ArtNight our Beaux-Ideal

photo by Jay Faulkner

Dear friends, I am thrilled to testify that with all the divisiveness in our world today it was refreshing & energizing to experience the phenomenon that is ArtNight – where a ’20 something’ crowd (although all ages are welcome) comes together for a sober 1st Friday event – creating a conscious community where everyone is encouraged do what they love, & to share it in the affirmative environment that is generated.

At the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago we offer a ‘Shared Space Agreement’ encouraging folks to bring their social initiatives & share them in our community space. We have things like early childhood playgroups, watercolor painting classes, a mom & tot exercise class, Martial Arts demonstrations, Live music concerts, special events & celebrations, gallery openings…etc…

On 3 February 2023 the ArtNight Team: Founder & facilitator:Jared Hochberg; Patrick Fang: co-facilitator, AV, & newsletter guy; Kiki King: co-facilitator, outreach coordinator; & Jay Faulkner: Social media, film/photography – brought a diverse group of about 90 young people – Including artist-venders selling their work – various ‘presenters’ who sign up by contacting the organizers before-hand for a 5 or 15 minute time slot, & sometimes free food that is donated by different venues. This month there was stand-up comedy, a young entrepreneur promoting her business, dance, music, film…And what makes the evening so special is that it is very interactive. After each offering questions & feedback are encouraged. And what I loved most, there are opportunities for group activities – at the beginning to break the ice – in the middle, there are small group sessions to go deep – & social cappers that bring everyone together at the end.

The most amazing part of ArtNight is the vibe – such generous enthusiasm, total support – a relaxed, ‘go with the flow’ – accepting attitude – a sense of adventure & a willingness to engage in exploring what others are passionate about without judgement – no tension from competition – no hipster posers or head trips – absolute authenticity – a spirit of fun & of being in the moment – a truly safe sober space, where folks can be vulnerable & real – It was like being around Waldorf grads who can shake your hand, & look you in the eye, so earnest, polite & helpful – they listen, & take genuine interest in the other, asking questions & giving encouragement – & drum roll please – there is an atmosphere of pure Good Will & warm Heartedness!!!

Only a few Branch members were there, which is too bad, since these young people are beaux-ideal exemplars for us – holding an important spiritual impulse that I would sincerely label as unconditional Love – which we all need to foster in this world.

A dear friend who is relatively new to Anthroposophy was telling me just last week that he wanted to buy some art for his apt. He ended up purchasing 2 original paintings. He said it was kismet.

Johnna Ceick

I am always looking to support young artists, so I bought one too, as well as a print.   

Our Branch space was definitely uplifted, thoroughly enlivened with positive youthful forces. It was striking to hear their perspective of how the lockdown affected them on many levels, & so powerfully beautiful to see how they brought these & other personal experiences into their artistic expressions.

photo by Jay Faulkner

Every month there is a conversational theme, & this month it was ‘Friendship’. We all got a handout with suggested questions we could ask each other. I was in a group of 4 young men around 25 years old who were open & willing to share their biography. It felt safe, fun & intimate; a great way to get to know complete strangers, allowing the founding of a relationship. I was surprised at how many were curious about Anthroposophy. It reminded me that I need to polish up my elevator speech in case any hidden Michaelites are meant to hear about Spiritual Science. Yes, our karma meets us in the most interesting & often unexpected ways.  

Natalie Fuentes-Aleman

ArtNight is very all-inclusive, everyone is invited to share what interests them, or simply come as you are to have an experience & make some new friends.

And if you have a social initiative that needs a sacred space, check out our ‘Shared Space Agreement’ at the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago. The social cultural realm must become a living chalice pouring out the opportunity to learn, heal, & grow spiritually.

When human beings meet together seeking the spirit with unity of purpose, then they will also find their way to each other… ~Rudolf Steiner


5 February 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The Quickening Moon reached fullness today. Bella Luna, hanging with Leo the Lion, rises in the east-northeast within a few minutes of sunset. Once the Moon is well up after dark, you can see it forming an isosceles triangle once again with Regulus and Algieba, the two brightest stars of Leo’s Sickle glimmering through the moonlight. Regulus is about a fist below the Moon. Algieba (Gamma Leonis) is a fist to the Moon’s lower left.

(with added titles) by Roy Sadler
Thought’s Creative Will
And when I grasp the senses’ new allure
the clarity of soul,
mindful of the Spirit-birth fulfilled,
imbues the world’s bewildering,
fresh sprouting growth
with my creative will of thinking.

There is a unique line here with a different format to every other line in the Soul Calendar. If you recognise it and have an idea of its significance I invite you to bring your own thought’s creative will to the comment section, which I look forward to reading and replying to.

The mirror verse
Lose Yourself In Light
And when I let my own will go
the summer’s coming fills my soul
and spirit life with cosmic warmth;
my spirit vision is commanding me
to lose myself in light, and ardently
my foresight’s calling: ‘lose yourself.
to find your Self’.


The Mystery of Ascension with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

This course is available on Zoom. You will be emailed a Zoom link closer to the time of the class. The course will be recorded and you will receive a link to watch it. Go to the Infinity Foundation web site to enroll

Course Number 231154 / Zoom
Date: Thursday, May 11
Time 7:00 – 8:30 PM CST
Cost $33/23 payment 10 days in advance

Gerald Shepherd

When we tune into the Cycle of the Seasons, we experience that as the Earth breathes out in the Springtime, the beings of nature reach upwards towards the heights. The longing of the human soul also strives to meet this mood of ascension, which attunes all life to the cosmic expanses.

Together we will gain insights in how to rise up to our Higher Self by participating in this harmonizing spring-dialogue between the worlds.

This reconnection between heaven & earth was prefigured in the story of Jacob’s ladder from the Old Testament. Through his dream of the ‘stairway to heaven’, Jacob gave us a prophecy in the picture of a golden ladder on which choirs of Angels traverse between the ‘Above & Below’. The Mystery of the Ascension of Christ, 40 days after the Resurrection at Easter, fulfilled Jacob’s Prophecy. Christ as the Being of Love became the living bridge connecting us to the eternal.

Through this workshop we will learn how humanity will also be transfigured in the fullness of time. The company of the Angelic Hierarchies wait for us, their younger siblings, to ascend, first of all in our thinking, to meet them in fellowship, as they work all the while by our sides.

Here’s a blast from the past: ~hag Bringing in the Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid to The Theosophical Society

29 thoughts on “ArtNight our Beaux-Ideal

  1. Your description of art night was spot-on. Positive energy in abundance! A rare thing today. These types of gatherings for youth will bear beautiful fruit.

  2. Hi Hazel,

    Again, I have to say that you showcase yourself as a cosmopolitan spirit, whether it is in Chicago, or on the road. I have been glad to be associated with you for nearly four years, since February 27, 2019. I think of you as the Dion Fortune of Anthroposophy, which is only meant to be an accolade for all you do. The resemblance is extraordinary, as well with her same fervor. Glastonbury was a place for you to see, was it not? This year is very important. I am marking every day. Yes, Full Moon on February 5th. Midpoint between Cancer and Leo. Thanks for being who you are, which is extraordinary. I’m sure that is why we know each other 🙂

    1. Thank you Steve for your observations & good will.
      Yes, I do strive to bring the Michaelic quality of Cosmopolitanism to my work, it does seem extremely important to be open to all 12 points of view at least.
      Perhaps I will try & tune into DF to help me in my writing. I certainly loved all her occult novels as a young woman. And I really do resonate to the sacred sites in England & Ireland. Thanks for being part of the conversation here & for being in my life. xox

      1. Thanks for these kind words. Fuji wrote this, which got me thinking about a remark you made from the ArtNight gathering:

        “Your description of art night was spot-on. Positive energy in abundance! A rare thing today. These types of gatherings for youth will bear beautiful fruit.”

        You indicated something seemingly cryptic for anyone not in the know, so to speak. While it stands to reason that today’s Youth, and their artistic visualizations, are likely budding Michaelites, they stand in greater measure and number to the members of the anthroposophical movement, which is still pushing to reach the million mark. So, how to get them in is very interesting. How do you do it? Do you tell them about the Living Being of Anthroposophy who lives and moves and has Her being within each individual soul? She gives the creative incentive, and fledgling Michaelites might just want go know more about it. At least, that is one approach toward increasing the gathering. Just a thought.

            1. the link is broken, but i think I know what it says – but the math just makes me cringe as do most statistics & data sheets…
              Yes these young Micahelites are needed
              will they ever be recognized & accepted for who they are?

              1. Does this relate to what you said once about the resistance of the Anthroposophical Society to “true innovation”? And Steiner did give a supporting hand and encouragement for the Esoteric Youth Circle, which formed officially on October 16, 1922, just one month after the Christian Community received a similar convocation.

                Are we seeing a falling away of Steiner’s high-energy motivations for the expansion of the movement and society in today’s cultural environment? All the indications that I have been seeing of late concern how to better serve and conform to the “company/corporation”, and its profit-making endeavors, such as Weleda. Steiner formed a Christmas Foundation Stone in late 1923, and not a corporation.

              2. Yes, innovation & initiative. But even the Circle which I held dear has revealed itself at its centenary to be corrupted. In my striving to work with young people I am finding new ways of sharing what Spiritual Science has to offer these Michaelic souls.

              3. Did I hear you correctly. The Esoteric Youth Circle is corrupt? You gave a four part presentation on the forming of the Circle back in October. Weren’t we supposed to believe it? I know that Steiner told them there would be much more involved than a secret handshake and a Michael meditation. He said any such thing like this means the responsibility of a much higher level of work and commitment; a new intensity with global implications.

              4. Perhaps that’s part of it: where one feels called to integrate themselves within society ‘at large’ – wherever that may be. Something that stood out to me was Steiner’s remark of not speaking ‘their’ language, that is, in reference to the ‘millions’ out there.

                As it is alluded, Michaelites can come from all reaches of society. It doesn’t have to just be one’s involved in ‘civil activism’ or the like. If it really comes down to a type of Thinking, which is different from Personal, i.e. Cosmic, it is heart centered… and surely (I can speak with my own experience) there are many people who have this quality.

                That is partly why I’m astounded when I read something, for example, from a non-Anthroposophist saying something with deep Spiritual Scientific depth (if I amy), that their own experience and insight would prove them being very much, Anthroposophical. But they don’t use any Anthroposophical terminology.

                Did Steiner, then, imply that new ‘languages’ must be adopted? I think that ‘language’ here is used synonymously with ‘manner of speech’. For it wasn’t that long ago in human history, where spiritual research, scientific research, was all done in Latin. Eventually, it was proved that it could be done in the vernacular languages… and I believe it started in Germany (if I remember) – this is in GA225, I think.

                So, now we are using vernacular language, but in regards to Anthroposophy, you can speak about it to someone who knows nothing about it… they hear the words, they know the words, but it doesn’t register. It doesn’t mean anything. Yet, people can very well explain these findings in Anthroposophy without the jargon.

                I find that a rather great challenge. Imagine, then, attempting to explain Anthroposophy to a Buddhist? I’m sure it can be done. When I’ve read Buddhadasa Bikkhu’s works, it’s as though he is speaking from an Anthroposophical point of view, to a point. So, if someone were to speak ‘that’ language… then there is a whole list of terms in Sanskrit that describe very real spiritual phenomena. Even Buddhadasa Bikkhu speaks of the difference of language, the meaning.. like, there is the name Buddha, but then there is a very ‘real’ meaning with spiritual significance of what the Buddha really means.

                Stripping the language down, and away… then we get to the thing in itself. If language, then, is a map to the thing in itself… there is no reason why a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist, Gnostic, Wiccan, etc… would ‘not’ be able to see the same thing if any one of such individuals exercised their capacity to ‘think’, they would transcend their own personal ‘idiom’. Think as in, follow the trajectory of ‘thought’ through and keep going with it. Of course, anyone can run the risk of thinking in circles… but I’m under the impression that Steiner was getting at a kind of thinking that keeps going, and this is the type of thinking that breaks barriers – especially the barriers of one’s own culture.

              5. It is a great challenge, & language is certainly a big part of it. I think of how at the 1st Pentecost event, when the Holy Spirit enlightened their heads, the disciples were able to speak so that all could understand them in their hearts of hearts.
                To be able to communicate spiritual truths we also have to be able to listen. What are the questions that are living? And as you say how do we change out thinking -How do we think with the heart?

              6. I am shocked and dismayed by this revelation about the Circle, which was *supposed* to be working from a higher vantage point since its inception in October 1922. I am going to carefully work through your well considered presentations about the Jubilee, and I would like to hear some feedback about it, if possible.


                Again, I find it extremely disappointing, and much like when I first heard about the sabotage and betrayal of Rudolf Steiner, which was first disclosed in 1997, with the so-called “Initiative To All”, which came from Wifried Heidt, who encouraged with it, the first general membership initiative concerning the past workings of the GAS since Steiner’s death. That was also a shock, which is now matched by this disclosure of yours, Hazel.


                Ottmar and I have talked about this in the past. He even knew the man, although by now, he seems to have forgot all about him. Possibly, this is the dilemma of the “Circle”. We’ve simply gotten too old to maintain its central integrity. As such, Youth today run wild. Where is the discipline and focus to come from? The old-timers are gone. So, I see the dilemma, and I am not so young myself. But, I see the challenge in what Joel Kobran was writing about in 2000. And, you saw him as a troublemaker 🙂

                Maybe, instead, he was a visionary who was forecasting the future in the near-term. I went looking for him in order to applaud his efforts. He had died, and I think it was in 2005.

              7. I have not seen “Initiative To All” from Wifried Heidt

                Perhaps trouble maker is not the right way of phrasing it – I saw his commentary as being negative, which is a lot easier to be than visionary which requires at the very least being able to apply the 6 basic in these areas of challenge.

                6BE Exercise for ‘Positivity’ :
                To accomplish actions from own initiative, to decide to act in such a way that the action is his very own, this produces such a calmness in him that is necessary for the soul. Endurance, standing firmly and certainly, enduring pain, grief, and joy. Further, on, the human being must acquire the biggest impartiality. He is worn out by nothing more than, if he approaches the negative aspects of the things. This causes disharmony and at the same time, he is exhausted. A Persian legend is authoritative that reports to us how Christ Jesus and his disciples once saw a rotting dead dog lying by the wayside. The disciples asked the master not to waste his time with the dog, the animal were too ugly. However, Christ looked at the dog and said which nice teeth the animal has. He looked here for the beautiful in the ugly thing. Any affirmation animates, any negation exhausts and kills. Not only because a moral strength belongs to it to turn to the positive side of a thing, but also because any affirmation animates and makes forces of the soul free and certain.
                In such an age like ours, nervousness also prevails. Nervousness and negative criticism belong together. The provided virtues are there to release higher forces for the human being. Such virtues, which should make the lower life rhythmical, give the soul forces, so that it can dedicate itself to the higher development. This inner development proceeds completely quietly.

              8. I want to share a passage here. By no means am I equating Joel Kobram to The Friend of God… but only to illustrate that some messages may come off harsh, yet yield positive outcomes – even if it takes years.

                “ The Story of the Master of Holy Scripture, later included in a collection titled, The Great Memorial. According to the Story of the Master of Holy Scripture, the Friend of God from the Oberland one day arrived at a great city where a famous preacher was expounding the Bible to crowded and enthusiastic congregations. The Friend of God attended the sermons each day for five days. At the conclusion of the fifth day, he sought out the preacher and asked, “Reverend Sir, will you preach tomorrow on a theme I would suggest to you?” The clergyman agreed, and asked what the subject should be. The Friend of God from the Oberland replied, “How to attain the highest degree of spiritual life.”
                The preacher delivered a brilliant exposition the next morning. Starting from the Gospels he branched out into the Church Fathers, dipped deep into Dionysius, and concluded with a tremendous display of erudition. The congregation was enthralled by his words, but at the end of the service the theologian saw the Friend of God walk away silently and alone, with head bowed as though in deep thought.
                The next day the Friend of God went to the clergyman and gave him a scathing criticism of the sermon, even saying that if that was the best he could do, then he was not capable of teaching about the spiritual life at all. The preacher’s anger knew no bounds, but suddenly an inner voice told him to calm himself and to listen to the stranger’s words. Having regained possession of himself once more, he quietly asked the Friend of God what help he could give him. Then the layman gave the Master of the Holy Scriptures twenty-three sentences, saying, “These are the ABC of religion; master these, and events will show their worth.” The theologian withdrew from active service and spent a long time in meditation and prayer. His power of preaching left him, so that he could hardly speak an intelligible sentence, let alone deliver a whole sermon. His congregations deserted him; everywhere he was scorned and ridiculed.
                After two years he was led by an inner voice which told him to enter the pulpit to preach during the service. Quietly he did so, noting the scorn and derision on the faces of the people as he faced them. For a long moment there was silence, then suddenly without any premeditation at all he gave out as his text, “Behold the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him!” And the spiritual power which flowed with his words was so great that it is said that forty persons fainted from sheer excitement and joy.”

              9. So interesting Kyle that you bring in this quote speaking about the Friend of God from the Oberland, especially after der Jugend kreis came up in this thread…

                Yes, negative reinforcement is a powerful tool. In a way I used to be a master at it, it came so easy for me to see what was off or missing or wrong. I often saw how my tough love – the blunt harness, was a whip for change. Now-a-days I make an effort to catch myself at it to make sure that’s the best way & then it’s good for me to make the alchemical change – to dose it homeopathically with the positive – like that parable about Jesus commenting about the beautiful teeth of the dead dog.

                But this story about the Friend of God from the Oberland is striking very close to home. I find myself as a living example of both characters. Right now I am in the part of the story depicting the ‘withdraw’ working the ‘ABC’s’, feeling the anger & hardly being able to ‘speak an intelligible sentence’, waiting for that inner voice, waiting for the bridegroom to come so I can go out to meet him.

                I was telling Chuck tonight how this is really the first time I have truly felt doubt. Hate, yes I understand that. Fear is more tricky for me, cause it turns right into anger & impulsiveness. But doubt, yep, that’s a new one for me.

                And yes, I can also see that I am truly blessed – for there are many days when I see that living consciously into the architypes which this story provides is a kind of initiation & that I can have faith that I will get thru it to the other-side where the growth can be put into practice. And along the way I very often receive amazing grace: I am, have been, & when I am worthy & needed, I will again, be, the sacred vessel for spiritual power.

                Kyle & Steve, thank you for being part of this initiation!

              10. This Friend of God works in many mysterious ways. On another occasion, he came into a humble man’s shoe shop, and looked around at the offerings in shoes and clogs, and mumbled a word or two. He seemed like a phantom presence, yet the very air in the shop became enlivened with a charge of electric current. Then, he bought a pair of shoelaces, and walked out. The next day, the man who owned the shop, and made the shoes, had an utterly transcendent experience in which he saw the entire downward-tending generations of the Trinity to pass before his mind’s eye. What caused this to take place was the Sun coming in through his kitchen window where a pewter dish on the table glanced a ray of light into his eye, and he went into a swoon. When it was all over, he spent the next 12 years thinking and writing about it in stumbling words. It was finished in 1612, and became, “The Aurora”. He presented it to the Lutheran pastor in Gorlitz, who commanded him to not write anymore. Being a duly faithful member of the congregation of the church, he obeyed. Then, in 1618, circumstances known to political and religious history, forced him to pour his soul out for the cause of truth and knowledge. His close friends begged him to write all that he had left to say that had been waiting for just such an opportune moment. He was persecuted for it, but his heart was at peace. The Friend of God had made another chosen one.

              11. Hi Hazel,

                I don’t think that Kyle will mind my saying that these two instances of the working of the Friend of God from the Oberland refer to two of the Rhineland Mystics, who were those 11 mysterious figures who inspired the second Christian millennium, which Steiner also called, “The Renewed Moses Epoch”. As such, they lived in succession, and not side by side, like the disciples of Christ. For nearly 400 years, these very last of the nature mystics, lived to inspire the Renaissance and Enlightenment era of the 5th Cultural epoch. From Meister Eckhardt, born in 1265 AD, to Angelus Silesius, who died in 1677, these eleven were the cornerstone of what has passed down to us as the Intellectual Soul, and even brought us to the brink of the Consciousness Soul, thanks to Rudolf Steiner. You see, Rudolf Steiner can be looked upon as the twelfth in this arrangement. As such, he surmounts the last vestiges of Mysticism with Clairvoyance, and this should give you no doubts about the future. It is securely in our hands. It is only courage to say what needs to be said, and reveal what has failed and needs to be renewed that gets the ball rolling.

                “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. The Youth will prevail because they have to. Otherwise, what is a spiritual evolution for? Losing is not an option.

            2. Thanks for sharing this article, Steve. I noticed this passage sited in the article, and it really has immense implication (given what Steiner is saying and pondering ‘why’ he is saying it).

              “Nothing is to be said against anyone who wants to learn. On the contrary, this must be cultivated far more intensively in the future than it has been in the years since 1918, when the attempt was made to bring all manner of academic usages, and other allurements too, into the Anthroposophical Movement. But something else must now be added which,by the way, we have always striven for. Anthroposophy must now be represented before the world at large, and this requires quite another style. This, among other things, weighed with me in deciding to take the Presidency of the Society, for thereby it will be possible for me to show to the world more fully how I should like Anthroposophy to be represented by the Society. The point of view we adopted in 1912, 1913 – and that with the best intentions – that I should withdraw into the background and only have the office of a teacher. But there came a time when this gradually proved to be impossible. My real intentions were constantly being blunted by the Society. The inner force and impulse was taken from them–especially after 1918”

              -Rudolf Steiner: January 18,1924. The Constitution of the School [for] Spiritual Science (lectures to members published in abbreviated form)

              I want to highlight some points here

              “Anthroposophy must now be represented before the world at large, and this requires quite another style.”

              Steiner had to intervene, he had to steer the ‘ship’ in a different direction – so to speak – and couldn’t sit on the sidelines.

              And his ‘real’ intentions were being blunted by the Society itself. So, while he was alive, from 1918-1924… there was some obvious contention going on.

              So isn’t this strange, how in the span of about a year, after stating all of this, he dies? One also has to consider this, also stated in the article, that the society at that time had roughly 50,000 members.

              What I’m getting at, is that perhaps the Society’s obstruction has been the Society itself. Steiner alluded to revamping the whole approach, and he never was able to do it (successfully – that is – and this is also evident with the fates of those after him, ie. Carl Unger). Whatever traditions have been fast held since that time within the Society, one ought to consider it the very thing that Steiner was gearing towards changing. It is a very peculiar fate at such a peculiar time, that it is very hard to ignore.

              What if the Society had it all wrong post 1925 and on? Would Anthroposophists be willing to just, well, ‘let go’? Face the emptiness of no culture to cling to? Is this perhaps the reason why Steiner suffered his own fate, because members did not want to ‘let go’ of something they cherished so much?

              Steiner appeared to be in a position to present spiritual science to the whole world. I can very well imagine that at least a few out of 50,000 members would not like that notion at all. At a time, even now, where secret societies ‘permeate’ society… revealing esoteric knowledge can be likened to a death sentence.

              Keeping the masses from Truth is the ultimate priority… because Truth sets one Free, and no need to explain why some forces working through people wouldn’t want that.

              1. I remember reading this 20 something years ago when it first came out thinking that these guys were just trouble makers 😉 But ironically after being completely dedicated & fully immersed in the society & finding I had no place there, I now relate to what you are saying Kyle. I have been in deep mourning over this realization after letting go in September 2022. And so now I must work as an individual to serve Christ-Michael-Anthroposophia, ever striving to put Steiner’s indications into practice. My heart is called to enliven the Festival Life within the sister movements of Biodynamic Agriculture & The Christian Community – And to share here, inviting conversation & deep dialogue, as I work to morally pursue my spiritual development. Thanks for being active in your thinking.

            3. I sincerely apologize. When you sent the link to Joel Kobran’s article & it didn’t work the 1st time, by the time I received the correct link I had become overloaded with other topics & did not take the time to review it – actually I mistook it for something I had read in the past which was completely different, by another person entirely.

              Anyway I finally printed out what Kobran wrote & I have to say I have to agree with him. I have also felt a strange unbalanced character from Perlas & Ben-Aharon, although I have also been taken in by many of the quotes I have read from them around the idea that Michaelites are needed in the Anthroposophical Movement.

              From Steiner: Dornach, June ’16, 1923: “Today’s Anthroposophists have an obligation to practice in all details greater courage, greater energy, greater patience, greater tolerance, and, above all, greater truthfulness.”

              I agree that the war killed off the many young people who might have found themselves thru Waldorf Education.

              On January 18, 1924,a few weeks after the 1923 Christmas Conference in Dornach that re-founded the Anthroposophical Society and during which Steiner joined and became its president, he said: “…Something else must now be added— which, by the way, we have always striven for. Anthroposophy must now be represented before the world at large, and this requires quite another style .This, among other things, weighed with me in deciding to take the Presidency of the Society, for thereby it will be possible for me to show to the world more fully how I should like Anthroposophy to be represented by the Society…My real intentions were constantly being blunted by the Society. The inner force and impulse was taken from them—especially after 1918.”

              A beginning in reversing this trend and in speaking their language would be to take to heart the “obligation raised to a higher power” incurred by the members of the Anthroposophical Society, that is, “to practice in all details greater courage, greater energy, greater patience, greater tolerance, and, above all, greater truthfulness.”

              The quote that points up what Kyle was saying about people not being able to think in regards wo what Steiner gave us thru this work ‘Philosophy of Spiritual activity’. And that this is the reason Anthroposophy is misunderstood in the world & “its fruit will be endless conflict”.

              1. This article, The Missing Michaelic Millions, was written in 2000, the first year of the New Millennium, and so it had a focus on the future. In 2001, Manfred Schmidt Brabant, President of the General Anthroposophical Society died. What needed to take place was the election of Sergei Prokofieff to become the new President. A charismatic leader would have been installed in his rightful place, and his books and teachings would have lifted the society out of the lethargy that it had become mired in. But, they didn’t do that. Why? Well, who is *they*? The AAG is ‘they’, which means the corporation. They decided that the society would be run by committee, and not a dynamic leader. So, Prokofieff got a position on the Vorstand, and nothing more. But, it wasn’t enough. You see, the Society has been held back ever since Rudolf Steiner died. His Christmas Foundation Stone meeting became the Association General Anthroposophical Society (AAG), and its main goal was to rebuild the Goetheanum with concrete. As well, its concern is what can make a profit.

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