heart sick

My fever is raging, influenza at its peak, bones aching, my head splitting; I can’t comprehend this collective reality. He was right, it was rigged. But all the recent elections have been, so why did I think this would be different…sick to heart…


~Hail claw in my heart
Talon of the Hawk
Bearer of animal urges…
Hail star in darkness
White spider legs dancing on a web of night
I’ve made my home within
The bitter herb I drank killed & cleansed & freed me
& yet the dark moon dragon
Still spills fire water on the wings of the dove
Stealing ashes from the Phoenix
To set my teeth on edge…
As I prepare to meet the Baba Yaga
The sun angles oblique
A golden seed
Staring at the corn
Husks rustle & blink bare
Like a scorpion sting I cling & spit
The work continues…

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