Preparing the Upper Room

"Woman Alone"
Alyson Guy

Dear friends – As seekers on the path, have you ever felt utterly alone, overwhelmed, or even a bit lost? Perhaps when you 1st began to know anthroposophy? Rudolf Steiner speaks of this in ‘How To Know Higher Worlds’ & in the 5th Gospel, as a sign that we are on the path of initiation.  

Groups — Solace Family Counseling - Annapolis, Maryland
Berry Fenkell

In our time of confinement, we have an opportunity to recognize & acknowledge the isolation that can come from our striving, a mirroring of the experience of the apostles those 10 days between Ascension & Whitsun. That uncomfortable feeling when waiting feels like wrestling – a soul space where inner development can thrive.

The Fountain Of Love Mandala — KATE BEDELL
Kate Bedell

May we join our spirits together in the upper room of our soul, & take to heart these words from Dr. Steiner:

The Truth Shall Set You Free Painting by Amber Hadden
Amy Decker

“In regard to our future growth, the Holy Spirit is for us humans the Spirit of development into a free humanity, into the free human soul. The Spirit of freedom holds sway in that Spirit which poured itself out over the first understanders of Christianity, in the first Christian Pentecostal festival, the Spirit whose most significant characteristic was indicated by Christ Himself: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!

Humanity can become free only in the spirit. So long as it is dependent on the bodily nature in which its spirit dwells, so long does it remain its slave. Humanity can become free, only when it finds itself again in spirit, and from out of the spirit becomes lord over that which is in it.

“To become free” presupposes the discovery of oneself as a spirit within oneself. The true spirit in which we can make this discovery is the universal human spirit, which we recognise as the Pentecostal power of the Holy Spirit entering into us, and which we must bring to birth in ourselves and allow to come to manifestation”…

We can believe in the future when in very truth we understand the Whitsun thought. And then there comes before us the mighty picture, with a force that works like a force present in the soul itself. Then do we feel the future, as the first understanders felt it under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, if only we are willing to make alive in our souls that which knows nothing of the boundaries separating the different parts of humanity and speaks a language which all souls, all the world over, can understand. We feel the thought of peace, of love, of harmony, which lies in the Whitsun thought. And we feel this Whitsun thought enlivening our Whitsun festival. We feel it to be a surety for our hope of freedom and eternity. Because we feel the individualised spirit awakening in our souls, there awakens in us the most significant element of the spirit: the endlessness of the spiritual. Through sharing in the spiritual, the human being can become conscious of his immortality and his eternity. And in the Whitsun thought we truly realise the power of those primal words which Initiate after Initiate continued to implant, and which reveal to us the meaning of wisdom and eternity: we feel them as a Whitsun thought, handed on from epoch to epoch, in the words which to-day for the first time sound forth:

Being is ranged by Being in the widths of Space,
Being follows on Being in the courses of Time,
If you remain only in widths of Space, in courses of Time,
Then, 0 human being, you are in the passing world alone.
But above us with power our soul itself upraises
With divining or knowing, we behold what passes not;
Beyond the widths of Space, beyond the course of Time
In the light of Wisdom eternal!

Wesen reiht sich an Wesen in den Raumesweiten,
Wesen folgt auf Wesen in den Zeitenläufen.
Verbleibst du in Raumesweiten und Zeitenläufen,
Bist du, 0 Mensch, allein in Gebiete der Vergänglichkeit.
Über sie aber erhebt deine Seele sich gewaltiglich,
Wenn sie erahnend oder wissend schaut das Unvergängliche
Jenseits der Raumesweiten und jenseits der Zeitenläufe!

(Thanks to Steve Hale for promoting dialogue on Freedom!)

Candle Illuminates Flowers Painting by Derek Gollaher
Dale Lambert

Friends, when we gather to redeem the ether spaces & co-create our Whitsun Fest together 31 May 2020, please consider lighting a candle, or placing a plant, or fresh cut flowers next to your computer, to help strengthen the life-forces during our Zoom gathering.

Rudolf Steiner

~Vitae Sophia~ A Whitsun Festival of United Soul Endeavor with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

During our time together we will work with the Whitsun imagination to creatively explore how we may engage in the lifting out of the ‘me’ into the ‘we’, out of opinion into wisdom; warming the I, to open the heart, in support of healthy community – to find the ‘we’ in ‘me’. We will endeavor to strengthen our individual soul forces to give birth to Anthroposophia & collectively open the portal into the Spirit worlds.

 Online Whitsunday, 31 May 2020 from 9 am – 10:15 am CDT (7 am – 8:15 am Pacific, 8 am – 9:15 am Mountain, 10 am–11:15 am EDT, ) Zoom Call

*Join Zoom Meeting on computer 

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Hazel Archer-Ginsberg – Founder of Reverse Ritual Understanding Anthroposophy through the Rhythms of the Year. Essayist, Lecturer, Poet, Trans-denominational Minister, ‘Anthroposopher’, working as the Festivals Coordinator of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, The Traveling Speakers Program, & the Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society.

Sponsored by the Anthroposophical Society in New Hampshire

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Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


National Paper Airplane Day

604 – Deathday of St. Augustine of Canterbury

1293 – An earthquake strikes Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan, killing about 30,000

1521 – Luther outlawed. Called for the burning of his books and called for his arrest. Frederick the Wise of Saxony protected Luther by hiding him in Wartburg Castle. Luther worked tirelessly on a complete translation of the Bible into German. Luther answering charges of heresy before the Diet of Worms in 1521.

1805 – Napoléon Bonaparte assumes the title of King of Italy and is crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in Milan Cathedral, the gothic cathedral in Milan.

1828 – Kasper Hauser appears in Nuremberg on Whit Monday “The Child Of Europe”

1830 – The Indian Removal Act is passed by the U.S. Congress; it is signed into law by President Andrew Jackson two days later.

1896 – Nicholas II becomes the last Tsar of Imperial Russia.

1976 – Deathday of German Philosopher Martin Heidegger


Nom Kinnear King

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~Under the Clouds
The Robins nod & bow & walk & fly…
All birds
Of the ethers spin
In countless exhaled breaths…
We are growing, remembering, forgetting, Becoming…
We are the many…
One face changing expression..


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