Holy Nights

zodiac euryhtmy

Every year our Winter festival, which is celebrated for 12 nights, and includes a conscious NYE gathering, brings the broader community together; families, friends, students and members participate, looking back on the year, sharing their spiritual research, musical offerings, artistic projects, plays, crafting, eurythmy (healing movement) stories and legends from various cultures, live bands with folk-dancing, puppetry, poetry, biodynamic foods, nutritional seminars, and lectures on spiritual science.

This sacred ‘Time out of Time’ provides an opportunity in the course of the year to contemplate, not only the journey of Jesus to Christ, but also the evolution of the Human Being as a Star unfolding in an Earthly biography.

Each of the 12 days & 13 nights – From the Eve of the Sacred Birth, to the Eve of Epiphany, can be seen as a microcosmic experience of the macrocosm, allowing us to approach the sublime gesture of the divine spiritual beings whose outer vestments are the constellations of the zodiac – while simultaneously contemplating the events in our own lives, in order to uncover the golden threads connecting us to each other, as well as, to the goals of Earth evolution,& to the divine spiritual nature that comes to birth again & again at this darkest time of year.

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