Ancient Futurism

translated with added titles by Roy Sadler

Communion In The Body

When from the depths of soul
the spirit’s drawn towards the beauty
arising from the springlife’s cosmic harmony,
then streaming from the heavens
life’s force invigorates the human body
and powerfully binds
the spirit’s being to the human presence.

And we approach the most sacred mirror point of the year…

In Unison With Light

When streaming from the cosmic spheres
the sun to human sense is speaking
and joy from depths of soul
is with the light as one in seeing,
then drawn from sheath of self
thoughts rise to far horizons
and dimly bind
the human being to the spirit’s presence.

Kaysha Siemen


Velsum’ a musical initiative created by Ultra-Violet Archer & Lucien Dante Lazar will perform on Easter Sunday – live streaming from the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago. Join us in-person or online.

New Nightingale, New Rose

These 2 Christened voices came together for the “Building the Temple of the Heart” 2021 ASA AGM conference & have gone on to co-create a new musical genre that they call: Ancient Futurism. This past year they have been workshopping this initiative at Angelic Organics Farm – graciously hosted by Haidy & Farmer John Peterson, who have put culture back into Agriculture by building a stage to host Anthroposophical events in their glorious Barn building.  

Easter Sunday 17 April 2022
Doors open at 12:30 pm CDT 
4249 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, Il. 60618
Performance 1-2pm CDT
Potluck Easter Feast 2-3 pm CDT

$10 or more suggested donation goes to the artists – please indicate that it is for EASTER

Chicago Friends – Please Bring Hardy Festive Food & Drink to Share

Please REGISTER to receive the ZOOM code 
 contact Events & Festivals Coordinator

2 thoughts on “Ancient Futurism

  1. Dear Hazel,
    I’m writing to you personally because I’ve not received any return on my emails to the contact of the Sophia Rising Conference. I registered my wife and I for that event early, even though she has a progressive disease that can make it hard for her to be a part of a social event. I just thought it wouldn’t progress so fast; but it has. A couple of weeks ago now, but after the deadline, I wrote saying that she really can’t handle such an event now and would they/you please refund our monies (I already canceled our reservations with the hotel). Also, the client I’d been taking care of for the last seven years just died a month ago now; so we are now living on just our social security and can’t afford to just donate the registration to the cause. Would be nice if we could; but please, would you see if you can get them to respond to our request for a refund!

    1. I sent your note to Tess Tess Parker (
      sorry to hear you & your beloved won’t be joining us…
      Healing prayers to you both

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