Dear friends it’s all about bringing the practical application of Spiritual Science into the world these days . I hope you will join me:

Jesse in the APO program

We ask ourselves where is the diversity in Anthroposophy? Well friends – it’s in prison. 

For over 20 years APO has served 4,700 seekers who are serving time in prison and would not otherwise have access to these Michaelic teachings! They have been given the opportunity to view their lives in a totally different way and to take up a path of transformation through meditation and self-development.

We invite you to be a sponsor to help us raise money for this powerful program. Together we can plant seeds for change in our world! DONATE HERE

Friends in the Chicagoland area – Join us TONIGHT for our DANCE-A-THON
at the Rudolf Steiner Branch 4249 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, 60618 (map)
7 – 9 pm Friday 24 September 

Featuring Waldorf alum DJ ‘Grapefruit Effect’ + Circle’s Edge

It’s a potluck Family-Friendly community gathering, so please bring food & drink to share – Along with your generous donation to this amazing program.

We also plan to read poetry from some of the inmates who are working with Anthroposophy!

For more
Cultural Events Coordinator Hazel Archer

RSBranch Calendar

Here is an project close to the heart of my husband Chuck Ginsberg & me: Family Farm Initiative. We sent this out to our Zinniker Farm co-op recently:

Dear Egg group – I hope everyone is well and enjoying the change of seasons.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had a few conversations with Mark and Petra about the succession of the oldest biodynamic farm in America; their Zinniker farm.  It’s likely that their kids will not take over “the family business” and it’s easy to understand why, as you will see below.

As long as people “buy” food from a farm, the farm loses, because they cannot compete against big Ag on price. This has led to family farms disappearing across the United States. Until recently, I have not thought deeply about the economics of the Zinniker Farm and quite honestly, I’m shocked at what I now understand.

What I’ve come to realize, is that Mark and Petra Zinniker have been subsidizing the food that we “buy” from them. It may be eye-opening to you too, because in reality, the actual cost to produce this quality food is much higher than what we pay.

Petra does not receive a wage for her dedicated work on the farm, or for doing jobs like the books, answering our emails, making the preps, keeping things organized, etc.  She has had to work outside the farm to make ends meet. Mark earns $1300 per month for dedicating his life to running the farm… think about that for a minute, only $1300 per month.

They cannot hire anyone because they cannot afford to pay a worker a reasonable wage.

This inequity has to change – otherwise the Zinniker Farm will cease to exist.

I’ve had a few conversations with Petra and Mark about trying something new and they’re ready for change! We’ve come up with a working question: How can we as a community support a viable succession plan so the farm of the future can thrive?

In an effort to stimulate innovation we invite you to join the conversation, share your ideas, energy and enthusiasm. I know if we all come together, we can create something sustainable.

Here are a few things that I’ve thought about. Recently, I looked back to see how much we spend at the Zinniker Farm and it’s $125-$150/month… we buy eggs, ¼ cow, honey and soup chickens…

We have decided that we will not ‘buy’ any more food from the Zinnikers.  Instead, we have started contributing $250 a month to the Farm, so that now we contribute to, as well as share in, the bounty of the land.  (We still receive the same amount of food, we believe this contribution is a more equitable way)

In order for the farm to support health and sustainability for everyone, there has to be financial stability, which means, enough money coming in every month regardless of the ups and downs of farming, so the best food possible can be produced. 

With that idea of stability, our financial goal is $20,000/month – 100 families sharing in the bounty of the farm, as well as supporters of this way of life by folks around the world.

As we work towards this goal, what would be different? –

+The Zinnikers could hire farm help and pay them a fair wage

+Mark could focus on soil building to create the highest quality food. 

+Raise the ideal number of animals based on the needs of the land.

+Expand the offerings to meat chickens and turkeys.

+Bring in people with other skill sets to the farm to grow vegetables, nuts or bees.

+Petra could continue with our help, to actively bring the community to the farm for prep days, farm dinners, and festival celebrations.

+Perhaps someone wants to hold a workshop at the farm or an art class?

All these ideas would be based on what YOU want. If you feel inspired and are ready to stop “buying” food from the Zinnikers, contact Petra and set up your own individual plan to help change the current system. Or go to their Patreon page

We understand that we all have different means and needs, there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula.  Let’s figure this out together. Come and roll up your sleeves and let’s plant some new seeds… together!

Best, Chuck Ginsberg & Hazel Archer

P.S. We will be having some community meetings to address the question, How can we as a community support a viable succession plan so the farm of the future can thrive? If you are interested in joining the conversation, you can sign up here:

We contribute directly to Petra, but we set this up hoping to get support from others

Rev. Craig Wiggins

Meeting the Dragon with our 4-Fold Being
Our Annual Michaelmas Festival
Leading thoughts with Rev Jeana Lee, 
Collaborative sculptural creation, & transformation 
with Rev Victoria Capon.
(Bring your found objects to help build the dragon!)

September 28th, 2021
Potluck at 5:30 pm in the Branch Schreinerei –
Please bring a dish to share
Talk at 7pm in the Upper Room

Our inspiration can come to life  through our collaboration
at the Rudolf Steiner Branch – 4249 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Donations encouraged

Greetings friends – We Enthusiasticly invite you to join us at the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago – one of 6 “HUBS” that will co-lead the conference content with the Central Regional Council. We are also a ‘Hybrid-Host’ where attendees will gather in-person. When you come to Chicago for the AGM, you will experience a conference that is a mix of projected Zoom presentations, in-person small group work, artistic activities, and catered vegetarian meals.

  • 1st make sure you are registered at and have indicated that you will be attending in person at the RSBranch Chicago.
  • Then Register by October 1st with the Chicago Branch using PayPal (this requires that you have a PayPal account of your own).


  • Register and write a check and it mail by October 1st to: Rudolf Steiner Branch, Attn: Jenny Doty 4249 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60618


In order to know how much food to order REGISTRATION ENDS OCT. 1ST

Details for the in-person conference:

  • $75 will cover the expenses for facilities, 3 lunches and 3 dinners, snacks, and printing.

You will enjoy a pre-AGM dinner on Thursday Oct. 7 Doors open at 5 pm. 
Lunch and Dinner on Fri. and Sat.
and Lunch post-conference on Sunday.
As well as Snacks/Coffee-Tea during the breaks.

  • $40 will cover only the bare expenses – no meals
  • Be a Master Builder Patron for $100 or more, to help pay for the tech costs!

Registration Link

  • Free street parking is available on the side streets near the Branch, requiring a few-block walk to the conference.
  • The nearest public transportation can be found here
  • If you opt-out of meals, you may contact for a list of restaurants within walking distance (bear in mind time restrants) or bring your own food (that doesn’t require refrigeration or kitchen usage).
  • There are 3 bathrooms available at the Branch.
  • If you need lodging, consider using, or a nearby hotel. Contact Jenny if you have an interest in finding someone that would allow you to couch-surf or share an AirBnB.
  • Be prepared to participate in the group work of Biography, Eurythmy, Singing, and Speech as well as being part of the Experiential Pageant—the culmination of the conference on Sunday 10 October.
  • Bring your open heart and community spirit!

For any other questions, please contact Jenny Doty at

For those who are longing for a deep dive: The Applied Anthroposophy Course (AAC) brings transformative online content into the alchemy of individual and group inner work. The mission is to explore the urgent issues of our time through the lens of spiritual philosophy, awakening meaning, inner reflection, and outer action.

I will be facilitating one of the Chrysalis Groups: ‘The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation into the New Mysteries’ –

The Royal Art of community awaits your participation.

See you there


Six Basic Exercise Practice Group, in just 15 minutes a day

Beginning on Monday, October 11, 2021 and ending on Friday, May 27, 2022.
This group will meet every weekday.

Eastern Time Zone (ET)
12:00 – Opening thought/reading
(Six Basic Exercise or Eightfold Path)
12:05 – 5-minute individual practice space
12:10 – Journal time
12:13 – Closing thought/reading
12:15 – Close the space
We intend to adhere to the scheduled time as closely as possible.

18 | June | 2021 | Reverse Ritual

Everyone is invited to participate. Come when you can and will. Free of charge.
We are a diverse group of newcomers and old-timers, and we welcome anyone interested in taking up the exercises. We will practice each of the 6 basic exercises for one month, with weeks in between where we’ll focus on the Eightfold Path.

Join Zoom Meeting Online (it’s the same link every day)

Oct 11 – Nov 5 (4 weeks) Clear Thinking
Nov 8 – 12 (1 week) Daily Exercises/Eightfold Path
Nov 15 – Dec 10 (4 weeks) Control of Will
Dec 13 – Dec 17 (1 week) Daily Exercises/Eightfold Path
Dec 20 – Jan 7 No meetings – Holy Nights – Festival TBA
Jan 10 – Feb 4 (4 weeks) Equanimity
Feb 7 – 11 (1 week) Daily Exercises/Eightfold Path
Feb 14 – Mar 11 (4 weeks) Positivity
Mar 14 – 18 (1 week) Daily Exercises/Eightfold Path
Mar 21 – Apr 15 (4 weeks) Open Mindedness & Holy Week
Apr 18 – 22 (1 week) Daily Exercises/Eightfold Path
Apr 15 – May 20 (4 weeks) Harmony
May 23 – 27 (1 week) Daily Exercises/Eightfold Path & Celebration Week!

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

SAVE THE DATE: April 22-24, 2022


A conference of the Divine Feminine in Santa Fe New Mexico.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon

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