A Festival of the Higher Self

Dear friends –

The Ascension picture tells us that the deed of Golgotha was fulfilled for the physical & etheric body in the universal human sense.

Whitsun tells us that each single human being must make this deed bear fruit by willing our thinking to rise up to meet the Spirit of Wisdom – A challenge to strive towards spiritual knowledge –

A challenge to stay awake during the out-breath –

So that the ‘tongues of fire’ don’t get replaced with cold electric light.


Whitsun Sunday 2pm – 4pm May 24th  2015

A Festival of United Soul-Endeavor


We Gather in the Upper Room: Tone of the Day by Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

Human hearts, once warmed, can rise up to meet the source of wisdom, like flowers turning toward the sun.


Building the Hive: What are my gifts – What are my tools?

How can I place them in right relationship within the social realm?

How can I hone them to strengthen and enhance the world?


On a Mission: Enter the Labyrinth of Vitae Sophia

We will to heighten our individual soul forces to collectively open the portal into the

Spirit worlds.

                          Warmth calls the light

                          The spirit to ignite

                          Gifts I will give

                          Together we will live

                          One for all & all for one

                          One for all & all for one

The ‘We in Me’: a Watercolor Exploration of ‘The Other’

with Nancy Melvin. Through Art, the bridge between science & spirit, we warm the ‘I’, to open the heart, in support of healthy community.


Eurythmy with Alison

$10 for supplies & Snacks to Share Encouraged,

(But now one will be turned away for lack of cake or cash!)

For more info. Contact Hazel Archer Ginsberg


~   ~   ~


Spring into Eurythmy with Alison

Friday May 22, May 29

11am – 12:30pm

We will work with seasonal poetry, and some forms and indications from the ‘Calendar of the Soul’ as given by Steiner.

$12.00 for individual classes, but no one who has the will to do eurythmy will be turned away for lack of funds.

For more information contact Alison  (312) 543-6136

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