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Sheila Denkeline

Love is the result of wisdom reborn in the “I”. ~Rudolf Steiner

In working the path of the New Mysteries of Spiritual Science we are called to apply ourselves, & take the responsible steps of inner development from out of our own “I”. There is no guru, no dogma to follow. In the old mysteries one had to wait to be asked; now we must let wisdom give birth to love – which allows us to be guided by the Christic impulse within.  

When we have cultivated with Anthroposophia the fruits of imaginative thinking, inspirational feeling, & intuitive willing, we come to realize that it is our duty to contribute something to the spiritual development of the future. This is the essential core of the New Mysteries.

If we can get passed the anti-social qualities of this consciousness soul age, we realize that the moment has arrived for us to give back to the Spiritual World. Just as the hierarchies bestowed on us their being substance for the evolution of humankind, so must we awaken in our “I” to participate in the work of further evolution – or not – we can be like the backward beings who have chosen to stay behind.

Michael as our Time Spirit is silent. He is awaiting what we will offer; He wills. In the future, worlds have to be built with human will, from our willing sacrifice – a dedication to offering up our higher Self for the Good of All – so that our Earth can become a Cosmos of Love – a development that leads from Wisdom to love thru the “I”.


Greetings, Three Springs Community Farm  Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program is now accepting applications for the 2023 Season (program starting February 1st, 2023)

Participants in this year-long immersion in regenerative farming gain experience in Biodynamic methods, immerse themselves in nature, and build lifelong relationships with like minded earth stewards. Our 80 acre farm and training site is located in beautiful West Sonoma County between the towns of Freestone and Bodega.

Please go to this program description for info and details:

Apprenticeship Position 2023.pdf

If you are interested in applying, follow this link for the application:

Our Financial Assistance application may be found here:

Please forward this posting to anyone you know who might be interested. Newsletter or bulletin board postings are greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Willow Summer, Farmer / Director, Three Springs Community Farm Foundation


Land Line: 707-876-1860 +++++++ Cell: 510-409-3214

MAIL: PO Box 44, Bodega, CA 94922

If you live in the Bay Area or Sonoma County and are interested in our CSA, please send us a message.

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