Yes, here I am…again: Change.

During this transitional time I am asking plenty of questions & making lots of Self & not-self observations; coupled with an out-of-the-blue recall of repressed premonitions, & an altered sense in the flow of Time.

I am asking questions because I know I can say YES!

And I will continue to ponder; taking an inventory of all my inner voices, noticing both the content of what they say, & the tone with which they say it. Some of them may be chatty & others menacing; some blaring & others shy; some nagging or needy, & others calm & insightful.

Today I welcome & invite all the voices in my head to come into the spotlight of my alert heart with mindful devotion. I ask them to step forward & reveal their agendas.

I am imagining that my life is a detective story. The goal is to solve not only the crime, the original sin – the missed mark – but to also solve the mystery of why we are here together – now at this special time on earth. I face myself in you. I wrestle with how to shine up the mirror, & with how to forgive – I pray for grace, so that we can help each other carry out the special mission we’ve come to accomplish.

I am always finding clues.  I am not one to sleepwalk thru the world, which is annoying to those who like to sleep in. The alarm is ringing & I am fated to be a first responder. And yet alas, I have had knee jerk reactions to the tricks that the gods use to goad us toward our Higher Self.

Right now it feels like one of those phases when hot leads, fresh evidence & opportunities, are popping up all over the place, convincing me beyond the shadow of a doubt that spirituality & intuition are the fundamental properties of our collective reality.

I have faith that thru dedicated inner work & a pinch of cosmic intervention, a sad or bad or mad story I have conjured will get tweaked in a poignant plot turn. Just as I’m getting ready to give into my regrets, an X-factor will appear, transforming the meaning of a series of frustrating events. This may not generate a neat happy ending, since I know life is a process, & every ending is a new beginning, but it will at least result in an interesting & redemptive epiphany.

What is the precise nature of that X-factor? Who is dealing me that wild card? Is the Joker a Fool or a psychopomp?

Perhaps another secret truth will be revealed, or some missing evidence will arrive, or a mental block will crumble, or a soul will be redeemed…?

And yes, I have already had an inspiration about how valuable my ‘problem’ actually is. I am reminded of Jung’s formula, which says we don’t so much solve our difficulties, as we outgrow them. We add capacities & experiences that eventually make us greater than our problems.

Here’s to insightful growth & creative Change!

XOX ~hag

translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler
LAMMASTIDE II (last week)
Can I Imagine My Soul’s Need?

Can I make wide my soul
that she unite with seed
of Cosmic Word conceived?
I feel my foresight asking me
to find the strangth my soul will need
to form her spirit garment worthily.

May Memory Awaken My Self

Mysteriously to sheathe
my life’s new seed with memory
be now my striving’s further aim
that strengthening it shall awake
my inner power to become
my real self.

These are the last two verses before next week’s threshold death verse: a conscious death in the physical world becoming a Resurrection into the Spiritual World… and these are the mirror verses, the first two after the 2nd threshold death verse, v33, calling for Earth Resurrection in Human Self-creation. (v18 & 35 are the only question verses, appropriatly placed, leading to and arising from the verses adjacent to death.)

My Newly Risen Selfhood’s Wonder

Mysteriously to feel
with newly risen sense of who I am
old treasure re-enlivening in me
shall rouse a tide of cosmic forces
that pouring into my endeavour for the world
will in becoming print me into that which Is.

Can True Being Inspire Me?

Can I absorb true being
that it may find itself anew
within my soul’s creative urge?
I feel a power trusting me
to make my Self with modesty
a member of the Cosmic Self.

Vidarmas – A new Festival for the new Archangel of our Time

Spiritual Science gives us the opportunity to work with the Cycle of the Year as a modern path of Initiation into the New Mysteries. In our striving we not only renew, but we are being called from the future to co-create entirely new Festivals.

Having received insights from Are Thoresen at the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago this weekend, we are taking up our own research into the new Archangel Vidar, who stands as Guardian to the Threshold of the Etheric Realm opening the Northern Stream of Initiation to those who would approach with Christ Consciousness. In a recent spiritual experience, Are Thoresen suggested that August 20th may be the Feast Day of Vidar..?

All are invited to join us, where ever you are, in reading a lecture by Rudolf Steiner which brings to life this new Archangel Vidar. We welcome your feedback as to whether or not August 20th resonates as a new Feast Day that we might call Vidarmas.

THE MISSION OF FOLK-SOULS, GA 121, Lecture XI, 17 June 1910, Christiania

Meeting in-person at the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago or wherever you are
20 August 2022, at 5 pm PT / 6 pm MT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm PT

~Hazel Archer-Ginsberg,
Events & Festivals Coordinator for the Rudolf Steiner Branch, Chicago

8 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Hi again Hazel. Another interesting Vidar bit for what it’s worth: I’ve read (Sergei Prokofieff again I believe) Michael was the guide of the Nathan Jesus, pre-Golgotha. And that Vidar took on that same role post-Golgotha. There is a mirroring quality there as I see it, and I took that into consideration when speaking about a springtime Vidar celebration (versus Autumn-Michaelmas, obviously and of course). Also, I’m Canadian and must always be apologizing, so please understand I only mean to add to the conversation in some small way. As interesting as the topic is for me, the fact is I know nothing about it at all, and even less with regards to the appropriate month for a Vidar festival. 🙂 Cheers Hazel.

    1. I really apprieciate this idea of mirroring. Please don’t apologize, this forum is meant to be a place for discussion & a sharing of insights, so Thank you.
      I have just spent time reading what Prokofieff has given us, & I am working my way thru the lectures from Steiner:
      “SPIRITUAL BEINGS IN THE HEAVENLY BODIES AND IN THE KINGDOMS OF NATURE”, by Rudolf Steiner GA 136, Lecture I, 3 April 1912, Helsinki – & “The Trinity of Nathan Soul, Vidar, and Michael, In the Past, Present and Future Sacrifices of Christ” by Rudolf Steiner – Part I – Past sacrifices of the Christ being through the co-operation of the Nathan soul and Michael: Rama, Krishna, and Apollo. As wellas the lecture we will be reading on 20 Aug. “THE MISSION OF THE INDIVIDUAL FOLK SOULS” by Rudolf Steiner, GA 121, 11. Nerthus, Freyja and Gerda. Twilight of the Gods. Vidar and the new Revelation of Christ, 17 June 1910, Oslo

  2. Sergei Prokofieff – The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation, references Vidar in connection with the Garden of Gethsemane, with the seven-year old Nathan Jesus, and with the formation of the maternal etheric sheath and life forces. Something in all of that speaks to me of new Spring and pre-Easter. Early February and that exhilarating first sense of awakening. The assured promise of what is to be birthed. The miracle of thy will be done.

    It happens each year that the very first whisperings of Spring fill me with a renewed joy and gratitude, of hope and assurance. Early Spring is when my young boy comes back to me. The full-of-life child who runs and jumps and splashes about in puddles. My heart is rekindled with love for creation, for incarnation. I rise up once more, and begin again, and recommit to another turn of the Wheel: “I will drink your cup…”

    Thank you Hazel for your reply re: AAP program 🙂

    1. Yes, those passages from SOP are deep & wide. I see where you are coming from in this evocation of Spring being inline with Vidar as the bringer of youthful forces spoken about by Steiner…Thank you for adding to the research.

  3. I don’t know anything about Vidar, but it’s an interesting date you’re thinking of. On the sheets given us by the Star House called “Sun Chronicle of the Christ Events”, Aug. 20th shows the Sun’s sidereal longitude at 2 to 3 degrees in Leo – so the Sun’s at home in the sign it rules. The Christ events occurring then are: Aug.20th – the conversation at Jacob’s well (so the 1st time Jesus revealed to anyone other than the disciples that He was the Messiah), and Aug. 20/21st – the raising of Lazarus from the dead. So I’d say you’re choosing a pretty powerful weekend.

    1. Greetings Maverick, Great to hear from you, I’ve missed our conversations.
      Wow, Thank you for these Star House insights. I will bring them to our group.
      In the Norse traditions Vidar is Woden or Odin, But the connection to the Nathan Soul & Christ in the Etheric is what Steiner speaks about.
      I am excited to continue to explore these connections

  4. a very impressive Blog. I found it. And you write all of this yourself.
    What time is the meeting EST? and how can I attend the meeting this Saturday?

    1. Greetings & Welcome Dear Don.
      This particular event will not be on zoom, just in person, but you can read the lecture when we are meeting if you want to join us in spirit. It’s 8 pm ET.
      Let me know your thoughts about the lecture.

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