3-Fold Comets

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comet SWAN
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Dear Friends – During this Corona-crisis we have had 3 celestial harbingers – 3 trail (tail) blazing comets: Atlas, Swan & Neowise, sent into our solar system by the ever present help of the Spiritual world, to sweep up the chaos & bring clarity to the murky astrality that is pervading our thinking.

Anthroposophy and Astrology by Elisabeth Vreede

Astrosopher Dr. Elisabeth Vreede tells us: “Human beings receive what they need from the cosmos in order to become self-reliant & independent…Comets may be spoken of as constant purifiers of the spiritual atmosphere within the solar system. In earlier times men thought of them as the “scavengers of God,” and many superstitions have gathered around them. To the eye of Spirit, the mission of the comets is perpetually to expel impure astral forces from the Cosmos or to introduce new impulses…”

24 | March | 2020 | Reverse Ritual
Evelyn De Morgan

Her work helps us see that comets are born out of the spiritual necessity of the times in which they make their bright & brief appearance; creating a strengthening effect on our astral body, to give us the forces needed to step up to our highest destiny.

Comet Atlas will light up the skies later this month

Comet Atlas was the 1st to arrive, at the very beginning of the Corona-crisis. In Greek Mythology, Atlas is the Titan god who bares the heavens aloft. He personifies the quality of endurance (atlaô). Atlas turns the heavens on their axis, causing the stars to revolve, & he was also the god who instructed humankind in the art of astronomy.

image of the god Atlas - Google Search | Mythology art, Art, Painting

Could the message of the comet Atlas be that we are supposed to start bearing the weight of our collective karma, a call to endurance?

Comet SWAN Expected to Put on a Splendid Show - Sky & Telescope ...

Next came Swan – an Oort cloud comet discovered by the Solar Wind Anisotropies Network (SWAN) camera a few days after the Spring Equinox, on 25 March 2020.

The Swan In Celtic Mythology | Transceltic - Home of the Celtic ...

In Celtic mythology, the Swan is known to have links to the spirit world – able to shift between the earthly & supernatural realms. Could it be this harbinger was trying to get us to pay attention to the spiritual dimensions of the corona-crisis?

How to Control Content Marketing Better Than Neo Controlled The ...

And Comet Neowise, the most spectacular of them all, lasted the longest & recently peaked on 22-23 July 2020. It makes me think of Neo the wise fool from the Matrix. His journey holds many hallmarks of classic myth – He is the reluctant hero, the Chosen One, the savior, & the one who will lead the people to freedom. In order to do that, he must sacrifice himself, & rise from the dead. He faces progressively greater challenges, & as he begins to believe in himself, he is able to overcome all obstacles, including the ultimate adversarial powers.

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Daniel Sullivan

Neowise really captured the world’s attention because of the spectacular sweep of its bright tail. But are we willing to truly awaken to the New Wisdom (Neowise) blatantly blazing across the horizon; & step out of the Matrix?

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Above all, dear friends, this Corona-crisis is a call to reform our social life; & these 3 corona-comets are pointers, awakening us to the opportunity now present, to manifest the 3-fold social organism laid out by Rudolf Steiner (right after WW1 during the time of the Spanish flu epidemic in 1917)

Understanding of the world as it actually is, the ability to bring spiritual knowledge right down into the practical life of humanity, into the stubborn spheres of technical industry & economics, as well as into the thinking, the moral life & the actions of the human being – this is one side of the challenge of threefolding. The other is the development of the inner life of soul which generates love for human beings and the wisdom to promote their spiritual & social wellbeing…Rudolf Steiner left us a legacy. Is it not for us to work as laborers unto harvest?” ~D.N. Dunlop, “Rudolf Steiner and the fulfillment of the Quest.

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A call for a 3-fold Commonwealth comes from these 3 corona-comets, blazing in from out of the spiritual world. A sign we are meant to put this initiative into action now. The moral imagination invites the higher consciousness of each individual to cultivate in the Cultural realm a human experience of diversity, of freedom, of choice in education, & religion, a new wisdom. With this foundation of tolerance & love, the Economic realm can develop out of sister & brotherhood – in mutuality, like the unselfish, faithful Swan; the Political realm can then hold an undeniable Equality of Rights, like Atlas. And human beings everywhere can live in peace & prosperity, if we will it.

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M. Lewandowski

The threefold Social organism has been born out of the most intimate knowledge of human evolution, out of the knowledge of what must occur if the highest goal of human evolution is not to be renounced” ~Rudolf Steiner.

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Friends, thru all the lock-down time, the masks that cover our human countenance, the fear & confusion, – the spiritual world is lining up blessings for us, if we will only tune in!  2020 began with a Lunar Eclipse & a Saturn-Pluto conjunction. It will end with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, also known as a Great Conjunction, which will mark the beginning of a new 200-year era – occurring on the same day as the Winter Solstice – the birth of the light, blessed by Jupiter the benevolent King, working with Saturn to reclaim Time.

jupiter – Darinka Maja
Darinka Maja

The 3 corona-comets have added to this cosmic conversation meant to enact change! Are we listening? Are we willing to engage in this “Speaking with the Stars”! Are we open to receiving this ever ‘present help from the spiritual world’, & do our part to actively employ it in our intention to foster healing change!?!

When Jupiter and Saturn meet | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

We have to prepare for this Great Conjunction now, by tuning in to these Spiritual Beings & what they are offering. We are called to connect our current events to our cosmic speaking, to recreate our communication, & to awaken to community (come unity). But dear friends, the message of the comets is that we are each individuals, & we must blaze our own way in the world; working to cultivate each of the 3 Social Spheres, using our gifts to heal ourselves & the world



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There are many ways to help us hold this form! You could help by connecting us to Midwestern friends or initiatives, lending or gifting food/supplies, contributing financially, spreading the word, or lacing up your hiking boots and walking with us!

Greetings! My name is Ultra-Violet Archer, a 2018 graduate of the Chicago Waldorf School.I am inviting you to be co-creators of a walking-learning journey taking place in the heartland this coming August.

For ten days, myself, a group of fellow journeyers, and maybe even you, will walk out our living questions across the Midwestern landscape, forging connection with each other, those we meet along the way, and the land itself. Our journey begins in Madison, Wisconsin on August 8th and ends at Elderberries Bio-dynamic Outpost and Threefold Cultural Hub in Chicago Illinois on the 18th.

Along the way we will share food, song, and story, while meeting and holding conversation with local food, farm, and community initiatives. Classroom Alive is the name of the game, and we’d love for you to become a fellow player.

For more information or to register, find Classroom Alive Chicago on Facebook or email circlesforarenewalofculture@gmail.com

Ready to walk? sign up here: https://form.jotform.com/202047534622145…

With love and light,
Ultra, Stefan, Robbie, Frank, Dottie, and the rest of the Classroom Alive sole-power team


August 20-23, 2020 Questions of Courage Youth Conference at Elderberries

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Questions of Courage 2020 in Chicago – August 20-23 Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost and 3Fold Cultural Hub 4251 N. Lincolon Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

August 20: Check-in, share conversation, build the ground for the journey together.

August 21-22: Travel to Wisconsin Move together towards the land, link up with Farmer John and Haidy Angelic Organics Biodynamic Farm, and also with Dana and Phil Burns at Healing Traditions and Alizur farm. Connect with the land, plants, animals, and one another, through creative explorations and “roughin’ it” type amendments. Sleep under the stars or indoors.

August 23: Return to Chicago Enter back into the metropolitan context, into the social questions of urban life, and close the gathering together at Elderberries, setting the ground for future work out of questions of courage that are present.

Other locations and collaborators are currently in dialogue, and will be updated here.

The gathering is essentially about stepping into the living natural element, step by step, making an integral connection, with one another, ourselves, and the elements that support us here on the Earth…”

registration: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdY7KXHkjUPV2h9UD…/viewform

Thank you Elderberries for giving us an anchor to build our heartland gathering around!

Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost + Threefold Cultural Hub, 4251 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

Co-sponsored in part by The Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Festival & Program Coordinator


August 27-30, Dr. Michaela Glockler, John Bloom, Nicanor Perlas, + more -HOW WE WILL 2020

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SAVE THE DATE – August 27 – 30 2020 Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost and 3Fold Cultural Hub in person in Chicago and also Online

Friends, Dr. Michaela GlocklerNicanor Perlas, John Bloom, storyteller Melody Brink, biographer Linda Bergh and Seneca Gonzalez! are added to our collaborators for this How We Will – Forming Curative Communities.

We have a few more responses that we are waiting for before we send out our invitations and our website. Turning Point in Time!

At Elderberries 3-fold Bio-Dynamic Outpost 4251 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

for more info. contact Frank Agrama or Dottie Zold

Details TBA

Co-sponsored in part by The Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Festival & Program Coordinator

Michael: His Mission & Ours! Michaelmas Festival Sept. 27-29, 2020

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Save the Date for Our Michaelmas Festival & Yourth Gathering Sunday 27 September 2 pm – 4 pm, Monday 28 Sept. & Tuesday 29 Sept.  

Sponsered by: The Rudolf Steiner Branch, Elderrberries Biodynamic Outpost & 3-Fold Cultural Hub, & Angelic Organics  Biodymanic Farm

In person & online presentations

Details TBA

contact Dottie Zold or Festivals coordinator Hazel Archer-Ginsberg


2 thoughts on “3-Fold Comets

  1. Hi Hazel,

    This is another one of your awesome performances. I don’t know if you felt, or were encouraged to lose the corona implication to the three comets, but this is exemplary work. Steiner spoke extensively about the purifying influences of comets here in his first Helsinki course from 1912,


    So, we should know how much you are on the right track in explaining how the gods sent not one, or two, but three individual cometary streams at this precipitous time in our lives. The corona virus is an active agent that these comets have been sent to resolve by the gods. I think you make that clear, and it is a revelation coming from a very special individuality.

    Then, if that isn’t enough, you go into the approaching grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at the winter Solstice. Now, this seems important because it goes back to 7 BC, and I think Robert Powell wrote a lot about it from before. This is considered to be when the Star of Bethlehem was first seen by the three wise men of the east.

    This is an important configuration because Jupiter can be seen inching its way toward Saturn. By 12/21/2020, we will have the actual situation that was once perceived to occur on 12/21/2012, but it didn’t take place then as expected.

    Now, it stands to occur, and thanks for laying out the expectation, Hazel. You are an awesome dude. I can’t say enough about your great initiative other than to try to help out when I can. Thanks very much.


    1. Thanks Dude, you are pretty awe some & then some as well!

      Yes, i was just talking to a colleague about the connection between the Star of B & the Mayan calendar ending…
      I appreciate you bringing that up, i think this needs to be considered & explored. It is our responsibility to work with this upcoming cosmic opportunity.
      What will be add to the conversation?

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