4 thoughts on “Rosa Mundi

  1. Oh dear Hazel, you did it yet again! Another precious gift of a story from your heart! Three in a row – a triad of inspiration to honor the triple goddess. I lit my beeswax candle, closed my eyes, walked into the fire, let Brigid lead me out of the fire and into the forest’s opening where I became a petal towards the outer edge of Rosa Mundi, leaning back with my face to the sun, my being filled with Queen’s hum. I am strengthened and ready to do my work.

    So wonderful to have such a treat three days in a row. You obviously have many talents, skills, and gifts. Storytelling is definitely one of them. Each word and phrase flows smoothly from your mouth – as smooth as cream flows from a pitcher and puddles in the listener’s mind. I am reminded of Ultra Violet’s story during the Holy Nights; it was the highlight for me. Your talent has found its way into her heart, as well. I am grateful to – and for – you.

    1. O dear Linda, what a balm to my heart. Your honeyed words a gift from the Goddess within you, streaming forth to bless us all.
      It seems you have a knack for writing yourself dear one. Anytime you want to share something here, please let me know!

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