Gathering Fragments

Martian Piller

Greetings Beloveds –

~I carry the tectonic plates
Of my skull
& the bones of my back
That I might recollect myself,
That I may become
A pillar, a watchtower, a hermits lantern…
I gather my opposites, my fragments
& walk on…

I’ll be off-line till Feb. 27th, 2017
Send smoke signals & loving prayers
For I follow the path of the lightning flash
Leaping to form
Between 2 worlds
I will re-awaken Her in the ebb
& feel Her in the flow
In every mountain, city & tree
Over the ocean into the sea
Of me
See you there –

An Evening Discourse & Full Day Workshop Friday Evening: What is Anthroposophy? A hands-on discourse. Saturday: A Experiential Three Part Workshop ‘The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity’ Weekend Workshop at Michael Fields Agricultural institute 

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2 thoughts on “Gathering Fragments

  1. Waiting for your return. May your journey be full of light like you have shared with us.

    Love you Hazel.

    1. Thanks Dear Isis
      Hey maybe i’ll see you & John Steven in Wisconsin for the Michael Fields weekend?
      I bet JS has a connection or 2 there.

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