Speaking with the Stars – Mercury Retrograde January 2015

Speaking with the Stars

Tuesday 20 January 2015 –

Sun enters the constellation Aquarius 3:43am CDT

New Moon in Aquarius 7:14am CDT


Wednesday 21 January – 11 February 2015 – Mercury retrograde.

A retrograde planet retraces its steps, revisiting territory it covered before, drawing our energy to the past.

In the case of Mercury retrograde, our thinking, communications, day to day activities, are affected.

It’s a great time for reconnecting with our goals – thinking of new ways of putting resources to work.

Use this time to find lost items, get back in touch with old friends or contacts, follow up & reconnect old threads.

You can use Mercury retro. to pick up a project you left unfinished in the past, or review notes from old classes, meetings, or brainstorming sessions. Fill in the frameworks you created in the past, when things were moving along at a faster rate.

This isn’t the time to write the new chapter. It’s time for a round of edits on the ones you have.

Retrogrades draw our energy inward. So it’s a good time to pay attention to more subjective information. Let your meditations inform you.

Look at the deeper issues. Ask the “why” questions. Pay attention to what’s going on in your mind – what’s at the root of thinking?

Walking backwards is more difficult than walking forwards. We have to pay closer attention to what we are doing & where we are going.

But it gives us a new perspective. It uses different neural pathways. So take your time.

Don’t rush to decisions or bang the puzzle piece to make it fit.

If we respect & work with this energy, we can get a lot of insights out of this retro. time.


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