The Logos in lemniscate


St Mark

The Feast Day of St. Mark – the Winged Lion. The Mark Gospel reveals Christ as a Cosmic Being. It speaks in the “language of the macrocosm.”

Every word in St. Mark’s Gospel indicates great cosmic connections between processes in the universe and every step taken and every deed performed by Christ in the body of Jesus of Nazareth here on Earth. If you were to draw a map of the paths He trod and the deeds He performed and were then to study the corresponding processes in the heavens, the picture would be the same: processes in the heavens would seem to have been projected down to the Earth.

The Gospel of St. Mark gives expression to the wonderful harmony between the great Cosmos and what was to come to pass once on our Earth through the deeds of Christ Jesus and the Mystery of Golgotha. We cannot understand this Gospel unless we can decipher the writing of the stars and that requires insight into the secrets of the language of the heavens. ~Mystery Teachings in St. Mark’s Gospel by Rudolf Steiner.

Born 1599 – Oliver Cromwell

Died 1744 – Anders Celsius a Swedish astronomer, physicist & mathematician. He was professor of astronomy at Uppsala University. In 1742 he proposed the Celsius temperature scale which bears his name.

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lemniscate EASTER RS


POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I am blind until the moment I see

Thru another soul’s eyes

Listening with my hands

Lips pressed in prayer

My head rests in love

Limbs moving in sync with the will

Of spirit ensouled

The Logos in lemniscate

Strengthening the ether

In visible speech we stand

Together at the center of forever

~hag = Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

2 thoughts on “The Logos in lemniscate

  1. Cosmic being passing through earth…and living on to share many lessons. Why do I feel so lost in this.? Why have we forgotten how to read the stars?

    Of spirit ensouled

    Maybe.. That it remembers.?

    1. “Stars once spoke to Man
      It is World destiny that they are silent now.
      To be aware of the silence
      Can become pain for earthly Man.

      But in the deepening silence
      There grows and ripens
      What Man speaks to the Stars

      To be aware of the speaking
      Can be strength for Spirit-Man”

      Give to Marie Steiner by Rudolf Steiner on Christmas Day 1922

      We had to forget so we could learn it anew, in freedom.
      What will you speak to the Stars? Send out the call & you will be answered

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