All is Golden

For Ultra-Violet Archer on your Golden Birthday 11/22/21

The sweet water rises from the tarn
A rainbow sluice under your boots
In the sunrise of your cove.
Honey crown tresses in the fierce wind tossed
As you step onto the platform
Downtown bound.
Music clicking on the claque track
Melody all around
Tuneful biofeedback
Composed on the playground
Your throat open & ready to give back
Harmony your native stomping ground

No coulda, woulda, shoulda
No prophesy to fulfill
Just an answer to the echo
Of your name…

All is golden.

~the mama

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Ultra-Violet Archer – Songwriter and Music Producer, exploring music as a tool for healing and storytelling. I am currently studying at Columbia College of Chicago, after spending a year with the International Youth Initiative Program in Sweden; and before that, two years at Oberlin College and Conservatory. Here you can find the links to my original releases and YouTube channel. I also sing and produce for the band Circle’s Edge. When I’m not making music, you can find me foraging for edible plants, reading fantasy novels, or hosting women’s circles! 

Chart showing Big Dipper to Castor and Pollux.

22 November 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”

November 22 is the 326th day in the Gregorian calendar. 39 days remain until the end of the year. In the ancient astrology, it is the cusp day between Scorpio & Sagittarius. In some years it is Sagittarius, but others Scorpio.

~Pt Kern

 Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


Feast Day of Saint Cecilia (Latin: Sancta Caecilia) the patroness of musicians – an occasion for musical concerts and festivals. The name “Cecilia” cited by Chaucer in “The Second Nun’s Tale” means: lily of heaven.

1744 – Birthday of Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, 2nd First Lady of the United States

1819 – Birthday of Mary Ann Evans known by her pen name George Eliot, an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator & one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. Throughout her career, Eliot wrote with a politically astute pen, presenting the cases of social outsiders, small-town persecution & depictions of rural society. Much of the material for her prose was drawn from her own experience. She shared with Wordsworth the belief that there was much value & beauty to be found in the mundane details of ordinary country life.

1963 – Deathday of President John F. Kennedy, assassinated by the CIA.

1963 – Birthday of C. S. Lewis, British writer, critic & Christian apologist – one of the ‘Inklings’, some of whom were academics at Oxford University: Owen Barfield, J. A. W. Bennett, J. R. R. Tolkien, Percy Bates…

1968 – The Beatles release The White Album.

‘Tuning to the Stars’: Eurythmy for the Holy Nights with Jan Ranck* –
Sacred Geometry, the Planets and the Zodiac
LIVE IN-PERSON 26-30 Dec. 2021 at the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago 4 pm – 5 pm
And at 7pm on 31 Dec. as part of our annual NYE Conscious Community Gathering (details above)
$100 for all 6 sessions, or $22 for each individual session.
Make your payment using PayPal
or QuickPay with Zelle to  
(please indicate in the notes that it is for the Holy Nights Eurythmy)
Cash at the door, or send a check to:
Rudolf Steiner Branch
4249 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618-2953
For more info. Contact Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator
Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 
* Jan Ranck – Born in the USA, Jan Ranck studied music and comparative arts at Indiana University in Bloomington. She accompanied the London Stage Group on their 1976 USA tour and went on to study eurythmy at the Eurythmeum in Dornach with Lea van der Pals, where she subsequently taught. In 1984 she joined the faculty of The London School of Eurythmy. She left there to complete her eurythmy therapy training in Stuttgart in 1989, moving afterward to Israel, where she founded and directed the Jerusalem Eurythmy Ensemble (1990) and the Jerusalem Academy of Eurythmy (1992) and was an instructor in the Jerusalem Waldorf Teacher Bachelor Program in David Yellin Academic College from 1999. Jan has held Master Classes at various venues worldwide, including the Goetheanum and the MA Program in Eurythmy held at Emerson College and Spring Valley. She is the representative for Israel in the International Eurythmy Therapy Forum.

Join us for our Annual NYE Conscious Community Gathering – The Theme for 2022 is Cabaret – a Cultural Sharing! All are invited to take the stage with an offering.

Circles Edge & other Waldorf alum will also perform

31 December Doors open at 6:30 pm – 4248 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

Please bring Festival Food & Drink to share

$20 goes to support the Rudolf Steiner Branch – the young People hosting & in The Band

7 – 8 pm – Eurythmy with Jan Ranck (separate fee $20)

8:30 pm – Circles Edge & Friends warm the stage & host the open mic

10:10 pm – Thought-Seed Circle

10:30 pm – Clean-up…;)

For more info. Contact Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator
Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

2 thoughts on “All is Golden

  1. In Anthroposophy, Christ is known as the Lord of Destiny. On this her golden birthday, may Ultra-Violet know her destiny; the knowledge of her destiny will determine her every movement. May she say at the end of her life, like Christ, “it is finished”, and like Paul, “I have finished the race, I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith”, because she knew where she was going. There’s no greater joy than knowing you’ve finished what you set out to do, and I pray Ultra-Violet will know that feeling of contentment as she checks off each step she completes enroute to that end.

    I’ve taken a liking to C.S. Lewis lately, and love the quote you shared. I’m so grateful to Steve for directing me to your blog – you’ve given so much fodder for thought this past while. I appreciate the sacrifices you, “the mama”, make for us.

    1. Bless you dear Maverick this is what I wish also for Ultra – as well as for each of us.
      Now that she is coming into her “I”, the Christ impulse is also being born within her.
      I see this thru her connection to dear Lucien Dante Lazar, another Waldorf grad, whose family is mixed Christian/Jewish, who has been instrumental (pardon the pun)on introducing her to this as the meaning of the Earth thru music…

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