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Easter Week – Mandy Thursday – The Sacred Round Table

Greetings Friends –

On Maundy Thursday a holy stillness descends, shortly before the deep red sun sets in the west, faced by the silver disc of the rising full moon, the trumpets sound from the Temple and give the signal for the beginning of the day of Preparation, the eve of the Passover.

Jesus and His disciples also withdraw to the upper room in the house of the Order of the Essenes. There, on Mount Zion, a sanctuary has existed from times immemorial. Here the words of the 23rd Psalm are fulfilled,

“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.”

Before the Meal, Jesus the Christ follows the custom observed by the Essenes and washes the feet of each of the disciples, even Judas.

“A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another.” This last parable, enacted, not merely spoken, teaches Love as the ultimate purpose of Christ’s Gospel.

Then for the first time Transubstantiation is consummated; now the Spiritual lights up in earthly substance.

The lunar sacrifices of antiquity are at an end; the solar sacrifice of Christianity comes into being.

Christ’s soul surrenders itself and streams into the bread and wine. In the transition from the blood offerings of the past to the bloodless offering of bread and wine; the sacrifice of the soul is founded, and there begins the true tradition of inner sacrifice.

Then the sacred Round Table breaks up dramatically. It is a strict regulation of the Passover that on this night no one may leave the protection of the house.

If he does so, he meets the Destroying Angel. The streets remain empty of people. Yet Judas does go out; to the house opposite, where Caiaphas and his circle are waiting, eager for the business that Judas wants to transact.

Jesus then rises from the table and beckons to the astonished disciples. They follow him out into the night, where the light of the full moon had for some time been extinguished, passing through an eclipse.

The two acts of going-out-into-the-night symbolize inner events. The going out of Judas shows that his true self has abandoned him;  outside he meets the Angel of Death, in reality, ahrimanic spirits make him their pawn.

The going-out of Christ is a picture of the free surrender of the soul, which has been from the beginning,

the cosmic bearer of Sacrifice.>>      ~summary excerpt from Emil Bock’s “Holy week”


Tonight, 2 April, Our Holy Week Studywill meet

6pm-9pm at the Christian Community 2135 W. Wilson, Chicago

Maundy Thursday (Last Supper)

Christ washes the feet of the disciples & administers to them the New Sacrament

The benevolence of the Jupiter King

6pmoptional Silent Meal (simple Potluck to share)

7pm –Eurythmy: Hallelujah in the ‘Lamb of God Heptagram’

Group Study of Emil Bock’s “Holy Week”for Maundy Thursday

8:15pm Contemplation and ‘Close of Day’

with Richard Dancey and Ann Burfeind


For More Information Contact Festivals Coordinator

Hazel Archer Ginsberg