Vita Nuova

“I remember never forgetting, in a moment before time itself. I remember the consciousness of an eternal present instant. So lived I an impulse; so the Will was born. And I saw a gate opening in the center of my heart being, and this threshold wasn’t enough to contain me, so I spilled myself, and creating the world, I lived within it, impregnating it with me, from the occult, to what the eyes can see.

So life was born that began growing up, so much that through beauty transcended itself. Then I discovered that I have never forgotten, that forever in Love I have being, that I live without being by myself forgotten, that I have crossed the threshold and have embraced the world tightly in my thousand arms, that I have known it and that in Lovers have we become, lovers intertwined in an everlasting embrace, feeding us each other from the one source that ignited us…mutual recognition like a Love’s wholeness by itself begotten”. ~Dante Alighieri, Vita Nuova

12 May 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Vega and Epsilon LyraeOn spring evenings, Vega is climbing higher in the northeastern sky. Look for bright Vega, then glance to the star’s lower left to view Epsilon Lyrae, the famous Double Double star. ~Alison Klesman 

~in the sky bright as Nuit’s belly above Her lover
the Sun glints like yellow jasper…
the body of heaven lies smooth & firm as an egg…
it is a joy to lick the wind
while the eye of the great One sees how stars fade…

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY – Past/Present/Future:

1310 – 54 Templars, all denying the charges, are burnt to death in a field near the convent of Saint-Antoine outside Paris.

1820 – Birthday of Florence Nightingale, Italian-English nurse, social reformer, and statistician. Her social reforms included improving healthcare for all sections of British society, advocating better hunger relief in India, helping to abolish prostitution laws that were harsh for women, and expanding the acceptable forms of female participation in the workforce. Nightingale was a prodigious and versatile writer. In her lifetime, much of her published work was concerned with spreading medical knowledge. Some of her tracts were written in simple English so that they could easily be understood by those with poor literary skills. She was also a pioneer in data visualization with the use of infographics, effectively using graphical presentations of statistical data. Much of her writing, including her extensive work on religion and mysticism, has only been published after her death.

Joseph Beuys i like america

1921 – Birthday of Joseph Beuys, German sculptor, performance artist & illustrator

1933 – The Agricultural Adjustment Act is enacted to restrict agricultural production by paying farmers subsidies.

Jimmy Carter Photo Gallery

2002 – Former US President Jimmy Carter arrives in Cuba for a five-day visit with Fidel Castro becoming the first President of the United States, in or out of office, to visit the island since Castro’s 1959 revolution.

2008 – An 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan, China, kills over 69,000 people

‘Let Freedom Ring – Reclaiming the Wisdom of Columbia – Folk Soul of America’.

For the Greater Washington Branch of the Anthroposophical Society

A zoom presentation with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Featuring Chekov Master Teacher Lisa Dalton, & Eurythmist Maria Ver Eecke – With poems read by Richard SwerlingDesmond Clark & Lark Bergwin-Anderson

Saturday 14 May 202210 am PT / 11 MT / NOON Central / 1 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

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Meeting ID: 861 1938 6116

Hazel Archer-Ginsberg – Founder of Reverse Ritual: Understanding Anthroposophy through the Rhythms of the Year & the ‘I Think Speech’ Podcast. Trans-denominational Minister, Essayist, Lecturer, Poet, Anthroposopher – working as the Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, & as the Central Regional Council representative on the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America. Past Video Recordings with any questions

Yoram Raanan

Announcing an exciting Event on Ascension Thursday, May 26th   7 – 8:30 pm Eastern time.

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder – Celebrating the Festival of Ascension with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

“In heavy clouds let Him ascend
And so also let Him downward tread.
In cooling streams let Him be sent,
In flames of fire blaze His descent,
In air & essence, sound & dew
To permeate our whole earth thru” ~Novalis

Ascension is a Festival of the Elements, & of the Hierarchies, it relates to the Transfiguration & the fulfillment of the promise of the ‘Second Coming’. Together we will explore the mystery of ‘As Above so Below’.

            Hazel Archer-Ginsberg is a trans-denominational minister, essayist, lecturer, performer, and poet. She writes and curates ‘Reverse Ritual, Understanding Anthroposophy Through the Rhythms of the Year’ and the ‘I Think Speech’ podcast. Hazel’s been the Cultural Events and Festivals Coordinator for the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago for over 10 years. She is a member of the Central Regional Council, the School for Spiritual Science, the Esoteric Youth Circle, and the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America.

                  Register by contacting Diane McGary,, by Sunday, May 22nd. You will receive an email with the zoom link on Tuesday May 24.

Hope to see you there!! – YES! Please feel free to spread the word!

Yours, Diane McGary,, for the the Eastern Region

A Whitsun Festival of United Soul Endeavor & Spirit Community

with the Eastern, Central and Western Regional Councils of the Anthroposophical Society in America

Sunday 29 May 20223 – 4:30 pm PT, 4-5:30 MT, 5-6:30 pm CT, 6-7:30 pm ET

We will be working with Rudolf Steiner’s THE FIFTH GOSPEL GA 148, Lecture II, 2 October 1913, Oslo

The Whitsun Festival highlights one of the greatest challenges of being human: placing our individual gifts, our individual “I”, in right relationship within the social realm. This challenge is strongly felt during this time of the consciousness soul age. Our groups striving to know Spiritual Science must work together as a community, to have the possibility to create this type of culture, and the opportunity is here for each of us to meet, human to human, where a sacrament is possible in every encounter. Our individual strength comes from our personal development and is enhanced by weaving our gifts together with others, knitting our social world in conscious community.

For more info. contact

Topic: All Regions Whitsun

Time: May 29, 2022 05:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 705 017 4041

Passcode: Whitsun

The Holy Grail Study Group with the CRC
Mysteries of the Holy Grail – from Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation
June 1, 2022 – 7:15 pm Central (8:15 pm Eastern)
“Anyone who approaches these mysteries today must feel that they are confronting and challenging themselves by striving for the virtues of Parzival, while knowing that — because of modern conditions — they are in fact someone else also, the wounded Amfortas. Today we bear this divided nature within us: aspiring Parzival, wounded Amfortas. That is what self-knowledge must lead us to feel. From this recognition will flow the forces which make a unity again of this duality, and will thus advance us a little further in world evolution.”~ from Chapter 15,  Rudolf Steiner, The Mysteries of the Holy GrailChapter 15 “Acknowledging Amfortas,” excerpts from Steiner’s lecture given at Berlin on 7 February 1913 (GA 144, lecture IV), will be the focus of the June 1 meeting.

A transcript of the entire lecture can be found on the RS Archive by clicking this link. Please consider giving to the development and maintenance of the digital library of Rudolf Steiner’s work.  Scroll to the bottom of this message to read more about the and
The Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America invites you to join our ongoing  study conversation.  The study has been divided among two volunteers who will summarize their section to rebuild it as a foundation for our conversation. Please familiarize yourself with the lecture if possible so you will feel comfortable sharing your reflections and thoughts with the group.

This collection of lectures has been republished by Rudolf Steiner Press under the title: “The Mysteries of the Holy Grail — from Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation.”  The book was compiled and edited by Matthew Barton, published by Rudolf Steiner Press in 2010.

This will be a “Zoom” conference call allowing us an opportunity to see one another while conversing (or audio only if you prefer).  To connect to the audio/video-conference:

Video Conference Details:Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 882 1050 5106
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Find your local number:

If you have questions, please contact Mary Mertz or Alberto Loya

There is a knighthood of the 21st century
whose riders do not ride through the darkness
of physical forests as of old,
but through the forest of darkened minds.
They are armed with a spiritual armor
and an inner sun makes them radiant.
Out of them shines healing,
healing that flows from the knowledge
of the human being as a spiritual being.
They must create inner order, inner justice,
peace and conviction in the darkness
of our time. ~Karl Konig

Agenda for this meeting (CST)
 7:15  Welcome and Introductions        
7:18  Verse
7:25  Study led by volunteers
Note: CRC team will ID volunteers
          Mariarosa – pages 117-123b
          Marianne – pages 123b-129
7:50  Conversation
8:25   ID volunteers for next meeting
8:28  Close with verse

3 thoughts on “Vita Nuova

  1. Wow, Dante’s passage sounds like the perfect manifestation of the alchymical wedding, where our lower Self will finally be ready for her bridegroom, her higher Self (using wedding terms, of course). But what an intense, and risky, process Dante had to go through. Dante learned a lot through it, about himself, and the world he lived in, and we know from Paradisio that it turned out well for him.

    1. He also indicated in a lecture from August 1912, which was cited here recently, that Dante reincarnated in the 19th century for a very special purpose. GA 138, lecture 2. As such, Dante reincarnated in order to be an influence on the little boy, Steiner, living in Pottschach, Hungary, and spending a lot of time at the railway station that his father managed as a telegrapher, c. 1868. Maybe you know the story. Certainly, Hazel does, if she has been listening 🙂

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