Home/Business Blessings

The basic purpose of the home, office or new business blessing is to bring peace, warmth and a sense of comfort to a dwelling or work space; to purify and clear away any negative energy, opening the way for a fresh flow of inspiration and abundance.  The blessing of a chosen environment will deeply harmonize and revitalize the space, allowing the area to become a springboard to positive beginnings and productivity.

A home, office or new business blessing can be performed before moving into a new space, during a house warming or holiday party, prior to, or as part of a grand opening or ribbon cutting ceremony, or as an annual ritual on a special date. These blessings can be performed anytime you wish to refresh and renew your space.

We can co-create a blessing based on your specific or general intention for your space. We will infuse the blessing with warmth and inspiration that will fill your home or office with a sense of harmony, clarity, peace and prosperity.

For more info. contact ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg at ReverseRitual@gmail.com

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