Between Scylla & Charybdis


Dear friends –

From the get-go I have been actively researching the many angles (angels) in my striving to apply Michaelic Thinking to connect the dots, as well as seeking to find the spirit behind this current world situation. Doing my daily meditations, the hygienic eurythmy, & aligning with the Festival energies, helps to keep me from falling into the rabbit-hole. I don’t always share everything, since I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed or burnt out by the vastness of it all. But this morning, July 5th 2020, I awoke with a start, after a night of bombs bursting, under the lunar eclipse. Perhaps it is the Spirit of Columbia calling to be heard – & so it is that I will try to put into words what cries for utterance & understanding.

think-for-yourself | The Blog of Baphomet
Barley Fetere

In a nut shell: These times are prompting humanity on a global scale to evaluate evidence & build discernment – to think, for & from our higher selves.

The adversarial beings on all sides, are working hard to place obstacles in the way of the individual’s ability to think – to evaluate conflicting information – to truly know, in freedom. This is an orchestrated suppression of the Consciousness Soulwhich is meant to come in now, to provide an individual relationship to the truth, beyond sympathy & antipathy.

Remake/edit of “Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds” By Elizabeth Kolbert
Elizabeth Kolbert

Everyone knows how easy it is to consider truth to be only what we prefer – determined thru our feelings, desires, our social conditioning, etc.

by Annael (Anelia Pavlova)

Only truth that has freed itself from the aftertaste of our selfish sympathies & antipathies, is enduring – This Eternal, Universal Truth, is real even if all personal feelings revolt against it. That part of the soul in which this truth lives is the Consciousness or Spiritual Soul. For this we strive. How do we develop it in freedom?

The Conspiracy Theory. Surreal Mixed Media Collage Art By Ayham Jabr. |  Futurism art, Collage art mixed media, Psychedelic art
Ayham Jabr

Another obstacle is the indiscriminate use of the label “conspiracy theory” used in reference to thinkers striving to do independent research, to think outside the box – thoughts not in accord with the mainstream narrative, which serve to strengthen a wave of suppression against independent thinking, & the development of the Consciousness Soul.

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Ken Onewn

Where does this urge to silence critical thinking, inherent as a potential attitude in each of us, originate?  And what causes governments, agencies, or media platforms, as well as people among us, to categorically dismiss, censer, & possibly penalize, any information or action, that thoughtfully challenges conventional medicine, lock-down policies, 5G, vaccines, etc?

The Odyssey Quotes About Family. QuotesGram
Waldorf 6th grader Jeremy Gold

We must take control of our ‘ship’ of thinking, & direct it thru the dual hazards of Scylla & Charybdis – One side of the narrow place representing self-satisfied, obedient faith in authority; & the other, an ungrounded, emotionally driven fantasy. (There is much practical advice for this task in Rudolf Steiner’s foundational book ‘Knowledge of the Higher Worlds’.)

Can we see the signs of the times, & recognize them as pointers from the past & harbingers to the future? We have seen the “medicalization” of society before – leading up to & thru out the Nazi era.

Institutional health measures become “equivalent to systematic health denial” & result in “disempowerment through experts,” & a “surveillance economy.”

Ahriman - Waldorf Watch

As Anthroposophers we know that Ahriman is the spirit of deception; so it is especially important to actively look behind the outer appearances of world events in order to discern their true causes & motives – a task that Rudolf Steiner termed “historical symptomatology” –This, my friends, is the study of, & the preparation for, Ahriman’s incarnation.

seen on FB

To further add to the mind-fuck of this topsy-turvy confusion & dis-order, a few days ago I started seeing the above meme on FB.

At 1st glance I am attracted to what it says on the surface, I agree with it all; but then in looking more closely, it is revealed that her t-shirt has the # 45 & a small #2…

American Greatness Apparel - American Greatness USA 45 Hat

& it dawns on me that this is a message appealing to the far-right to re-elect trump (45) for a 2nd term!

I am thankful this outrageous meme knocked me over the head to help me wake up – To see that this narrative creates a reverse psychology – If trump says it, then it must be false.

This is a brilliant strategy ‘proving’ to those whose immediate sympathies push us to disagree with anything that trump says, to instead conform to the WHO / CDC / Big Pharma plot.  (& to further complicate things, how do we find equanimity in a narrative that legally compels us to comply, or give away our personal freedoms?

Module 3: Mysteries of the Rectangle Reflection Paper | Emily Teets
Emily Theeters

Dear friends, please take the time to do your own research to get past the doctored Covid counts, the fear / shame based directives, & most of all, our own sympathies & antipathies, so that we might stand together, in the center, where Love is the only command.

These 3 highly respected resources hold power full perspectives:

The Present Age

New View

Deepening Anthroposophy



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9 thoughts on “Between Scylla & Charybdis

  1. “The region of Scylla is that of the spirits who serve Ahriman. We come into their sphere if we cultivate, not egotism but the will for destruction. If we cultivate the subjective mysticism connected with the Luciferic spirits of will into whose sphere we enter, then Charybdis approaches us from the other side; for these spirits do everything to foster egotism, so that our own inner nature forms the world for us. This is the duality in the material world: objective occultism — subjective mysticism. In both realms there may be aberrations.

    Fundamentally speaking, in what has been developing for centuries there is present, on the one side, objective occultism, guarded in the Secret Societies and Orders but no longer effectively protected owing to the insistent trend towards publicity. We have heard of the efforts that were made to find a way out of the dilemma. And on the other side there is subjective mysticism.

    It follows from this that when we wanted to lay the foundations of Spiritual Science, it behoved us not to allow ourselves to be enticed either by Scylla or Charybdis, but to steer between them; it behoved us neither to cultivate the old, traditional occultism, nor the old, traditional mysticism. And now you have a deeper conception of what gives our Movement its direction. Both objective occultism and subjective mysticism in the old sense had to be avoided. Our Spiritual Science had to be of a character ensuring that Scylla as well as Charybdis are avoided.

    I have still to speak to you about the fundamental character which our Spiritual Science must bear in order that it may steer clear of both these dangers. But it obviously cannot be avoided that at the present time, out of mistaken notions, certain people come to us because some of them are looking for an old, objective occultism, while others are hankering after old, subjective mysticism. It is hardly likely that either the one type or the other will find among us what they are looking for. But they believe they find it by simply interpreting our teaching to suit their own liking. The form which our teaching must take, and what our attitude to it must be if our ship is to be steered between Scylla and Charybdis — of this I must speak again tomorrow.”

    1. Yes, Steiner spoke about this many times, thank you.
      These lectures from The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century still ring true

      1. Yes, and specifically herein he was referring to the objective occultism of A.P. Sinnett’s popular book, Esoteric Buddhism, and the subjective mysticism of H. P. Blavatsky’s, The Secret Doctrine. Both books contain influential but erroneous assertions. In Sinnett’s book, he alludes to the Moon and the Eighth Sphere as being one and the same, and in Blavatsky’s book, she characterizes Jehova as the moon god of materialism. Both were wrong, and Steiner makes the effort to clarify the truth, and steer the ship between the dangers. Much on the true nature of the ever-present ‘Eighth Sphere’ would come out of this.

    1. Yes, finding the center, it’s an every moment goal…
      May we support each other in this work!

  2. Hazel, did you pdf all 3 journals to share the links with us? I want to subscribe and I find no online version, just paper? Thank you! ☀️

    1. The PDF’s were sent out by the magazines themselves in a link i received from the Goetheanum
      Deepening Anthroposophy

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