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Dear Friends- The universe is eternally creative. Something is always coming into being, or transforming into something else. To awaken to this process makes us co-creators. We become a willing accomplice – for our attention & intention sets up a radiating frequency that morphs matter. Don’t underestimate the vibration of Devotion. And if this Hope & Faith is backed by Love, it is never blind – it’s visionary – Quixotic – Starry-eyed without the rose colored glasses…

Marino Petro

I just did a prsentation for the Faust Branch called ‘From Neccesity to Freedom’ – Here’s the link

Many times when talking about destiny or fate, Rudolf Steiner reminds us that ‘miracles are never-not-happening’. Our angels are ever working, whether we are aware of it or not, to help guide & protect us. Just imagine how much more effective we can be if we are consciously working with them?

If we make the connections & see the workings of the wizard behind the curtain, the wizard of our higher-self, what might appear broken is already programmed for repair.

Devan Newendlan

Throw trust into the eternal handiwork of the infinitely creative process of evolution, & watch how what appears to be a road block shapeshifts into a more scenic drive, leading into opportunity.

June Li

And guess what? As cliche as it is true: There’s no time like the present – Because: It’s caterpillar season folks. What happens inside a chrysalis or cocoon? Well first, the caterpillar digests itself, releasing enzymes to dissolve all of its tissues. Go ahead – disintegrate into an “imaginal soup” knowing that you will emerge as the butterfly. Marianne Williamson, who I still visualize as the perfect president, said: “Only infinite patience produces immediate results.”

Davey Barnwell

So let’s be the process, expecting nothing less than the daily magnificence of tiny miracles, which we can recognize, Rise to meet & manifest.

See you on the high road


6 May 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: To the right of the thick crescent Moon this evening shine the two heads of the Gemini twins, as shown below. In springtime the stick-figure twins stand upright

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri Artist Interview | Scribble08 by Mark Murphy |  Art, Art block, Artist
Irene Wardwicke

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (so thankful for rsarchive.org/)

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (From the Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner & Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Meagan O’ Santter

“What is to be the starting force & impulse for events in social & ethical life must come out of the spiritual world.” Rudolf Steiner, New Spiritual Impulses in History” Dornach 16 December, 1917

Birthday of St. John, the disciple whom Jesus loved. Thru the research of Rudolf Steiner (GA 93, 264, 265) we hear of this individuality in other lives as: Hiram, Lazarus, Christian Rosenkreutz, St. Germain.

680 Death-day of Muawiyah Caliph. The meaning of Muawiyah in Arabic is “young fox”. Muawiyah worked as a scribe for Muhammad. The story goes: He had a pen behind his ear which he had not used. The Prophet said, ‘What is this on your ear?’ He said, ‘A pen which I have made ready for Allah & His Messenger.’ The Prophet said. ‘May Allah repay you well on behalf of your Prophet! By Allah, I will only ask you to write down revelation from heaven.”

In 639, Muawiyah was appointed as the governor of Syria. Under his governance the Syrian army became a major military force. Muawiya was one of the first to realize the full importance of having a navy. During his naval expeditions he took Rhodes & later Cyprus; then shifted his focus back towards Constantinople, & Anatolia. By his creation of a fleet, Muawiyah was the driving force of the Muslim effort against Byzantium. His navy raided the Byzantine islands & coasts at will. The shocking defeat of the imperial fleet by the young Muslim navy at the Battle of the Masts in 655 was of critical turning point. It opened up the Mediterranean, considered a “Roman lake”, & began a centuries-long series of naval conflicts over the control of the Mediterranean. This also allowed the expansion of the state into Africa & Spain. Trade between the Muslim eastern & southern shores & the Christian northern shores almost ceased during this period, isolating Western Europe from developments in the Muslim world. Muawiyah was crowned as caliph at a ceremony in Jerusalem in 661.

We learn from Karmic Relationships Vol. 7 lecture 6 that he was reincarnated as Woodrow Wilson.

1871 – Birthday of Christian Morgenstern, was a member of the General Anthroposophical SocietyDr. Rudolf Steiner called him ‘a true representative of Anthroposophy’. In 1881 his mother Charlotte died of a lung disease which he inherited from her and which was to overshadow his life with a long series of sanatorium stays. Morgenstern was a German author & poet from Munich. He worked for a while as a journalist in Berlin, but spent much of his life traveling through Germany, Switzerland, & Italy, primarily in a vain attempt to recover his health. His travels, though they failed to restore him to health, allowed him to meet many of the foremost literary & philosophical figures of his time in central Europe.

In January 1909 he met Rudolf Steiner , with whom he became a close friend, and in the same year he joined the German section of the Theosophical Society led by him. When this organization was split up in 1912/1913, he stayed on Steiner’s side and became a member of the Anthroposophical Society.

Morgenstern’s comical poetry still inspires today. Morgenstern unfolds his amiable, but sometimes also shrewd language wit especially in the poetry collection Galgenlieder: “How the toad sings so foolishly in the nearby reed!” His best-known poem is The Impossible Fact . The conclusion became a catchphrase: “[…] because, he concludes with razor-sharpness, what cannot be cannot be.” In “Scholastikerprobleme” he discussed how many angels could sit on a needle. Many Germans know some of his poems & quotations by heart.

• “I shall excavate the strata of my soul.”
• “I’m a man of limits: forever physically, emotionally, morally and artistically on the brink of plunging into the abyss. Yet I manage to keep my balance and possess presence of mind.”
• “I bear no treasures within me. I only possess the power to transform much of what I touch into something of value. I have no depths, save my incessant desire for the depths.”

Morgenstern’s poems have been set to music by many composers

Christian Morgenstern was also an acclaimed translator, rendering into German various prominent works from Norwegian and French, including the dramas and poems of Henrik Ibsen, Knut Hamsun, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson & August Strindberg. He died of tuberculosis.

Natalia Toledo

In the tops of the forest,
the rigid and black
in the pale twilight sky
hangs a big one
shiny soap bubble.

It is slowly loosening
from the branches
and floats up
in the ether.

Down in the thicket
lies Pan,
in the mouth
a long reed,
there is still the foam on it
of the nearby pond
encrusted shimmers.

He blew bubbles,
the cheerful god:
but most of them
planted him treacherously.

Just one
held up bravely
and flew out
from the crowns.

There she drifts shimmering
carried by the wind,
across the country.
Rises higher and higher
the fragile ball.

But Pan looks
with a pounding heart –
restrained breath –
after her.

~Christian Morgenstern

‘Let Freedom Ring – Reclaiming the Wisdom of Columbia – Folk Soul of America’.

A zoom presentation with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg For the Greater Washington Branch of the Anthroposophical Society

1 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET Saturday 14 May 2022

Join Zoom Meeting:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86119386116

Meeting ID: 861 1938 6116

Email asgwb.dc@gmail.com with any questions

Hazel Archer-Ginsberg – Founder of Reverse Ritual: Understanding Anthroposophy through the Rhythms of the Year & the ‘I Think Speech’ Podcast. Trans-denominational Minister, Essayist, Lecturer, Poet, Anthroposopher – working as the Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, & as the Central Regional Council representative on the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America. Past Video Recordings

Yoram Raanan

Announcing an exciting Event on Ascension Thursday, May 26th   7 – 8:30 pm Eastern time.

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder – Celebrating the Festival of Ascension with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

“In heavy clouds let Him ascend
And so also let Him downward tread.
In cooling streams let Him be sent,
In flames of fire blaze His descent,
In air & essence, sound & dew
To permeate our whole earth thru” ~Novalis

Ascension is a Festival of the Elements, & of the Hierarchies, it relates to the Transfiguration & the fulfillment of the promise of the ‘Second Coming’. Together we will explore the mystery of ‘As Above so Below’.

            Hazel Archer-Ginsberg is a trans-denominational minister, essayist, lecturer, performer, and poet. She writes and curates ‘Reverse Ritual, Understanding Anthroposophy Through the Rhythms of the Year’ and the ‘I Think Speech’ podcast. Hazel’s been the Cultural Events and Festivals Coordinator for the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago for over 10 years. She is a member of the Central Regional Council, the School for Spiritual Science, the Esoteric Youth Circle, and the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America.

                  Register by contacting Diane McGary, mcgary.family@comcast.net, by Sunday, May 22nd. You will receive an email with the zoom link on Tuesday May 24.

Hope to see you there!!

YES! Please feel free to spread the word!


Diane McGary, mcgary.family@comcast.net, for the the Eastern Region

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  1. Hi Hazel,

    I am watching your Faust Branch presentation and I simply have to remark on something that is shown at the 8:43 minute mark. This is the expanded diagram from the 1977 edition of Steiner’s course, “The Apocalypse of St. John”, GA 104. I have also used this diagram in my presentations, and I call it, “the evolutionary schematic”. For me, this diagram is an essential to know in full detail, and especially when we consider the “Conditions of Life”, which sit just one level below the “Spheres/Stages of Consciousness”.

    I am so happy that you have presented your work here, and admire the scope of your knowledge. Kyle and I discussed this particular strand just a few months ago, and so for you to give the diagram in its more expanded form is a blessing. Thank you.

  2. Hi Hazel,

    I am thrilled that your presentation to the Faust branch is now available to view. I have been inspired the last few days concerning “Necessity and Freedom” in my own way, and some of this has come over to you.

    You wrote:

    “Many times when talking about destiny or fate, Rudolf Steiner reminds us that ‘miracles are never-not-happening’. Our angels are ever working, whether we are aware of it or not, to help guide & protect us. Just imagine how much more effective we can be if we are consciously working with them?”

    This is so astounding to hear because in re-reading lecture 7 of the Fifth Gospel, Steiner is so attuned into the importance of hearing our own personal Angeloi. It is like the analogy which says: “how many angels exist on the head of a pin”. Well, we know that the human population has grown over the last thirty years to nearly double what it was back then, which means 7.5 billion human beings, who supposedly all have an individual Angel to protect them. Isn’t this the gist of what you are getting at?


    It is profoundly comforting to know that the 9th Hierarchy, which went through their human evolution on the Ancient Moon, now exist to protect us humans today who are evolving on the Earth as the 10th Hierarchy. As such, They know our travail because it is infinitely more difficult than they ever had to experience. Steiner also graduates to the Archangeloi, and Archai in this scheme of the relevance of the Third Hierarchy to us humans developing on the earth. Yet, indeed, it is the Angels that protect us on an individual basis, and we only need to know this in order to feel secure. Whether by Faith or Gnosis, it is the same, just like Faith, Hope, and Love represents a true trinity of endeavor in the real world.

  3. That’s a great Marianne Williamson quote, and I agree she’d make the best president – even the last name has a presidential sound to it, reminds me of Williamsburg, VA, one of the original American settlements. Let’s hope they can talk her into running again, unless she feels she’ll contribute more to humanity in another way.

    1. Hi Maverick,

      I thought I might have already commented on this but I will say that Marianne Williamson has a certain appeal because she is an advocate of a book that was written called, “A Course in Miracles”, which purports to be the channeled messages of the Etheric Christ to Helen Schucman over the period from 1965 to 1972. As such, Helen can be likened very much to Edgar Cayce. Whether Marianne knows of the work of Rudolf Steiner I do not know, but her presidential campaign in 2020 was just as important as that of Tulsi Gabard, who was more than willing to tell the truth of America’s complicity in the wars of the 20th century, and beyond.

      Now, why can’t a POTUS also be a truth-teller? Well, why does a POTUS have to be an old man with wealth in his hip pocket? Well, why can’t a POTUS be of the younger generation, and even a woman? This is the important question.

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