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Greetings Friends

The Final Chapter, of the Tetrad Series which the Central Region of the Anthroposophical Society has been working with in our ‘Speaking with the Stars Project’ begins September 12-13, and ends at our Michaelmas Festival Sept. 27-28, 2015.

Join us at the Branch for our last Solar Eclipse Gathering Sunday September 13th 5:30am – 7am This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo, is on the eve of Rosh Hashanah.

Together as we greet the Sunrise, with:

*The Hallelujah in Eurythmy, and other group eurythmy with Tish Pierce

*We will review parts of Steiner’s lecture “Human Questions and Cosmic Answers”, so that we can rise in our thinking to meet the spiritual significance of an eclipse

*We will work with the Foundation Stone Meditation, and other Verses.

 *Michaelmas Songs

*Paper Sculpting: Cutting out forms in paper is an astral activity, which relates to the starry realm, as opposed to the flowing out processes which could be called etheric. It is the process our body uses to shape itself.

Doing this form of art, can help us take hold of this development with consciousness, an especially important endeavor to do during the eclipse time.

Shared Potluck Breakfast to Follow.

For more info. Contact Hazel. For a brief summary of some leading thoughts on eclipses, here’s a link:

~   ~   ~

YOU are invited to our upcoming Central Region conference: “Speaking with the Stars: ~Festive Resounding~” Before the Anthroposophical Society’s Annual General Meeting in St. Louis, MO October 7-8, 2015 – On the exquisite grounds of the Sisters of Carondelet Motherhouse

Dear CRC friends! This is a reminder that we need to provide the sisters of Carondelet with a final count of rooms and meals bySeptember 25.We have the opportunity to stay at The Carondelet Motherhouse through Sunday, for those planning to attend the national AGM, at great rates and unparalleled architecture.

The CRC Festive Resounding will include:

* A Journey through the Planetary Spheres

* Artistic Explorations

* Eurythmy with Raven Garland

* Storytelling and Singing

* An Overview and Sharing of Highlights from our Speaking

* Culminating on Thursday evening with a Showcase including:

Eurythmy, offerings from the Youth Initiative, and a Special Performance by Laurie Portocarrero!

Please submit your registration form ASAP (lodging is on a first-register basis).

Please call Alberto Loya at 734-395-0151, or any CRC representative, if you have any questions.

Link to the AGM: Engage! Meeting the Events of our Time (Anthroposophical Society in America)
As usual, we request your help in getting the word out!

See you in St. Louis!

The Central Regional Council: Dennis Dietzel, Marianne Fieber, Mary Louise Hershberger, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg and Alberto Loya, with Raven Garland

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