Coalescing Imaginations

~Nadezhda Deineka

Dear Friends – The Summer-Tide Season is a time of opening. With the longer days our pineal gland receives more light, & we sense the forces of creative power shining in us.

We can linger – & connect – to the Breath of Life, gently moving thru & between us…

How does it feel to: Make all our impressions alert to this breathing…Enjoy its rhythm…Feel the sustaining vitality…Tune into the life force coursing thru every cell – coalescing imaginations in the minds eye…

Shall we – Direct – our inner vision, if it is your will, to a pasture..See a field of burgeoning sunflowers…It is the dawning of a new day…a perfect Summer morning, with a white-cloud-dotted clear sky – the bright Sun streaming – dazzling the Universe with its light…The sunflowers are tall & abundant, swaying in the hazy breeze rippling across the field…Listen – to the rustle of their music, calling you to dance in the harmony of the moment…Soak up all the rich color – casting a golden glow the ethers round…

There is a path ahead, do you see it meandering through the towering flowers..? A canopy much taller than you are, magnificently following the Sun-Orb – absorbing its potent rays…

Will you follow this path..? Thoughtfully terrying – Taking time – to feel – every part of your foot – making contact with the fertile Earth…

The heliotropic flares lining the path acknowledge you, every step of the way, whispering of riches – of spiritual abundance – the golden prosperity of your soul…

Image result for st john's wort painting
 Eugeny Khara

Go on, look down to your right, O yes, there – See – a large patch of St. John’s Wort in full glory…Receiving permission from the plant spirit, you begin to harvest the bright yellow blossoms, putting them reverently into the pouch at your hip…

Thanking the regal medicine of this spirit, you move on down the narrow path, feeling the heat rising with the Sun, inflaming your souls purpose…

Image result for pennyroyal flower painting

Please do stop to drink from the clear stream…& as you begin to stand, notice – a patch of pennyroyal…You commune with its magic, gathering the fragrant leaves into your pouch…

Feeling enlivened & in rhythm with the course of Summer, you are lead to Wisteria & wild Rose…Fields of Thyme & Chamomile…

You know without doubt – This is where the plant fairies dance & play in the lengthening shadows – And when you look up to the sky, you see the first pink traces of dusk approaching…

As you come to the end of this path, your heart is swelling with tranquil concord…

A little way ahead there is an opening…There is always an opening – You make your way to where a small mound is lined with magnificent oaks; & below – a pristine pond… Under one of the oakens, on the edge of the glistening water, there is a blazing bonfire crackling as the sky turns orange-crimson…You are at home here…

Your fire is born of hard wood, & fat fir branches that have fallen near the shore to the nourish the boundary between Earth & Water…The waving flames divulge your secret name…

Will you offer up your harvest pouch – filled with Summer’s herbs..? Cast them with reverence into the blue core of the flame…

Along with the medicine, throw in all thoughts of negativity…all obstacles…all pain…all worries – Toss them into the hot fire of transformation…?

& as it burns – free – take in the rising fragrance of your healing harvest…feeling cleansed…& energized.

Yes, the twilight lingers. Our Day Star-Sun Takes its time to set triumphantly in the West…The sky is a canvas, & Mother Nature is emblazing on the ether rays – the reflection of her innermost soul – its grand design undulates on the still pond at your feet…

When you look at the water, you see that it is a perfect portriat of your life…On its surface you are able to experience what is deep below – All parts of who you are…What you are…What you will to become…

Your soul’s eternal beauty – its vastness – its great love – blend – with the sunset colors, & the pond’s liquid shimmer…

As the light fades, a knowing current ripples across the pond, & the colors are set into motion. There is a sweet music in the air…Is it a flute – harp, bells, drums – voices – ancient & new…?

A light begins to surface from the pond…& you see a geometry crystallizing…You recognize this as the spirit of Mother Earth – come to dance with you…She hovers over the pond like a humid mist, & in a sublime voice speaks to you…

“I have come, for you have honored me, by honoring yourself…I have come, for many do not know Me – I have come – thru you…Your life & mine are the same…Your welfare & mine are One…What is good for you is good for me…When you feel love, I feel love…So won’t you share your vision of Goodwill with others? Won’t you share your Beauty with the evolving Earth? Won’t you share your Truth with yourSelf? I ask, for I see you are able…Are you willing?

I see you are a bright power – like the Summer Sun…You are full of courage & light…You are a transformer of reality…So begin – yes begin again & then again – Transform the reality that no longer serves you…& as you do, link with others who know Me, & recognize the family of Life…When you perceive in someone, what you know inside to be true, seek to expand that truth…for as light is shared & love is grown, so shall the world change…

You do not live alone…You are my heart & hands, my eyes & voice…& The world is yours to craft as you choose…Choose freedom…Choose the way of Love – I gift you with Life & the ability to care for it…Embrace this gift.”

Image result for prayer

Dear One, will you take a moment now to renew your contract with The Mother, now at this Summer-Tide Time of ripening..?

What is it that you are meant to do – How will you use your gifts to cultivate all worlds – every elemental realm – each phase of human evolution – to heal your past, present & future Self…?

Advance the vision of your Divine-Self, by consciously imprinting these sense impressions into your heart-soul, to catalyse the mysterious release of magic secretions from the pineal gland – Resolve to act on your life-purpose dear Friends, by being awake to the multidimentional reality seen by means of our ‘Third Eye’ – amidst the field of Summer dreaming – to make it real.

Blessed be…


30 June 2023 “Speaking with the Stars”


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age,)

1924 – First World Power Conference conceived & founded by Scotsman Daniel Nicol Dunlop, a entrepreneur & Theosophist who later joined Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophical Society. He organized the first meeting which took place in London on 30 June 1924 & attracted 1,700 attendees from 40 nations. It was deemed so successful that the conference was established as a recurring event. In the beginning, the World Power Conference convened on a regular schedule every six years.

D.N. Dunlop was a pioneer of modern community building—in two areas in particular: industry & economics, & the sphere of the free spiritual life. In 1924 he founded the World Power Conferenceopened by the Prince of Wales in London that year. This was the first international conference to invite engineers & industrialists from all over the world (including Germany & Russia, two former World War adversaries), with the purpose of establishing a basis for co-operation & co-ordination in the production & technological use of energy resources within a modern world economy.

In 1929 a worldwide assessment of raw materials & energy resources was published in book-form with the title Power Resources of the World. The WPC gave birth to a permanent institution—the World Energy Council—that has its headquarters in London & has since held regular congresses in different capital cities throughout the world. The website of this private international organization records a short history of the institution which focuses on the profiles of five leading figures, beginning with Dunlop: ‘Shortly after World War I, Scotsman Daniel Dunlop, a visionary working in the British electricity industry, decided to bring together leading energy experts for a World Power Conference to discuss current and emerging energy issues. In 1923, he began working with countries around the globe to establish national committees that would stimulate attendance and prepare for technical participation at such a conference. The First World Power Conference was held the next year, 1924, in London and attracted 1,700 delegates from 40 countries. The meeting was so successful that those attending decided to establish a permanent organisation to continue the dialogue begun at the conference.

Within the spiritual-cultural sphere, Dunlop was a pioneer of the ‘summer school’—an idea which he actively pursued and brought to practical realization during his theosophical phase. Dunlop maintained that the ‘summer school’ was not in conflict with pure individual striving, but could potentize it— offer it fulfillment. For true individualism, if developed far enough, is exactly what socially conscious communities need if they are to progress.

The Present Age – Perseus Verlag

To a large extent these summer schools were gatherings of ‘communities of free spirits’. Following his encounter with Rudolf Steiner in 1922, Dunlop organized the great summer schools of Penmaenmawr &Torquay. According to Rudolf Steiner, these were ‘recorded in the Golden Book of the Anthroposophical Movement’. Steiner himself characterized Dunlop as a ‘far-seeing’ anthroposophist with visionary goals, endowed with clear and delicate perception, and remarkable human sensitivity & tact’. Despite Steiner’s very high public regard for him—Dunlop chose to remain in the background of events.

Daniel Nicol Dunlop met Rudolf Steiner in person in 1922. It was the Dutch manager Joseph van Leer who brought them together. They sat at the table together – Rudolf Steiner who spoke no English & Daniel N. Dunlop who spoke no German. Joseph van Leer stepped in as translator but what he didn’t see was that Rudolf Steiner took the hand of Daniel Dunlop & held it, under the table, during the whole of the conversationIn 1934, during one of his famous summer schools, Dunlop shared the memory of this with his friend Walter Johannes Stein. He made an even more interesting statement, that Rudolf Steiner on this occasion said to him, ‘We are brothers.’

Eleanor Merry, also an active member of the early British Anthroposophical Society, worked intensively with Dunlop for the last 14 years of his life during which time he told her that Rudolf Steiner gave him an insight into a former life of his where he, Dunlop, had been a member of the innermost circle of the Order of the Knights Templar ‘connected to all the ancient mysteries’ and had also worked within a secret society among the Templars’. Dunlop’s most deeply rooted intention was to serve the supra-personal goals of humanity, thereby sacrificing all personal & trivial motives & deeds.

Nature spirits by D.N. Dunlop

My Summer Conference schedule:

I will be heading out for our next training 1-7 August 2023

Here is a newsletter with an article I wrote about my expereince working with Steiner’s Inner Realities of Evoultion

22 thoughts on “Coalescing Imaginations

  1. Even better than Dunlop’s creation of the World Energy Council is the hierarchies Universal Energy Council, from which Dunlop may have downloaded some ideas. Our universe is full of energy, waiting to be put to good use (and I emphasize good!).

    You mentioned the pineal gland – this is of especial interest to me. Thank you for setting a lovely environment for a meditation; such meditation on our external world, however, should lead to inner rejuvenation through our pineal gland. In other words, the feelings of gratitude, reverence and awe which arise in us as we contemplate such a beautiful environment, if it’s to have any enduring effect, must activate our pineal in such a way that it excretes its fluids and hormones to our bodies and mind, and transforms us. If more people were aware of this “miracle” of our bodies, we wouldn’t need a conference on healing, as everyone would be in prime health. Just saying.

      1. And thank you for sharing the article you wrote on beholding Death. This would be an excellent resource to share with anyone whose loved ones are close to the transition, or who are close to it themselves. Excellent insights and preparatory thoughts.

          1. I am reminded of a very interesting article in Scientific American from some years ago in which evidence was presented that indicated that the pineal gland is the one gland that goes into remission after we are born, and this begets a time enzyme for perceiving the outer-external world in terms of time and space; the biological clock, so to speak. The result is that the “third eye clairvoyance”, which we all possess at birth from out of the state of unbornness, is sacrificed in favor of earthbound memory, and the faculty of reason. This is the Taurus faculty, which can be renewed through the methods of spiritual science, and leads to the Aries faculty, which is located in the Crown.

            That diagram presented a couple of days ago has huge significance for conveying that what was spiritually indicated by Aquarius and Pisces two thousand years ago, is now physically evident in Taurus and Aries today. This is seen in the process of modern initiation science. The Pineal Gland can be renewed to its former activity when combined with the Crown and its Twelve Cranial Nerves. Actually, the 24 Elders reside here.

            1. Yes, some interesting thoughts here Steve. I did notice when Steiner goes into some detail on the glands in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds that he doesn’t even mention the pineal, so that may be why. He seems to indicate that it’ll eventually undergo development in future states of human evolution.

              Now, the pituitary is interesting. Rene Querido, in his book on the Mystery of Love, speaks about a “short-circuit” happening (pg. 32,33), which seems to be related to our “fall”, when we were expelled from Eden and from the “tree of life”. I’ve been wondering if one of the effects of that “short-circuit” might have included the loss of connection between our right and left brain hemispheres, specifically in the area of what we call our “third eye”, in our forehead area. One of the healing effects of the Mystery of Golgotha may include healing of the effects of that short-circuit.

              Back to the pineal again, I’m just beginning a study of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s latest book, Becoming Supernatural. I’m only just getting into it, but in chapter one he mentions an interesting experience he had involving his pineal gland. Later in the book, he has a whole chapter on the pineal. A friend told me of this book – I listened to the Introduction and Chapter One on Youtube, and ordered the book that night – it’s that good. Of course, Dispenza is the scientism type, and one continually has to harmonize his physical observations with what’s happening in the spiritual world. Doing such harmonization only makes it that much richer though, and is worth the effort, in my opinion.

              Let us know if you recall the title or subject of that Scientific American article. Cheers.

              1. Here is a preview of the article from the April 1979 issue of SA:


                Many initiates here in the Consciousness Soul age show these signs of deep concentration in the furrowed brow and the forehead. This is the meditation-concentration-contemplation aspect of the Steiner methodology. The older students know it as “the proof is in the pudding.”

              2. “At that time Jesus declared, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.” Matthew 11:25

              3. 31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8.

                Thus, if proof is proof, then there is much security and peace in it. “Lest ye become as little children ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Little children are free, but dependent on those that love them.

              4. Here is a list of some books I found one day while browsing the shelves of the Puyallup Public Library some time in 1985. The titles convinced me that a *New Renaissance in Thinking* had been developing for some time in the Michael era:

                The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra, 1975

                The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Julian Jaynes, 1976

                Alternate Realities: The Search for the Full Human Being, Lawrence LeShan, 1976

                Running and Being: The Total Experience, George A. Sheehan, 1978

                Broca’s Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science, Carl Sagan, 1979

                The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Gary Zukav, 1979

                Taking the Quantum Leap, Fred Alan Wolf, 1981

                Einsteins Space and Van Gogh’s Sky, Henry Margenau & Lawrence LeShan, 1982

                God and the New Physics, Paul Davies, 1984

                At this point in time I was still a year away from hearing the name, Rudolf Steiner, for the first time, but I still thought that science could answer a number of important questions. like the time enzyme of the pineal gland, and its biological clock.

              5. Here’s what I’ve learned from Steiner’s 4th lecture in the series GA 151, Human and Cosmic Thought – that God hides the truth from the wise and intelligent, while revealing it unto the children, as Jesus said in Matthew 11:25. I see proof of it in your little thought-processes Steve, and also likewise in my own little thought-processes. While we’re being enthralled with our little thought-processes, we’re actually being “thought out from the cosmos – the cosmos thinks us” (Steiner). What the little children understand that the wise and intelligent can’t grasp, is that “the world is not there in order to be grasped by every condition of human understanding” (Steiner). Steiner discovered what the little children innately knew, that “I would rather be a seeker than [one] whose sole attitude towards the world is such that he/she only inquires ‘What can I understand?’ ‘What can I not understand?’ (Steiner).

                It’s great that you had such a list of books that you were interested in – shows to me you had the attitude of a seeker. And that was before you’d heard of Steiner. Steiner’s mission will be accomplished if we all have such a seeking attitude, and never fall into the trap of thinking “I understand this”, or “I don’t understand that”, as if that were the important issue. The important thing is that, as he said, the cosmos is thinking us. That’s what should bring us to an attitude of reverence and awe; that’s the holy activity that’s taking place.

              6. I suppose, as a seeker for many years, that I have been taken in by the edifice of anthroposophy, but these earlier books were seen very much in the way you feel about the Dispenza book, Becoming Supernatural. You just know that a kernel of the profound is to be found there. This is what gave me so much encouragement to continue the quest. A New Renaissance was being born, and it bore the Michael force. Now, in 1985, I was in the midst of a study to prove that a higher consciousness existed, and was meant for humanity to achieve. I wanted to prove it on a scientific basis, and there is much to indicate that we are configured from birth to realize the potentials of a higher consciousness. I still do remember my early childhood experiences in the backyard, and communing with the nature spirits with the awe of an innocent one about to launch into the surrounding world, and its challenges. What I came to realize with this scientific study was that I was being guided quite specifically to Spiritual Science, and it has made all the difference. One can become a little child again after reaching adulthood. It involves becoming an objective human being, and seeing all the variables with a loving heart and soul. Let me quote a significant passage:

                “To be a homeless soul, means that we must develop no special sympathies in the spiritual world similar to those possessed here in the physical world for special regions or relationships. The individual human being in the physical world belongs to some particular folk or to some particular family, to this or that community of the state. That is all quite proper. This does not need to be given up; we need it here. If, however, we wish to employ these feelings in the spiritual world, we would bring a very bad dowry to that world. There, it is not a question of developing sympathy for anything, but of allowing everything to work upon the self objectively, according to its inherent worth. It could also be said, were this generally understood, that an initiate must be, in the fullest sense of the word, an objective human being.” GA 103, lecture 11, May 30, 1908.

                So, I personally give a great deal of attention to my so-called “little thought process” because I know that it works, and brings us home again. This is part of my security and peace. I simply try to share it with everyone I can.

              7. Steiner wasn’t condemning, nor would I, our little thought-processes in Human & Cosmic Thought, but rather inspiring us not to lay as much importance on them as we sometimes do, but instead seeing that there is a higher goal for our little thoughts. That goal is that we should get caught up in reverence and awe that we are being thought by the hierarchies. First, the hierarchies search out an individual whose karma so positions them that they express the hierarchies thought. Steiner compares us to the letters in a book we’re reading, how each letter is a thought that helps to get the message of the book across. How amazing is that, that we’re enlisted in such a service as conveying the thought of the hierarchies!!

                Then, what is, or what are, the thought(s) of the hierarchies? Well, one of them is the thought that you begin your Steiner quote with, that humans are to realize that we are “a homeless soul”; above all our petty thoughts we have on a daily basis, our greatest need is to return to “the Father’s house” (cf. Luke 15). The hierarchies would greatly appreciate if, when we share our little thought-processes, we communicate to others such thoughts as these, higher thoughts than our little ones.

                I’m reminded of Dante. He had many little thoughts too, some of them greatly celebrated in the annals of literature. His little thoughts all had a higher message – that we might see our need to return to the Love of the Blessed One, who reigns above our entire universe. Dante was sent a beautiful woman, a woman sent to remind him of the divine Sophia; Sophia wished above all for Dante to return to the Blessed One’s home, which was also Dante’s home, so Sophia drew him with the cords of Love through a lovely young woman. The woman was snatched away from this Earth in her prime, but she managed to so enthrall Dante with the force of Love that it energized him to go through the Inferno and Purgatorio with Virgil, and then on his own through Paradisio. So many great little thoughts Dante had which, as I said, are celebrated in the annals of literature, but the greatest message was that Love, powered by the hierarchies, has enough energy that it’s force is able to return us home, so that we can no longer be considered a “homeless soul”. Dante put his little thoughts to good use, because his writings continue to inspire us today, and so can yours Steve.

              8. Beautifully said dear Maverick.

                “ma gia volgena il mio disio e’l velle
                si come rota ch’igualmente e mossa,
                l’amor che move: i sole e l’altre stelle
                …as a wheel turns smoothtly, free from jars, my will and my desire were turned by love, The love that moves the sun and the other stars.”
                ― Dante, Paradiso

              9. As Paul said:

                8 Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be done away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part; 10 but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away. 11 When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. 12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. 13 But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13

              10. So, you see, the “wise and the learned”, like Saul was before his conversion on the road to Damascus, becomes the desire to know what the little children know in pure innocence and simplicity. Christ knew that every human life begins as an infant and child, and that an innate clairvoyance is the dominating factor until around the fourth year of life, and then we begin the trek from speaking as a child to speaking as an adult. Paul came to realize how much this adult perception and cognition had suffered diminishment, as if looking through a “mirror darkly”, and what was once whole and perfect in the sense of the child, had become partial and even doubtful. This is still the present situation, and even more so with the prevailing conditions of dualism, as if the Trinity is a dirty word.

                So, Steiner spoke and wrote with great definition about objective occultism, which gives the fundamentalist church fits. And, even when he spoke about Dante’s 19th century incarnation, which had a lot to do with himself, he only made it a notation at the time, c. August 1912, GA 138, lecture II. Later, when the German Section of the Theosophical Society had been expelled at the end of 1912, the Dante evidence became more pronounced in order to speak about. The opportunity came in Berlin in early February 1913, and I think we have discussed this before, but it is always worth going over again when you write such sterling words about the Dante of the 13th and early 14th century. The Italian Renaissance had its inception some 200 years before the onset of the Fifth Cultural epoch in 1413. You see, they bore the Sentient Soul, which is particularly affiliated to receive the Intellectual Soul as the quest of Reason. Remember that Brunetto Latini was the mentor and guardian of Dante, and he was an initiate. He would reincarnate in the early 20th century, and Steiner knew of it. That is why Steiner speaks so much about Latini from 1915 to 1924. He knew of this evolving present incarnation.

              11. We noticed, in our Gospel meditation on John the Baptist this past Sunday morning, how the “wise and learned”, as Saul was before his conversion, and most of the members of the religious leaders of the Jews, didn’t know the Christ when he appeared on the Earth he’d helped to create as the Logos. The “wise and learned” didn’t know who John was, nor did they recognize the One who stood among them, who was the Son of God. In fact, even John says he didn’t know him, at least not until the dove, representing the Spirit, had alighted on him.

                One of our group mentioned how we today often don’t recognize those whom God, through the hierarchies, sends to us. Eventually, with the Spirit’s aid, we suddenly realize, “Oh, it’s YOU … you’re the one who was sent to heal us, or to help us on our spiritual journey …” It must be a lonely life to be a John, or a Steiner, where everyone knows you’re unique and that you’ve been sent to help, but (minus the Spirit’s aid) we just can’t quite put our finger on who exactly you are.

              12. Yes, And often the great initiate must go thru many trials before they find out who they are & what they have come here to do…

              13. “One more thing, my dear friends. You know that since 1909 we have been producing our Mystery Dramas in Munich. What we presented on the stage there may be considered good or bad; that is not the present question. What was done there, however, required a certain spiritual power, a power that does not approach the human being simply because of his existence upon earth. Since we can now work in Dornach and carve our different kinds of hard wood, we need muscular strength. We cannot say that we can give this strength to ourselves consciously. It comes from our bodies, from our souls’ capacity; it is not under our control. Equally, we have not under our control all that we perform in the spirit and for which we need spiritual power. That is not entirely dependent upon our natural ability, just as what we do physically is not dependent alone upon our talents but also upon the muscular strength of our bodies. We need spiritual powers that are as much outside ourselves as our muscular strength is outside our souls. I know that superficial critics may say, “You are a fool; you believe that spiritual powers come to you from without, whereas they simply rise from your own inner being.” Let them think me a fool; I regard them as belonging to the clever men who cannot distinguish hunger from a piece of bread. I know how spiritual powers from without flow into human beings. The idea that hunger creates the bread that satisfies it — believed only by a crazy man — is as false as that the power of our own soul can create the forces needed for our spiritual activities. These forces must flow into us. Just as we know clearly that our hunger is within us, and that bread comes from without, does one who lives in spiritual worlds know what is within himself and what comes to him from without. Since 1909 I have felt personally, more and more, the spiritual power that came from without whenever there was occasion to develop, in stillness and calm, what was necessary for the Mystery Plays. I knew that a spiritual eye was resting upon what had been accomplished, and I relate this as a direct experience.”

                The Four Sacrifices of Christ and the School of Selflessness, June 1, 1914

              14. Rudolf Steiner speaks of several of these important spiritual influences in these lectures from the Spring of 1914.


                For example, Maria von Strauch-Spettini encouraged Marie von Sivers to be an actress, and then became the inspiration for the several mystery plays. Interestingly, she died in 1904, some five years before the first drama was performed in 1909. Also, Christian Morgenstern is given reverence here. He had died just recently in 1914.

              15. Thanks for this day, Hazel. July 4th has seen another rendition of what it means to “Be Human”. We are always looking to turn the corner. Could it be now, as the bombs are subsiding? You allow so much interaction, which is wonderful.

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