Fertility Rituals-Baptism-Baby Blessings

Are you exploring every avenue possible to conceive a baby? You may be asking, “What is a fertility ritual?” Our ancestors knew – they were much more in touch with the workings of the universe and with spirit. There was always a wise woman who could improve the chances of conceiving, and create a ceremony that calls in the spirit of YOUR child.

What takes place in a fertility ritual depends on your beliefs. Just as religions have different beliefs and practices, so do fertility rituals. Symbolism is a common theme and the ceremonies are usually filled with symbolic materials, talismans, mantras, and other sacred practices.

Fertility deities are found in mythologies from different cultures. They are associated with areas of reproduction including conception, fertility, pregnancy, and birth.

Symbolism is abundant in fertility rituals and practices may include sacred dramas that represent birth, and life, depending on the seasons.

The rites promote the generative forces in the earth as well as in the cosmos. Ceremonies may be used to cultivate the land as well as creating a new life.

Fertility rites can work to complement mainstream medical interventions. Some women choose to see the practices as paying homage to feminine energy and reproduction, while others may see them as a way to improve the chances of conception, and of connecting to the line of their ancestors.

Come explore this ancient path made new.

Bless and Welcome your child into the world of your community with a custom ceremony that fits your families traditions, or create a tradition of your own.

When we gather in circle with our loved ones around us, we can welcome in the new soul, honor the birth event, bless the baby and family with protection, and use song and poetry to celebrate the arrival of a beautiful being into our lives, and into our greater community.

Together we can construct the perfect welcoming ceremony for your little one. I will help you with all aspects of the day, from selecting music and readings, to choosing which family and friends should perform special roles.

A baby blessing, (welcoming, naming, dedication, glistening) is a ceremony that celebrates and welcomes your child into this world, this lifetime, this family and community. These ceremonies are an alternative to a traditional Baptism or Christening. They can be tailored to be spiritual, creative, metaphysical or concentrated on the connection between parent and child or the importance of family or meaning of their name or the celebration of their child’s journey. They can include vows of unconditional love, guidance and care and promises to their child or their gratitude to be parents. They can also be used for couples of mixed faiths wishing to bring both religions into the celebration of welcoming their child into the world.

Parents can be as creative as they wish with their Baptism, baby blessing or ceremony. They can choose whichever rituals, readings, poetry, scriptures and blessings that they like, whether using my suggestions, things written by yourselves, found in a book or online or from a friend or relative. Parents can make their celebration uniquely theirs, personalizing the event in any way they wish.

Siblings, grandparents, godparents and friends can be included in the celebration as well. They can perform readings or poetry, make vows of love and care, sing or play an instrument, or anything else you would like to include.

Most ceremonies follow a certain flow of element (just like a wedding ceremony) They are:

Invocation/prayer, or if non-religious an opening poem
Charge to the parents
Parental promise
Charge to Godparents
Declaration of baby’s name and its significance
Responsibility of the Godparents
Water, Oil, or Rose ceremony
Candle lighting or other element such as poem etc..
Closing prayer or blessing
You can add or subtract any element that you want. There are no rules. The ceremony should reflect your wishes and I am happy to help create it with you.

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