~Patricia Bollinger

Greetings friends as we continue our contemplation of the Summer-Tide Mysteries.



In earlier times, the Sun was perceived in its shinning prime & glory as the effulgent force of the Feminine – a passionate aspect of the versatile Great Mother, who issues forth & supports all life.

The Solar Goddess was known in many ancient cultures, & Her Priestess’ were highly regarded as healers & Psychopomps – Spiritual guides, initiating supplicants into the mysteries hidden behind the blinding light & fire of the solar disk. They used the 1st mirrors as lenses to harness the Sun; to start the altar fires, & to cauterize wounds for healing.

~Eleonora Ivanova

During the time of the ancient Egyptians, Sirius, the Dog Star rose on the Summer Solstice, heralding the beginning of their New Year, just before the season of the Nile’s flooding.

The Sun itself was deemed to be the all-seeing, all knowing, all powerful eye; but It was also known to be the “Scorching eye of Ra” burning away the shadows, like a laser in the hands of a surgeon, cutting away disease, a power not to be taken (pardon the pun) lightly.

Probably the most ancient source of the Solar Force known to humanity is an Egyptian lion-headed Goddess called Sekhmet. She displays all the passion of the Noonday-Sun at its peak, burning away all that does not serve, rousing us to dance our true power, in the magic ritual of our transformation.

Solar energy & its radiations are said to be the cause of evolution itself, reminding us that we can take an active role in our evolutionary process by aligning ourselves with this Solar Power, plugging in directly to the source of ourselves, to the source of action & passion.

In our time now, we strive toward a renewal of these mysteries – To transform the unbridled passions into purposeful action, directed by our higher “I”.

The Summer Solstice brings our inner selves into harmony with our cosmic being, & reminds us of the Sun’s connection to The Christ as the Solar Logos.

Nikos Kypraios

We lift up our hearts to meet ‘the heights & widths of the universe’, where we feel ‘Not I, but Christ in me’. To say as John the Baptist said “He must increase, but I must decrease.

We respond to the Summertime call for a yearly ‘Metanoia’ by reviewing our deeds – looking with courage to the errors of the past, enduring all the pain self-knowledge brings, so that we can take on the Spiritual tasks at hand.


23 June 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: This is the time of year when the two brightest stars of summer, Arcturus and Vega, are about equally high overhead not too long after dark: Arcturus toward the southwest, Vega toward the east.

~Bernardo Zenale

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day(RSarchives) 


2006 – the Deathday of Rene Querido,  General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America, pupil of W.J.Stein, teacher, & writer – my favorite of his works:  “The Golden Age of Chartres”: The Teachings of a Mystery School and the Eternal Feminine.

~Kindling Radiance~
A Community Festival Gathering Celebrating St. John’s-Tide
Saturday, June 24, 2023 at Zinniker Farm

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