It’s in the Air

Well dear friends it appears that the Epic of Gilgamesh is living, not just in our Anthroposophical community at large, but is also resonating in the greater etheric realm of humanity. Check out this report that came out today 3 January 2022 on the radio show ‘Hear and Now’ ‘Alaska student finds inspiration in an ancient text’

Rebecca Yanovskaya

9 thoughts on “It’s in the Air

  1. Yuval Harari sponsors the transhumanist agenda with his books. We had a long discourse on this on the Anthropopper blog back in summer 2019. Steiner had already many years before indicated in this lecture what it would mean if the Man-God complex ever came into prominence.

    Thus, Ahaseurus stood and stands to be in our future if we don’t combat it. Combat would seem to imply Michael in our favor with conscious recognition.

      1. Of course, they can. But is it true? Yuval Harari has made a case which does not even involve spiritual science, and yet his books are much more popular today. This proves something. What is it? That the descent into the sub-earthly, which Steiner predicted, is actually embraced by the Jews, which has Harari as its agent today. Let him to confess it before the world. This is his agenda in creating the Man-God Complex in the world today, and talking to you right now, Hazel. It is what it is and only needs to be sorted out. We can do that. The Cosmic Word is supreme.

  2. Yuval Harrari quite a few years back claimed that medical science has taken on the Gilgamesh project. Interesting…

  3. Thanks for sharing this. This adds to my experience. I really appreciate you being on top of contemporary relevance (if that makes sense).

    1. It really does open us to the wide world which we all share, showing that our seeds can blow in the wind & grow in the most unsuspected places

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