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Dear Friends –Since my bout with pneumonia this fall I have seen how illness can truly be a catalyst for change.  Having paid some heavy dues, it’s as if I have a new lease on life. I delve into my anthroposophical research & work with renewed vigor – The connection with my angel & the spiritual world enhanced, allowing a fresh flow of inspiration & synchronicity.

Burt Tipper

My circle is ever widening. I was honored to be invited recently to stay at the home of Margaret Shipman, the founder of The ‘Traveling Speakers Program’ for the Anthroposophical Society. This amazing program provides groups or small branches around the US with presenters who bring a variety of Anthroposophical topics tailored to fit the specific needs of each community.

Jenny Badger Sultan

Margret also founded GEMS (Geographically Engaged Members) a powerful initiative that connects folks all around the US in a common study that she hand selects & provides each month by mail. The GEMS work with the study every Saturday morning at a synchronized time, weaving a web of anthroposophical thought into the astral realm, strengthening our collective formative forces, co-creating a vortex of Michaelic energy that furthers the Christ-Impulse in the universe. I am often reminded of what Steiner said about the power of ‘collective endeavor’ – that if there were 12 anthroposophist’s truly working in Europe, the 1st world war could have been averted! I believe this synchronized work of GEMS is of great importance in our time.

I was also blessed by a meeting with Dottie Zold at the Elderberries Three-Fold Café, & the young folks of the Have Seeds house in Los Angles.

Sending a vortex of thoughtful striving out into the world, the atmosphere at the Café & the ‘Have Seeds House’ is ripe with destiny. The karmic connections wrought with love, forged in the heart of infinite possibilities, is palpable.

My husband Chuck Ginsberg & our daughter arrived after visiting colleges in Portland, stirred by the lush beauty of that wet wonderland & an inspiring evening with anthroposopher Brian Gray. Dottie Zold, a powerhouse goddess, moving & shaking the planet, welcomed us with loving arms as we enjoyed a delicious healthy meal at the Café. Fortified in body & spirit, we made our way to the ‘Have Seeds House’, where our souls were met with grace, embraced by the young folks – many who had just returned from Standing Rock, Caleb Buchbinder, Frank, Poppy, Freya, Katie, Kalen, Nick Potter, Destiny, Ellington, Dominique, to name a few. Daniel Evaeus showed us around & we sat in the sun talking about the possibility of creating a 3-Fold Café in Chicago.

Dottie, Frank & Daniel asked me to give some leading thoughts on ‘Speaking with the Stars’ at their Thursday meeting. After hearing stories from those who stood on the front lines to stop the pipeline, (#DefunDapl) I was honored to be included. My daughter was taken under the wing of the kind & generous Poppy & some of the other YIP folks, inspiring her to stay at the house & explore their karmic knot on her own.

To experience the cooperation of this shared community, working together to create a home, making meals, cleaning & planting & supporting each other, on their collective, yet truly free individual journey, was heartening – motivating unconditional hope. I sense their efforts moving like a lightning rod out into our world. I feel blessed & excited knowing our future is forming in peaceful striving, with embodied love & thoughtful purpose. (Since I’ve been there they have opened another venue: The 3-Fold Cultural Hub & Urban 1st Aid Center!)

Upon my return to Chicago, folks gathered at the Rudolf Steiner Branch to celebrate the 156th  Anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s Birthday on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, with Astrologer Victoria Martin, who made up an amazing packet for each participant to see where their birthdays fit in Steiner’s horoscope! And I gave an overview of the phases in Rudolf Steiner’s life. What a great way to re-new our connection with our spiritual Mentor Herr Doctor Steiner.

 (a few lingering participants including Christopher Mann, founder of Michael Fields)

And now I am basking in the glow of a transformative gathering at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wisc. I was asked by Margret Shipman to give a discourse on “What is Anthroposophy” & present a weekend workshop on Rudolf Steiner’s book “The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual & of Humanity”, for the ‘Traveling Speaker Program’.

An insightful, deeply engaged group of 23 or so folks came together for this experiential exploration – the 1st anthroposophical offering at this amazing center, for many years, whose building reflects the aesthetic of the Goetheanum in Dornach. Allison Pratt-Szeliga, a crop & soil Researcher, who works with grafting organic seeds at the institute, organized the bulk of the event with the help of Andrea Clemens, workshop coordinator & Flower Farmer. The new executive director, Perry Brown, a life-long farmer new to Anthroposophy, attended the Friday discourse. Afterward we had a stimulating conversation about possible futures for the institute.

At the last session on Saturday we were graced by Christopher Mann the co-founder of the Michael Fields Institute, who was overjoyed with the program. For many years, Martina his dearly departed wife & co-worker, held 1st Class in the upper chamber, so Christopher was especially happy that the impulse for our anthroposophical offering came from the community, something he has been hoping to see at the institute for quite some time.

At the end of the session, we gathered in a circle after our artistic rendering of the Rose Cross Meditation, & Mr. Mann spoke about his parents William & Liselotte Mann, pioneer teachers of the first English speaking Waldorf school & translators of Steiner’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’, who lived & worked with Rudolf Steiner. To be in the presence of this man who grew up in a family with such a deep connection to Steiner, brought a great perspective & made the material even more timely.

Christopher & Martina Mann

Christopher Mann who suffers from Parkinson’s is still very active, not only with Michael Fields, but with creating Manshire Eco-Village, in East Troy, Wisconsin, as well as Yggdrasil Land Foundation. And is also involved making films with Frigyes Fogel: The documentary, The Alchemists, & The (R)evolution – Cultural Creatives. Mr. Mann invited me to come stay at his lovely home by the lake to watch these films. What a remarkable human being. Angie, a woman in the community who makes the bio-dynamic compost used on the farm, mentioned that Mr. Mann has made quite an amazing contribution to America, bringing many Anthroposophical initiatives here, including eurythmy troupes over the years.

BTW, Mr. Mann told us, the ‘Fields’ are dedicated to our Time Spirit Micha-el.

I am still digesting all the wonderful experiences gained from this powerful weekend, from the expansive beauty of the ‘Brown Barn’ – the heart-center of Michael Fields, & the land slowly stirring awake after the winter, the warmth & support of our team who helped coordinate the event, the insights shared with the many diverse participants, the compassion & concern for the earth & all life, including the Spiritual Beings who guide us, both progressive & imperfect, the fact that my beloved friend Lori Kulik & I almost hit a deer driving home (thanks guardian angel 😉 & of course the karmic connections made thru the biography work, the labyrinth walk & the Rose Cross…such a labor of love, so much purposeful thought – a true renewal.

When I figure out the technical issues, I have been asked to publish the lectures & the power point art that I made – so look for that in the lectures section of the ReverseRitual site…

Until soon – Blessings & Peace, from a very tired but thoroughly grateful ~hag= Hazel Archer Ginsberg

Mellinda Koser


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