Gathering Fragments

Martian Piller

Greetings Beloveds –

~I carry the tectonic plates
Of my skull
& the bones of my back
That I might recollect myself,
That I may become
A pillar, a watchtower, a hermits lantern…
I gather my opposites, my fragments
& walk on…

I’ll be off-line till Feb. 27th, 2017
Send smoke signals & loving prayers
For I follow the path of the lightning flash
Leaping to form
Between 2 worlds
I will re-awaken Her in the ebb
& feel Her in the flow
In every mountain, city & tree
Over the ocean into the sea
Of me
See you there –

An Evening Discourse & Full Day Workshop Friday Evening: What is Anthroposophy? A hands-on discourse. Saturday: A Experiential Three Part Workshop ‘The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity’ Weekend Workshop at Michael Fields Agricultural institute 

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