Spring Farm Day at Zinniker’s

About 30 folks met over the weekend for a fabulous Farm Day at the Zinniker’s. After much chill & rain it was a glorious afternoon. We noticed a big change when we arrived because Ruby the old mean farm dog didn’t come barking.  Petra said she had just recently gone into the group soul; & even though she only loved Mark & scorned the rest of us, she was sorely missed. The Zinnikers have a new 4 month old blue healer named Pepper, who has the opposite temperament, all sweetness – totally laid back for a puppy.

Many friends that I haven’t seen since the last farm day came & it was great to catch up. Amy Grau, is a wise heart-force in action. Connecting over the state of the world was affirming & brought a true Christic outlook to life for me. Angie Curtes came out from her farm in West Bend where she manages her family’s 80- acre Organic Certified farm, featuring a heat-controlled biodynamic compost system which lies at the heart of the farm, resulting in her business Grounded LLC where she grows medicinal crops for animal & human well-being, including Alfalfa-Grass Hay, Echinacea purpurea (Purple Cone Flower), & cannabidiol (CBD)-rich Industrial Cannabis Sativa Hemp.  GROUNDED also sells compost & offers large & small scale compost workshops.  We are going to have her come out with a truck load of compost that we can sell thru the Branch & the Christian Community as a fund raiser. There is something about Angie that lights up my heart. Every time I see her, which isn’t often enough, I feel a deep love & connection, which is rare for me.

Walter Goldstein of the Mandaamin Institute lives around the corner with his wife Benta. “Mandaamin” means Corn Spirit, in the native Algonquian language. Walter has been breeding corn in Wisconsin since 2011. This name is perfect since he uses ancient varieties of grain to enhance the quality & sustainability of modern corn crops.

To start, as folks trickled in, they found us picking the oak bark prep 505 out of the cow skulls. Oak bark is placed in the skull & left in water over winter. It helps pull the earthly forces back into the soil, when the water activity is working too strongly, like after too much rain, or at Full Moon.  It also helps protect against fungal diseases.  It helps the vegetation maintain its true archetypal form.  It adds calcium & phosphorus into the soil in a living form. The transformed plant material was lighter in color than usual; Mark thinks it’s because it has been a dry year.

Then we made our way thru the fields to that magic spot on the land where the cow horns are buried. Many shovels gingerly dug in, to unearth the 60 or so horns. This year they had a reddish color. The 500 Horn manure prep works on root development, giving vitality to the formative forces of the plants, promoting growth. The micro-life in the soil is activated, boosting the Ego component of the plants.

Next we made a parade thru the fields to another magic spot where we buried the 503 last September – the cow intestines filled with chamomile. This prep helps retain the nitrogen & calcium in the soil. It strengthens the plant’s regenerative life. It also stimulates manganese & boron, & acts on bringing in the good bacteria for nitrogen fixation in the soil.

The march continued to the 3rd spot where the 506 prep is buried – the mesentery (a huge the piece that joins part of the small intestine to the back wall of the abdomen of the cow) stuffed with dandelion flowers. (Petra said the only way they could get the butcher to save the mesentery for them was to call it by its culinary name ‘lace fat’. It is used especially in French cooking to wrap around a roast to let the fat in it baste the meat.) This prep stimulates the potassium & silica bacteria in the soil to enable it to work more effectively with the growth forces.  Silica makes the plants more sensitive.  It can help increase flowering & the filling out of the fruit. It brings nourishing qualities & also stimulates the magnesium, boron & selenium in the soil.

We took all these treasures back, & then emptied the cow horns. The kids loved tapping the horns & pulling out the rich substance. After this joyful labor we laid out the potluck feast – a little bit of everything, including, of course, Zinniker pot roast, homemade bread & fresh rhubarb crisp.

Tim Zinniker always makes the perfect bonfire. And this time instead of drums we brought the Maypole that Elizabeth & David Dorn gave us, & Elizabeth Kelly led us in a wonderful weaving Maypole dance, while Ultra-Violet & Lucien sang.

As twilight was coloring up the sky many families bid farewell. But I won’t leave until I go sing for the cows. So some of us took a hike to the back pastures where the herd was gathered for the night. This is my favorite part of being on the farm, communing with these majestic animals. As soon as they see us they come over to say hello. They especially loved when Lucien played his beautiful wood flute; they all stopped & starred. It was astonishing to observe their rapt attention & calm reverent stillness.

Pepper the new blue healer was running after the cows, barking & trying to nip a few that were curious & wanted to make friends. He played with one of the young bulls nose to nose for a long time. Mark shaking his head saying the pup has a lot to learn about herding & being a farm dog.

The twilight lingered & the painted sky was a thrilling display revealing the essence of the Ascension. What a blessing to be on that sacred land to experience this seasonal energy. We all lingered, hugging goodbye many times before we actually hit the road, making our way back to the city…

We’ll be back next week for the egg run. God Bless the Zinnikers & all the creatures big & small that they support.



Here’s the link to last nights ALL REGIONS WHITSUN offering

30 May 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The Tau Herculid meteor shower is expected to peak tonight & tomorrow morning. This brings to mind the labors of Hercules who is upside down in the heavens right now. Today is also New Moon stationed at the knee of Hercules.

The 12 Labors of Hercules

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) The Gospel of St. John, Lecture 10, THE EFFECT OF THE CHRIST IMPULSE WITHIN HUMANKIND. Lecture 11, The Christian Initiation 30 May 1908

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s orginal Calendar of the Soul, The Present Age magazine, Wikipedia Commons)

Jeanne dArc by François Nicolas Chifflart

1431 – Deathday of Joan of Arc, French martyr & saint, burnt at the stake by the British under Duke of Bedford.

1593 – Deathday of Christopher Marlowe, English poet & playwright

Peter the Great (1672 - 1725) Biography - Life of a Tsar of Russia

1672 – Birthday of Peter the Great Czar of Russia.  He led a cultural revolution that replaced some of the traditionalist & medieval political systems with ones that were modern, scientific, based on The Enlightenment.

1778 – Deathday of Voltaire, French philosopher & author. Rudolf Steiner speaks of him as being a former pupil of the mysteries in Karmic Relationships Vol. 2.

1806 – Future U.S. President Andrew Jackson kills Charles Dickinson in a duel

1935 – Deathday of Daniel Nicol Dunlop , a Scottish entrepreneur, founder of the World Power Conference & other associations, a theosophist-turned-anthroposophist. Thought to have been a Templar in a former life. Dunlop saw Rudolf Steiner for the first time when he was still General Secretary of the German Section of the Theosophical Society, both of them expressed their intimate spiritual connection &respect for one another.  Dunlop started the anthroposophical “Human Freedom Group & anthroposophical Summer Schools. In 1928 he organized the first & only World Conference on Anthroposophy & in 1929 he was elected General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. He had a deep friendship with Eleanor Merry, who supported his work, especially after the death of his own wife, Eleanor in 1932. As a result of conflicts & power struggles within the General Anthroposophical Society, leading to its splintering in April 1935, Dunlop was expelled together with a number of other leading members. He died shortly afterwards of an appendicitis. Dunlop enlisted the help of fellow anthroposophist Walter Johannes Stein in the hope of founding a World Economic Organization, but his death prevented this.

Ludwig Graf Polzer-Hoditz - Sophia Institute

1936 – Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz resigns from the General Anthroposophical Society on the 1 year anniversary of his friend D.N. Dunlop’s death, in protest after many of his contemporizes were expelled from the Society.

Memorial Day, 1937

1937 – Memorial Day massacre: Chicago police shoot & kill 10 labor demonstrators

1989 –The 33-foot high “Goddess of Democracy” statue is unveiled in Tiananmen Square by student demonstrators

The Holy Grail Study Group with the CRC
Mysteries of the Holy Grail – from Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation
June 1, 2022 – 7:15 pm Central (8:15 pm Eastern)
“Anyone who approaches these mysteries today must feel that they are confronting and challenging themselves by striving for the virtues of Parzival, while knowing that — because of modern conditions — they are in fact someone else also, the wounded Amfortas. Today we bear this divided nature within us: aspiring Parzival, wounded Amfortas. That is what self-knowledge must lead us to feel. From this recognition will flow the forces which make a unity again of this duality, and will thus advance us a little further in world evolution.”~ from Chapter 15,  Rudolf Steiner, The Mysteries of the Holy GrailChapter 15 “Acknowledging Amfortas,” excerpts from Steiner’s lecture given at Berlin on 7 February 1913 (GA 144, lecture IV), will be the focus of the June 1 meeting.

A transcript of the entire lecture can be found on the RS Archive by clicking this link. Please consider giving to the development and maintenance of the digital library of Rudolf Steiner’s work.  Scroll to the bottom of this message to read more about the RSArchive.org and SteinerLibrary.org
The Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America invites you to join our ongoing  study conversation.  The study has been divided among two volunteers who will summarize their section to rebuild it as a foundation for our conversation. Please familiarize yourself with the lecture if possible so you will feel comfortable sharing your reflections and thoughts with the group.

This collection of lectures has been republished by Rudolf Steiner Press under the title: “The Mysteries of the Holy Grail — from Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation.”  The book was compiled and edited by Matthew Barton, published by Rudolf Steiner Press in 2010.

This will be a “Zoom” conference call allowing us an opportunity to see one another while conversing (or audio only if you prefer).  To connect to the audio/video-conference:

Video Conference Details:Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 882 1050 5106
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If you have questions, please contact Mary Mertz mary.mcginnis@juno.com or Alberto Loya aloyavaca@utexas.edu.

There is a knighthood of the 21st century
whose riders do not ride through the darkness
of physical forests as of old,
but through the forest of darkened minds.
They are armed with a spiritual armor
and an inner sun makes them radiant.
Out of them shines healing,
healing that flows from the knowledge
of the human being as a spiritual being.
They must create inner order, inner justice,
peace and conviction in the darkness
of our time. ~Karl Konig

Agenda for this meeting (CST)
 7:15  Welcome and Introductions        
7:18  Verse
7:25  Study led by volunteers
Note: CRC team will ID volunteers
          Mariarosa – pages 117-123b
          Marianne – pages 123b-129
7:50  Conversation
8:25   ID volunteers for next meeting
8:28  Close with verse

10 thoughts on “Spring Farm Day at Zinniker’s

  1. Hazel, I have had this thought on my mind for some time now concerning the Zinniker Farm as the legacy of American biodynamics, and how it appears to not have a successorship into the future. Consider writing the Gates Foundation about it because this guy is willing to green-fund endeavors like this, and I know that he would be very interested. He financed my eldest daughter’s college education, and this is the kind of thing his foundation is interested in. Have you and Chuck considered this at all? Gates is a philanthropist for worthy causes, including the biosphere, and he would be very impressed to know that biodynamics exists in the world, and this farm is in jeopardy of losing itself to a commercial enterprise someday. He could easily bequeath 10 million. Now, that would resolve the “go fund me” issue, and keep the legacy alive. Please apply for it.

      1. Oh, come on. Give me a break 🙂

        I guess I am sorry I wasted my words. Good luck to you and Mark Zinniker. Integrity can hear a voice, and it was only a suggestion to apply. Gates is not the entire scumbag you perceive him as being, moving forward. No more suggestions here, Hazel, coming from me. I am only a city boy chiming in with a possibility for the future. If you choose to subscribe to propaganda, then the Gates Foundation will never find its way to solving Mark’s dilemma for the future. You can’t have your integrity and eat it too. Biodynamics is a very viable enterprise, and maybe you just need to swallow your pride. It is not about Gates, but about Biodynamics. This is what he is listening to as a man of action. He has the bucks, and Mark is looking for the bucks. Even your dear Chuck is sponsoring for the bucks. Let’s be realistic. I told you about my daughter, who was graced an entire college scholarship worth 100,000 dollars. My youngest daughter has a student loan of 140,000 dollars because she was not a Gates scholar, like my eldest. She has to pay, but Gates is looking for worthy causes. You would have to fill out the application because I am not going to do it for you, or Mark Zinniker.

        This was only a suggestion, and thanks for your pithy words of repute. It is duly acknowledged. Yet, the action still exists. I always like looking at Petra’s pretty face with its total positive potential. This is awesome stuff, and so it inspired me to write. I admit to being a city boy who doesn’t even have a farm to grace, like you do.

        1. Steve,

          This is Chuck, Hazel’s better half:-)

          Thanks for the idea…

          You never know what will happen, if you don’t ask.

          I would like more info on how to apply for the grant.

          If you wouldn’t mind, please email me the info at chuckginsberg2@gmail.com

          Thanks for your suggestion!


          1. Hi Chuck. Yes, I thought it was a good idea to at least try. Your lesser half seems to have major issues with Gates, and I’m not one to step on anyone’s toes. Hazel is a force to be reckoned with. I love looking at the pastoral events at the Zinniker farm, and this one really caught my mind. I had been thinking about a solution for some time now, and the Zinniker’s need a trusteeship. If the Biodynamic Association in America can’t help them toward a guarantee for their future, then either you plead for bucks from the common folk, or ask from the rich. We seem to know what Hazel and Mark think about Bill Gates.

            Need I say more in order to make it more interesting? Of course. Gates is not a hedgehog. Chuck, I do not like being put down by your wife. It is very demeaning, I have only positive ideas. This was one of them.



            1. Steve –

              If I stopped taking action because people aren’t supportive, I would never do anything!

              For me, that’s Anthroposophy in action… how do I engage my will especially in my own discomfort.

              so how did your daughter apply/ secure a grant from the Gates Foundation?

              If you would, please email me the info… chuckginsberg2@gmail.com

              I’d appreciate any insight


  2. Good to hear of time on the farm Hazel, especially enjoyed hearing you honor the cows. I milked cows morning and night for 15 years; times I hold precious. Life on the farm for me holds many examples of how it is possible to consciously know the supersensible.

    1. O wow, I didn’t know you had a farm life. I’m just a city girl, but i truly see that what you say is true about the farm being a living example of the spirit behind nature

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