Beneficent Protector King

On June 19, 1910, the governor of Washington proclaimed the nation’s first “Father’s Day.” However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, that the day became a nationwide holiday in the United States.

The “Mother’s Day” we celebrate today has its origins in the peace-and-reconciliation campaigns of the post-Civil War era.

The campaign to celebrate the nation’s fathers did not meet with the same enthusiasm. On July 5, 1908, a West Virginia church sponsored the nation’s first event explicitly in honor of fathers, a Sunday sermon in memory of the 362 men who had died in the previous December’s explosions at the Fairmont Coal Company mines. Slowly, the holiday spread.

However, many men continued to disdain the day. So struggling retailers & advertisers redoubled their efforts to make Father’s Day a “second Christmas” for men, promoting goods such as neckties, hats, socks, pipes & tobacco, golf clubs & other sporting goods, & greeting cards. When World War II began, advertisers began to argue that celebrating Father’s Day was a way to honor American troops & support the war effort. By the end of the war, Father’s Day may not have been a federal holiday, but it was a national institution.

In 1972, in the middle of a hard-fought presidential re-election campaign, Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making Father’s Day a federal holiday at last. Today, economists estimate that Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts.

May all Father’s be the beneficent protector king, compassionate, helpful & wise.

Timothy Foley

translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler
Midsummer Wisdom

It rests this sun’s high hour with you
to recognise the call of wisdom:
‘In you, absorbed in worlds where beauty lies,
through all your feeling realise:
the human I can lose itself
and find itself within the Cosmic I’.

This was the mirror verse, towads the end of January.
Intuiting The Spring

The soul in gloom of winter moved
to bring to light her life’s own force
her impulse is to guide it far
and in the dark forefeel
through warmth of heart
the life the senses will reveal.

19 June 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars

Star chart showing Big Dipper with line to Arcturus continuing to Spica.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ‘ending’ of slavery in the United States.

325 – 1st Council of Nicea concludes & promulgates the Nicene Creed

1566 – Birthday of James VI of Scotland & I of England, son of Mary, Queen of Scots. He sponsored the translation of the Bible into English that would later be named after him: the Authorized King James Version. Sir Anthony Weldon claimed that James had been termed “the wisest fool in Christendom”. He was the ‘inspirer’ of Frances Bacon, William Shakespeare, Joacob Boehme & Jacob Balde.

James’s visit to Denmark, sparked an interest in the study of witchcraft, which he considered a branch of theology. He attended the North Berwick witch trials, the first major persecution of witches in Scotland under the Witchcraft Act 1563. Several people were convicted of using witchcraft to send storms against James’s ship, most notably Agnes Sampson. James became obsessed with the threat posed by witches & wrote Daemonologie in 1597, a tract opposed the practice of witchcraft & that provided background material for Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Macbeth.

1623 – Birthday of Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher & child prodigy. 

1844 – Deathday of Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, defender of Goethean science, a French naturalist who established the principle of “unity of composition”. His scientific views had a transcendental flavor.

1862 – The U.S. Congress prohibits slavery in United States territories, nullifying Dred Scott v. Sandford.

1867 – Deathday of Maximillian I. Seeking to legitimize French rule in the Americas, Napoleon III invited Maximilian to establish a new Mexican monarchy for him. Many foreign governments refused to recognize Maximilian’s claim or regime. His self-declared empire collapsed, & he was executed by the Mexican government.

1917 – The solar eclipse of June 19, 1917

1936 – The solar eclipse of June 19, 1936

1953 – Julius & Ethel Rosenberg are executed at Sing Sing, in New York

1964 – The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is approved after surviving an 83-day filibuster in the United States Senate

2012 – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange requests asylum in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for fear of extradition to the US after publication of previously classified documents including footage of civilian killings by the US army

Sea Cooke

Friday 24 June 2021 – St. Johns-Tide Bon-Fire & Prep-Stir Social Gathering
7 pm CT Pot-Luck Dinner at the Home of Hazel Archer & Chuck Ginsberg

Join Rev. Jeana Lee in a St. John’s contemplation by the fire

Please Bring Food & Drink to Share in Community

This is an offical ‘Merry Prepstir‘ synchronized application,
linking us to Biodynamic workers around the world,
so that ‘The Earth May Be Healed’.
We will be working with BD 500 Horn Manure & 501 silica 

RSVP for address & directions

The Holy Grail Study Group with the CRC
           The Mysteries of the Holy Grail: From Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation
July 6, 2022 – 7:15 pm Central (8:15 pm Eastern)

“We may describe the astral body as an egotist. This means that every path of development that aims to liberate the astral body must recognize the interests of humanity by expanding and becoming progressively wider in scope. Indeed…it must become interested in the whole earth and all humanity.”~ from Chapter 17

Focus of the July 6 meeting: Rudolf Steiner,The Mysteries of the Holy GrailChapter 16 “The Word in Chains,” excerpts from Steiner’s lecture given at Dornach on 11 March 1923 (GA 222, lecture I)
Chapter 17 “Balancing the Soul,” excerpts from Steiner’s lecture given at The Hague on 26 March 1913 (GA 145, lecture VII).A transcript of the entire lecture for chapter 16 can be found on the RS Archive by clicking this link.A transcript of the entire lecture for chapter 17 can be found on the RS Archive by clicking this link. 

Please consider giving to the development and maintenance of the digital library of Rudolf Steiner’s work.  Scroll to the bottom of this message to read more about the and

The Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America invites you to join our ongoing study conversation. The study has been divided among two volunteers who will summarize their section to rebuild it as a foundation for our conversation. Please familiarize yourself with the lecture if possible so you will feel comfortable sharing your reflections and thoughts with the group.

This collection of lectures has been republished by Rudolf Steiner Press under the title: “The Mysteries of the Holy Grail: From Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation.”  The book was compiled and edited by Matthew Barton, published by Rudolf Steiner Press in 2010.

This will be a Zoom conference call allowing us an opportunity to see one another while conversing (or audio only if you prefer).  To connect to the audio/video-conference:

Video Conference Details:Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 882 1050 5106

If you have questions, please contact Mary Mertz 

Agenda for this meeting (Central Time)
7:15  Welcome and Introductions        
7:18  Verse
7:25  Study led by volunteers
Note: CRC team will ID volunteers
          Stefano – chapter 16
          Camille – chapter 17
7:50  Conversation
8:25  ID volunteers for next meeting
8:28  Close with verse
Regelio de Egusquiza

Deepening the Grail: Our Parzival Quest and Question

A day long Workshop & AGM with The Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America

Saturday 16 July 2022 – In-person at the Rudolf Steiner House in Ann Arbor & on Zoom

2 pm – Welcome, Singing, Chekhov movement, Biography work

3:30 – 3:45 pm – Break

3:45 – 5 pm – Our Parzival Quest and Question

5 pm – Be our guest for Dinner

6:30 – 7:30 pm – AGM – We will be bidding farewell to longtime member Alberto Loya & welcoming Mary Mertz onto the Council

The CRC: Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Lisa Dalton, Alberto Loya, working with Mary Metz

Please RSVP to Mary Metz

To Inquire about Accommodations at the Rudolf Steiner House Contact Cynthia Chelius

5 thoughts on “Beneficent Protector King

  1. Hi Hazel,

    I thought to leave a comment concerning the birth of James of Scotland, son of Mary Queen of Scotland, on June 19, 1566. Now, there are some really astounding movies about Mary, and her eventual conflict with her cousin, Elizabeth of England. This conflict would eventually lead to her imprisonment at the hands of Elizabeth for some 19 years in the Tower of London, and then once proven as guilty of high treason, Mary was executed. Yet, this could only be looked upon as a torture exercise in familial abasement, because Mary had little to no opportunity while imprisoned to effect the charge of high treason. Thus, it came from her infidels, while she remained a hopeless victim.

    Now, her son James, on the other hand, was touted from an early age to be the eventual successor, not only to Scotland, but also England when Elizabeth died in 1603. Thus, James at 37 years of age became the King of both Scotland and England. Herein, he moves to London and becomes closely associated with both Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare. Here is where something really strange begins, and it has everything to do with Bacon, and his identity from his previous incarnation as Haroun ar-Raschid, which Steiner had identified in the first volume of KR in 1924. So, yes, Bacon formed a pivotal influence on James, just as we know he did on Shakespeare with the sonnets and plays.

    Yet, what was this influence on James all about? It was about encouraging the advent of the New World. Thus, while you think that James was the patron of Bacon, Shakespeare, Bohme, and Balde, this is not true. Rather, it was Bacon who took control of James I, and had the power to do so. Steiner almost spoke about this in GA 185, in the second lecture. James had a very strange background, which would even involve his walking gait. You see, he was in a former incarnation, King Solomon, and this is well noted among his own heirs, and this can be proven to be so.

    Your own assessment comes from a book by Richard Ramsbotham from 2004, which is titled, “Who Wrote Bacon”. This is how this dogma has come forth. Steiner never implicated James as the patron of anybody, although he did say that a someone was behind Bacon, Shakespeare, Bohme, and Balde. Who could it be?

    I have my own identity, but it was hardly the reincarnated Solomon as James. You see, they had both been corrupted from the time of David, their father, who had raped another man’s wife. This is a story that needs to be recognized. The beautiful Bathsheba, who was the wife of Uriah, the Hittite.

    1. I would not use the word patron but would say, taking the research of T.H.Meyer into consideration, that James the 6th was the ‘inspirer’ of Bacon, Shakespere, Boehme & Blade…

      1. Excuse me, but I am using your own words here about *patron*:

        1566 – Birthday of James VI of Scotland & I of England, son of Mary, Queen of Scots. He sponsored the translation of the Bible into English that would later be named after him: the Authorized King James Version. Sir Anthony Weldon claimed that James had been termed “the wisest fool in Christendom”. He was the patron of Frances Bacon, William Shakespeare, Joacob Boehme & Jacob Balde.

        Yes, there was an “inspirer” behind these four, and Rudolf Steiner spoke of it for the last time in the second lecture of volume II of KR, GA 236. But, he never said it was James. He left it a mystery. That leaves it to people like Ramsbotham and Meyer to speculate that it was James, but Steiner never revealed the actual identity.

          1. Hazel, what you told me about what you were doing on the 19th in order to try to alleviate a certain distress is very important to me. I write on your blog for efficiency’s sake, but I still have a heart. My problem, which really isn’t a problem, is the need to get it right, be accurate, and as objective as possible. I also have a subjective life that feels and experiences all the pain and sorrows of what destiny must mean. I know how I come across, but it is the same seeking of truth that John wrote about in chapter 8, v. 32: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make ye free”.

            Spiritual Science is the renewal of the old Gnosticism on a higher level. What was stamped out “root and branch”, in the aftermath of the Christ Event, and most exemplified with the martyrdom and torture of Mani/Manes in 277 AD, on the very site of the future Academy of Gondhishapur, is the driving force today. Thus, Michael is the biggest exponent of Manes, and He does so through Rudolf Steiner.

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