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Greetings Friends –

Manami Lingerfelt

Just a quick note before I head off to the Central Regional Council Retreat ‘Speaking From Soul to Soul with the Solar Eclipse’ in St Louis. Here is the official article I was asked to write for the Der Fokus page in Das Goetheanum.

I wrote at least 4 versions covering this cosmic/earthly event from various angels. Here is one version in English.

Paul Nash

No matter where you are on 21 August 2017 during the ‘Great American Eclipse’ I hope you will join with those of us working to hold the light.

Here is a link with some ideas for activities

Also, check-out the pageant “From Light Through Darkness into New Light

See you on the other-side


Blessings & Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

PS. Those of you in the Chicago area, come check-out this Youth Initiative ‘The Dawn Before the Dark’ at the Rudolf Steiner Branch Sat. Aug. 19 2017, 6 pm-10 pm (see details below)

Current Festival Events

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  1. Thank you so much for the meditations. I will be using them in Black Mt, NC, praying for us all. Blessings.
    Mary Lou Bethune

    1. Great to hear from you Mary Lou, so heartening to know we will be unified in this call to Good Will…xox

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