Holy Hell

Sirius Painting by Acchi Aya Sanchez
Aaron Mosse

11 April 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: As the stars are coming out an hour or so after sunset, look southwest for dazzling Sirius, the departing Winter Star. It’s the brightest point in the sky after the bright Venus (occult Mercury, bringing the healing power of Love) in the West.

Vasily Kafanov

Now turn & look East for Arcturus, the arriving Spring Star. It’s shining at the same height as Sirius. These are the two brightest stars in view right now. But Capella is a very close runner-up to Arcturus! Spot it high in the northwest, about two fists at arm’s length to the upper right of Venus (occult Mercury).

Dear friends –

Below is my offering for Holy Saturday 2020. Join the CRC for our community online gathering ‘The Three Days’ today 3 pm CDT to ‘see’ the performance. (Bring paper & colored pencils as we will take a journey into the Underworld thru the rendering of a labyrinth!)

Prophetic Art painting, abstract cross art with heart and circles ...
Vashi Vant

For those who would like to view the recording of our Good Friday offering, here is the link

Stephanie Pui-Mun

Persephone as the Queen of the Underworld by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

SOUND: Rainstick

Once upon a time, before the ‘Turning Point of Time’, Zeus, the King of the Gods, was in courtship with the goddess of the harvest, Demeter. They conceived a beautiful goddess named Persephone, who was loved by all for her lighthearted kindness.  

Demeter was very protective of her daughter, keeping her naive to the ways of the world and dressing her as a child, even as she grew into a woman. She meant to keep her innocent and virginal forever, always by her mother’s side.

Sound: flute

But the winds of change were gusting up in all worlds. And one day Persephone was out with her nymphs gathering flowers in a meadow; roses and crocuses and beautiful violets, irises also and hyacinths, but what took her breath away was the narcissus, which Earth made to grow at the will of the King of the gods, to be a prompt for the bloom-like girl to ripen.

Persephone reached out with both hands to take up the inviting blossom. Just then, SOUND (tambourine shake and clap) the wide-pathed earth yawned open, there in the plain of Arabia, and Hades, the god of Hell, sprang out.

It was Hades’ job to judge the souls of the dead, but the underworld was a dark, isolated place, and he had grown lonely and cold as he carried out his duties over the centuries.

The other gods had grown to fear him, and the mortals hardly dared to utter his name.  

But as he observed Persephone, he felt new life stirring in the cold depths of Hell itself. SOUND rainstick and ting shaw

An echo resounding: the time was now right for her initiation.  

And yet Hades knew Demeter would never allow this, so he decided to spirit Persephone away. SOUND chimes

Shaken to the core, her breath no longer dreamy, she descended into Hell. And so, the innocent maiden was thrust into an ancient trial.

Demeter quickly noticed her daughter was gone and searched frantically for help. Eventually she discovered that the wise crone Hecate had witnessed it all.

Not knowing what to do, and finding no help from the gods, Demeter grew livid, vowing that the ground would never produce a stalk of wheat until Persephone was returned.

Down in the Underworld, Persephone was working through her trials, taking up the mysteries of the Underworld. Hades was a fair, but exacting task master, yet when she excelled, he showered her with gifts. (SOUND: shimmer chime) It was so different from her leisurely life before, and Persephone often missed Demeter, her mother, and the bright world above.

Hades was patient. He put Persephone’s throne next to his and, unlike the other gods, allowed her equal rule alongside him.

When Persephone suggested that the finest mortals be released from eternal bondage, and another realm be made for them to journey outward, Hades softened by love, made it for her. It was called Elysium–the spiritual world of heaven. SOUND – chime shimmer

Persephone grew in wisdom. She noticed and appreciated that Hades was the only one who had ever treated her like the Goddess she was. Feeling her power grow, Persephone matured in her role as Queen.

One morning while Persephone was in the garden of the Netherworld for the rites, Hades offered her a blood red pomegranate, the sacred fruit of the dead. Knowing this was a test, she ate six(Ting)plump (Ting )juicy (Ting)seeds.

Immediately Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, appeared before them. He told Persephone that Demeter had caused the earth to freeze, and that no crops would grow. Mortals were dying in droves, and the only thing that would stop her was Persephone’s return.

Persephone reluctantly allowed Hermes to take her to Mount Olympus, where Zeus and Demeter were having it out, since, after all, the King of the gods had encouraged Hades to take his daughter into initiation, without her mother’s consent.

Persephone tried to convince Demeter that she was flourishing in her new power, and that Hades had been kind to her. But Demeter insisted that  Persephone had to come home, or else she would let every mortal on earth die of famine.

Suddenly the throne room darkened (SOUND – RAINSTICK) and the gods turned as Hades stepped out of the shadows. He was holding the partially eaten pomegranate in his hand.

 “Persephone has eaten the fruit of the Underworld. She must return and rule there with me.”

While Demeter started to protest, Zeus considered Persephone quietly.

“How many seeds did you eat, daughter?” he asked.

Persephone told him, “Six.” Sound: (1Ting) Zeus stood up from his throne and the assembly quieted.

 “Since Persephone has eaten six seeds of the pomegranate, I rule that she will spend six months each year in the Underworld with her husband, and six months tending to the fields of earth with her mother.”

SOUND: Rainstick

Neither Demeter nor Hades were completely happy with this agreement, but the king of the gods had made it so. 

FLUTE: Springy tune

Every year Persephone returns to the fields of the mortals and restores them with Demeter.

And when the Autumn time comes, SOUND (tambourine & clap) Hades comes to escort Persephone back to her throne in the Underworld.

Each time she leaves, Demeter mourns and all vegetation dies.  

And each time Persephone returns, the earth warms and becomes fertile once again.

This is how the Greeks explained the earth’s seasons.

Here also we get a glimpse into the ancient mysteries, and we see how a goddess of life brought light into the Underworld – Making the ground of the human soul fertile to receive a new impulse at the ‘Turning Point of Time’.

Native Flute Interlude


Asher Teorg

The Three Days” – An online Easter Festival with the Central Regional Council

Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, All three days: April 10 -12, 2020 from 3 pm – 4:15 pm CDT (4 pm – 5:15 pm EDT)

We will apply Spiritual Research, taking inspiration from the ancient Mysteries, indications from Rudolf Steiner, Emil Bock, and personal vision, to artistically follow the Cosmic Sun on the ultimate path of human initiation, from the Free-Will Sacrifice, through the Harrowing of Hell, to Conquer Death – into the Resurrection of the New Sun.

Please have paper & colored pencils on hand.

Artistic activities include: Speech Work with the Calendar of the Soul, Musical interludes, Drawing exercise, Conscious conversation,

Hygienic Eurythmy,and a Performance with Mary Ruud of the Easter Verse from the Calendar of the Soul.

Special Guest Rev. Craig Wiggins, Lanker for the Christian Community, will join us in the pageant readings. And Dr. David Tressemer of the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP) will also join us in the readings, as our dear David Howerton is ill. (please send prayers!)

How can we as human beings in community bring a practical understanding to these mysteries?

Join us as we strive to gain the forces needed to do our part in furthering this impulse in world evolution.

FREE – ALL are Welcome – find below Zoom Call details and link to reading materials.

The Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America invites you to join our on-line Easter Festival, which replaces the original festival with the AAP which has been postponed to a TBD date due to pandemic precautions.

This will be a “Zoom” conference call allowing us an opportunity to see one another while conversing (or audio only if you prefer). To connect to the audio/video-conference:
Option 1. Click link below if you wish to connect through your computer (a headset is recommended)
The PASSWORD is: 679832

Option 2. Call in using your telephone.
United States: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 312 626 6799
Access Code: 990-011-7223
The PASSWORD is: 679832

Option 3. You can use a combination of Options 1 and 2 (computer and phone). If you use the phone, please turn off the audio on your computer to prevent audio feedback.

For more info. contact Alberto Loya aloyavaca@peoplepc.com

May Hope Spring Eternal – The CRC – Marianne FieberAlberto LoyaHazel Archer Ginsberg, David Howerton, Lisa Dalton

4 thoughts on “Holy Hell

  1. Dear Hazel,

    To acknowledge Venus as occult Mercury is a very brave deed. Thank you.

    “Thus, my dear friends, carry out into the world your warm hearts,
    within which you have planted the Foundation Stone…
    And help will come to you…we make this resolution now with all of
    our strength. And we shall see: if we prove worthy of it, a good star
    will prevail over what here is willed…Follow this good star.”

    In the chapter, “Laying the Foundation Stone of the First Goetheanum”, which starts on pg. 19, it describes how the planet Mercury was in the sign of Libra on September 17, 1913, when Steiner planted the double copper Dodecahedron at the bottom of a nine foot ditch. Exactly one hundred years later, the 100th anniversary of this laying, Mercury was located in Libra again, on September 17, 2013.

    Ref: The Christmas Foundation; Beginning of a New Cosmic Age, Rudolf Grosse, 1976

    1. Yes, this important mention of the only Planetary Being at the laying of the Foundation stone has always made a deep impression & informed my thinking, Thanks for your reminders

    1. Yes, thanks, much more empowering!
      that’s what we were performing online today when you called!
      see you at sunrise

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