Julia Khoroshikh

For my dear kindred Nicolette Genier:

At the edge of a moldy wooden fence, on the shady side of that empty lot, in the cracks of the crooked wall…Look – Listen – there Springs from a rosette of lambs tongues – the floppy dock, basal & soft – & the stunning flowers, purple & tall.

Derdire Blazentizen

Watch the elongated dappled bells sway – no wind – it is the fae at play – Flower lips speckled with purple patches – to coax the bees to nectar – Dappled splashes -the fingerprints of elves – the footprints of sylphs. Go you inside the bell – pass under ripe pollen-laden stamens, whose anthers broadcast the fertile dust thru downward trumpeting blossoms – into ears that will to hear the secrets of Venus – who dare to plumb the deep well of riddles, willing to ponder the ringing conundrums of Natura’s etheric Wisdom…

Foxglove flower fairies
Cicely Mary Barker

Folk’s Glove for the fairy folk, elves, healer-witches & foxes –Her corolla apparel – Goblin Gloves – a finger-hood or thimble – Fairy Caps, a bonny bonnet, socks, petticoat, or mittens…Foxesglofa –worn on paws. Fox bells warn the fox of hunters – symbol for Clan Farquharson in Scotland –

Biennial grace, whose flowers show a lion or dragon’s face…Magical, musical, medicinal, poison – Digitalis for the human heart – An overdose gave Bloody Bells or Deadman’s Fingers – “It can either raise the dead, or kill the living.” – slow down or strengthen the beating chambers.

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh. The pleasure of reading an artist's… | by  Christopher P Jones | Thinksheet | Medium

Vincent knew. van Gogh’s latter days saw many scenes with yellow rays. His seizures & melancholy affected him in so many ways. Digitalis was given for epilepsy in those days. It might explain his quixotic neurological phase.

Portrait of Dr. Gachet.jpg

He painted Dr. Gachet with a pure white foxglove within his gaze. Digoxin toxicity gives many types of malaise. Xanthopsia brings vision thru a purple haze, & haloes around points of light which blaze. Vincent’s enchanting paintings capture us in O so many ways…Just like the foxglove that we have heretofore given thanks & praise…

A gift & a warning from the Guardian of the Threshold – to protect us in life’s maze…



Find Hercules between 2 bright stars | Tonight | EarthSky

29 May 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Bright Capella sets low in the northwest fairly soon after dark now. That leaves Vega and Arcturus as the brightest stars in the evening sky. Vega shines in the east-northeast. Arcturus is very high toward the south. A third of the way from Arcturus down to Vega, look for the dim semicircle of Corona Borealis and Alphecca. Two thirds of the way from Arcturus to Vega is the dim Keystone of Hercules, now lying almost level.

The Spiritual Foundation of Morality: Frandis of Assisi and the Christ  Impulse (Cw 155)

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 29 May 1912 = The Spiritual Foundation of Morality – Francis of Assisi and the Mission of Love – GA 155 – By Rudolf Steiner

Sophia Community Circle – WEDNESDAY 2 JUNE 2021

We are She – She are We – Embodying Love in Wisdom with Hazel & Ultra-Violet Archer

9:30 am PT / 10:30 am MT / 11:30 am CT / 12:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm GMT / 6:30 pm CET

St. John's Tide | Reverse Ritual

Sunday 27 June 2021 on Zoom 11 am – 12:30 pm PT / 12 – 1:30 pm MT / 1 pm -2:30 pm CT / 2 – 3:30 pm ET / 7 – 8:30 pm London Time / 8 – 9:30 pm CET

St. John the Baptist and Uriel the Archangel of Summer

A Festival for the Rudolf Steiner Branch of Chicago with the Central Regional Councilof the Anthroposophical Society in America.

Metanoia –  Can you hear the voice of conscience? – Make straight the path, for at the fullness of Summer, the light is so bright that it leaves no room for the shadow, a time to remember what St. John said “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” For zoom details contact Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator Hazel Archer

4 thoughts on “Foxglove

  1. Hi Hazel,

    I love the fact that you have acknowledged Vincent van Gogh in our midst. He seems to have lived and died in accordance to a greater law. I love it. In today’s world he becomes the plane that is expected. His work resonates today because he lived it. A life in the making. Good stuff. The millions will begin to see it from now on. Steiner also had a kind of beginning in 1890, when Vincent died. He saw it as a kind of painting of a new beginning. The Last Supper of Leonardo would remain a pale reflection. It was replaced by the portrait of Jacopo Bassano. Go look for it.

      1. What is important about this painting of the Last Supper by the hand of Jacopo Bassano, c. 1542, is that it seems to depict what Rudolf Steiner would describe in the second lecture of GA 148, on “The Fifth Gospel”. Herein, he indicates how all the disciples were initiated with this event into an altered state of consciousness. And, especially Peter, who would come to deny the Christ three times after showing his willingness to die with Him. Thus, we see a kind of sleepy condition setting in with this painting. It is very evident, and much different than the more famous painting of Leonardo.

        This painting clearly indicates that Judas is not like the other disciples. They are all depicted as coming from Galilee, while Judas is a much more dark complected figure who comes from Idumea, which was the home of the Herods. Yet, Judas would finally do something that cannot be denied in his own salvation. He would throw the 30 pieces of silver right back to the one’s who had coerced him to betray the Christ. This is not to be missed, ref. Matthew, ch. 27. They used the returned money to create the so-called, “potter’s field”, where Judas had poured his own blood as a sacrifice.

        Have the Jews ever relented to this very day about their decision? This is a very timely question, with the appropriate ramifications. The continual battle between Israel and the Palestine’s, which has been increased as we speak, will only meet resolution when the Science of the Spirit is actually taken up with the requisite invitation to gain Gnosis. Yet, people today insist on an understanding which is entirely logical, emotional, and surface-level.

        That is why it is so difficult, and yet challenging to face these dilemmas in our time. Some people see it, but most don’t. Yet, we have each other as the listening ear.

        1. Yes, thank you for bringing the events around the ‘Turning Point of Time’ into the present…
          May we sned out from our little striving chalice the call for healing

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