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Greetings friends – Testing 1-2-3 – I am trying something new here – sending these thoughts remotely since I am away at the “The Mysteries of Healing: Realizing AnthropoSophia” Conference. (“work Ahriman, work”)

Those of you who tune-into RR know that I am keen on making karmic connections around the Historic & current events, Feast Days, & birth & death days of influential individualities, inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s Original Calendar of the Soul.

While researching, I came across Steiner attributing 21 July as the Birthday of Alexander the Great – which he also reveals was the very same day in 356 BC that the Temple of Ephesus went up in flames.

Legend has it that the Goddess Artemis, to whom the Temple was dedicated, was away that day – busy attending to the birth of Alexander.

I love to look behind these myths & legends to see the spiritual reality speaking. Steiner connects the Burning of the Temple of Artemis with the burning of the Goetheanum – attributed in the 1st case with ‘The Jealously of the gods’ and with the Johannes Bau – The House of the Word = ‘The Jealously of Men’.

The Mysteries of Ephesus became inscribed into the Cosmic Ethers after the Burning of the Temple. Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander the Great, was able to receive these mysteries by reading the Cosmic Script. Renewing them – he brought these mysteries of The Word back to the world in what we call the ‘Aristotelian Categories’.

So amazing to make these cosmic & historic connections – & bring them into our thinking now – And then really it’s up to us to make something of them.

I have been striving to use my imaginative thinking to carry the clues that Steiner gives to connect the mysteries that stand behind: The Colossus of Artemis, which was a symbol of the Logos before it came to Earth in a human form, & the Representative of Humanity – The Word made manifest – The Christ impulse of Wonder, Compassion, & Conscience giving meaning to human evolution.

A lightbulb goes off in my heart & mind when I add in the open secret that: ‘The Group’ is in reality a veil of the New Isis – which the true human being is called to lift, bringing the full blossom of Wisdom to the seed of Love.

It all becomes clear that we are meant to connect the dots inscribed into the ethers thru the burning of these 2 Temples – One to Artemis, the Comic Logos & the other to Anthroposophia, the Truth-Wrought-Word of the Human Being.

Written in the cosmic script we find the old clairvoyance bestowed thru initiation into the Mysteries of Ephesus, being carried into the thinking of Aristotle, to inform Alexander’s Michaelic Campaign – Bringing the Mysteries of the East in a renewed form to the West; preparing the way for the Christ Event that came at the Turning Point of Time.

And then following the individualities of Aristotle & Alexander into their lives reunited once again on the Dornach hill, standing together before the burning of the Goetheanum – as the New Mysteries of the Reverse Cultus became inscribed also into the ethers, expanding & evolving the Cosmic Script, renewing The Logos – which awaits our interaction.

Friends, the Statue of the Representative of Humanity stands with us today as the living link between the past, present & future – if we will to unveil the New Isis hidden in the hand-hewn carving, whose essence dwells in the Dodecahedron of Love, that we must cultivate within our heart-thinking – to open our humanness to the Wisdom of the Christ – then the burning will not have been in vain…

Here is the Recording from last year’s ‘Roots & Renewal Session’ # 1: From Artemis to the Representative of Humanity and Beyond

21 July 2023 “Speaking with the Stars”: From Astrosopher Jonathan Hilton – “As the Moon passes Mars on Friday, the Sun steps into the stars of Cancer and is opposite Pluto, in Capricorn. So, the Sun will be above in our day consciousness and Pluto will be working through the Earth from below in our night or “unconscious.” We can picture at sunset and sunrise, the Sun on one side at the horizon, rising or setting, and Pluto on the other side, rising or setting. This can, in our time, be a powerful picture of the opposition of the Sun-I, to the anti-Sun forces, or the opposition between the Christic and anti-Christic/Asuric forces.

Pluto has become a central player in recent historical events, particularly beginning in 2020, when it met Jupiter and Saturn leading up to the Great Conjunction of these planets during Holy Nights, 2020. Pluto is now in the same degree as that Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in December, 2020.

It is worth noting that Pluto was opposite the Sun on New Year’s Eve 1922/23 when the Goetheanum was burned, when the anti-Christic destructive fire started below in the basement as Rudolf Steiner was lecturing in the hall above. This current opposition in Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn can become an imagination for us of the challenges in our time to, out of the Christic I, meet and transform the powerful forces working from Pluto, which carries both the greatest destruction as well as the highest potentiality of the transformation of the physical, ultimately to Spirit Human or Atman.”

Tomorrow 22 July Is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. As promised – to receive the Premier Video of Velsum performing ‘The Sanctifier”  go to my YouTube channel to turn on the notification – I believe it will then be sent to you on MM’s Feast Day at 12 am.

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  1. Re Jonathan Hilton’s comment: “… Pluto, which carries both the greatest destruction as well as the highest potentiality of the transformation of the physical, ultimately to Spirit Human or Atman.” It’s interesting that Cayce told us that Pluto and Vulcan are one and the same. We’re always seeing this polarity, where the lower stages of our development bring the greatest destruction, while the higher stages of our development bring about the highest potential. Steiner called the Vulcan development “the Vulcan development, the highest state in the development of our system”. The difference is how we choose to develop ourselves, individually and collectively.

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