apocalypse’ today almost always means war, but its primary definition is REVELATION.  the Book of Revelations seems warlike until we begin to delve into the messages, seals, trumpets and bowls as stages of initiation!  We will explore the complexities of this amazing book of the Bible by taking a journey through the 7-pointed star and the Apocalyptic Seals of the 1907 Munich Conference.

$15 or pay what you will, Snacks to Share Encouraged


Saturday 1 December 2018 – 10 am – noon


How can we begin to understand the importance of The Christmas Conference of 1923/24?  Can it be understood as so profound to consider it a second turning point of time?

We will take a journey with the foundation stone, beginning with the laying of the first stone, a physical one, for the first Goetheanum, in 1913.  Then — through the phoenix experience of the 1922/23 fire, and its journey back to earth a year later—we find it again, as a foundation stone meditation planted into our hearts.  The introduction of The Foundation Stone Meditation was a central focus of the Christmas Conference week.  It was one of three great gifts which Rudolf Steiner brought at this time as powerful spiritual tools for human evolution.

 $15 or pay what you will, Snacks to Share Encouraged

Margaret Shipman has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society for 30 years and considers the work of Rudolf Steiner to be the core of her life.  In 2002 she started a national study group for anthroposophy – ‘Geographically Engaged Members Studygroup’, or G.E.M.S.  She is also a cellist and pianist and spent 36 years repairing and making instruments of the violin family.  She co-authored the book titled Violin Restoration with her mentor, Hans Weisshaar, who was in the second-ever Waldorf class and met Rudolf Steiner as a child.

For more info. contact coordinator Hazel Archer Ginsberg


Rudolf Steiner Branch of The Anthroposophical Society, 4249 North Lincoln Avenue. Chicago, IL 60618 (map) Check out our Web site! Chicago, IL (Anthroposophical Society in America)

The Elderberries 3-Fold Space is currently available for rental on PEER SPACE for classes, events, meetings, retreats, art exhibits, family parties, etc…


20 September 2018 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The yellow-orange point to the right of Bella Luna this evening is Mars. Once night is fully dark, look for Fomalhaut, the Autumn Star, rising about three fists to the Moon’s lower left.

 Mars by WilliamTurners

Mercury reaches superior conjunction at 9 pm CDT. This means the innermost planet lies on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth & remains hidden in our Day Star’s glare. It will return to view in the evening sky, though just barely, in late October.


Image result for Rudolf Steiner and the theosophical society

Lectures by Rudolf Steiner on this date

Looking at the past to see the present, co-creating the future:

History, historical life, will only be seen in the right light when a true consciousness of the connection of the so-called living with the so-called dead can be developed” – The Living and the Dead by Rudolf Steiner, Berlin, 5th February, 1918


622 – Muhammad & Abu Bakr arrived in Medina

Image result for 1378 – Cardinal Robert of Geneva, called by some the "Butcher of Cesena", is elected as Pope Clement VII

1378 – Cardinal Robert of Geneva, called by some the “Butcher of Cesena“, is elected as Pope Clement VII, beginning the Papal schism. He was the 1st antipope residing in Avignon, France

Image result for 1498 – The 1498 Nankai earthquake buddha

1498 – The 1498 Nankai earthquake generates a tsunami that washes away the building housing the statue of the Great Buddha at Kōtoku-in in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. Over 10,000 die

Image result for 1519 – Ferdinand Magellan sets sail from Sanlúcar de Barrameda

1519 – Ferdinand Magellan sets sail from Sanlúcar de Barrameda with 270 men on his expedition to circumnavigate the globe

Image result for Walking Purchase

1737 – The Walking Purchase– between the Penn family, the proprietors of Pennsylvania, & the Lenape Tribe (also known as the Delaware). This document may have been an unsigned, unratified treaty, or even an outright forgery (Encyclopædia Britannica refers to it as a “land swindle”. The Penns’ agents began selling land, an area of 1,200,000 acres, in the Lehigh Valley to colonists while the Lenape still inhabited the area

Image result for 1893 – Charles Duryea road-tests the first American-made gasoline-powered automobile

1893 – Charles Duryea road-tests the first American-made gasoline-powered automobile

Image result for 1906 – Founding of the Paracelsus Branch, Basel Switzerland

1906 – Founding of the Paracelsus Branch, Basel Switzerland

Image result for 1906 – Founding of the Paracelsus Branch, Basel Switzerland

1913 – The laying of the Foundation Stone of the 1st Goetheanum

1913 – Founding of the Moscow Branch of the Anthroposophical Society

1933 – Deathday of Annie Besant. In 1890 Besant met Helena Blavatsky. She became a member of the Theosophical Society & a prominent lecturer. She established the first overseas Lodge of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain. Over the next few years she established lodges in many parts of the British Empire. In 1907 she became president of the Theosophical Society, whose international headquarters were in Adyar, Madras. She also became involved in politics in India, joining the Indian National Congress. When World War I broke out in 1914, she helped launch the Home Rule League to campaign for democracy in India. This led to her election as president of the India National Congress. In the late 1920s, Besant travelled to the United States with her protégé & adopted son Jiddu Krishnamurti, whom she claimed was the new Messiah & incarnation of Buddha. Krishnamurti rejected these claims in 1929. She is thought to be the reincarnation of Giordano Bruno

1941 – Holocaust 403 Jews (128 men, 176 women & 99 children) were murdered by Einsatzkommando 3 in Nemencing, Latvia.

1942 – Holocaust in Letychiv, Ukraine. In the course of two days the German SS murders at least 3,000 Jews

1973 – Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes tennis match at the Houston Astrodome


Image result for rain painting

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~i sing the rain
in fresh contemplation
of change…



Image result for Michaelmas

Today I begin a series on Michaelmas.


a Summary by Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

Lecture 1. How can humanity, the earth citizen, become once more a citizen of the cosmos? The expansion of life’s horizon into cosmic reaches brings the human being into the picture of Michael’s Conflict with the Dragon.

The Dragon is not found in the sense world. Where is he? The dragon lives within the human being. “…the outer cosmic conflict of Michael and the Dragon was transferred to the inner human being, because only in human nature could the Dragon now find his sphere of action.”

Because of that Michael now works with us to fight the dragon within human nature.

Steiner gives this picture of the dragon writhing around the animalistic part of humanity, even coiling around the heart; but then — behind us, at the back of the head — the outer cosmic figure of Michael, towering, radiant, retaining his cosmic nature but reflecting it in the higher human nature, so that our etheric body reflects etherically the cosmic figure of Michael. Then there would be visible in the human head — but working down into the heart — the power of Michael, crushing the Dragon and causing blood to flow down from the heart to the limbs.” So we can put our will into action

“…. In the intellect we are isolated from the world, because everyone has their own head, and in that head, their own thoughts. But In our Gemüt we cannot do that, the Gemüt is not dependent upon the head, but on the rhythmic system, bringing us back to where we belong, as a being in the cosmos.”

The Gemüt, as meaning something like: ‘the mind warmed by a loving heart and stimulated by the soul’s imaginative power’.

“…So with our Gemüt we can say: The power of the Dragon is working within me, I might not see it — but I can feel it as a force that wants to drag me down below myself. But in the spirit I see the luminous Angel whose cosmic task has always been the vanquishing of the Dragon. I concentrate my Gemüt upon this glowing figure, I let its light stream into my Gemüt, so that my illumined and warmed Gemüt will bear within it the strength of Michael. And out of a free resolution I will be able, through my alliance with Michael, to conquer the Dragon’s might in my own lower nature.”

“…this activated Gemüt enters into a living relationship with the whole cosmos the moment it indeed comes to life.

Life will not have a true soul content until we can develop cosmic impulses in our Gemüt.”

Image result for Michaelmas

Tomorrow I will bring my summary of lecture 2




 Veil Painting Workshop with David A. Dozier 773-627-0060

Friday Sept. 21, 2018, 7 -9pm, Saturday Sept. 22, 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday Sept. 23, 10 am -1pm

Workshop fee: $135.00 for RSB members, $160.00 for non-members Supply fee: $135.00*


 Friday 28 September 2018 – COMMUNITY MEETING 

at 7 pm with Ann Burfeind 

Checking in on our local Anthroposophical Initiatives:

Are you a Waldorf Teacher, Branch Member, Christian Community Member, In the Arcturus Teacher Training, Involved with Anthroposophical Medicine, or Bio-Dynamics, Interested in serving the Being of Chicago…? Please come & bring a report, of the new school, or your Spiritual Scientific research…ETC…

We will also have a review of the How We Will Forum2

All in the spirit of Michaelmas


Rudolf Steiner Branch of The Anthroposophical Society, 4249 North Lincoln Avenue. Chicago, IL 60618 (map

Check out our Web site! Chicago, IL (Anthroposophical Society in America

The Elderberries 3-Fold Space is currently available for rental on PEER SPACE for classes, events, meetings, retreats, art exhibits, family parties, etc…






Against All Odds

14 September 2018 – “Speaking with the Stars”: It’s the last week of summer!

In twilight this evening, catch the crescent Moon in the southwest with Jupiter on her lower right. A line from the Moon through Jupiter points toward Venus, much lower.

Once nightfall is complete, the two brightest stars (not planets) are Vega high overhead & Arcturus in the west.

Draw a line down from Vega to Arcturus. A third of the way down you cross the dim Keystone of Hercules. Two thirds of the way you cross the dim semicircle of Corona Borealis with its one modestly bright star: Alphecca, the gem of the crown.


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


We are the echo of the future ~W. S. Merwin (Thanks to Chris Manvell)

Feast of the Cross – According legend the True Cross was discovered in 326 by Saint Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, during a pilgrimage she made to Jerusalem. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was then built at the site of the discovery, by order of Helena & Constantine. The church was dedicated nine years later, on this same date, with a portion of the cross placed inside it.

Other legends explain that in 614, that portion of the cross was carried away from the church by the Persians, & remained missing until it was recaptured by the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius in 628. Initially taken to Constantinople, the cross was returned to the church in 629.

326 – Helena of Constantinople discovers the True Cross & builds the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

629 – Emperor Heraclius enters Constantinople in triumph after his victory over the Persian Empire

Sandro Botticelli

1321 – Deathday of Durante degli Alighieri – known as Dante

Image result for Agrippa

1486 – Birthday of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, German Occultist, theologian, astrologer, & alchemist

Image result for Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena

1723 – Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena lays down the first stone of Fort Manoel in Malta. de Vilhena, a Portuguese nobleman was the 66th Prince of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Unlike many other Grand Masters, he was benevolent & popular with the Maltese people

1741 – George Frideric Handel completes his oratorio Messiah

Image result for 1752 – The British Empire adopts the Gregorian calendar


1752 – The British Empire adopts the Gregorian calendar, skipping eleven days (the previous day was September 2)

Image result for 1901 – U.S. President William McKinley dies


1901 – U.S. President William McKinley dies after an assassination attempt on September 6, & is succeeded by Vice President Theodore Roosevelt

Image result for Ip massacre

1940 –The  Ip massacre: The Hungarian Army, supported by local Hungarians, kill 158 Romanian civilians in Ip, Sălaj, a village in Northern Transylvania, an act of ethnic cleansing

Related image

1943 – World War II: The Wehrmacht starts targeting several Greek villages death toll over 500 people

1959 – The Soviet probe Luna 2 crashes onto the Moon, becoming the first man-made object to reach it?

1960 – The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is founded

Image result for Congo Crisis

1960 – Congo Crisis: With CIA help, Mobutu Sese Seko seizes power in a military coup, suspending parliament & the constitution

Image result for 1969 – The US Selective Service selects September 14 as the First Draft Lottery dateImage result for 1969 – The US Selective Service selects September 14 as the First Draft Lottery date

1969 – The US Selective Service selects September 14 as the First Draft Lottery date

2008 – All 88 people on board Aeroflot Flight 821 are killed when the plane crashes on approach to Perm Airport


My POD (Poem Of the Day)

Sir Edward Coley

~I burn & radiate
In the empty space
Where fire appears blue
A jolt of essence
A glow of ether
A passion for stars & stones


How We Will: Bare Bones Organizing – Threefolding Our Cultural Revolution

Review by Kait Ziegler

How do we stand deeply in spiritual space and also be of service in a social justice movement?” This question resonated throughout the space, weaving through the breaths of the individuals who came to How We Will with their own deep questions and capacities. It cascaded down the brightly hued, Lazure walls of the second, emerging Elderberries Threefold Cafe in Chicago, the Aquarian Heartland of the country. In this Heartland, our second forum was a beating heart with many different veins of communities connecting into a shared source of life, with two essential streams of spirituality and inner work intersecting with activism and social justice. The meeting of these two seemingly disconnected life journeys–inner and outer healing of ourselves and the world–sparked the moral imagination of how to build a meaningful bridge between the communities, and ask “how to build it?” and “why to build it?” There is also a question of if these two streams are really disconnected at all, and if they are not binary realms opposing one another, how do we locate the bridge which is already there as a fused, inseparable gesture?

The organizers and forum community offered the idea of Social Threefolding as the reasons for “Why” and “How”. Social Threefolding, a separation of the political, cultural, and economic spheres, was dived deeply into and acted as the blood running through the different veins to make the heart of our forum pump with life. Through panels like “Building Bridges”, “Against All Odds”, and “Why I Stand”, along with Theory U sessions and Threefold Breakout Groups, we investigated the inner and outer qualities of Threefold–technically, emotionally, spiritually, logistically, and more–both intangible and tangible realities of a new system being brainstormed and vigorously worked with. Through hearing insights from individuals working in the Poor People’s Campaign, as well as leaders around the country active in social justice and organizing work, we also explored the reality that, just as Rudolf Steiner was a community organizer and activist, we must also pick up the baton of organizing our local communities, intersecting with social justice awareness, if we are to practically and holistically bring the impulse of Social Threefolding into the world.

As a ribbon threading through our intellectually rich sessions, Melody and Ianthe led the community through an embodied, creative journey of co-leading the story of Goethe’s, “The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily“. With different small groups taking portions of the tale, we used our bodies, props, and imagination to tell the story at different times of the days which mirrored the times of the story, midnight to midnight, until the prophecy had been fulfilled. Melanie offered an evening imagination of, “Who is the lily?” which boldly illuminated the creative power of the story and its purpose– to open deep questions and themes in which to resonate in our souls.

Each interpretation is different of Goethe’s tale, but the feeling of it somehow generated a correlating and empowering question around our purpose of coming to How We Will, and what might come next. Like the convening of the old man, old woman, maidens, lily, snake, young prince, four kings, will-o wisps, ferryman, and the hawk, what might happen when all of us come together that cannot be achieved if working alone? Like the separated worlds of the two sides of the great river, with a great prophecy waiting to be fulfilled of true leadership, bridging an abyss, and building a sacred space, what is our collective prophecy which we must pick up as our task to help serve humanity and bridge the gaps which are present in our society? How do the streams of inner and outer work connect to topple the pillars of racism, poverty, ecological devastation, and the war economy, as the work does of the Poor People’s Campaign?

Our answers to these questions varied. At the closing of the forum, people spoke of their ideas that want to be put into action: a localized Threefold organizing project with research and development; outreach to the older generations within Anthroposophy; a housing trust to crumble borders and increase accessibility; building an international sacred space for youth; connecting Brightmoor Maker Space and Free Columbia to the new cafe space, and much more. There is a lot of inner and outer work to be done, and this will certainly not be our last How We Will, yet we made beautiful progress together. Though our initiatives might be separate, the blood of their intention is of one source. Social Threefolding and its qualities of striving for deeper freedom, equity and equality, as well as kinship is coursing through all of the gifts manifested from the forum. We will have to work and see what emerges in our upcoming future, and invite you to set a benchmark that brings us and our communities back together in Philadelphia in 2019 for our third How We Will. A six month interval will happen for those wishing to be a part of the Organizing Research looking at two cities in Los Angeles as our map.

We offer gratitude to all who came to How We Will, all of the organizers, all which emerged and was shared, and acknowledge the courage it takes to stand against all odds for the sake of humanity.


Another review from Tom Grode!


Webster’s: “a story with improbable events leading to a happy ending”.

Once upon a time I flew from Los Angeles to Chicago for How We Will — a four day gathering the end of summer at the Rudolph Steiner Branch.

Steiner lived and worked in Germany during the days following World War I. From Conscious Society: “Delivered in the context of post-war culture and chaos, these lectures form part of Rudolf Stenier’s energetic efforts to cultivate social understanding and renew culture through his innovative ideas based on “threefolding”. Steiner develops a subtle and discerning perception of how social dynamics could change and heal if they were founded on real insight into our threefold nature as individuals, social beings, and economic participants in the world. He doesn’t offer a programmatic agenda for change, but a real foundation from which change can organically grow.”

I flew to Chicago stressed and excited about the chaotic circumstances in my life. I flew to Chicago not really sure what I was walking into. I flew to Chicago anticipating something important would happen.

Around seventy people came to Chicago. Several of us came from Los Angeles. Several came from an artists community in rural upstate New York. Some guys came from Detroit. A sprinkling came from other parts of the country and many from Chicago.

Two young Storytelling ladies from Europe on the first day broke us into seven groups to take turns with a section of The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily fairy tale by Goethe. I never heard of The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily before. The different groups would perform their section of the story over the course of the next few days so by the end we presented the full story to one another.

We had just established Community Agreements, one of which was Trust The Process and so I suppose I broke the agreement because I quickly went to Google to read the whole story. The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily tells of a river separating two lands and a snake that sacrifices itself to become a bridge so people can freely walk over the river from land to land.

The Los Angeles folks were connected to Moral Mondays held by a vegan café Elderberries 3Fold on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Moral Mondays is rooted in the work done by Rev. William Barber in North Carolina who launched Moral Mondays and later re-launched the Poor Peoples Campaign first launched by Martin Luther King now under the name Poor Peoples Campaign: a national call for moral revival. Some of the Moral Mondays folks are now major leaders in the Poor Peoples Campaign for California.

I flew to Chicago carrying three things:

1) My Native American name is Woorypot Moompet and much of the Poor Peoples Campaign foundation laid by Dr.King at the time of his assassination was his growing relationship with Native American leaders.

2) I’ve lived in Skid Row downtown Los Angeles since 2013 and the essence of Skid Row mirrors the essence of the Poor Peoples Campaign: a national call for moral revival.

3) A few years ago while staying in Pasadena I had a vision of two lines moving in outer space where they would eventually intersect. One line was called Martin Luther King and the other line was called William Seymour. When they intersected there was an explosion and inside the explosion appeared the word “justice”. Preacher Seymour, the son of slaves, was the leader of the Azusa Street Revival of 1906 in downtown Los Angles that birthed Pentecostal Christianity. Time-Life in 2001 put the Azusa Street Revival, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Shekinah Glory, as #68 on their list of 100 Most Important Events of the Past One Thousand Years 1000–2000AD. Azusa is a Tongva word, Native indigenous people of Los Angeles, and is usually translated as Blessed Miracle or Healing. .

The threefolding process of Rudolf Steiner is based on a simple premise: human society used to be centralized courtesy of the Pharoah and the King. But the great wave has been away from centralization and this movement has resulted in three separate yet overlapping realms — Rights (government), Cultural, Economic. That premise then becomes the basis for systemic reformation and creating new systems.

Steiner developed Anthroposofy as a scientific form of Theosophy, a relationship with God and the spiritual realm based on mystical insights, and followers of Steiner weave Anthroposofy into Threefolding as part of exploring the Rights, Culture, and Economic realms for a healthier humanity.

In this fairy tale are many characters: a Ferryman, two Will O’ The Wisps, the Green Snake, a Weak Giant with a Strong Shadow, the Gold King, the Silver King, the Bronze King, a Fourth King (composite of the other three Kings), Old Man with Lamp, Wife of Old Man, Beautiful Lily, Young Man, Maiden, Mops the Dog, two Maiden Servants. As the seven groups rehearsed their turn to tell their section of the story, one wall was painted as a Green Snake and Beautiful Lily mural.

The rural New York artists sang folk songs wearing rural New York folk song clothing. The Detroit guys were led by an old white guy who kept spitting out rhymes. Words from Motor City mostly very pretty.

Meals were shared — every possible tasty variation of beans and rice. During one lunch I spoke to one of the rural New York artist folk singers and he told me how a Mohawk leader walked with them for counsel as they developed a Native theater piece featuring giant puppets, Excerpts of the Journey of the Peacemaker.

The Chicago folks were mostly older and over the days they wrestled with how to support a vegan café based on the one in Los Angeles about to be built in much of their Rudolf Steiner Branch building.

How We Will included expert threefolding teachers with Q and A plus group discussion. We also had panel discussions. One panel was Against All Odds and I spoke about the intense still to be finished roller coaster in City Hall for Skid Row to create a Skid Row Neighborhood Council as an official part of City government.

We closed our gathering in a circle where folks could step forward to announce some brand new practical effort as an invitation for others to support their journey. One of the Storytellers from England who helped lead our Green Snake theater process stepped into the circle bursting into tears as she shared her vision of how affordable housing can help bridge gaps between people, ending with her crying saying: “Why is this happening, I don’t even know how to do a mortgage”.

Tears can be a form of intercession. Intercession is a gap between what should never have been separated, and you step into that gap. Tears nurture the coming together.

The common aftermath of a mountaintop experience is folks return to normal life in the valley. This gathering could be different as everyone can follow online or in person the process to turn much of the Chicago Branch building into a threefolding vegan café based on the community-building momentum of How We Will.

“Finally, the crowd gradually dispersed, pursuing its own course; and the bridge, to this day, continues to swarm with travelers, and the temple is the most frequented one on the entire earth”.


Dear Friends – A friendly reminder: The play “This War Is Not Inevitable” will be performed at Urban Prairie on Saturday night at 7 pm.  And at the Christian Community on Sunday Sept. 16th at 12:30 pm.

This two-actor performance is about Social Three-Folding in Middle Europe at the beginning of World War I and the beginning of the Waldorf School Movement.

It is acessable to all, and so relevant to the issues we are all facing today in the cultural, political and the economic realms, but refreshingly non-partisan.

Michael Burton, from New Zealand along with young Waldorf alumnus Christian Peterson, from Harlemville, will be performing.

We are so fortunate that they are able to stop in Chicago on their tour around the US!  So bring a neighbor or friend along!

All Contributions are appreciated. 🙂

~Johanna Rohde

PERFORMANCE OF THE PLAY Written by Michael Hedley Burton:Saturday, September 15th at 7 pm  Urban Prairie Waldorf School 1310 S. Ashland

PERFORMANCE CANCELED on Sept. 14th at Chicago Waldorf School

PERFORMANCE on Sunday, Sept 16th at 12:30 pm

At The Christian Community, 2135 West Wilson Ave, 60625

Suggested donation: $15, $25 or $40…depending on your circumstances.Books written by Michael Burton also for sale


 Poetic Imagination, Metamorphosis and the Evolution of Consciousness with Luke Fischer

Sunday 16 September 2018, 4 – 6 pm At the Branch

In this lecture, poet and philosopher, Dr Luke Fischer will discuss ways in which the poetry and thought of Goethe, Rilke, Barfield, and Steiner contribute to an understanding of the evolution of consciousness and of the particular significance of poetic imagination. He will also shed light on how his own poetic and philosophical writings have addressed these topics.

Also: a short Poetry Reading and Piano Recital with Ryan Senger


Veil Painting Workshop with David A. Dozier

Friday Sept. 21, 2018, 7 -9pm, Saturday Sept. 22, 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday Sept. 23, 10 am -1pm

Workshop fee: $135.00 for RSB members, $160.00 for non-members Supply fee: $135.00*


 Friday 28 September 2018 – COMMUNITY MEETING at 7 pm with Ann Burfeind 

Checking in on our local Anthroposophical Initiatives:

Are you a Waldorf Teacher, Branch Member, Christian Community Member, Involved with Anthroposophical Medicine, or Bio-Dynamics, Interested in serving the Being of Chicago…? Please come & bring a report, of the new school, or your Spiritual Scientific research…ETC…

We will also have a review of the How We Will Forum2

All in the spirit of Michaelmas


Rudolf Steiner Branch of The Anthroposophical Society, 4249 North Lincoln Avenue. Chicago, IL 60618 (mapCheck out our Web site! Chicago, IL (Anthroposophical Society in America) 

The Elderberries 3-Fold Space is currently available for rental on PEER SPACE for classes, events, meetings, retreats, art exhibits, family parties, etc…


Lift the veil

15 August 2018 –“Speaking with the Stars”: La Bella Luna hangs over Spica at dusk. Look lower right of them for bright Venus, & left of them for bright Jupiter.


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

My best friend is the person who in wishing me well, wishes it for my sake. ~Aristotle


Feast of Isis

Himmelfahrt Mariae

Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary, is the day the mother of Jesus Christ, ‘died’. Her body was not subjected to the usual process of physical decay but was “assumed” into heaven & reunited there with her soul. This holiday, which has been celebrated since the fourth century CE, is a Christian version of an earlier harvest festival &, in many parts of Europe, is known as the Feast of Our Lady of the Harvest.

For centuries celebrations were held in the honor of the goddess Isis of the Sea, who was born on this day according to mythology. With the coming of Christianity church leaders decided that the easiest way to handle this pagan ritual was to simply change it into a Christian holiday, hence the introduction of Assumption Day came forth.

In Italy remnants of the ancient celebration include night time bonfires & public illuminations, symbolic of the Sun. The idea of prosperity is also evident in the throwing of coins from windows down to the street in some cultures. Symbolic images of the Virgin Mary & her assumption into heaven are paraded throughout the day. Blue is the color most often associated with the Virgin Mary. It symbolizes truth & clarity, & it is the color of the sky, which symbolizes heaven. The lily, which is a symbol of purity, chastity, & simplicity, is also associated with the Virgin Mary.

Like the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption was not always an official dogma of the Roman Catholic Church – not until Pope Pius XII ruled it so in 1950. It is regarded as the principal feast day of the Virgin Mother.

636 – Arab–Byzantine wars: The Battle of Yarmouk between Byzantine Empire & Rashidun Caliphate begins.

717 – Arab–Byzantine wars: Maslama ibn Abd al-Malik begins the Second Arab Siege of Constantinople, which will last for nearly a year.

718 – Arab–Byzantine wars: Raising of the Second Arab Siege of Constantinople.

778 – The Battle of Roncevaux Pass, at which Roland is killed

1038 – Deathday of King Stephen I, the first king of Hungary

1057 – Deathday of King Macbeth, killed at the Battle of Lumphanan by the forces of Máel Coluim mac Donnchada

1248 – In honor of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, The foundation stone of Cologne Cathedral, built to house the relics of the Three Wise Men, is laid

1281 –The Mongolian fleet of Kublai Khan is destroyed by a “divine wind” for the second time in the Battle of Kōan in Japan

1309 – The city of Rhodes surrenders to the forces of the Knights of St. John, completing their conquest of Rhodes. The knights establish their headquarters on the island & rename themselves the Knights of Rhodes


1534 – Jesuit Order Founded

Image result for 1549 – Jesuit priest Francis Xavier comes ashore at Kagoshima, Japan

1549 – Jesuit priest Francis Xavier comes ashore at Kagoshima, Japan

1769 – Birthday of Napoléon Bonaparte

Image result for 1812 –The Battle of Fort Dearborn is fought between United States troops & Potawatomi at what is now Chicago

1812 –The Battle of Fort Dearborn is fought between United States troops & Potawatomi at what is now Chicago

1843 – Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest still intact amusement parks in the world, opens in Copenhagen, Denmark (Tivoli inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland)

1910 – Very 1st performance of Rudolf Steiner’s 1st Mystery Drama “The Portal of Initiation” opens in Munich

Related image

1914 – Julian Carlton, A servant of architect Frank Lloyd Wright murders seven people & sets fire to the living quarters of Wright’s Wisconsin home, Taliesin

1914 – The Panama Canal opens to traffic with the transit of the cargo ship SS Ancon

1915 – A story in New York World newspaper reveals that the Imperial German government had purchased excess phenol from Thomas Edison that could be used to make explosives for the war effort & diverted it to Bayer for aspirin production

1917 – Deathday of Hermann Joachim, Anthroposopher & Freemason. Rudolf Steiner did his funeral address see GA 261

1935 – Will Rogers & Wiley Post are killed after their aircraft develops engine problems during takeoff in Barrow, Alaska

1939 – The Wizard of Oz premieres at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in LA

1941 – Corporal Josef Jakobs is executed by firing squad at the Tower at 7:12am making him the last person to be executed at the Tower of London for espionage

1945 – Surrender of Japan in World War II, Korea gains Independence from Japan. The Allies proclaimed V-J Day a day after

1947 – India gains Independence from British rule after near 190 years of Crown rule & joins the Commonwealth of Nations

1948 – The Republic of Korea is established south of the 38th parallel north


1965 – The Beatles play to nearly 60,000 fans at Shea Stadium in New York City, an event later regarded as the birth of stadium rock

1969 – The Woodstock Music & Art Fair opens in upstate New York, featuring some of the top rock musicians of the era

1971 – President Richard Nixon completes the break from the gold standard by ending convertibility of the United States dollar into gold by foreign investors. Nixon also announced a 90-day freeze on wages, rents & prices

2001 – Astronomers announced the discovery of the first solar system outside our own. They had discovered two planets orbiting a star in the Big Dipper

2013 – The Smithsonian announces the discovery of the olinguito, the first new carnivoran species found in the Americas in 35 years

2015 – North Korea moves its clock back half an hour to introduce Pyongyang Time, 8½ hours ahead of UTC


My POD (Poem Of the Day)

~She is the early light
& the purpose of dusk
Who Is
The song bird of The Logos renewed…
She will
Rattle the seeds of the sistrum
To Awaken
A brilliant moment in eternity: Today
I will
Lift Her veil…





Today on this Feast of the Assumption of Mary, I am cultivating the feeling that as I move through the world, that everywhere I go, wherever I am, I am standing on holy ground. In my backyard this morning, watching the butterflies & beetles, I was imagining all the life processes that unfold outside of my conscious awareness: my body digesting food & the circulating of my blood. I pictured the trees working with the elemental beings, taking in carbon dioxide, water, & sunlight to synthesize their nourishment. I felt the micro-organisms in the soil beneath my feet endlessly toiling away to create humus.

I ‘see’ the bee as a spiritual messenger – an interlocutor – Carriers of the Solar-Logos – an intermediary, between the human being & the Spiritual realms – Opening us to those peripheral dimensions of human awareness where super-sensible perceptions can awaken.

The bee carries a signal or frequency that enables transformation; it enables the sterile to become fertile & initiates the process of regeneration…

I don’t perceive any of these things directly; they’re invisible to me, & yet so alive & active & real.

And so I ask: What other growth & transformation might be going on in secret?

Ahh, what a perfect time to tune-in to all the vitalizing alchemy that is usually hidden, as I contemplate the mystery of the Assumption of Mary, the Mother of god.

Xox – Blessings & Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg


by Grace Kahn

20 August 2018 ~MORAL MONDAY~ CHICAGO 7 pm – 9 pm 

“When The Trees Melt Away In A Sun Soaked Cotton Dream”

A going going gone Party for the CWS Class of 2018 –

an PDF Art Exhibit PDF with PDF Musical Performances from the Youth at Elderberries Chicago 4251 N. Lincoln Ave.

Illustrations by Grace Kahn, & other Chicago Waldorf School Graduates

Songs from “Beyond Blue and Red” by  Ultra-Violet Archer 

$10 Donation –MORE or less (Youth under 21 FREE)


How We Will: Organizing a Bare Bones Threefold Cultural Revolution

 30 Aug. 2018 at 12 PM to 3 Sep. 2018 at 2 PM 

Registration is now open for How We Will 2018 –

Hosted by The Elderberries 3Fold Cafe Chicago & Urban First Aid – Art As Medicine 4251 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618-2953

We want you in the room! We need your voice and your experiences as we shepherd in the Threefold Commonwealth at Elderberries Threefold Chicago! Please join us as a diverse group of community-change-makers, bringing in new forms of: Culture, Economics and the Rights realm, share what it takes to move from ideas to ideals to action.

Rudolf Steiner spoke very clearly at the end of WWI, about what would take place if the entanglement of the economic and political leaders of the day were to continue unabated to the detriment of civil society: a great civil unrest and a humanity at the grave of civilization. He was also very clear that at the beginning of the 21st century a new impulse would be needed for the future of earth evolution and humanity. We are that new impulse.

Through Tilling the Soil of Our Souls, where the essence of Freedom, Liberty and fraternity /Kinship, can take root, the essence required for this societal shift and structural change, we will work towards a culture of selflessness throughout the weekend so that a new America can truly come into being. We ourselves will have to be the image of this new humanity striving towards and embodying, as best we can, a Beloved Community.

Brian Gray, of Rudolf Steiner College, will join us as we dedicate Elderberries 3Fold Chicago Café to Willi Sucher and his work with the starry worlds.

Presentations, Strategizing, Biography Work, Story-telling, Art Practices, and Threefold breakout groups, will allow us to have a creative dialogue throughout the weekend. John Bloom, Nathaniel Williams, Leah Walker, Kiara Nagel, Elizabeth Roosevelt Weeks, Johannes Kronenberg, Seth Jordan, Kait Ziegler, Destiny Nolen, Dottie Zold and Frank Agrama, will help us tease apart where these three realms and their principles rightfully stand, building moral imaginations for a more conscious community.

Theory U will be the bare bones of our organizing which brings about a safe space for deep listening, suspending our judgments, fears and cynicisms. It is crucial to come to understand the structural principle of the Threefold Commonwealth concept and even more so that we find a way to our humanness in the places we disagree. Through ‘making room for the other’ and ‘allowing the other to be free’ we will find those co-creative ideas waiting to be lifted up for a healthy eco-system begging in our time to be born.

Panel discussions will take place: ‘Against All Odds: Standing for the Future’ – Fred Janney of Anthroposophical Prison Outreach, Dr. Molly McMullen-Laird of Rudolf Steiner Health Center in Michigan, Dr. David Gershan, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg of the Elderberries Grailroad initiative, Joan Jaeckal of the Shade Tree Community School in Watts, and Dana Erickson, Mylene Carberry, on the Front Lines. Robbie Solway will co-lead a conversation on Youth led questions concerning ‘brother what ails thee?’ These panel discussions will also open out further for friends to share their own initiatives and experiences.

Who do you want in the room? Who is missing? Feel free to share with anyone who might find this Forum worth considering.



Elderberries Threefold Café is opening it’s second lighthouse for social healing, in the heart of the nation, Chicago. We are stepping into a new future, after 10 years of building community through kindness, care and consideration.

As usual, lifting up the future will take a lot of boots kicking and brows sweating, working side by side, to bring our new space into reality. The mission of our café, is to form co-creative safe spaces across the country where youth and elders, in diverse community, can meet one another, find their work together, and serve the community and each other.

We invite you to join us, the day after the How We Will forum. Bring your tools., open mind, and imagination, with a full bag of Will. No experience necessary. We’ll take care of housing, food, and lots of coffee!

Call Frank with any questions or ideas, and please consider who of your friends and community might find a value in getting involved, we would love to collaborate with groups and schools as well.I promise it will be hard, rewarding, and fun, and safe.

for more info on the forum:

Thank you!
Frank Agrama
Co Founder of Elderberries 3Fold Cafe Chicago



‘THIS WAR IS NOT INEVITABLE’ (The Threefold Social Organism Theatre Project )

A talk at The Rudolf Steiner Branch with Michael Burton

Thursday Sept. 13th 2018 at 7 pm, Performances: Friday at CWS, Sat. Urban Prairie Waldorf school 

In 1917 Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Organism  was an attempt to save a devastated Europe.  100 years later do we have a new chance? 

Written by Michael Hedley Burton and performed by Michael Burton and Christian Peterson

Concerning the birth of the idea of the Threefold Social Organism in 1917-1919

Rudolf Steiner launched the idea of the Threefold Social Organism (Threefold Social Order) in 1917 in the hope that this would help shorten the war and prevent another great conflagration from breaking out at a later date. The times were against him then and he was unsuccessful, but the question of the hour is: “Did what Steiner attempt in those years plant a seed that has waited a hundred years to mature in our own age?”

Suggested donation: $15, $25 or more depending on your circumstances

For information about The Threefold Social Organism Theatre Project please contact Lightweight Theatre on 518 928 0491 or or visit




A review of ‘How to Know, Confront and Work with Evil’ a workshop with Rev. Bastiaan Baan

6 August 2018 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Earth is entering a stream of debris from giant comet Swift-Tuttle: parent of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Although the shower is not expected to peak until next weekend, this early activity may be a good omen for the nights ahead, especially Aug. 11th-13th when Earth is expected to pass through the densest part of the comet’s debris zone.


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Alexandr Ivanov

The Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ – “We find the transfiguration scene in all the evangelists except St. John. This is significant. Let us clarify the meaning of this scene. What takes place? Jesus goes with three disciples Peter, James and John, up a mountain: this means into the inner sanctuary where one is initiated into higher worlds and where one also speaks in occult language. The disciples were carried up into a higher state of consciousness. They saw then that which is not transitory but eternal. Moses and Elias appear and Jesus himself with them. What does this mean? In occult science the word Elias means the same as El — the goal, the way. Moses is the spiritual scientific word for truth. By the fact that Elias, Moses and Jesus appear you have the fundamental Christian truth: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus himself says — this is a fundamental Christian mystical truth — “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” (John, ch. 14, v. 6) ~ Rudolf Steiner, The Gospel of St. John, 3rd Lecture

70 AD- The Second Temple of Jerusalem is destroyed by Roman legions under Titus. For 420 years, the 2nd Temple constituted a divine presence – the point where heaven & earth met. Its presence is sorely missed, its absence mourned.

1945 – The Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, an act of genocide on President Harry Truman’s orders, killing over 166,000 people in a flash, many more died from radiation. This is also the Transfiguration, when Jesus brought the 3 disciples up to mount Tabor, standing with Elijah & Moses, to show them his true glory shining brighter than the Sun.
This image, very like Krishna with Aruna in the Bhagavad Gita.
“A thousand simultaneous suns
Arising in the sky
Might equal that great radiance,
With that great glory vie.”

And of course Robert Oppenheimer’s well known quote about the bomb
also from the Bhagavad Gita:
“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

What a juxtaposition between these two polar events.

Interesting also that this is the Lammas season, a time of harvest, when the plant is sacrificed to make the bread.
“The king is dead love live the king”

I think of all those souls who crossed the threshold together, at that time,
will their sacrifice bear fruit…?

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~In the cardboard sky
The Thunder gods gather in
A procession of chattering dark wind
Laying eggs of other lives
Of blue souls in weaving sighs
Where incense rises in long dreams 
To be weighed 
In the over-ripe fruit trees


A review of ‘How to Know, Confront and Work with Evil with Rev. Bastiaan Baan by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

This day, filled with such potent anniversaries, provides the perfect opportunity to put into perspective the weekend workshop by dear Bastiaan Baan. My 1st revelation came when he revealed that fellow Christian Community priest Richard Dancey was working with these questions right before he died, just as Rudolf Steiner was, as seen in his letters to Ita Wegman, & in his last leading thoughts on sub-nature.

Of course we touched on the story of Job, delved into Genesis, & mentioned St. Augustine. “The devil is gods monkey’. We looked into the abyss, knowing the abyss was looking back at us, as we explored the notion of the 9 layers of the inner earth & their relation to the 9 Hierarchies. We dug into Goethe’s Faust & the image of the origins of Mephistopheles as coming up from the Volcano.

We talked about the idea that the adversarial powers seek to create a counter-earth. In Rosicrucianism it is called: Deus Inversus. The word Diablos means: Thru each other, to throw or mix up. We touched again & again on this primal mystery of the origins of evil 1st seen as a command from the godhead, that the Cherubim & Seraphim should not accept the offering from the Thrones. This causes some of the Thrones to turn their back, to shut themselves off, so that they develop their own secret realm, creating a counter-force in evolution – The 1st act of rebelling, which causes spirit to become matter. Yet this also creates the pre-condition for the human being to become free! Bastiaan told the Russian Tale: ‘God’s Blacksmith’, which relates to the Hebrew term Tsimtsum: ‘God is present in his absence’.

We were reminded that the measure with which we gage others will be used on us. And that we cannot shut ourselves off from evil as the Essenes did, we must “See everywhere germinating forces” ~Rudolf Steiner. We may not be able to ‘see into god’s kitchen’ to view the origins of evil in god’s plan, but we can learn to recognize evil in ourselves before it completely takes form thru our words & deeds. We must ‘follow the flowing thoughts’. What began as the science of eugenics, when unchecked became the basis for genocide. We must remember that evil comes when we are semi-conscious. Can we awaken fully to recognize the 1st inklings of evil in our thoughts before they become deeds? Bastiaan told about how when Rudolf Steiner saw the rise of nationalist socialism in Germany he could read the signs that evil was germinating, so he told Marie Steiner to pack everything up, they were officially moving to Switzerland.

Be alert! Cultivate discernment to find the sheep amongst the wolves. Strive to ‘Be as wise as a serpent & as pure as a dove.’ Our work in the 5th post-Atlantean age is spelled out for us in the 5th letter of St. John’s Apocalypse.

Bastiaan then went on to talk about recognizing ‘Black, Grey & White magic’, & gave the example of Ulla von Bernus, the daughter of a Christian Community priest, who became a leader in the ‘Church of Satan’. He spoke of her conversion when she had a dream after a friend died & Christ revealed himself to her saying “I will conquer’. ‘Grey Magic’ = greed, which is propagated in the media. ‘Black Magic’ = abuse, murder, or disregard of others for personal gain. ‘White Magic = selflessness, serving for the good of all.

The last line from Steiner’s Philosophy of Spiritual Activity:  “For idea to become deed, man must first will before it can happen. Such will then has its foundation only in man himself. Therefore ultimately it is man who determines his own deed. He is free.”

Eliza Leahy

We then pondered the nightly review. Can we ask ourselves: Where were the adversarial powers working? Where were my illusions? Where my negativity, my sympathies & antipathies? We can use journaling to awaken to where evil is working thru us, creating a ‘day book’ & a ‘night book’ for dreams. Work to see the connections of what wants to be known, revealing our ‘blind spots’. Perhaps as a tool of learning to know & confront evil, we can ask a trusted friend or partner to hold a mirror to our actions – setting aside time for a daily check-in to see ourselves from another’s point a view, to help reveal our ‘double’.

To try to understand this double Basstiaan gave an over-view of a German tale called “The Little Hunchback” which ends with a plea from the double for a prayer of redemption. This double which is like an elemental being that takes on those unconscious parts of ourselves, & is formed by demonic beings thru the power of evil. We know that elemental beings are amoral; they have no morality except what we give them. Thru their interaction with us they become servants, either for White or Black Magic.

William Blake

We returned again & again thru questions living in the participants to that 1st idea of the rejection of the Thrones offering, which later becomes the shadow reflected in the rejection of Cain’s offering, resulting in the ‘mark of Cain’. We are reminded that to begin to know evil we must become very humble. That love & freedom must be connected to carry discernment. Going toward any extreme allows us to step toward one or the other of the adversarial powers. “In searching for balance, the Christ is present” ~Rudolf Steiner.

To strive to know, confront & work with evil we must cultivate ‘White Magic’ in a culture of selflessness. For we need community to be able to receive the strength from the higher worlds to stand up to the dragon.  We referred to the red window in the Goetheanum, where we see at the bottom, the head of Michael above the large dragon head, looking up to the higher realms. Steiner mentioned to those working on the window that even the mighty Michael, if he were to look directly into the eye of the dragon, would succumb. We must look above, putting evil beneath our feet, back to where it belongs. We are told by St. Paul to out on the ‘armor of god’. To stand with the Christ & Michael, & with all the heavenly hosts, sword in hand & mind, to hold our ground, allowing us to share the power of peace. We need this armor whenever we go into any confrontational situation; for there is always some aspect of evil behind conflict – it gets us in its grip. We must put on the consciousness of god’s armor even when we pray, so that the adversarial powers can’t steal our thoughts & take the power of our prayer for themselves.

But we must also remember that the spiritual world steps back to give us the ability to grow & consciously call it back in. The old adage must be made true: We must practice patience & never lose faith. It is said: “Patience swallows the devil”. We see this in chap. 13 of the Apocalypse – evil will become all pervasive, it will only end if we have endurance, if we endure the trial & stand the test, discerning between illusion, putting fear & hatred beneath our feet. Steiner admitted that WW1 was a complete failure on the part of humanity & yet it became a pre-condition for the reappearance of Christ in the etheric. Reminding us that even Ahriman is part of god.

Basstiaan Baan speaking the Lord’s Prayer in Greek was a highlight for us all. I took that sacred reverberation deep into my being. He asked us to picture Christ speaking it, giving it to the disciples, speaking it with us when we recite it, seeing it as a gift we send back to Christ, thru our human lips; remembering the 7 lines as being the 7 epochs of human evolution, from our godly origins, to the future when we are delivered from evil. To the time of the Maitreya, when the stream of Christian Manichaeism will flourish. We must begin to cultivate this selflessness now. 

Duncan Regehr

We thought a lot about how we could become aware of our own double. Asking: Can I work to develop a dialogue with this part of me? Can I listen to hear the needs of my double? Can I learn to bless this part of myself? Just like Jacob when he wrestled with the angel, asked for a blessing. We must be ever striving for self-knowledge.

Bastiaan gave us an overview of Viktor Frankel’s account of his time in the concentration camps, saying that despite everything, we must say yes to life, asking not what will come to us, but what we can give to life; & that this then becomes our search for meaning. We must create meaning in what seems meaningless. To find our humanness we must, be creative, & practice love & endurance. Can we learn to see suffering as an achievement?

“I, with concentration
and with full love
Look into the darkness.
There I see the light”
(Bastiaan gave us this poem, but I can’t remember who wrote it. Anyone know?)

Bastiaan spoke of the fairy tale called “The three golden hairs of the devil” – the gold speaking to the divine origins of evil.

Duccio di Buoninsegna

We talked about the temptations of Christ & related it to our double bidding his time. We are asked to look for the where, how & when of the redemption of evil in the life of Christ, & are directed to the descent or harrowing of hell. The secret, counter-world of the adversarial powers is penetrated & the light of Christ’s love & selfless surrender becomes a seed of their redemption thru us. From that moment on, these beings serve Christ & can have a place in human evolution. Christ returns to give us the key to the underworld.

And even though our endurance was surly tested by the 100 degree weather, such an amazing group of folks from all over the Midwest (& 1 from Germany), made the weekend a true spiritual gathering; cooking & eating together, doing eurythmy with Mary Ruud, singing a Dvorak piece based on Psalms 23 beautifully rendered & taught by Bastiaan, & played by Elisabeth Swisher. We had an end of day service & the full Sunday service, all in our lovely Christian Community Chapel. Saturday August 4th was also the 17th anniversary of  marriage to my beloved Chuck Ginsberg! I was thrilled to spend this time together with him & our 18 year old daughter, working with this potent topic.

Afterward back home on Sunday evening, at the dinner table, we discussed all we had encountered.  Our family talked for hours,  sharing thoughts & impressions. Our daughter, a recent graduate from the Waldorf school, came away resonating with the idea that creating art was a good way to know, confront & work with evil. She said she was glad she had her whole life to think about important things like this.

After taking it all into my sleep, I awoke with this dream: I was in the chaos of a post-apocalyptic world. Evil authorities broke down the door of our place of refuge. I managed to escape carrying a satchel with the 1st Class lessons & a bright red golden retriever. I was trying to make my way thru the upheaval of the city, fraught with mayhem. I needed to cross a busy street, dodging military vehicles. When I finally made it across, I realized I didn’t have the satchel or the dog. To my dismay I looked back to see them back on the other side of the road, so I had to cross that treacherous street once again. When I got there, the satchel & dog were nowhere to be seen. I asked some people huddled by a large stone. They said they didn’t know. But I knew that they had eaten the dog. Then I noticed a woman laying with the satchel of the 1st Class Lessons under her head. She wouldn’t give it back, she kept chanting ‘god dog god dog’…I thought ‘Do I have to fight her’? But then I thought ‘I will give her a piece of chocolate,’ which I had in my breast pocket.While she was eating, I was able to wrest the satchel free.

After many more encounters where I had to discern who was ‘good’ & who was ‘evil’, I found my way to an underground cave that attracted me because it was pouring out light. My 1st impression was that the people were all primitive, since that were covered with decorative mud & had elaborate jewelry in their dreaded hair, but then I said to myself: ‘Beware the label primitive, for what may seem outwardly backward may actually be a sign of superior intelligence’. I found that I was sitting on the dirt floor; I was catching my breath, trying to become calm after the turmoil. The beautiful people sat & just looked at me with kindness, without worry or concern. Soon I noticed a round table in front of me, on it there was a vast bonsai tree, with a thick textured trunk, that split off into 3 sections. The leaves of the tree swept off to the right in a wave. I said to myself: ‘What seems left in my dream is really right, i must take note”. Then I realized the tree was heavy with every ripe fruit I had ever seen, & many I did not know. I was so happy. I exclaimed ‘How lovely, what tree is this?’ The People gathered closer & without speaking told me to look into the roots. With speechless words they said ‘Yes, dig into the roots’. And as I did, with child-like delight, I discovered a hidden cave, deep in the rich black soil, I dug & dug until I unearthed a golden vessel, which they instructed me to bring forth. Then they all sang & danced & chanted “Pour it out, pour it out…” I lifted the cork, & the most amazing fragrance filled the air, as I poured this elixir out onto the roots of the tree. This ritual went on for what seemed like days with the vessel ever pouring. During this eternal time, I saw so many things which I can’t quite remember, but which created a feeling of reverence & awe.

Finally when it stopped, I noticed that across from the table was a long, rectangular, coffin-like altar with a thick heavy lid that was made of ivory, carved with mysterious glyphs. And suddenly I knew that my daughter was in there! It seemed obvious somehow, & I started talking to her, saying ‘O, now you are pregnant’…I laughed & laughed, saying ‘now you will carry your daughter’…I was crying from joy…Then one of the elders said ‘But what if it is a boy’…with that statement we all let out a collective…’ahhh’…The space became hushed & still…& I awoke, thinking of Bastiaan Baan’s voice resonating The Lord’s Prayer in Greek…

Thank you dear Bastiaan for a powerful encounter.



by Grace Kahn

20 August 2018 ~MORAL MONDAY~ CHICAGO 7 pm – 9 pm 

“When The Trees Melt Away In A Sun Soaked Cotton Dream”

A going going gone Party for the CWS Class of 2018 –

an PDF Art Exhibit PDF with PDF Musical Performances from the Youth at Elderberries Chicago 4251 N. Lincoln Ave.

Illustrations by Grace Kahn, Work by Shanti Rogers, Art booth by Liz Rosu-Rosenberg

Songs from “Beyond Blue and Red” by  Ultra-Violet Archer 

Chance Schneider DJ Grapefruit Effect

$10 Donation –MORE or less (Youth under 21 FREE)


How We Will: Organizing a Bare Bones PDF Threefold Cultural Revolution

 30 Aug. 2018 at 2 PM to 3 Sep. 2018 at 1 PM

 Registration is now open for How We Will 2018 –

The ever growing list of Contributors:

Hosted by The Elderberries 3Fold Cafe Chicago & Urban First Aid – Art As Medicine 4251 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618-2953

central theme which we will explore at the forum will be the theory and practice of Social Three-folding, developed by Rudolf Steiner. Organizing for systemic change – a separation of powers into three different spheres of action fostering:

In the Economics Realm –a moral imagination of Kinship

In Rights/Governance – Equality

In Culture/Education/Spirituality – Freedom 

Through lectures, capacity building workshops, and collaborative design, we will develop ourselves as change agents with Three-folding activists from around the world. What new tools, skills, levels of listening, mindfulness, forms of capital and alternative currencies, and generative ideas can we gain in order to truly develop our cultural voice and potential to connect and heal our relationships, communities, nations, and the earth?

Come to the How We Will Forum to learn, listen deeply, and dig in with other communities that we might grow together, unified by a common vision of creating a more equitable world.


We will also be building out the cafe space two weeks before and two weeks after for those who can come early &/or stay and help get this Elderberries 3Fold Cafe Chicago up and running!