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27 November 2017 – Astro-Weather:  Bella Luna lays below the Great Square of Pegasus, to form a big triangle with Fomalhaut on the lower right, & orange Beta Ceti to the left

 Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


Feast day of Barlaam & Josaphat two legendary Christian martyrs & saints, based on the life of the Gautama Buddha. The tale tells how an Indian king persecuted the Christian Church in his realm. When astrologers predicted that his own son would become Christian, the king imprisoned the young prince Josaphat, who nevertheless met the hermit Saint Barlaam & converted to Christianity. After much tribulation the young prince’s father accepted the true faith, turned over his throne to Josaphat, & retired to the desert to become a hermit. Josaphat himself later abdicated & went into seclusion with his old teacher Barlaam. The tale derives from a second to fourth century Sanskrit Mahayana Buddhist text, via a Manichaean version, the Arabic Kitab Bilawhar wa-Yudasaf (Book of Bilawhar and Yudasaf).

8 BC – Deathday of Horace, the leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus; who crafted elegant hexameter verses & caustic iambic poetry. His career coincided with Rome’s momentous change from a republic to an empire. An officer in the republican army, he was befriended by Octavian’s right-hand man in civil affairs, Maecenas, & became a spokesman for the new regime.

511 – Feast Day of Clovis, the first king of the Franks to unite all of the tribes under one ruler, changing the form of leadership from a group of royal chieftains to rule by a single king, ensuring that the kingship was passed down to his heirs. He is considered to have been the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, which ruled the Frankish kingdom for the next two centuries. His name is Germanic, composed of the elements hlod (“fame”) & wig (“combat”), & is the origin of the later French given name Louis, borne by 18 kings of France. Clovis is also significant due to his conversion to Christianity in 496, largely at the behest of his wife, Clotilde, who would later be venerated as a saint for this act, celebrated today in both the Roman Catholic Church & Eastern Orthodox Church. The adoption by Clovis of Catholicism led to widespread conversion among the Frankish peoples, to religious unification across what is now modern-day France, Belgium & Germany, & three centuries later to Charlemagne’s alliance with the Bishop of Rome & in the middle of the 10th century under Otto I the Great to the consequent birth of the early Holy Roman Empire.

784 – Deathday of Vergilius of Salzburg an Irish Bishop & early astronomer.

1830 – Saint Catherine Labouré reported that the Blessed Mother appeared to her during evening meditations. She displayed herself inside an oval frame, standing upon a globe. She wore many rings set with gems that shone rays of light over the globe. Around the margin of the frame appeared the words Ô Marie, conçue sans péché, priez pour nous qui avons recours à vous (“O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”). As Catherine watched, the frame seemed to rotate, showing a circle of twelve stars, a large letter M surmounted by a cross, & the stylized Sacred Heart of Jesus crowned with thorns & Immaculate Heart of Mary pierced with a sword. Asked why some of the gems did not shed light, Mary reportedly replied, “Those are the graces for which people forget to ask.” Sister Catherine then heard the Virgin Mary ask her to take these images to her confessor, telling him that they should be put on medallions, & saying “All who wear them will receive great graces.”

The chapel in which Saint Catherine experienced her visions is located at the mother house of the Daughters of Charity in Rue du Bac, Paris. Her incorrupt body is interred in the chapel, which continues to receive daily visits from Catholic pilgrims today.



POD (Poem Of the Day)

~Where priests murmur in crumbling churches I fly
Dropping feathers
Thru sacred fires…
In my mouth I hold the poison
That brings night mares to unbelievers
& healing to the wise…



Open Community Conversation

Monday November 27th- 7 pm – 9 pm at the Rudolf Steiner Branch 4249 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago

We meet once a month to discuss how to best the various Steiner initiatives in Chicago.

For this November meeting, Biography Worker, Paulette Arnold, will offer up some research into the Chicago personality, Studs Terkel, & lead us in a biography exercise.

We will also share the latest developments about Elderberries Chicago – From Dottie Zold who is coming in from LA with Dana Erickson to start building out the space

Ann Burfeind will chair the meeting. And as always, the floor will be open for a community conversation.
All are welcome

The Elderberries Three-Fold Café has been on Sunset Blvd. in the heart of Hollywood for over 9 years.

They provide not only good healthy food, but nutrition for the soul – The café is a hub for youth, hosting study groups, music, alternative film screenings etc – providing support for inner practices, meaningful work for those in need, & platforms for individual creative expression – imbuing all they do with a love for the future of our world. Their motto: KINDNESS, CARE & CONSIDERATION

It has long been the vision of Elderberries to create a “Michael Grail-Road” establishing 3-fold Café’s around the world where youth could come to find themselves in a safe, substance free space.

They will open another Elderberries Café in the Lincoln Sq. neighborhood, close to the CWS early childhood satellite, at 4251 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, adjacent to the Rudolf Steiner Branch, in March 2018.

We are putting out the call for students & everyone in the community to help build-out the space with Dottie Zold, the founder of Elderberries, Nov. 28th thru Dec 1st from 8:30am – 4pm, with special opportunities for the HS to earn service hours on Tuesday & Thursday November 28th & 30th after school 4pm – 8pm.

Besides construction work, there is an opportunity to create a logo or scene on the storefront window for those interested in sharing their artistic talents.

 We could use some volunteers to help provide food for the student/workers.

If you can bring food please contact

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