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Easter Notes & Resources

In the New Mysteries we follow the path of the Christian initiation thru the Holy Week before Easter – With every step, from the recognition of the old Sun on Palm Sunday, thru to the meeting of the Saturn-Spirit and The Harrowing of Hell, which sparks the rising of the New Sun of Easter. Each of these steps thru the planetary spheres leads to a conquest of a corresponding layer in the interior of the earth.

We rest on the Sabbath, In Christo morimur – – This is the Mystic-death or temple sleep of the initiate. The Tomb becomes the altar, a sacred place to commune with the gods – with the souls of the departed as our intermediaries. There in the garden, at the center of the earth, between the rocky hill of Golgotha, part of the lunar Mount Moriah, and it’s polar opposite the Solar Mount Zion – the center of the cosmos – there was a new tomb where the body of Christ rested, and yet it was the oldest tomb, for it was formerly a primal fissure, a gorge splitting Jerusalem in two, called by some Adam’s grave – Known as the gate to the underworld. The earthquakes tore open the original fissure. The veil of the Temple “was rent in twain”. Vistas were opened into the interior of the world. “He was lowered into the grave of the earth’, and so it was, that The Christ went into the Earth’s Interior, becoming the medicine for our continued evolution. The darkness of Saturn is lit up from within by the Resurrected Sun. The Easter garden begins to bloom, so that our soul can behold, like the Magdalana before us, The Risen One as the gardener of the New Jerusalem.

The earth underwent a change thru the deed of redemption on Golgotha, a transformation of the unruly Mars powers of iron into the silvery light of Mercury. This transforming of iron thru the sacred mystery of the Christ-blood is a determining factor in the transformation of earthly substance, which will later be carried over into the transubstantiation of the earth.
The spirit radiates from the heights and yet is also carried to us by the eternal divine world of the depths. ‘May there ascend from the Depths the prayer that is heard in the Heights’. We can send our prayer to the Christ-heart in the earth’s depths, to help overcome and redeem the adversarial powers that hold sway in the 9 layers of the earth’s interior. The agricultural course was a stepping stone to this ultimate aim. (The Birth of a New Agriculture: Koberwitz 1924 and the Introduction of biodynamic -Adalbert Grof Von Keyserlingk)

On the urn that holds the ashes of Rudolf Steiner:
“To create centres of peace & love in which the Christ can resurrect.”

Spiritual science tells us that when the blood flowed to the earth from the cross on Golgotha, a new Sun-globe was born in the interior of the earth. This golden earth-center is the legendary land of Shambhalla, hidden away, yet waiting to be re-discovered by the seeking, Christ-guided human soul.

Before the mystery of Golgotha, the task of evolution was that the cosmos would become human, After this turning point, the human becomes cosmos -The New Sun -The imperishable resurrection-body uniting with the Cosmic- Sophia.

The tomb becomes the Round table, and the Parsifal question leads us to find Christ in the etheric.

Also working with us from the time of the Vernal Equinox is the Archangel Raphael, who holds the staff of Mercury, offering us the healing power of the Caduceus thru the grace of the living Christ, who stands as the middle pillar within us all.


Here is a list of my Resources:
‘The Three Years’ & ‘Holy Week’ by Emil Bock

The Sermon on the Mount in The Christ-Impulse and the development of Ego-Consciousness (GA 116) RS

Buddha & Christ in Metamorphoses of the Soul (GA 58) RS

The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric (GA 118) The Gospel of St. Matthew (GA 123) RS

The Interior of the Earth and Volcanic Eruptions (GA 96) RS

The Interior of the Earth in The Christian Mystery (GA 97)

Cosmogony lecture 16 (GA 94)

Popular Occultism lecture 14

Rosicrucian Training- The Interior of the Earth – (GA95)

The Festivals & their Meanings by Rudolf Steiner

The Foundation Stone Meditation



The Birth of a New Agriculture: Koberwitz 1924 and the Introduction of biodynamic -Adalbert Grof Von Keyserlingk





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“The Harmony of the Universe at the Moment of the Mystery of Golgotha “

~Summary by `hag, excerpt from Astrosopher Willi Sucher’s Cosmic Christianity

“The moment of the (original) Mystery of Golgotha, that is, the time from the 3rd to the 5th of April 33 AD, displays a unique situation in the cosmos. During those days there existed a harmony throughout the heavens, right down to the Earth, which did not exist before and will not return (if at all) for 26,000 years.”

The essence of this essay by Astrosopher Willi Sucher is that the ‘3 Zodiacs’ were aligned:
1. The Constellations (the fixed Stars or astral body of the cosmos – World Soul)
2. The Signs (associated with the seasons, with the yearly rhythms of life in nature – an image of the etheric, or life forces, in the universe)
3. The Houses (that which radiates as space segments from the geographical point where one stands – an image of the physical body)

“At the time of the Mystery of Golgotha, particularly on Easter Sunday just before sunrise, these space sectors were oriented into space in perfect harmony. This wonderful harmony of the three Zodiacs, between heaven and Earth, is a vivid symbol, or image of the resurrection body that was then re-established.
The disharmony before was connected with the ‘Fall’ of humanity, and with the corruption of the spirit body. The ‘Fall’ in Paradise did not mean that only Adam and Eve went through those experiences, the entire universe was affected and changed in that moment. The position of the Earth was changed.

We are faced in our work with the difference between the geocentric and heliocentric world conceptions. Rudolf Steiner, on the basis of his spiritual investigations, pointed out that in the medieval Rosicrucian schools the pupil was first introduced to the geocentric view. Then, when the pupil had learned this, he was told that this is how it should be, but that it is not so on account of the ‘Fall.’ The Earth had thereby lost its central position. That which happened in Paradise affected the entire Earth and therefore the possibility of disharmony entered cosmic history.

However, on that Sunday morning, 5 April 33 AD, just before sunrise, the original harmony was re-established.

The cosmos was jubilant about what happened when the Christ rose from
the grave of the Earth. At the same time it was the hope of all future Earth existence and of all future humanity. “