Easter Week – A Cosmic Recapitulation of The Mystery of Golgotha

Dear Friends –

For three years the Fire of divine Ego-hood has burned in the body and soul of Jesus. The human vessel, from within outwards, has almost been consumed to ashes.

What still has to be suffered and completed demands so much strength from the earthly sheaths that there is a real danger of premature death. Ahriman lies in wait and hopes to make use of this moment.

But Christ is victorious and death is repulsed.>>~summary excerpt from Emil Bock’s “Holy week”


3 April, 7-9pm at the Christian Community 2135 W. Wilson, Chicago

Good Friday

Love’s Sacrificial Death – the transformation of the Venus-principle

Thru the Sun-principle of Christ – the rending of the Temple Veil

7pm –Eurythmy: Hallelujah in the ‘Lamb of God Heptagram’ with Johanna Rohde

Group Study of Emil Bock’s “Holy Week” forGood Friday

8:15pm –“Judas” a Good Friday Easter Drama with music & Eurythmy


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In the New Mysteries we follow the path of Rosicrucian/Christian initiation throughout Holy Week.

Each of these steps through the planetary spheres leads to a conquest of a corresponding layer in the interior of the earth.

The Beatitudes are the spiritual weapon we must wield to fortify the development of self-determination in the human ego led by Christ, giving us the strength to make the darkness transparent. Like Christ, we must descend to ascend.

 Every year we have a chance to recapitulate the Easter event. And this weekend it is especially true, as Astrosopher Willi Sucher tells us, the original dates were ‘from the 3rd to the 5th of April 33 AD.’

Our 1st Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox is always spiritually significant – heralding the feasts of Passover & Easter.

This year on Holy Saturday April 4th, 2015, the Spring Moon will be in total eclipse!

Joining this celestial dance, look for Uranus, the first planet discovered with a telescope.

This ‘modern’ planet is regarded as a representative of change. With a Total Eclipse of the Spring Moon, & the planet Uranus in the same region of the zodiac as the Sun, there certainly seems to be change on our horizon.

Could it be a cosmic call to destiny? The eclipse begins at 5:15am CST, max at6:22am

The sun rises at 6:27am, & the moon sets at6:31am. The eclipse ends at 7:02am CST.

Also working with us, from the time of the Vernal Equinox, is the Archangel Raphael, who holds the staff of Mercury, offering us the healing power of the Caduceus through the grace of the living Christ, who stands as the middle pillar within us all.

So during the Lunar eclipse of Holy Saturday 4 April 2015, we have the opportunity to stand as Michaelic warriors holding the light, sending our shining heart-thinking into the heights and the depths.

Remembering all the while what was written on the urn that holds the ashes of Rudolf Steiner:

“To create centres of peace & love in which the Christ can resurrect.”   ~ Hazel Archer Ginsberg


4 April 2015 (Full Lunar Eclipse)5AM – 7AM at the branch

Holy Saturday (The Harrowing of Hell)

Christ laid in the tomb is taken by the quake into the grave of the earth Saturn darkness becomes Easter Light, healing the realm of the dead 

The Interior of the Earth asChristian/Rosicrucian Initiation & the Spiritual Significance of Eclipses byHazel Archer Ginsberg

Group Eurythmy: Hallelujah in the ‘Lamb of God Heptagram’ with Johanna Rode

Group study of Emil Bock’s “Holy Week” forHoly Saturday

The “Golden Legend”

into an Artistic Exploration of the Rose CrossMeditation with Nancy Melvin

 Snacks to Share & a Donation for Art Supplies Welcome

For more info Contact Festivals Coordinator Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

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A Cosmic Recapitulation of the Mystery of Golgotha


5 April 2015, Easter Sunday 2-4pmat the branch

The New Sun

The Octave of Resurrection – Mary Magdalene meets the Angels

& sees the ‘Gardener’ – The Risen One in His Spirit-Body


Midwest Eurythmy Group Performanceof:

The Calendar of the Soul Verse for Easterwith speech artist Christa Macbeth

And the Hallelujah

The Legend of Shambhalla by Richard Dancey

Singing, Group study of Emil Bock’s “Holy Week” for Easter Joy

Group Eurythmy: Hallelujah in the ‘Lamb of God Heptagram’ with Johanna Rode

Pot-Luck to Share Encouraged

All Donations go to the Midwest Eurythmy Group

For more info Contact Festivals Coordinator Hazel Archer Ginsberg


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