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Thomas Kainaroi

People today have a tremendous hunger for pictures. This hunger is a symptom of the fact that man, through the destiny of our time, is being urged towards the sphere of imaginative perception. We satisfy this hunger creatively if we let eye and heart dwell in active contemplation on works of art which have themselves arisen out of some measure of imaginative perception, and which can thus help to prepare the soul for this same inner sight. So ‘looking at pictures’ can help to meet a deep need peculiar to the present day. ~Emil Bock, The Apocalypse of St. John

Bettina Müller

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Taurus, the Determined #taurus #zodiac #astrologyart #margotdeniseart  #digitalart #digitalpainting #bull #venus #tau… | Taurus art, Astrology  taurus, Taurus tattoos
Tara Lerry

30 June 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Venus (occult Mercury) is high in the east an hour before sunrise, in the constellation Taurus the Bull, near the Hyades star cluster. Venus sits northwest of Aldebaran, the Bull’s golden-hued eye. Look above the planet of love to spot the 7 Sisters – sparking Pleiades

Uranus (Urano) Painting by Fabrizio Gavatorta | Saatchi Art
Fabrizio Gavatorta

While it’s still dark, you can also try your hand at spotting Uranus, glowing in the constellation Aries. You’ll find it due west of Venus.

Mercury (occult Venus) is at inferior conjunction at 10 P.M. CDT.

Asteroid Day aims to raise awareness of catastrophic 'planet killers' | WBFO

Today is also the sixth-anniversary celebration of Asteroid Day, which was founded to raise awareness about asteroids & their importance in our solar system’s past, present, & future.

Celestial Event | Reverse Ritual | Page 12

The World Power Conference was conceived by the Scotsman Daniel Nicol Dunlop, a entrepreneur & Theosophist who later joined Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophical Society. He organized the first meeting which took place in London on 30 June 1924 & attracted 1,700 attendees from 40 nations. It was deemed so successful that the conference was established as a recurring event. In the beginning, the World Power Conference convened on a regular schedule every six years.

9783907564226: D. N. Dunlop. Ein Zeit- und Lebensbild by Thomas Meyer; Owen  Barfield - AbeBooks: 3907564227

D.N. Dunlop was a pioneer of modern community building—in two areas in particular: industry & economics, & the sphere of the free spiritual life. In 1924 he founded the World Power Conference, opened by the Prince of Wales in London that year. This was the first international conference to invite engineers & industrialists from all over the world (including Germany & Russia, two former World War adversaries), with the purpose of establishing a basis for co-operation & co-ordination in the production & technological use of energy resources within a modern world economy.

WorldEnergyCouncil Logo.jpg

In 1929 a worldwide assessment of raw materials & energy resources was published in book-form with the title Power Resources of the World. The WPC gave birth to a permanent institution—the World Energy Council—that has its headquarters in London & has since held regular congresses in different capital cities throughout the world. The website of this private international organization records a short history of the institution which focuses on the profiles of five leading figures, beginning with Dunlop: ‘Shortly after World War I, Scotsman Daniel Dunlop, a visionary working in the British electricity industry, decided to bring together leading energy experts for a World Power Conference to discuss current and emerging energy issues. In 1923, he began working with countries around the globe to establish national committees that would stimulate attendance and prepare for technical participation at such a conference. The First World Power Conference was held the next year, 1924, in London and attracted 1,700 delegates from 40 countries. The meeting was so successful that those attending decided to establish a permanent organisation to continue the dialogue begun at the conference.

Nature Spirits and the Spirits of the Elements by D.N. Dunlop

Within the spiritual-cultural sphere, Dunlop was a pioneer of the ‘summer school’—an idea which he actively pursued and brought to practical realization during his theosophical phase. Dunlop maintained that the ‘summer school’ was not in conflict with pure individual striving, but could potentize it— offer it fulfillment. For true individualism, if developed far enough, is exactly what socially conscious communities need if they are to progress.

The Present Age - Perseus Verlag

To a large extent these summer schools were gatherings of ‘communities of free spirits’. Following his encounter with Rudolf Steiner in 1922, Dunlop organized the great summer schools of Penmaenmawr &Torquay. According to Rudolf Steiner, these were ‘recorded in the Golden Book of the Anthroposophical Movement’. Steiner himself characterized Dunlop as a ‘far-seeing’ anthroposophist with visionary goals, endowed with clear and delicate perception, and remarkable human sensitivity & tact’. Despite Steiner’s very high public regard for him—Dunlop chose to remain in the background of events.

Daniel Nicol Dunlop met Rudolf Steiner in person in 1922. It was the Dutch manager Joseph van Leer who brought them together. They sat at the table together – Rudolf Steiner who spoke no English & Daniel N. Dunlop who spoke no German. Joseph van Leer stepped in as translator but what he didn’t see was that Rudolf Steiner took the hand of Daniel Dunlop & held it, under the table, during the whole of the conversation. In 1934, during one of his famous summer schools, Dunlop shared the memory of this with his friend Walter Johannes Stein. He made an even more interesting statement, that Rudolf Steiner on this occasion said to him, ‘We are brothers.’

Download Erinnerungen an Rudolf Steiner und D. N. Dunlop  (Europäer-Schriften) PDF - JakeMarlowe

Eleanor Merry, also an active member of the early British Anthroposophical Society, worked intensively with Dunlop for the last 14 years of his life during which time he told her that Rudolf Steiner gave him an insight into a former life of his where he, Dunlop, had been a member of the innermost circle of the Order of the Knights Templarconnected to all the ancient mysteries’ and had also worked within a secret society among the Templars’. Dunlop’s most deeply rooted intention was to serve the supra-personal goals of humanity, thereby sacrificing all personal & trivial motives & deeds.

NATURE-SPIRITS & the SPIRITS of the ELEMENTS by D.N. Dunlop(이미지 포함)
Nature spirits by D.N. Dunlop


POD (Poem Of the Day)

Painting... | Papaya art, Art, Pop art
Darlene Fevftor

~i am the mud
between the toes of the Beloved…
make of me a poultice for the healing,
that from our commingling
the lotus may take root –
a strong foundation
for the blossoming…


The Karma Project – Manifestations of Karma Study Group
July 1, 2020 – 7:15 pm Central
 (8:15 pm Eastern)

“Thus we see that there is a certain relationship between karma and the animal kingdom, although we must not confuse matters by likening what the animal experiences as its fate with human karma. But if we consider the whole earth development, and what had to come about for the sake of humanity and its evolution, we will see that we can indeed speak of a relationship between the karma of humanity and the animal kingdom.”
~Rudolf Steiner, Manifestations of Karma, Chapter 2, “Karma and the Animal Kingdom”, Hamburg, 17 May, 1910 … focus of the July 1 meeting.

The lecture can be found online at the RS Archive (eLib) by clicking this link:…/Hamburg/19100517p01.html

The Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America invites you to join our ongoing study conversation. The study has been divided among five volunteers who will summarize their section to rebuild it as a foundation for our conversation. Please familiarize yourself with the lecture if possible so you will feel comfortable sharing your reflections and thoughts with the group.

This collection of lectures has been republished by Rudolf Steiner Press under the title: “Manifestations of Karma.” This book is a translation from German of Die Offenbarung des Karma (Ga 120), published in English by Rudolf Steiner Press in 1996.

This will be a “Zoom” conference call allowing us an opportunity to see one another while conversing (or audio only if you prefer). To connect to the audio/video-conference:

Video Conference Details:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 882 8401 0264

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Meeting ID: 882 8401 0264

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If you have questions, please contact Alberto Loya

Agenda for our Study Call

7:15 Welcome and Introductions
7:18 Verse
7:25 Study led by five volunteers
Note: CRC team will ID volunteers
Laura – pg. 26 to 29
Chris – pg. 29 to 34
Rosemary – pg. 34 to 38
Marianne – pg. 38 to 42
Alberto – pg. 42 to end
8:05 Conversation
8:28 Close with verse


August 8-18 ‘Classroom Alive’ Youth Open-Source Learning in Chicago


We’re starting up with Culture in our community – join young people here in Chicago for a 10 day walking journey – Classroom Alive Chicago!

Exploration & experiencial learning all over Chicagoland, starting at at Elderberries 3-Fold Bio-dynamic Outpost & Cultrual Hub 4251 N. Lincolon Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

for more info. contact Ultra-Violet Archer, or Frank Agrama

Details TBA #ClassroomAliveChicago2020

Thank you for forwarding this flier for any interested young people –

Co-sponsored in part by The Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Festival & Program Coordinator

August 20-23, 2020 Questions of Courage Youth Conference at Elderberries

Questions of Courage 2020 in Chicago – August 20-23 Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost and 3Fold Cultural Hub 4251 N. Lincolon Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

August 20: Check-in, share conversation, build the ground for the journey together.

August 21-22: Travel to Wisconsin Move together towards the land, link up with Farmer John and Haidy Angelic Organics Biodynamic Farm, and also with Dana and Phil Burns at Healing Traditions and Alizur farm. Connect with the land, plants, animals, and one another, through creative explorations and “roughin’ it” type amendments. Sleep under the stars or indoors.

August 23: Return to Chicago Enter back into the metropolitan context, into the social questions of urban life, and close the gathering together at Elderberries, setting the ground for future work out of questions of courage that are present.

Other locations and collaborators are currently in dialogue, and will be updated here.

The gathering is essentially about stepping into the living natural element, step by step, making an integral connection, with one another, ourselves, and the elements that support us here on the Earth…”


Thank you Elderberries for giving us an anchor to build our heartland gathering around!


August 27-30, HOW WE WILL 2020

At Elderberries 3-fold Bio-Dynamic Outpost

for more info. contact Frank Agrama or Dottie Zold

Details TBA Co-sponsored in part by The Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago -Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Festival & Program Coordinator


Death-day of Alexander the Great

Surprising Facts About Alexander the Great - HistoryExtra

11 June 2020 – Today is the Death-day of Alexander the Great. On this day in 1924, Rudolf Steiner wrote a letter to Ita Wegman, from Koberwitz, during the Whitsun Agricultural Course, speaking about her incarnation as his former pupil, when he was Aristotle, & she, Alexander The Great.

Aristotle's Influence On Education Of Alexander The Great ...

Aristotle & Alexander, just as before, when they worked as Eabani & Gilgamesh; & as Cratylus & Artemisia, after death, they continued to be active in the spiritual world for a long period of time.

In 869 AD the entelechies of Aristotle & Alexander met, in the spiritual world, with Haroun al-Raschid & his counselor.

This coincided with the Council of 869 in Constantinople during which the concept, of spirit was eliminated from the 3-fold human being, & was replaced with the polarized concept of body & soul.

Haroun al-Raschid & the opposing forces that he represented did not want Christianized Aristotelianism, only the teaching of natural science that has gradually assumed the form of today’s scientific materialism, devoid of any true concept, any reverence for divinity or creation; devoid of spiritual science.

This meeting was a spiritual confrontation that in earthly life was later reflected in the Quest for the Holy Grail & the striving for a union of early European Christianity with the Arabic cultures that had preserved Aristotle’s works.

For the natural science that Aristotle was able to pass on to Alexander needed for its comprehension souls that were still touched with the spirit of the Ephesian age, the time that preceded the burning of Ephesus. Such souls could only be found over in Asia or in Egypt, and it was into these parts that this knowledge of nature and insight into the Being of Nature were brought, by means of the expeditions of Alexander. Only later in a diluted form did they come over into Europe by many and diverse ways – especially by way of Asia Minor, Africa and Spain – but always in a very diluted or, as we might say, sifted form. The writings of Aristotle that came over into Europe directly were his writings on logic and philosophy. These lived on, and found fresh life again in medieval scholasticism.”

“…For we can see how the expeditions of Alexander and the teachings of Aristotle had this end in view: to keep unbroken the threads that unite humanity with the ancient spirituality, to weave them as it were into the material civilization that was to come, so they might endure until such time as new spiritual revelations should be given… Both streams [Aristotle and Alexander] have lasted up to the very moment when it is possible to begin a renewed life of spirit.” ~Rudolf Steiner, World History and the Mysteries in the Light of Anthroposophy, 1910.

Holy Grail Tapestry (portion) | Knight art, Art, Edward burne jones

They did not fully incarnate again until the 8th & 9th centuries. This time under the ruler-ship of the Archangel Raphael, connected with Mercury, to bring to light the emergence of the Quest for the Holy Grail – one of the 1st new manifestations of Christ now working as the Spirit of the Earth.

Of that incarnation Rudolf Steiner said, in a private conversation: “I was obliged to incarnate in a stream completely foreign to me in order to acquire the Christian fervor which I needed for the Thomas Incarnation.

Parcival findet Sigune mit dem toten Schionatulander auf einer ...

Brief indications by Rudolf Steiner point to the figures of Schionatulander (Ita Wegman) & Sigune (Rudolf Steiner), who play an important, yet mostly overlooked role, in the Parsifal legend.

Sigune lives by the side of Herzeleide, she loves Schionatulander but she longs to read the stellar script, called “Brackenseil” – the leash belonging to the hound whose name is “Gardevias” — Guardian of the Pathways. (Does this indicate that Sigune is still reluctant to make the descent into incarnation from the world of stars?)

 She yearns to read further in the 12-fold stellar script – of Brackenseil. In the attempt to bring it to her, Schionatulander is killed by Orilus who is actually looking for Parsifal. Schionatulander dies instead of Parsifal; & he becomes a guardian spirit of Parsifal guiding his further steps.

Dominus vobiscum, Et cum spiritu tuo.: Saint Thomas Aquinas, ora ...

Sigune then becomes the bearer of this new striving to transform the cosmic Intelligence thru the Christ Impulse, & incarnates again in the family of the Aquinos near Naples. He enters the Order of the Dominicans. From the quiet “cloister cell” he exercises a world-wide influence as the most illustrious scholar of the ecclesiastical system of thought, known as Scholasticism. He is Thomas Aquinas. His teacher – Albertus Magnus.

Friedrich Walther | Sermon of Saint Albertus Magnus | German | The Met

To grasp spiritual reality in pure thinking, to lead pure thinking with mathematical precision from idea to idea, from judgment to judgment — this was the faculty developed by Scholasticism & bequeathed to the spiritual history of humankind, above all through its great teachers: Albertus Magnus (Marie Steiner) & Thomas Aquinas (Rudolf Steiner).

The Arabian culture adhered firmly to the idea of cosmic, universal Intelligence. Thomas Aquinas taught of the personal, human Intelligence, of personal, human thinking & personal immortality. The Arabians persisted in their contention that every human being can be fructified by the universal Intelligence, but that there is no personal thinking, no personal immortality. After death a human being passes into the ocean of Cosmic Intelligence, so they said, where there is no personal immortality. For Thomas, whose thinking was combined with fervent piety, the world of Ideas was connected with spiritual reality which comes to expression in the world of the senses around us, behind which are Beings he calls “Intelligences”.

Reginald of Piperno - Wikidata

Along the way, our thinking evolved from the cosmic realms of “Intelligences” to realms of human intelligence such as exists today. We progressed from the Grail Castle to King Arthur’s Castle. This was the message carried by Reginald of Piperno, the young Dominican (Ita Wegman), to Aquinas, the older Dominican (Rudolf Steiner).

Arthurian Legend / Myth - TV Tropes

In the same series of lectures, reference is also made to the fact that in the “Arthurian stream” it was not yet realized that the Cosmic Intelligence had fallen away from Michael & had now come to human beings.

Timeless Myths

The Teachers of Chartres behind the stream of the Grail Castle, were representative of the Intelligence that had now become Christian & human – a “polar contrast” to the Castle of King Arthur.

The message brought from Alanus ab Insulis by Reginald of Piperno, the young Dominican, was that the Teachers of Chartres, now in the spiritual world, had realized the significance of personal immortality, realized that the Intelligence had become human, were aware of the Christian thinking in the Grail stream, & its connection with the world of stars, but that this knowledge would have to sleep for a time in the spiritual world, so that the intellect could be born in freedom.  

Sea Cooke

And now in our time the 2 streams must merge, to create a unity within the world.

From the Karmic Relationships lectures: “Aristotle and Alexander had centuries earlier witnessed, from the spiritual world, the departure of Christ from the sphere of the Sun towards Golgotha. This called forth in their souls “the challenge to set a new beginning – not to continue what had been on the earth before this mystery, but to begin completely anew.

Henceforth, Aristotle and Alexander must work – who already in antiquity were equal to the concepts and ideas of the fifth post-Atlantean age.” – Karmic Relationships, 1924.

Glass Windows Designed by Rudolf Steiner

Poem written by Rudolf Steiner to Ita Wegman:

There, where the light
In face of green demons
Is tremulous,
And the primordial Powers
Born of the light
To wrestling men
Proclaim the riddle,
Which from the demons
Only by men can be enticed forth
And brought to the Gods
There soul found soul
In order to offer someday to waiting Gods
The secrets of demons
In a darkened place
That light may be born,
Where for want of this deed
Eternal darkness held sway.
Such a place there is
It must vanish
Make it someday vanish,
So speaks the admonishing
Gaze of Michael.

The Small Dome – The Unknown Being”: A Report

The Age of Love & Freedom is characterized by the fact that human beings must learn to see thru the attacks made by the ‘demons’. We cannot run. We cannot hide. We are called to summon their secrets from these demons – to learn what is behind their working – to gain insight, responsibility & wisdom. And to pass on these mysteries of ‘evil’ to the Hierarchies- our ever present helpers, to receive the knowledge we must gain from this encounter.


We are progressing from head to heart in the advent of the Consciousness Soul age. We must learn the secret that the Fox told the Little Prince, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

Let us step outside, into the world, to meet our self, to meet each other, to stand in the glory of the Sun. And at night, under the myriad canopy of stars we will be invited to open our heart & share in the cosmic conversation of our collective evolution.


323 – Deathday of Alexander The Great


1184 BC – Trojan War: Troy is sacked and burned

File:Incendie de la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres.jpg ...

1194 – Fire at Chartres Cathedral

Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia

1346 – Birthday of Charles IV (the last initiate to become Holy Roman Emperor)

Agnes of Austria (1281–1364) - Wikipedia

1364 – Deathday of Agnes of Hungary, patroness of Konigsfelden monastery

1924 – Rudolf Steiner sends Ita Wegman a letter speaking about her incarnation as Alexander The Great.

An act of faith, desperation or protest: Self-immolations through ...

1963 – Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức burns himself with gasoline in a busy Saigon intersection to protest the lack of religious freedom in South Vietnam

John F. Kennedy - Wikipedia

1963 – John F. Kennedy addresses Americans from the Oval Office proposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that would revolutionize American society. Proposing equal access to public facilities, end segregation in education and guarantee federal protection for voting right

1994 – End of Soviet occupation of East Germany


Ayse Domeniconi‎


~Birthed by a bird song
Foretold in the stars
All that I am
Released in a Summer Storm
Said I should fly



Friday 19 June 2020 – Front Range Anthroposophical Café presents:

RING of FIRE’ with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

  • What is the Spiritual Significance of a Solar Eclipse on Summer Solstice?
  • How do we stand wakefully within the sublime mysteries of the Summer-Tide, to consciously embody ‘the spiritual wisdom of the gods’?

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 19 June 2020 shortly before 6 pm (Pacific), 7 PM (Mountain) 8 pm (Central), 9 pm (Eastern).

Here is the link to our Anthroposophical Café and all you need to do to join us is click on it:

Warmly, Karen vann Vuuren, Tom Altgelt, Jamie York, and our growing circle of Café Friends – It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.



Agriculture Course: Lecture 6
Rudolf Steiner

7 June 1924 – Beginning of the “Agricultural Course” on the Koberwitz estate of Count & Countess Keyserlingk – Founding of bio-dynamic agriculture by Rudolf Steiner.

By the time Rudolf Steiner was cajoled into presenting the Agriculture Course, he was well experienced in planting an ‘impulse’- the seeds of an idea, & witnessing the ensuing manifestation. Steiner’s Agriculture Course comprised just 8 lectures presented over a 10 day period in the Whitsun-tide of 1924, 7 to 16 June, at the small village of Koberwitz, Silesia (now Kobierzyce, Poland).

Forschungsstelle Kulturimpuls - Biographien Dokumentation

Count Carl Keyserlingk was an anthroposophist, & the estate manager of 18,500 acres at Koberwitz. He managed 18 farms, with more than 1000 workers. So Keyserlingk was keen for Steiner to present a course for farmers. There was some disquiet among the farmers because of the rapid change in agricultural practices in the wake of the supply of cheap synthetic nitrogenous fertilizer flowing from the adoption of the Haber-Bosch process for the ‘fixing’ of gaseous nitrogen which was first demonstrated in 1909 & which was then rapidly industrialized on a grand scale for explosives, & after WWI, for fertilizer.

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer’s account relates that: “Count Keyserlingk set to work in dead earnest to persuade Dr. Steiner to give an agricultural course. As Dr. Steiner was already overwhelmed with work, tours & lectures, he put off his decision from week to week. The undaunted Count then dispatched his nephew to Dornach, with orders to camp on Dr. Seiner’s doorstep & refuse to leave without a definite commitment for the course. This was finally given.”

Keyserlingk was the driving force behind the agriculture course. He was described by Elisabeth Vreede, who was at the course, as “one to whom farming itself was a priestly office” According to the Astrosopher: “Count Keyserlingk had realised the dire need for a complete revival of cultural methods”.

Agriculture Course: The Birth of the Biodynamic Method (CW 327 ...

Steiner described his Agriculture Course as: “A course of lectures containing what there is to be said about agriculture from an anthroposophical point of view.” Steiner stated that “the contents of these lectures were to serve, in the first place, as working material for the Association of farmers which had just been founded in the Anthroposophical Society”. Steiner stressed the importance of practical demonstrations: “As to the farmers – well, if they hear of these things from a fellow-farmer, they will say, “What a pity he has suddenly gone crazy!” … But eventually when he sees a really good result, he will not feel a very easy conscience in rejecting it outright”. He empowered the Agricultural Experimental Circle (AEC): “enhance it and develop it by actual experiments and tests. The farmers’ society – the “Experimental Circle” that has been formed – will fix the point of time when in its judgment the tests and experiments are far enough advanced to allow these things to be published”. He stressed the importance of confidentiality: “No kind of communication was to be made about the contents of the Course until such time as the members of the Association felt impelled to speak out of the results of their own experimental work”. It was critical that a project development plan was set in place at Koberwitz for two reasons, firstly, because the Agriculture Course was never repeated &, secondly, although up to this point Steiner had engaged in a comprehensive schedule of travelling & lecturing, he was seriously unwell, & his public life & life itself were drawing to a close. The continuing vitality of Steiner’s agricultural ‘impulse’ was dependent on Steiner successfully passing the baton to others. The AEC began with 60 members of the Koberwitz Course (out of the course’s total enrollment of 111), with Ernst Stegemann & Carl Keyserlingk appointed by Steiner as chairmen.

By 1929, the Natural Science Section of the Goetheanum reported the positive news that the work of translating Steiner’s ‘hints’ was by then a global enterprise: “Dr. Steiner’s new methods for Agriculture have been investigated and applied on a practical and on an experimental basis.

Rudolf Steiner's Koberwitz (Kobierzyce, Poland) - Birthplace of Biody…

Steiner was prophetic in much of what he taught. He presented the farm as “a living organism”. He spoke against a purely chemical view & a chemical reductionist view, & he insisted on the criticality of provenance. Long before the costs of nitrogen pollution were monetized, Steiner, with great vision, put it in a nutshell: “There is a big difference between nitrogen and nitrogen. He spoke of “the degradation of the products of agriculture” & observed that: “Nowadays people simply think that a certain amount of nitrogen is needed for plant growth, and they imagine it makes no difference how it’s prepared or where it comes from. Where it comes from, however, is not a matter of indifference.” Steiner urged the adoption of a holistic view, & he stated that “we’ve lost the knowledge of what it takes to continue to care for the natural world.” He urged his listeners to take “the macrocosmic approach”& to “see individual plants as parts of a single whole.” He was critical of the approach where living things are “neatly pigeonholed into separate species & genera”, adding: “But that is not how things are in nature. In nature, and actually throughout the universe, everything is in mutual interaction with everything else.”

Agriculture: A Course of Eight Lectures by Rudolf Steiner

The most important thing is to make the benefits of our agricultural preparations available to the largest possible areas over the entire earth, so that the earth may be healed and the nutritive quality of its produce improved in every respect. That should be our first objective.” ~Rudolf Steiner


Agriculture Course: Lecture 2

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


1692 – Port Royal, Jamaica, is hit by a catastrophic earthquake; in just three minutes, 1,600 people are killed & 3,000 are seriously injured

1775 – The United Colonies changes their name to the United States

1776 – Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed to the Continental Congress a resolution calling for a Declaration of Independence

Best Friedrich Hölderlin Quotes | Quote Catalog

1843 – Deathday of Friedrich Holderlin, a major German lyric poet, commonly associated with the artistic movement known as Romanticism. Hölderlin was also an important thinker in the development of German Idealism, particularly his early association with & philosophical influence on Georg Wilhelm, Friedrich Hegel, Friedrich Wilhelm, & Joseph Schelling. Rudolf Steiner said he was a pupil of Plato in Karmic Relationships Vol. 1 lec. 12

1862 – The United States and the United Kingdom agree in the Lyons–Seward Treaty to suppress the African slave trade

Planck Karl Christian - Detailseite - LEO-BW

1880 – Deathday of Karl Christian Planck who developed a completely original system of philosophy, based on the realistic view that thought should proceed from nature to the highest forms of existence in the spiritual life. His views were directly antagonistic to the Darwinian theory of descent

1914 – 1st ship passes thru the Panama Canal

The Birth of a New Agriculture: Koberwitz 1924 and the ...

1924 – Beginning of the “Agricultural Course” on the Koberwitz estate of Count & Countes Keyserlingk. Founding of bio-dynamic agriculture by Rudolf Steiner.

New Directions Publishing | Henry Miller

1980 – Deathday of Henry Miller, American novelist & essayist

1991 – Mount Pinatubo erupts, generating an ash column 4.3 miles high


sacred geometry | The Grand Tangent

Dear friends I will be off-line until Thursday 11 June

~whispering the hexagram in the sacred grove…


Friday 19 June 2020 – Front Range Anthroposophical Café presents:

Cosmic Rapture Grounded in Jubilant Hearts – From Summer Solstice to St. John’s-Tide –with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

To pass the test of Summer we will explore many questions:

  • What is the Spiritual Significance of a Solar Eclipse on Summer Solstice?
  • How do we stand wakefully within the sublime mysteries of the Summer-Tide, to consciously embody ‘the spiritual wisdom of the gods’?
  • Who is the mysterious Archangel of Summer?
  • What is the secret to healing the ‘soul-fever’ so prevalent in society today?

Together we will work to strengthen our true “I”, enlivening our will forces.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 19 June 2020 shortly before 6 pm (Pacific), 7 PM (Mountain) 8 pm (Central), 9 pm (Eastern).

Here is the link to our Anthroposophical Café and all you need to do to join us is click on it:

Warmly, Karen vann Vuuren, Tom Altgelt, Jamie York, and our growing circle of Café Friends – It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Universal “I AM”

The Tuesday (Mars day) of PentecostThe festival of the Word, a new Language of the Sophia-Logos, holding the ideal of Free Speech!  Our day star Sun is speaking thru the  stars of the Bull at this time, that region of the Zodiac connected to the human Larynx, giving us the capacity for self-expression.

The current World events must be given voice. Pentecost is the festival of NOW, highlighting the challenging relationships of self & community. –  Offering us an opportunity to transcend race. How do we work as individuals to transform our ingrained sympathies & antipathies? How do we purify our astral nature in order to make ourselves into a vessel worthy to receive the Holy Spirit, giving us the possibility of manifesting the ‘Spirit Self’, the True Self which will provide the capacity to create new social forms..?

Thinking of Pentecost as being 50 days after Easter, & in looking at the # 5, we see the 4 bodies of the human being: physical, etheric, astral & “I” – given a 5th dimension – a new spiritual aspect is added: The Spirit-Self, the Higher Ego.


The pentagram is the symbol of the true human being, (the inverted pentagram is a symbol of black magic – that which seeks to destroy this higher human being).   The numbers 4 & 5 raised to the 10th power, indicate a process taking place at a higher spiritual level, which is how the events described in 40 days = Ascension & 50 days = Pentecost,  are meant to be understood, both as historical events of Christ’s union with the earth, but also as initiatory events taking place on a higher plane for humanity.

Rudolf Steiner defines the 10 days between Ascension & Pentecost as a time of deep sadness, grief & loss for the apostles. He describes it as ‘a sorrow such as cannot be compared with any other sorrow on earth’ –A kind of death experience on a spiritual level. And just like in the old mystery traditions, after the time of catharsis & preparation, there is a mystical death; so here too there is a kind of loss & experience of death. The #10 is the number of completion.

It Hides Behind Her Tips Painting by Pablo Damas
Bea Trumbel

Steiner points out: All real knowledge, all knowledge that can truly be called great is born from pain, from inner travail…And out of this pain, out of this infinite sorrow, there sprang what we call the Mystery of Pentecost…Having lost sight of the Christ in external clairvoyant vision (the 40 days with the Resurrected Christ), the disciples found it again in their inmost being…found it through sorrow, through pain.  (May 17, 1923, Christiana)

Donna Vector

Here we have a great reversal. In ancient times the human being experienced the True Self, the Higher I AM, in the cosmos outside of them, in the Sun sphere, thru initiation, by leaving the body. 

Ninetta Sombart

Even in with Lazarus, the first Christian initiation performed on Earth, in public, by the Christ, Lazarus was “called forth” by Christ as the hierophant from without.

Pentecost inaugurates a new age, when human beings thru a personal path of self-guided catharsis comes to an awakening of the Higher I AM in “their inmost being” as a force of transformative power, which is the force of love.

Opinion | The Uncommon Power of Grace - The New York Times

The Greek word for grace is, “charis”, which means the free love from God.  In ancient Greek, there are several words for love:  eros – romantic love; philia – brotherly/family love; agape – divine love, or love of the human for the divine. 

Grace and the human person (IV)
Johannes Demmer

One other word for love is charis.  Charis is higher than agape, because it is the love of the Divine for the human being. This is the highest form of love.

The Gospel of St. John - Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and ...

In the 12th of Steiner’s lectures on the ‘Gospel of John’, which he describes as the most spiritual perspective given by the writers of the gospels, he speaks of how John never uses the name Mary, but always says: “the mother of Jesus”.  He equates this with the ‘Virgin Sophia’ – the purified astral body.  It is this Virgin Sophia = the Mother of Jesus, who is “in their midst” at Pentecost. 

The story goes on to say that they were all together in one place, using the word which is often translated as house, but in Greek it means “a shared, common place”, a community place.   Into this community place, with the Virgin Sophia in their midst, came the Holy Spirit, the Universal Ego, the true I AM, which can then speak out of this purified astral body. 

This Holy Spirit came with a rushing of wind & flames that individualized onto each of the disciples, & “stayed upon each of them”(this is the same term used at the Baptism of Jesus) They then began to speak a new language “as the

Holy Spirit gave them utterance.”  This was a speaking, which transcended earthly languages, for everyone understood & were amazed.

In this same lecture from the Gospel of John cycle, Steiner addresses this question: a person thus illuminated, who has received the Holy Spirit into himself, speaks in a different manner.  How does he speak? …he is not expressing ‘his’ own opinion. His views do not come into consideration.  His personal (earthly) ego has been eclipsed which means that…it has become impersonal and it is the Cosmic Universal Ego’.

He continues this Pentecostal theme in a lecture on Whitsunday, 1910: ‘This Holy Spirit enables us to become free human souls.  As the Spirit of Freedom, it streamed out through the first disciples…in the first Pentecostal festival….We can become free only when we find ourselves again in spirit and out of the spirit become master over the spirit within ourselves. Our true spirit is the universal human spirit, which we recognize as the Pentecostal power of the Holy Spirit.. which we must bring to birth in ourselves and allow to become manifest…This will bring to life in our souls something which overleaps all boundaries separating the different parts of humanity’.

Leszek Forczek

This brings us back to the great call of our current time of Pentecost – which is the great social question of our time: the individual in relation to the whole, the community. 

Today we face immense questions about the future of humanity, with division, polarization, lack of understanding & failed communication, creating the social problems of our time. 

Only by a social & personal catharsis which can allow for the true spirit of freedom, the true I AM, to eclipse our small personal egotism & the lower impulses of our nature, can a new community & new language of universal sister/brotherhood be created. 

Bloom: One Hundred Years: In Recognition of Rudolf Steiner's ...

Only out of the spiritual recognition of the universal Human Being, will the ideas & applications of a new approach to fraternity in economics; equality in human rights; & freedom in the cultural/spiritual life, be accomplished. 

May we strive to serve this goal out of the spirit of The Sophia.


Cassiopeia at its lowest

2 June 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: At inferior conjunction, Venus moves between Earth & Sun. This facilitates Venus in becoming the morning star, after her hidden journey into the Solar Logos.

Venus at inferior conjunction, June 3, 2020
2020, June 3: Venus passes between Earth and Sun – inferior conjunction – and begins to move into the morning sky when it rises before sunrise.

When we see the Sun in the south, our clocks read noon. The opposite direction is midnight. We do not see the sun in the sky at midnight, & Venus too will be hidden.

The line then divides the morning sky from the evening sky. Venus is moving toward the morning as she revolves around the Sun faster than Earth.

Venus Inferior Conjunction | Gray Crawford

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


Venus Cycles | Geometry, Sacred geometry, Astronomy

“The Master said, “A true teacher is one who, keeping the past alive, is also able to understand the present.” (Analects 2.11)” ~Confucius

455 – Sack of Rome

1098 – First Crusade: The first Siege of Antioch ends as Crusader forces take the city; the second siege began five days later.


1692 – Bridget Bishop is the first person to go to trial in the Salem witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts; she was found guilty and later hanged

1882 – Deathday of Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian general & politician. Spoken of as a high initiate in the Hibernian Mysteries in ‘Karmic Relationships’ Vol 1, lec. 11 by Rudolf Steiner (June 2nd is also Festa della Repubblica -The Italian National Republic Day)

Rudolf Steiner's Biography – Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli

1922 – Start of the West-East Congress in Vienna, opened by Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz. At this conference Rudolf Steiner gave his last lecture on Threefolding (1917 – 1922)


The Holy Spirit Within Painting by Sister Rebecca Shinas
Kerby Dalton

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~i am a form in the flame
seen only if one gazes long into the fire…
clouds of smoke tear like a shroud & i see the shine of other hidden ones,
faces aglow with heat
flashing like lightning, speaking with thunder…
rising in the smoke
the scent of my prayer
an incense of hope & wonder…


MANIFESTATIONS OF KARMA: June 3rd, 2020 Zoom Meeting with the Central Regional Council 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm CDT
He who observes human life carefully — not simply in a superficial way — may find remarkable connections in it. Unfortunately, the phenomena of human life are at present observed for only short periods of time, hardly even for a few years; people are not accustomed to connect what has happened after a long period of time, with what may have happened previously as the cause. There are very few at the present day who study the beginning and the end of a man’s life in their relationship to each other; nevertheless this relationship is extraordinarily instructive.” ~Rudolf Steiner, Manifestations of Karma

Chapter 1, “The Nature and Significance of Karma in the Personal and Individual, and in Humanity, the Earth and the Universe, Hamburg, 16 May, 1910 … focus of the June 3 meeting.…/GA120/E…/RSP1984/19100516p01.htmlAudio Conference Details: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 811 1655 6762
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Meeting ID: 811 1655 6762

Find your local number: you have questions, please contact Alberto Loya Agenda for our Study Call 

7:15 Welcome and Introductions
7:18 Verse
7:25 Study led by five volunteers
Note: CRC team will ID volunteers
Marianne – first section
Travis – second section
Lisa – third section
Alberto – fourth section
Hazel – fifth section
8:05 Conversation
8:28 Close with verse


Friday 19 June 2020 – Front Range Anthroposophical Café presents:

The New Mysteries of St. Johns-Tide with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

To pass the test of Summer we will explore many questions:

  • How do we stand wakefully within the sublime mysteries of the Summer-Tide, to consciously embody ‘the spiritual wisdom of the gods’?
  • Who is the mysterious Archangel of Summer?
  • Who is John the Baptist? What do his sayings “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” And “He must increase, but I must decrease.” really mean?
  • What is the secret to healing the ‘soul-fever’ so prevalent in society today?
  • What is the mystery of the Dragon-fly, & other elemental beings?
  • How can we understand the ‘Cycle of the Year as Breathing Process of the Earth’?

Together we will work to strengthen our true “I”, enlivening our will forces.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 19 June 2020 shortly before 7 PM (Mountain time.) Here is the link to our Anthroposophical Café and all you need to do to join us is click on it:

Warmly, Karen vann Vuuren, Tom Altgelt, Jamie York, and our growing circle of Café Friends – It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.


Beholding Natura

Plate IV
Black Board drawing by Rudolf Steiner

Dear Friends – In the “Four Seasons and the Archangels,” Dr. Steiner describes the out breath of the Earth in Spring – how the activity of the Ahrimanic beings, whose desire to enslave lives in the limestone, & is strongest, especially in March. Most of the time, the Ahrimanic beings gain very little from the earth, instead they must rely on the human being for their astral sustenance. Yet, in the Springtime, these beings, due to the attraction of the vitality of the limestone, seek to draw down an “astral rain from the cosmos, blowing around the world an astral wind, with the hope of ensouling the earth’s limestone, into a world of pain.”

Plate III
Black Board drawing by Rudolf Steiner

The Luciferic beings also strive in the Spring thru the carbonic acid, carrying phosphoric, sulfuric, volatile substances, rising up higher out of the earth thru the breathing of the plants. They desire to kick the non-breathing etheric substance of human beings. Together, this would create the possibility of a rising etheric mist that would suffocate human breathing, but would grant Luciferic beings the etheric bodies they do not have. The volatilizing sulfur process, bound to the oxygenation of cells in the body, would be lifted away in a suffocating outbreath of the carbon dioxide, vegetative process. “That is what the Luciferic spirits strive and hope for, when the end of March comes on. They hope to change the whole Earth into a delicate shell of this kind, wherein they, densified through the etheric nature of man, could carry on their own existence.”

Of the Ahrimanic beings, Steiner says that if they could realize their hopes, “the whole of humanity would gradually be dissolved into the Earth:” into a matrix of Ahrimanic singularity. “The transition to this enslavement with the Earth would consist in this: man in his whole organism would become more and more like the limestone. He would blend the limestone with his organism and become more and more calcified. In this way he would transmute his bodily form into one that looked quite different – a sclerotic form with something like bat’s wings. This form would then be able to merge gradually into the earthly element, so that the whole Earth, according to the Ahrimanic idea, would become a dead Earth being.”

We are living in an age where the Ahrimanic threat stands before us, striving to make our soul capacities of thinking, feeling & willing depend entirely on the genetically modified food we digest (rather than on cosmic nutrition). “For Ahriman hardens man, while Lucifer wishes to dissolve and evaporate him through his breathing. In all this, the forces that make for illness reside.”

Free Angel Reading with the The Archangel Raphael

The healing medicine of the Spring Archangel Raphael is vitally needed, & available to all right now. We can rise in our thinking to meet this energy, which helps us resist fixed, artificial, poisonous systems, especially those that distance us from our human community, that prevent us from overcoming the illness of our time, severing human evolution from the Earth evolution.

Diagram 2
Black Board drawing by Rudolf Steiner

Together with the mighty being Michael, spiritual emissaries empower us with true nourishment, & Mother Nature’s artistic, living learning, that, thru our beholding of ‘Natura’, unveils the healing, cosmic spirit.

Ok so, friends, go out & get some sunshine! Take a deep breath, put your feet on the earth & use your thinking to engender gratitude for all the helpful elemental beings aligned with love & light waiting to be redeemed thru our loving attention, thru our willing devotion. xox

Mercury loops.jpg

2 May 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Here is a must read article from Astrosopher Jonathan Hilton of the Astrosophy Center


Goddess as The Caduceus | Sculpture, Angel statues, Mythology

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


1519 – Death Day of Leonardo da Vinci, Italian painter, sculptor, & architect.

“…We know how Leonardo worked at the “Last Supper”. He often went and sat on the scaffolding and brooded for hours in front of the wall, then he would take a brush and make a few strokes and go away again. Sometimes he only went and stared at the picture and went away again. When he was painting the Christ Figure, his hand trembled. Indeed, if we put together all that we can find concerning this subject we must say that neither outwardly nor inwardly was Leonardo happy when painting this world-renowned picture. Now there were people at that time in Milan who were displeased with the slow progress of the picture, for instance a Prior of the monastery, who could not see why an artist could not paint such a picture quickly, and complained to the Duke. He too thought the affair had lasted too long. Leonardo answered: “The picture is to represent Jesus Christ and Judas, the two greatest contrasts; one cannot paint them in one year; there are no models for them in the world, neither for Judas nor for Christ”. After he had been working at the picture for years, he said he did not know whether he could finish it after all! Then he said that if finally he found no model for Judas he could always use the Prior himself! It was thus extraordinarily difficult to bring the picture to a conclusion but within himself Leonardo did not feel happy. For this picture showed the contrast between what lived in his soul and what he was able to represent on the canvas. Here it is necessary to bring forward a hypothesis of Spiritual Science, which may be reached by anyone who studies what can by degrees be learned about this picture.” ~Rudolf Steiner, Leonardo da Vinci, His Spiritual and Intellectual Greatness, At the Turning Point of the New Age

1611 – The King James Version of the Bible is published for the first time in London, England, by printer Robert Barker

1729 – Birthday of Catherine the Great of Russia, the longest-ruling female leader of Russia. The Catherinian Era, is often considered the Golden Age of the Russian Empire & the Russian nobility. She enthusiastically supported the ideals of The Enlightenment, thus earning the status of an enlightened despot. As a patron of the arts she presided over the age of the Russian Enlightenment, a period when the Smolny Institute, the first state-financed higher education institution for women in Europe, was established.

1772 – Birthday of Novalis, the pseudonym & pen name of Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg, poet, author, mystic, & philosopher of Early German Romanticism. His study of mineralogy & management of salt mines in Saxony, was often ignored by his contemporary readers Novalis concerned himself with the scientific doctrine of Johann Gottlieb Fichte, which greatly influenced his world view, transforming Fichte’s Nicht-Ich (German “not I”) to a Du (“you”), an equal subject to the Ich (“I”). This was the starting point for Novalis’ Liebesreligion (“religion of love”) dedicated to his beloved Sophie who died of tuberculosis.

“…When we consider the life of Novalis, what an echo we find there of the Raphael life for which Hermann Grimm had so fine an understanding! His beloved dies in her youth. He is himself still young. What is he going to do with his life now that she has died? He tells us himself. He says that his life on Earth will be henceforth to “die after her”, to follow her on the way of death. He wants to pass over already now into the super-sensible, to lead again the Raphael life, not touching the Earth, but living out in poetry his magic idealism. He would fain not let himself be touched by Earth life.

When we read the “Fragments” of Novalis, and give ourselves up to the life that flows so abundantly in them, we can discover the secret of the deep impression they make on us. Whatever we have before us in immediate sense-reality, whatever the eye can see and recognise as beautiful — all this, through the magic idealism that lives in the soul of Novalis, appears in his poetry with a well-nigh heavenly splendour. The meanest and simplest material thing — with the magic idealism of his poetry he can make it live again in all its spiritual light and glory.

And so we see in Novalis a radiant and splendid forerunner of that Michael stream which is now to lead you all, my dear friends, while you live; and then, after you have gone through the gate of death, you will find in the spiritual super-sensible worlds all those others — among them also the being of whom I have been speaking to you today — all those with whom you are to prepare the work that shall be accomplished at the end of the century, and that shall lead mankind past the great crisis in which it is involved.” ~Rudolf Steiner, The Individuality of Elias, John, Raphael, Novalis – The Last Address – Dornach, Michaelmas Eve, 1924

1933 – Gleichschaltung: Adolf Hitler bans trade unions

1945 –Fall of Berlin: The Soviet Union announces the capture of Berlin & Soviet soldiers hoist their red flag over the Reichstag building

1952 – The world’s first ever jet airliner, the De Havilland Comet 1 makes its maiden flight, from London to Johannesburg

1972 – In the early morning hours a fire breaks out at the Sunshine Mine located between Kellogg and Wallace, Idaho, killing 91 workers.

1986 –The City of Chernobyl is evacuated six days after the disaster

1998 – The European Central Bank is founded in Brussels in order to define & execute the European Union’s monetary policy

2000 – President Bill Clinton announces that accurate GPS access would no longer be restricted to the United States military

2008 – Cyclone Nargis makes landfall in Burma killing over 138,000 people & leaving millions of people homeless

2008 – Chaitén Volcano begins erupting in Chile, forcing the evacuation of more than 4,500 people.

2011 – Osama bin Laden, is killed by the United States special forces

2014 – Two mudslides in Badakhshan, Afghanistan, leave over 2,500 people dead


POD (Poem Of the Day)


~The portals of perception
Raw & cluttered await
The revealing –
It is my Self I see –
A 1000 colors swirling in liquid light
A star covered in rising clouds
Hung by a thread from its ocean Moon
Hail Self
Traversing eternity
In moral steps of time
Where the Guardian beckons


Like an evening vapor after the sunset
An On-line Ascension Festival with the Central Regional Council
May 21, 2020, 7pm – 8:15pm CDT (8pm – 9:15pm EDT)

Ascension Thursday – May 21, 2020
7pm – 8:15pm CDT
(8pm – 9:15pm EDT)

Join the Central Regional Council and special guest Raven Garland on an artistic exploration of the Mystery of Ascension.  We will offer leading thoughts, intermingled with poetry and Eurythmy, to be followed by open conversation.

In the clouds, between the depths of earth and heavenly heights, in the sphere of the etheric realm, we see the primal image of metamorphosis.

Is this global pandemic entreating us to ‘Practice Spirit Beholding‘ to awaken to the etheric realm we all share in common with the earth? We can ‘Practice Spirit Recalling‘ to remember we received our etheric body on Old Sun. In practicing ‘Spirit-Sensing‘ we may feel perhaps the Coronavirus is an admonition for us to reconnect to the sun-forces now imbued with The Etheric Christ, waiting to be recognized and engaged in the current evolving conditions. This is an invitation for all of humanity to rise to a higher stage of initiation – a global Coronation.

The fulfillment of the secret promise of the Ascension is the Second Coming.  Will we choose to participate?

FREE – ALL are Welcome – find below Zoom Call details.
The Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America invites you to join our on-line Ascension Festival
This will be a “Zoom” conference call allowing us an opportunity to see one another while conversing (or audio only if you prefer).  To connect to the audio/video-conference:Option 1.  Click link below if you wish to connect through your computer (a headset is recommended)
The PASSWORD is:  Ascension

Option 2.  Call in using your telephone.
United States: +1 (346) 248 7799  or +1 (312) 626 6799
Access Code: 869-9874-8216
The PASSWORD is:  Ascension

Option 3. You can use a combination of Options 1 and 2 (computer and phone). If you use the phone, please turn off the audio on your computer to prevent audio feedback.

For more info. contact Alberto Loya

May Hope Spring Eternal –

The CRC – Marianne Fieber, Alberto Loya, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, David Howerton, Lisa Dalton
EurythmystRaven GarlandIn heavy clouds let Him ascend

And so also let Him downward tread.
In cooling streams let Him be sent,
in flames of fire blaze His descent,
In air and essence, sound and dew,
To permeate our whole earth through.
~Novalis, born on May 2nd, 1772 — Happy birthday to him!