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6 April 2019 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Look for Bella Luna as a slender crescent visible in the early evening sky. New was yesterday morning, so tonight we will see her starting to emerge from the underworld showing us only 3 percent of her disk just after sunset.(Tomorrow evening, a 7-percent-lit lunar crescent hangs noticeably higher in the sky.) Notice her tender ashen light faintly illuminating the Moon’s dark side. This is “Earthshine,” sunlight reflected by Earth that reaches the Moon & then reflects back to our waiting eyes.


What is to be the starting force & impulse for events in social & ethical life must come out of the spiritual world.” ~Rudolf Steiner, New Spiritual Impulses in History” Dornach 16 December, 1917

Sam Brown

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


582- Death & Feast Day of Eutychius of Constantinople, Toward the end of his life, Eutychius maintained an opinion that after the resurrection the body will be “more subtle than air” & no longer a tangible thing. This was considered heretical, because it was taken as a denial of the doctrine of physical, corporeal resurrection.

Henry Nelson O’Neil

1483  – Good Friday – Birthday of Raphael, an Italian painter & architect of the High Renaissance. Raphael was enormously productive, running an unusually large workshop &, despite his death at 37, leaving a large body of work. Many of his works are found in the Vatican Palace. From 1517 until his death, Raphael lived in the Palazzo Caprini in the Borgo, in rather grand style in a palace designed by Bramante. He never married, & was thought to be bi-sexual. He is said to have had many affairs, but a permanent fixture in his life in Rome was “La Fornarina”, Margherita Luti, the daughter of a baker (fornaro) named Francesco Luti from Siena.

Raphael’s premature death on Good Friday (April 6, 1520), which was also his 37th birthday, was caused by a night of excessive sex with Luti, after which he fell into a fever &, not telling his doctors that this was its cause, was given the wrong cure, which killed him. At his request, Raphael was buried in the Pantheon.

His funeral was extremely grand, attended by large crowds. The inscription in his marble sarcophagus, an elegiac distich written by Pietro Bembo, reads: “Ille hic est Raffael, timuit quo sospite vinci, rerum magna parens et moriente mori”, meaning: “Here lies that famous Raphael by whom Nature feared to be conquered while he lived, and when he was dying, feared herself to die.”

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Rudolf Steiner speaks about him in his various incarnations, in ‘The Last Address’ – The Individuality of Elias, John, Raphael, Novalis. Dornach, Michaelmas Eve, 1924, GA 238

Lucas Cranach the Elder

1472 –Birthday of Lucas Cranach the Elder, a German Renaissance painter & printmaker

Franz and Christian von Hausen Riepe

1520 – Good Friday – Deathday of Raphael

1869 – Celluloid is patented

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1896 – In Athens, the opening of the first modern Olympic Games is celebrated, 1,500 years after the original games are banned by Roman emperor Theodosius I

1930 – Gandhi raises a lump of mud and salt and declares, “With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire,” beginning the Salt Satyagraha

Image result for 1965 – Launch of Early Bird, the first commercial communications satellite

1965 – Launch of Early Bird, the first commercial communications satellite to be placed in geosynchronous orbit

1971 – Deathday of Igor Stravinsky, Russian-American pianist, composer, & conductor

Image result for Isaac Asimov

1992 – Deathday of Isaac Asimov, American science fiction writer

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2008 – The 2008 Egyptian general strike starts led by Egyptian workers later to be adopted by April 6 Youth Movement & Egyptian activists

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2015 – Deathday of Ray Charles


Image result for tree of life entwined with roses painting
Becka Renolds

POD (Poem Of theDay)

O Tree of Life
Now is not your Winter
The red-rose-vine will entwine
The ever greening bough
In a slow motion rapture



Image result for as above so below painting
Allan Beck

I awoke with these thoughts to ponder today:

Since Anthroposophy cannot really be grasped except by the power of love, it is love-engendering when human beings take it in a way true to its own nature” -Rudolf Steiner

Image result for as above so below painting
Joe Magown

Love comes when the soul recollects the world, inside itself.

Freedom comes when the soul forgets itself, inside the world.

Image result for human soul painting
Doug Von Houghton

In the Human Soul:

Life = ‘I’
Warmth = Expression of the life of the ‘I’
Light = Manifestation of the Expression of the Life of the ‘I’

I = Christ.
AM = Human Soul

I AM = The life warmth and light of Christ – the manifestation of the expression of the life of Christ in the human soul

Image result for spiritual world painting
Beth Lanton

In the Spiritual World:

Life = Physical Sun
Warmth = Sun Soul
Light = Sun Spirit

Manifestation = Nathan Soul
Expression = Sophia
Life = Christ

I Am = Christ in The Soul of the World


What are you thinking about today?

Image result for spiritual world painting
Kateřina Machytková





Saturday 6 April 2019,from 7-9 pm: Personality and spiritual biographies of the original Vorstand members and group healing meditation.

Sunday 7 April 2019,from 1 pm – 4 pm: Identifying your spiritual stream and recognizing its opposite stream with directions for bringing cohesion and direction for members on both sides of the threshold.

In 1999 Fred Janney  joined with six other members of the Anthroposophical Society from around the country to start what soon became known as Anthroposophical Prison Outreach.  We are celebrating twenty years of service to incarcerated individuals based on the good will and donations of our member.

 Contribution $25-$50 or pay what you can afford, ALL proceeds donated to APO.

For more info. contact Hazel Archer-Ginsberg


“The Poisoning of America.” with John Beck.

Monday 8 April 2019:  7 pm – 9 pm

In 1936 President Franklin Roosevelt asserted that “This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.” Five years later he spoke of four freedoms—“everywhere in the world”—that were “no vision of a distant millennium” but “a definite basis for a kind of world attainable in our own time…” But when the end of the world war left the USA as the richest and most powerful nation in the world’s history, two Americas emerged, an inner one where the respect for the individual continued to grow, and an outer one where a full-scale war on the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, has been unleashed, even as the technological basis is extended for the rulership of Satan, Ahriman, the “father of lies.” Now individuals must wake up to this challenging reality.

John Beck is editor of being human magazine and director of communications for the Anthroposophical Society in America (USA). He was general manager of the New York Open Center, a technology and communications officer at Chase Bank, and director of public broadcasting stations in Boston and New York City. Family history has led him to be aware of political life in the USA since childhood

 Suggested donations $15.

For more information contact aonegin@rschicago.org


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