Ascension Thursday 2015

Greetings on this Ascension Thursday –

The relationship between heaven & earth is always changing. In this we see the miracle of the seasons – the breathing-in & breathing-out of the earth soul.

At the time of the Ascension of Christ, nature celebrates the ascension of the soul of the earth.

It is not by chance that the 40 days between Easter & Ascension coincide with the spring season when the earth soul begins its out-breath. Every year, when the earth breathes out in springtime, the mystery of the Ascension of Christ, Who is the Spirit of the Earth, is renewed.

Ascension is a festival of the hierarchies. Remember, that when Christ descended thru the heavens,

& came into human form, the hierarchies lost His presence. They could only find Him by looking into the depths  – bearing witness to  the God Who entered physical existence to remind earthly humanity of its cosmic citizenship.

At the Ascension, the mystery of the resurrection was brought for the 1st time to the company of heaven – Signaling the return of the lost world of earth into the community of the stars. Since that time, the life of this planet is renewed with the cosmic forces that stream earthward.

The sacrifice of Christ initiated on earth, was the antidote to the consequences of death brought on by the Fall – the redemptive deed that turns death into life.

The Concentrated seed of Christ’s deed, continues to grow in the earth thru the connection to the stars.

The Blossoms & fruits we see now are in reality not just products of earth but heavenly forms filled with earthly substance, like us.

I write these thoughts to you today just as our lawyers are presenting our case for tax exemption,

in the hope that we can join our thinking, feeling & willing in Good Will, for the best possible outcome!


~Hazel Archer Ginsberg


Spring into Eurythmy with Alison Biagi

Location: Upstairs at the Branch

Days: 5 Fridays in May and perhaps into June, with a possible show of the work?

Dates: May 1st, May 8, May 15, May 22, May 29

Time: 11am12:30pm

We will work with seasonal poetry, and some forms and indications from the ‘Calendar of the Soul’ as given by Steiner.

Financial Contribution: Recommended $50 for 5 sessions,  or $12.00 for individual classes, but no one who has the will to do eurythmy will be turned away for lack of funds.

Outfit: please wear something loose fitting and eurythmy shoes or socks.

For more information contact Alison (312) 543-6136

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