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A peek into the Divine Blueprint: It is the intention of the mighty Being we call Michael – our Time Spirit holding the gestalt of our age – that cosmic intelligence stream thru the hearts of human beings, to consciously connect us to the same divine spiritual forces that helped to create humanity in the beginnings of time.

Barbara Mckell

It has become possible for souls aligned with Michael to be engaged in a goal-oriented schooling for initiation, to enter into a closer working with the hierarchies & the etheric Christ, who reveals Himself today as an angel embodying the ethers. It is Michael’s aim that the spiritual schooling will lead to heart-knowledge & that the etheric eye of the heart will become an organ of cognition.

Barbara Mckell

We are given much instruction in the Michael-Letters:
“The Christ-force imprints human imaginations into the cosmic ether.”

Dennis Fixer

“That which man experiences as strength of conscious imagination becomes world content.”

Mellie Von

“Hearts begin to have thoughts, that is the new way of thinking with the heart.”

Mellie Von

“The newly developed heart-organ slowly transforms into an eye, or better, a sensing-heart-eye-organ.”

Suzanne Cowebber

“Everyone who strives in the light of spiritual science and connects himself with the creative World-Logos through heartfelt thoughts, sooner or later will learn to read Karma. By doing so he adds to the substance of the etheric-youth or angel-being through which the etheric Christ reveals Himself today.”

Xi Twi

For spiritually active pupils in the Michaelic stream, the heart becomes: An eye for self-cognition, the realization of the true self as eternal being; it also becomes the eye of the Ego-sense, the true ‘I’ – which perceives the ‘other’ in their true being, an eye of cognition for supersensible beings & for the etheric Christ Himself, protected & cherished in the Michaelic mystery-culture of will; it will also become possible to perceive the karma of others as well as one’s own karmic chain.

On Rudolf Steiner’s 63rd birthday he gave the following meditation to Dr. Ita Wegman:
Hearts will read karma
When hearts learn
To read the Word
Which shapes things
In human lives
When hearts learn
To utter the Word
Which shapes things
In the human world

Welka Zelderds

We experience our own Self & those connected to us, in our eternal being. When our heart-sense becomes a cognitive organ, we feel as if our heart is being transplanted into the Sun, we feel as if we go with the Sun, the Sun is in us, belonging to us. The Sun becomes our eye, our ear as well as our organ of warmth.

“We stand within the light, we touch spirit-beings with our light-organs.” Then we not only feel ourselves within the Sun but we perceive ourselves “on the other side of the Sun”. We experience the world within our being, where previously it was outside of ourselves, around us.

Aim Hover

This is a powerful esoteric call to each pupil of Michael, to help in the creation of a new Sun-Earth. In this way the secret of the Grail lives – as Christian Morgenstern says: “I lift my heart to you as a true vessel of the Grail …”

Max Zen

It is the experience of being totally imbued with the spirit of eternity which fills the receiving Grail-Soul in a cultic spirit event, a ‘reverse-ritual’, at the Sun-altar. Here Spirit & Soul truly unite. It is the Michaelic path to the heavenly city of the New Jerusalem.


See you there
Until soon
Blessings and Peace ~hag

Johfra Bosschart

translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler
On Friday the sun entered the sign of Leo,
whose Eurythmy gesture is Enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm For The Spirit’s Gift

My foresight is commanding me
to harbour inwardly the spirit’s gift
that in the ground of soul
divine fruit ripen
for Selfhood’s harvest.

v16 is the week between Saint Johnstide and Lammas.
In its mirror verse the sun enters the sign of Capricorn.
The Midnight Sun

My heart anointed impulse strives
to bear the spirit light
into world-winter-night
that shining seeds of soul
take root in cosmic ground,
and in the senses’ dark
God’s all-transfiguring Word resound

24 July 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The waning Moon steps down past Venus from Monday through Wednesday mornings.

Music Workshop Introducing: New Impulses in Music

When: August 5 & 6 – 2022

Friday night @ 6:30 – 9:00***** and *****Saturday @ 9:30 -12:00 and @ 2:00 – 4:30

Where: New Vision Church:

On Silvernail Rd. Pewaukee (just south of I-94 / at the SS EXIT)

About our instructor: Veronika Roemer

In her own words she says “Music speaks to our souls, and through its three basic elements of melody, harmony, and rhythm, it speaks directly to our three soul forces of thinking, feeling, and willing. When making music, we are always encountering all three of these forces in an interweaving, harmonious process. Music is nourishment for our souls.” In this workshop she will be introducing participants to these instruments and illustrating the following characteristics that make them essential “for our time”. In short, she will show how

  • the “sound quality brings healing to the inner ear” and helps the listener reconnect to their inner musician.
  • the “technical ease of the instruments” makes them accessible to everyone. 
  • the movements in space make musical realities visible, like the movement from tone to tone, or of one chord to the next.”
  • the group processes reconnect people. Because connections are built through music and not talking, the social aspects of the group processes are more subtle offering an extra bonus to the musical work”. Finally, music lifts the mood and allows people to laugh and enjoy themselves and others.

Veronika has extensive training and experience. Her initial training was gained at the Musikakademie in Basel and Musikhochschule in Zurich Switzerland inclusive of orchestral and string quartet performance in Europe followed by a student Foundation year at Emerson College and five additional years teaching and instructing for them as faculty. She also has multiple years of study and instruction at the Dorian School of Music Therapy. From 1998-2013 she was a resident and co-worker at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills developing a music program for adults with developmental disabilities continuing as an instructor for the group through 2021 as well as instructing for the Camphill Academy at Beaver Run and at the Kimberton Waldorf School. Currently she is a founding faculty member for the SunGate Educational Community and active member of the Lyre Association of North America. Wherever she goes she is happiest to be making music with people.

Veronika is returning to visit us in Wisconsin where she lived (in Wales) from 1990-1998 and had a connection to the Prairie Hill Waldorf School. At that time she began her family of five children and was the founding mother of the Rafael Foundation for New Impulses in Music and a local lyre group.

In each workshop session we will sing, play various instruments such as bordun lyres, wood, and metal instruments, do rhythm games and more.

We are delighted to have Veronika return to present these workshops and hope that you can attend. Come for one or come for all!

For more information or to RSVP contact: Gail Sauter- Rafael Foundation for New Impulses in Music 262-391-8939 or

Renewing the Mysteries:The Founding of The Christian Community
& the Burning of the First Goetheanum

Spring Valley, NY – August 8-13, 2022
REGISTER NOW!* lectures * artistic workshops * conversation * evening performances
Hazel Archer-Ginsberg will be offering a program on Tuesday 9 August for the Free Initiative 2:30 -3:30 pm ET – From Artemis to the New Isis
Many anthroposophists have understood the 1923/24 Christmas Foundation Conference as constituting a renewal of the Mysteries. Nine months after the Christmas Conference, speaking to the priests of the Christian Community, Rudolf Steiner pointed to a sequence from the founding of the Christian Community in September 1922 to the burning of the Goetheanum at the end of that year to the Christmas Conference.In this 100th anniversary year of both the founding of the Christian Community and the burning of the Goetheanum, can an exploration of these events help us to understand the nature of the New Mysteries?

The keynote speaker is Daniel Hafner, priest of the Christian Community. He will address this theme with a particular focus on the colored windows of the First Goetheanum.

The Act of Consecration of Man will be celebrated during the week and there will also be a Class Lesson for members of the School of Spiritual Science.

Venue: SPRING VALLEY, NY, Threefold Community, and The Christian Community

*REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT: A conference on the scale currently planned requires that a minimum number of participants register by July 20th.

INFO OR QUERIES: Rev. Paul Newton
(845) 517-4101

Sponsored by The Christian Community Spring Valley Area and the Threefold Branch of the Anthroposophical Society

12 thoughts on “Aim

  1. Hazel, you wrote:

    “A peek into the Divine Blueprint: It is the intention of the mighty Being we call Michael – our Time Spirit holding the gestalt of our age – that cosmic intelligence stream thru the hearts of human beings, to consciously connect us to the same divine spiritual forces that helped to create humanity in the beginnings of time.”

    From the Michael Mystery, and Leading Thoughts:

    “It is Michael’s mission to bring into human etheric bodies the forces through which the thought-shadows may regain life; then the souls and spirits in the supersensible worlds will incline towards the enlivened thoughts, and the liberated human being will be able to live with them, just as formerly the human being who was only the physical image of their activity lived with them.”

    105. It is the task of Michael to lead man back again, on paths of Will, whence he came down when with his earthly consciousness he descended on the paths of Thought from the living experience of the Supersensible to the experience of the world of sense.

      1. For me, what is written below is the essence of Michael’s mission. It is to keep the primordial past alive in terms of the originating Cosmic Intelligence beheld by the Ego’s of Divine Spiritual Beings Themselves. Michael seeks at all times to preserve this as a lasting heritage for the human being evolving to full and complete Egohood as seen from our Earth evolution to future Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan.

        “There is an earliest epoch in evolution, where it is only possible to speak of what takes place among Divine-Spiritual Beings. Here one has to deal with the actions of the Gods alone. Gods fulfill what the impulses of their natures inspire, and are satisfied in this their activity. What they themselves experience in all this is alone important. But in one corner of this field of the Gods’ activity, something resembling mankind is to be observed, as forming a part of their divine activity.

        The spiritual Being who from the beginning directed his gaze towards mankind is Michael. He so orders the divine activities that in one part of the Cosmos mankind may exist. And his own activity is of the same nature as that which is revealed later in man as intellect; but this intellect is active as a force that streams through the Cosmos, ordering ideas and giving rise to actual realities. In this force Michael works. His office is to rule the cosmic intellectuality. And he wills the further progress in his domain, which consists in this: — that that which works as intelligence throughout the whole Cosmos should later become concentrated within the human individuality. As a result the following takes place: — there comes a time in the evolution of the world when the Cosmos subsists no longer on its own present intelligence, but on the cosmic intelligence belonging to the past. For the present intelligence must then be sought in the stream of human evolution.

        What Michael desires is to keep the intelligence, which is developing within humanity, permanently in connection with the Divine-Spiritual Beings.”

        5. The Experiences of Michael in the Course of His Cosmic Mission

        1. Thank you – Yes, this powerful quote captures a mighty essence – And Anthroposophy is here so that we may do our part to make Michael’s mission manifest

        2. Michael can keep the intelligence coming, but it’s we humans who, with Sophia’s help, turn the intelligence into heart thinking. We are the unique beings who have been equipped to do this; it is a big part of our mission.

          1. Yes, when we become Anthropo-Sophia thru Christ we can fulfillour mission of being the 10th Hierarchy & The Earth becomes a Star in the the Cosmic Intelligence

            1. Of course, this is true. But when you consider that Michael seeks to preserve the past, all the while that we humans are striving now and toward the future attainment of Spirit Man, it becomes very quaint that he seeks to preserve this past on our behalf. Steiner as emissary of Michael at the second great turning point of time, c. 1900, is a very important directional star on the behalf of Michael. We point in all our striving from now to the future, according to anthroposophy, and Michael would have it also accord exactly to the past. How perfect can it get? The perfection is in the gnosis of anthroposophical spiritual science, which is a very descriptive science comprising some 400 volumes. Yet, the gist is all that Rudolf Steiner asked for. He knew that Michael would lead to the furtherance of what it all meant.

              1. Just like the Angels to preserve our past (cosmic Memory)
                Anthroposophia is our present (Christ of course is our everything: past, present & future)
                Sophia / Maitreya is our future

  2. A lot of truth to ponder in this verse; thanks for the reminder dear Hazel. I’ll set to work on putting this into practice:

    “Hearts will read karma
    When hearts learn
    To read the Word
    Which shapes things
    In human lives
    When hearts learn
    To utter the Word
    Which shapes things
    In the human world.”

    1. Yes we worked for many years with this verse in the Central Regional Council when our theme was karma & reincarnation. Here Steiner is reminding Wegman to read the cosmic script as they did in the time when they were together as Aristotle & Alexander the Geert – sharing this new vocabulary in a cosmopolitan Michaelic way, far & wide in the world.
      Then we can seek to bring the Word into our heart thinking so that we can speak the Christ Word as we work together to shape the New Jerusalem.

      1. There’s something about speaking the Word that’s a deed in itself; we’re speaking the Word to the Word, basically, and to other higher beings simultaneously. It’s along the lines of where, in the 5th Gospel, Steiner tells us that our souls serve as nourishment for the Archai. Something about the Word’s creation (us) speaking back the Word to the Word is probably music to Creator’s ears, our human contribution to the Music of the Spheres. The plants contribute their song; the animals theirs; the birds theirs; and we contribute ours, since we alone can speak the Word in the language that the Word used when He became flesh. I started doing this today before I even read your blog; your blog showed me that I need to do it from my heart. Great reminder, thanks.

        1. I always loved that phrase: ‘Truth Wrought Words’ which seems to me must come from the heart…
          May we all do our part to resonate

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