Road Trip to the Villes

16 June 2019 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The Full Honey Moon officially arrives at 3:31 am CDT tomorrow morning, but it looks completely illuminated all night. Sweet Bella Luna appears low in the southeast as the Sun sets & climbs highest in the south around 1 am. The Full Moon resides among the background stars of southeastern Ophiuchus, sliding into western Sagittarius by daybreak.

Moon, Jupiter, Antares June 14-16, 2019

Don’t be surprised if your friends ask you what that bright object sitting next to the Moon is -You can impress them by answering Jupiter right away. The Benevolent King, showing himself on this Father’s Day reached opposition last week, holding space with Venus, which doesn’t rise until morning twilight is well underway.

Adding to the panorama are, to their right, fainter Antares & the other stars of upper Scorpius


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


Happy Father’s Day to all you benevolent Kings out there!

100 years ago, In June 1917 Rudolf Steiner spoke for the 1st time about Three-Folding…Are we ready to carry this seed to the next stage…?

Understanding of the world as it actually is, ability to bring spiritual knowledge right down into the practical life of humanity, into the stubborn spheres of technical industry & economics, as well as into the thinking, the moral life & the actions of the human being – this is one side of Rudolf Steiner’s challenge. The other is the development of the inner life of soul which generates love for human beings and the wisdom to promote their spiritual & social wellbeing…The inspirer of the 20th century has lived among us, & lives among us still. Is it not for us to work as laborers unto harvest?” ~D.N. Dunlop, “Rudolf Steiner and the fulfillment of the Quest.

Image result for johannes tauler

1361 – Deathday of Johannes Tauler, a disciple of Meister Eckhart, one of the most important Rhineland Mystics. He promoted a neo-platonist dimension in the Dominican spirituality of his time

Image result for Abraham Lincoln delivers his House Divided

1858 – Abraham Lincoln delivers his House Divided speech in Springfield, Illinois

Image result for Herman Grimm

1901 – Deathday of Herman Grimm, son of one of the “Brothers Grimm” compilers of indigenous folk tales.  His reputation is that of the arch-Romantic, Gründerzeit art historian, he was viewed as the intellectual successor of Goethe. His approach to art history was through the “Great Masters,” & a biographical account of art history. Rudolf Steiner spoke about his past lives as Pliny the Younger & Beatrice of Tuscany.

Image result for 1903 – The Ford Motor Company is incorporated

1903 – The Ford Motor Company is incorporated

Image result for James Joyce begins a relationship with Nora Barnacle

1904 – Irish author James Joyce begins a relationship with Nora Barnacle & subsequently uses the date to set the actions for his novel Ulysses; this date is now traditionally called “Bloomsday

Image result for 1911 – IBM founded

1911 – IBM founded in Endicott, New York

Image result for 1920 – Dr. Rudolf Steiner, & Dr. Ita Wegman, founded “Futurum AG“, in Arlesheim, Switzerland, & “Der Kommende Tag AG

1920 – Dr. Rudolf Steiner, & Dr. Ita Wegman, founded “Futurum AG“, in Arlesheim, Switzerland, & “Der Kommende Tag AG (an incorporated company to encourage economic & spiritual values) in Stuttgart Germany. Both companies merged for economic reasons, & today is known as Weleda.

Image result for D.N. Dunlop

1932 – D.N. Dunlop plans “International Association for the Advancement of Spiritual Science

1936 – Deathday of Emil Molt, used concepts of the 3-fold social order in his business. He was the founder of the first Waldorf School, where Rudolf Steiner was the pedagogical director. Steiner spoke of him as the individuality called Charlemagne.

Emil Molt, orphaned at 13, was born in southern Germany. After finishing high school he was apprenticed to Emil Georgii in the town of Calw, in the Black Forest. There he learned about money, his powerful work ethic, & wonderful customer service. He was diligent & a quick study, valued by his employer, who took the unusual step of asking him to work a year beyond his obligation.

During this time Molt met his wife-to-be, & felt an immediate inner connection. But he was not yet in a position to marry. At 19 he went to serve his obligatory year of military service in Ulm. When he was finished, he signed a four-year contract with a German-run export business in Greece, & moved to Patras. After one year, in which he learned much about international trade, Greece got into a war with Turkey over Crete, & lost. Germany had sided with Turkey, & so Germans were unpopular.

Molt was offered a position in Stuttgart with the son of Emil Georgii (who was also called Emil) which he accepted. He was finally in a position to marry his beloved Berta, with whom he had been corresponding continually. They got married & they settled down in Stuttgart to manage a cigarette manufacturing company owned by the younger Emil Georgii. Molt traces the ups & downs of the business, & tells the story of how he eventually came to be director & part owner of the Waldorf Astoria cigarette company. Under Molt’s direction the brand was highly successful. Molt was a sensitive & progressive manager, he experimented with such novelties as open-book management.

World War One was devastating to Germany, & difficult for the Waldorf Astoria cigarette company. But Waldorf fared better than most of its competitors due to Molt’s foresight in buying several years worth of raw materials at the start of the war, before Germany’s foreign currency became worthless (most of the tobacco came from Greece & Turkey). At the end of the war Molt had too many workers, because Molt had hired replacements for those that went off to fight. When the soldiers returned from the front, Molt did not want to simply fire the replacements. Instead he kept everyone on the payroll, & worked them half days. In the afternoons he held adult-education classes for his workers, & paid for them to attend. He offered courses in history, geography, paper-making, tobacco cultivation, as well as literature. These were popular, but the workers, unaccustomed to learning, found the courses tiring. This made him realize that to make a difference, education had to come to children, & so he started thinking of a school for the children of his workers.

Molt first heard Rudolf Steiner speak in 1904, & became a member of the Theosophical Society in 1906. Stuttgart was a hub of anthroposophical activity, & Steiner came through many times. The area had the first dedicated branch house (in 1911) & regular meetings. After the First World War Steiner spoke several times in lectures about things that could be done, & Molt felt called upon to act.

Molt & several other Stuttgart-based anthroposophists tried to establish the Threefold Social Order in Baden-Württemberg, but despite their tremendous efforts, this did not come about. But Molt did take his idea of a school for his worker’s children, which he had shared with the workers to great enthusiasm, to Rudolf Steiner, who took it up. Molt earmarked a substantial sum from the company profits to pay for the school. The school was opened within six months. For the first year it was a “company” school, with the teachers being paid as employees of the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company. A year later, in 1920, the school was made independent, at the insistence of the teachers. A charitable foundation was established to own & manage the school, & the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company continued to pay the tuition of the factory worker’s children. Many new pupils joined. Enrollment went from around 300 to 1,100 students in about 5 years. The school was considered a model, & other schools were founded shortly thereafter in other cities. In 1928 a Rudolf Steiner School as far away as New York was established.

While the school flourished, business went downhill in the 1920’s. Molt bought out his partners in the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company. Inspired by the idea of a business association to fund anthroposophical work he & several other Stuttgart-based anthroposophists donated their businesses, becoming shareholders in “Die Kommende Tag”. The association was poorly managed, & collapsed a year later. The Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company, its prized asset, was sold by the association to some banks, who kept Molt on as manager. Molt lost his entire investment, as did many others. In 1928 the banks sold their interest to the largest cigarette manufacturer in Germany, which was in the process of buying out & liquidating the competition. Molt read about the sale in the newspaper, & was shortly out of a job, the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company relegated to history.

At his death in 1936 the Waldorf School was being slowly strangled by the Nazi’s, & was shut down a few months later. But the model survived. After the war, it reopened, & today there are over 900 recognized Waldorf Schools worldwide.

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1961 – Rudolf Nureyev defects from the Soviet Union

Image result for Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova

1963 –Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space

Image result for Monterey Pop Festival

1967 – The Monterey Pop Festival begins

Image result for 1976 – Soweto uprising:

1976 – Soweto uprising: A non-violent march by 15,000 students in Soweto, South Africa turns into days of rioting when police open fire on the crowd

Image result for 2008 – California began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples

2008 – California began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples


Alessandro Sicioldr

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~The eye opens differentiating
Colors in the light
Recalling me in this now
Knowing my name
It watches my heart
Wags my tongue
& Hangs the sky with Moon & Star
It is
Yesterday & tomorrow
A million years traveling
To reach the flowers in my hand


This Years’ Road trip to the ‘Villes’

Related image
 István Orosz

I am still digesting our potent journey thru the Easter Paradox of 2019. The road trip from Chicago thru Louisville, to Nashville & Knoxville was a true culminating Whitsun event. My dear friend Elisabeth Swisher, the lead driver in our higher octave ‘Thelma & Louise’ adventure, was a godsend.

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The power of the thriving Fox Hollow bio dynamic farm shone like a beacon in the atmosphere around Louisville as we made our way to visit a music festival at the botanic gardens outside the city. The rains always seemed to let up as soon as we arrived somewhere, making the air fragrant with life forces.

Parthenon, Nashville.JPG

No trip to Nashville would be complete without a visit to the home of the world’s only full-size replica of the ancient Parthenon – nicknamed the “Athens of the South”; the centerpiece of the 1897 Centennial Exposition, where a number of buildings were based on ancient originals. The Parthenon was the only one preserved by the Knights of Pythias.

Forty-six Doric columns encircle the building. The largest bronze doors in the world, weighing 7.5 tons each, stand at the East & West entrances.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is h6xU4MazOIVFuJkK8wdlMeH1gluRT9W-MUio6-XTbSglaTIiubYSY7LuNXwEG0z0VXngjywV4aTzk4B5pZjjlPvo6ewR8Xh_RYe_AUKRLPKX3DK3FeTOT8PL1awh3g9hQ_knx_t3ap2YyH4lRVNpn2KwM7XGJ3lmrRfC1HK1kpm3m8t_47M-qINv6rnIsHmjHRHxdiJ3E7T368tWsqPmyC0Zxgt-2zgllB9hgtRAv4gWCnWf_86pXY4_sl3zMtEaQyRDjSvjkalcLXAvbhXfPX_8CeF_3Bm5dRJd0FhP-pMx7ZM7Wc0LErlSz_WadlXFsPPlz4BLlrZhox4lgD8xkzVjtPvhLm4q8D-qBEsT7OY93ny2fNYaPkmLfHr10eC8t1h46Jw5cJJqPhQlRom6RA4zPUWPF7f3SaIl6DyssnKOWH2Mxsj_9AR6nwBqnqlQbW6HJim3uYztNssp3QxfvdM8f8KnihgxnmOo2OaonIq8Gwp4BmG6UOpyUNlAuAMwQ9mUcPfNRLOAmTMh6vtMm3XyUa05PajIZ-eHjIeIBgSQnE7UMcR5XMyGOPNl8j1BMkyVK21flJFkz6ZSMKgXMmhNFWnzPWWn9gd3mFjKB0XmNg2WkKp10IwXXjCO5xfXkbhNZNuRy7TfVPdGOxOABOaH-rffmu0=w682-h907-no

But what draws me back is the featured colossus of Athena Parthenos, the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world.

Many other sculptures & friezes are also direct casts of the original sculptures which adorned the pediments of the Athenian Parthenon, dating back to 438 BC.

Brigitta Gallaher

After taking in these ancient influences, we made our way to Barbara Bittles gracious home away from home, where the community gathered for a wonderful potluck meal before the 1st presentation on the Rose Cross in the evening.  Barbara’s home is a true sanctuary, we worked in ‘The Chapel’ where she hosts the Christian Community Act of Consecration quarterly. The room is imbued with reverence & Barbara’s good will; it was an honor to share my offerings there again this year. Cathy Green & Elisabeth Swisher led us in song, we did folk eurythmy, & we worked with Rudolf Steiner’s indications for ‘Preparation, Illumination, Initiation’ to warm the ground of our souls for this important meditation. Fruitful conversation ensued, & we all took potent spiritual thoughts into our sleep.

The next day Mary Bryan, felt inspired in the night to make up beautifully rendered copies of the mantras for everyone to work with. Thank you dear Mary!

The Workshop the next day was sublime:

*Singing with Cathy Green: ‘Down by the River
*Folk Eurythmy: ‘I Think Speech’
*The ‘Easter Paradox’ of 1924 – 1943 -2019
*Social Sculpture: Are you a ‘Springtime’ or an ‘Autumn person’?
*The 3-Fold Movable Feast: The Resurrection – Antidote to the ‘fall’
The promise of Ascension leading to the 2nd Coming
Whitsun: Festival of United Soul Endeavor
*Singing with Elisabeth Swisher – Da Pacem Cordium (Peace to every heart)
*Labyrinth of Vitae Sophia
*Eurythmy: Foundation Stone

We discussed impressions from both the ‘Esoteric’ & the ‘Ecclesiastical’ Holy Weeks:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

What a powerful experiment, researching, observing, listening, asking questions, being open to the messages within & around us during this extended opportunity to live into the 3-fold Festival of Easter during this paradox year.

some of the group from Nashville

At the end of our workshop, it was such a blessing that again the elemental spirits gave us space to walk the labyrinth & end with the Foundation Stone Meditation, in Barbara’s lovely garden.

A few times during our work, especially when we were singing, I had a clear image of Don Brakebill, Charlotte’s beloved husband from Maryville, where we were headed next, standing & singing with us. An imagination of him dressed in white, peaking around a corner, waving with a bright smile on his face. I said to the group: ‘Don is at the Threshold’. And I had a feeling Whitsun would be his birth day into the spiritual world.

After another wonderful social meal we hit the road making our way to Bill & Bonnie Rogers’ beautiful domicile in Knoxville. We stopped in town 1st for a Southern meal in Market Square where we met some interesting young folks at a resale shop. We got to talking about art & life, & danced among the racks of fun second hand clothes (E & I both found a treasure to take home!)

We sat up till late drinking tea sharing deep insights with dear Bill & Bonnie, such thoughtful, deep thinkers, kind & attentive, their hospitality attuned to beauty & every comfort.  

Related image

Whitsun morning we received word that Don had indeed made his transition early Whitsun morning. Up until recently Charlotte still brought Don to all the study group sessions where every once in a while he would add the perfect comment even though he had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for about 12 years. I remember last year when I came to give a presentation he told a few stories of his life on the farm where he grew up, & joined enthusiastically in the singing, which was his great love. Read more about his life here

a portion of the Knoxville group that stayed late.
Bonnie is holding a picture of Charlotte & Don.

The friends from the Knoxville area gathered for a generous potluck lunch before the workshop, & with one heart dedicated Whitsunday to Don, who we all felt was with us in spirit.

Workshop activities:
*Leading Thoughts & original art-collage projections
*‘The Golden Legend’ + Plant / Human: our future evolution
*Building the Image of the Rose Cross
*Folk Eurythmy: ‘IAO’
*Social Sculpture: Are you an ‘Autumn Person’ (RED) or a ‘Spring-time Person’ (BLUE) ?
Folk Eurythmy: Hallelujah for Don

Image result for alchemical rose cross

Many insights were shared by the participants; thoughts about the connections of the Rosicrucian stream with Freemasonry, insights gleaned from our biographies highlighted by the artistic work, discussions pointing up connections from other studies, all interweaving & enlivening the day’s theme.

After the workshop we took a walk in nature among yellow butterflies & views of the river, as we processed all that we had experienced. We ended the day by watching a compelling documentary featuring quotes by Rudolf Steiner, about 5G, which we must all educate ourselves about. (Although I don’t recommend watching it right before bed)

After a lovely breakfast, with our dear friends Bill & Bonnie, on colorful china from Bulgaria, Elisabeth & I hit the road. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our biographies, & listening to a Neil Gaiman book on CD. We stopped for the best BBQ in Tennessee & took a nature walk in a lovely State Park before finding ourselves back on the shores of the Great Inland Sea of Chicago, full, & grateful for such an enriching journey.

Image result for easter paradox

The Easter Paradox of 2019 was a true milestone, whose research will continue to live within me, a conduit from the original ‘Turning Point in Time’ – thru Steiner’s Paradox experience in 1924 – & Lili Kolisko’s powerful experiments in 1943…

Having heard the call to action, may our work at this year’s 3-fold Paradox add to the etheric energies that this cosmic & earthly opportunity has given us, to help enliven our future evolution.  

Image result for pentecost dove painting
Ian Turbitt

4 thoughts on “Road Trip to the Villes

  1. Dear Hazel,

    Rudolf Steiner’s karma research conducted in 1924 is still largely an untapped resource of indications about past lives, and why Steiner felt the need to do it is important to know. Now, my research concerning Pliny the Younger places him as Henry David Thoreau, who was a close associate of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and wherein we also need to find the reincarnation of Pliny the Elder. Steiner leaves this entirely out of account with his assessment involving Herman Grimm in KR, volume 2, lecture III.

    So, indeed, we have the reincarnated Tacitus as Ralph Waldo Emerson, and what makes this life so important for the emergence of a kind of american transcendentalism in the 19th century, also involves Thoreau , as well as Emerson’s British side-kick, Thomas Carlyle. Now, any reasonable assessment of Carlyle proves that he is the reincarnation of Pliny the Elder.

    Yet, there is a third element to this equation involving incarnations surrounding Emerson as the reincarnated Tacitus. This third is in the person of Delia Bacon (1811-1859), who arrived at the idea that Francis Bacon had actually written the plays of William Shakespeare. So, Emerson encouraged her to go to England and do her own original research, and he put her in contact with Carlyle. She arrived on Queen Victoria’s birthday in 1853.

    She also is a significant reincarnation, and one very close to the Crown of England. This is why she came to not want to ever leave England and return home. Yet, she wrote the book, “The Philosophy of Shakespeare’s Plays Unfolded”, in 1858, as she slipped into the madness that would take her life the following year. Who was she?

  2. Hazel. I don’t believe that Steiner ever spoke of Molt in any kind of karmic connection. The closest he got to was in identifying Woodrow Wilson as the reincarnation of Muyaviya I, the fifth caliph in 666 AD, which is described in the tenth lecture of KR, Volume I. You had written:

    “1936 – Deathday of Emil Molt, used concepts of the 3-fold social order in his business. He was the founder of the first Waldorf School, where Rudolf Steiner was the pedagogical director. Steiner spoke of him as the individuality called Charlemagne.”

    I don’t believe that Steiner would have ever revealed the prior incarnation of a person still living. So, I must beg for where this revelation comes from?

    It is, indeed, possible to investigate past lives of relevance, and continue their progression into the future. For example, I have written about Ignatius Loyola, who Steiner said reincarnated as Emmanuel Swedenborg. Someone asked who might Loyola have been in his prior life, and this enabled an investigation which also enabled the revealing of Swedenborg’s next life.

    Loyola was formerly Mahomet of the Islamic faith, and Swedenborg reincarnated as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin of the Jesuits in the 20th century. By now, it was possible to declare Christ as universal, and yet the Jesuits suppressed his work until after his death in 1957. You see, if Pierre Teilhard de Chardin had been allowed to write his findings concerning the Cosmic Christ, and please remember that he suffered through the four years of WWI as a soldier and stretcher-bearer in the war, that the world would have gained a perspective that only began to come forth after his death. The Jesuit order suppressed him throughout his life.

    So, none of his works, which were so needed for the twentieth century in order to make sense of what was taking place, were published until after his death. Thus, no perspective was allowed about Christ and the travails of spiritual evolution was allowed while the wars of the 20th century were actually taking place, and the Jesuits knew that this perspective had to be suppressed.

    Thus, it is only natural to see Swedenborg reincarnating as a Jesuit who has gained higher consciousness, as well as Ignatius Loyola being the reincarnation of someone who saw Jesus as a real figure of historical significance, in spite of the Jews, who had previously rejected both Christ and Jesus.


    1. The reference is from a private conversation that Steiner had with DN Dunlop as revealed by the research of Thomas Myer. He says it was just a hint given by Steiner that Dunlop then took further.

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