Digesting the Journey

Jenny Hahn


The original idea for the Soul Journey 1st came thru as part of an Easter-Tide Retreat that the Central Regional Council co-created with the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP) based on the Psychology of Karma, since the CRC theme in 2020 was Karma & Reincarnation. The Journey was then called: Know Thyself: Sophia-Christos’ & was to be enacted on Holy Saturday 2020.

We were all set to bring in James A. Dyson, M.D. from Britain, along with folks from around the country: Roberta Nelson, Ph.D., & David Tresemer, Ph.D. with Susan Overhauser, Ph.D. & the CRC crew: Marianne Fieber, Alberto Loya, David Howerton, Lisa Dalton, Eurythmist: Mary Ruud & myself. Registration was in full swing when the lockdown was announced…And so the Easter weekend retreat had to be canceled.

The project lay in state until it became clear that it wanted to rise up with the Sophia – reworked to serve as the heart of the Sophia Rising Convergence.

This Soul Journey strongly engages the will – the most underdeveloped soul force for most people. We recognized going in that anything new can push people out of their comfort zones, & yet it was a clear calling from the spiritual world – a wake-up call – to help folks step up in this challenging time which calls for us to become more fully embodied in our free willing.

The Journey is meant to be a new way of engaging with Spiritual Science, a practical extension, going beyond simply hearing a lecture where we sit & receive the imparted wisdom of a presenter. That is the old conference mode, which of course is still embraced, & was very powerful indeed at the Convergence.

I realized that many folks didn’t really understand what Steiner means by the ‘New Mysteries’, this inspired me to give the Prelude before the Journey.

In the Journey as a New Mystery, we activate our will thru enthusiastic feeling, to create a living experiential striving as individuals within a sacred space of other striving souls, co-creating a Holy Grail – a thinking-heart vessel for Anthroposophia.

The Journey is meant to set the stage for our individual ongoing inner development; a modern initiation, to assist in an evolutionary birthing process, allowing the wisdom from within the free human being to emerge, to personally engage & empower the Anthroposophia within.

The Soul Journey went thru dozens of revisions, a true initiation for me in letting go, of refining, of creatively getting to the essence of soul & spirit, inventing new ways of using the Word. This really stretched me as an artist & as a human being, putting me to the test, asking me to be selfless in a very practical way, to reshape the vision so that it would truly serve the highest good. This was a hard lesson, but much needed for my personal growth. I grew up in an abusive family where I had to learn to stick up for myself. My mother was so selfless that she became a victim, dying young, & I vowed never to let that happen to me. But thru Anthroposophy I have come to know that being selfless doesn’t have to mean getting stept on, that in truth it is the ultimate embodiment of the Christ Impulse. And so I am truly grateful for the humbling resistance that karmicly came my way thru this process.

The New Mysteries when met with intention opens the way to a conscious quest, which I understand not everyone is ready, willing or able to take on – Yet it is a question at the core of Being Human – the quest living in the question of how to ‘Know Thy Self’.

Along with reverence, this is the 1st step of inner development, which is ongoing – preparing the seeking soul for an Alchemical Union of the Sophia-Christos within…

Before we can make this unification we must meet Trials of the Soul which reveal the obstacles on our path to wholeness. And so the Journey begins by passing thru 3 stages: 1st – The ‘Harrowing of Hell’, (It was Orthodox Holy Saturday after all) where we face the hindrances to our Thinking, Feeling & Willing…2nd – We stand before the Guardian of the Threshold to see ourselves for what we are…something most of us try to avoid…Then strengthened by the courage of Michael, we encounter ‘the tempter’ & ‘the deceiver’…Coming into balance, we enter the 3rd stage: ‘Paradiso’ – Where we redeem the New Isis-Sophia – we gather up the dismembered parts into a wholeness – to foster Anthroposophia within our soul, & to manifest SOPHIA RISING: Unveiling the Wisdom of Being Human, in the world…

To get there we are empowered to become our own Charon to ferry our souls across the river Achero to meet ourselves on the inside. Dante tells us: “Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.” He also lets on that: “The path to paradise begins in hell”.

And so on Orthodox Holy Saturday 2022 we made our descent; which led to our Resurrection…The various ArtActs prepared & paved the way; including getting grounded with The ‘Constitutional Eurythmy Exercise’ & the ‘Meditation for Protection’…etc.

The Journey then progressed in our striving to consciously cross the abyss. We encountered the Time Spirit Michael, Son of The Sophia, who holds for us the countenance of the Being of Love, & waits for us to redeem the Cosmic Intelligence through our earnest heart-thinking.

We go on to meet ‘the farmer’ in the spiritualizing of the Earth. The Christ as the Being of Love & the Sophia in her Cosmic, & human aspects are introduced – The joining of Warmth – to the Light of human Understanding…

Many questions are posed. We are continually asked to make our ‘Declaration of Intent’. We can contemplate: What gifts will we bring to the world? What intentions will we consecrate in the Temple of our Heart? What do we want to come forth from this conscious union of: Soul & Spirit – Wisdom & Love – Warmth & Light. The questing is always enhanced by the ArtActs of eurythmy, singing; & at the end with a recitation of ‘Destiny’ by Rudolf Steiner:

The wishes of the soul are springing
The deeds of the will are thriving

The fruits of life are ripening…
I feel my destiny – My destiny finds me
I feel my star – My star finds me
I feel my goals in life – My goals in life are finding me
Life grows more radiant about me
Life grows more challenging for me
Life grows more abundant within me.
My soul and the world are one great unity.

We conclude the Journey with the Easter Mood Calendar of the Soul Verse & the Halleluiah in Eurythmy.

If you want a copy of the ‘Script’ which has all the verses, songs, Steiner quotes & my research in a beautifully spiral bound edition with art work – Just email me. I can mail it to you for a donation of $20 or more – I have 15 left.

The initiation continues for me, every day & especially in night school now that the Journey has been inscribed into the ethers. I am wrestling with my own doubts & fears, & the sting of imagined scorn. Did the Journey truly serve? Or was it not able to be received? Did it come too soon, missing the mark – the definition of sin…?

What I strive for is to be a Christ imbued Human Being which will unveil the Anthroposophia with the courage of Michael to serve humanity.

Please share your experience – even if it is a criticism, Any & ALL feedback is important if we are to be Spiritual Scientific researchers in earnest.  The Journey did not end on Orthodox Holy Saturday, but must continue to unfold like the Mystery of Golgotha when the seed of a New Sun was planted into the ever evolving Earth & into the Temple of our Hearts…

More tomorrow


Wednesday May 4th 7 pm PDT on ZOOM for the Sacramento Faust Branch

From Necessity to Freedom – The Evolution of Human Consciousness

From the vaporous cleft of Mount Parnassus, and the birth place of Greek Philosophy, to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, and the Holy Grail – From Prophesy to Warning, from Fate to Karma, From Destiny to Free Will.

Hazel Archer-Ginsberg – Founder of Reverse Ritual: Understanding Anthroposophy through the Rhythms of the Year & the ‘I Think Speech’ Podcast. Trans-denominational Minister, Essayist, Lecturer, Poet, Anthroposopher – working as the Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, & as the Central Regional Council representative on the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America. Past Video Recordings

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23 thoughts on “Digesting the Journey

  1. Hi Hazel,

    I love this offering, and can only hope for its continuing influence, which involves your insistence on “New Mysteries”, which Steiner espoused, and Prokofieff continued in his way. Yet, to this day, what are these “new mysteries” which Steiner proposed? They obviously have to do with you, and no other person on the planet. I know that I am being dramatic, but so what. You see, I am also involved in this endeavor, and wherever I can I will do.

    So, on and upw

    1. My thought about the New Mysteries got cut off here. What has come into being out of necessity since the Christ Event is the Holy Grail, which is a definite path of spiritual progression designed to link Katharsis with Photismos over time, rather than the process of the Ancient Mysteries wherein the etheric body was drawn out for three and a half days. This is no longer possible. So, for example, what is contained in the Gospel of John is a concentrated astral force designed to pass right into the etheric body in order to achieve what used to occur in the 3-1/2 days. This is because this gospel was written by an initiate who witnessed Christ over the three years. A similar process can be detected as working in the Sophia Rising Convergence. People now stand on a higher level of knowledge and being.

    2. The way it seems to me is that folks read the books & lectures from Steiner (or other spiritual traditions) because they resonate to a particular theme which is a pointer to their personal stream…We can’t all do everything…Not many folks seem to be called to work with the ‘New Mysteries’ because the impulse was cut short thru the burning of the 1st Goetheanum & Steiner’s early death, so it is a mystery that remains veiled – still unchartered territory to most. Something that is unknown often feels scary or taboo, so those of us who do feel that it our destiny to work in these new ways are often scorned or misunderstood. And it seems that the few that have stepped into this realm don’t want to make room for others to explore it in their own way. There is a judgement, a criticism, a shaming…Also my choleric personality doesn’t help matters since I am too impatient, lack humility, & have a distrust of authority. Anyway…Its all grist for the mill isn’t it…At least I can say that I am working furiously to Know Thyself…I am honest, I work hard, & I do sincerely want to serve…

      1. I agree with you Hazel, that we each find a certain stream in the lectures and books that resonate with us. And I’m happy that your journey is to Know Thyself, because this is the greatest need of each individual. If we would devote more time and energy to that pursuit, the forces of evil in the world wouldn’t be able to cope with the constructive spiritual energy that would result. Any spiritual darkness would be extinguished, or, at the very least, cast into the farthest reaches.

        In my soul journey, what has resonated for me in Steiner’s material is the finished work that Christ accomplished. One of the results of that finished work is that Christ was given the Revelation, which He in turn gave to John, for all of us to be blessed by. Steiner makes it clear that this Revelation contains the new mysteries, and is the path of the new initiation process. The outline of the book accomplishes the same purpose as Steve has outlined with his interest in the Grail – John sees the perfected physical body in his vision of the Son of Man, who is the pattern for us. Then we’re called to enter into an understanding of our etheric body, and it’s relationship to the seven visible planets, in the letters to the 7 churches. Then, with the opening of the seals, again the connection is with the 7 planets, but this time it’s our “experience” with them that brings the understanding of our astral body – Brian Gray brings this out wonderfully in his paper for the Journal of Star Wisdom from 2012 (not the connection with the Revelation, but how our etheric and astral bodies are connected with the 7 planets). Finally, the rest of the Revelation is meant to give us an understanding of our emerging “I-consciousness”, because it’s this “I” which will save us from the torments and destruction the rest of Earth will undergo, all those who are so entangled in the “world” that they couldn’t be bothered with knowing and understanding themselves. It’s this “I” that will make us fit for the new spiritual Jerusalem that descends out of the spiritual worlds.

        You’re correct in saying that this has been veiled until now – there are many for whom it remains veiled. Only by a striving to Know Thyself can the veil be lifted. Just as with the message of the Old Testament prophets, and with the parables that Jesus spoke, there will be many who “hearing … will hear and shall not understand, and seeing … will see and not perceive; for the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their hearts and turn, so that I should heal them.” Thankfully though, some are blessed with the blessing pronounced in Revelation 1:3, “Blessed is the one who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy”; our blessing is the same as it was for the students of Jesus, “But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear; for assuredly I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.” (Matthew 13: 14-17).

        One final quote, from Steiner’s book, “The Book of Revelation – Lecture 9”: “Basically all the old initiations took the form of Father initiations. One looked for nature and for the spirit in nature and was satisfied with that, for human beings were themselves part of that world of nature. But now Christ has been here on the earth, and here he will remain. He has fulfilled his Deed on Golgotha and will remain here. One cannot take into oneself what happened through the Mystery of Golgotha merely by taking part in the old initiation. One must first raise oneself into a world of spirit that is different from the one that streamed through the ancient Mysteries. What streamed through the old Mysteries was merely the hope that the Mystery of Golgotha would one day stream through the new Mysteries. Now, however, the human being makes contact with the spirit not through nature but directly through Christ.”

        1. This powerful summery, is such a gift, Yes it really does come down to gaining the Wisdom of Christ, this understanding can then redeem that Wisdom – Christening our soul forces directly no longer thru a glass darkly…Thank you maverick.

          1. Beautiful perception Hazel. And thank you Brian Gray, for showing me how our etheric body and astral body is influenced by, and experienced through, the 7 visible planets. I’m still trying to comprehend your understanding of the I-consciousness being expressed in the 12 houses of the zodiac; I hope it comes to me soon. You’re right Hazel, the Wisdom of Christ is coming to us today through people such as Brian Gray (and so many others), so that we no longer see through a glass darkly, but can say that our I-consciousness is leading us to our destiny.

            1. Hi Maverick,

              We are experiencing a planetary alignment, as we speak. Brian Gray might have not drawn specific reference to it, but it is occurring nonetheless . As such, it leads through the several planets already designated to a pivotal resolve in the sign of Leo. Please look for it. It could be very important if we are watching for it. Otherwise, it could be merely dogma. Ask Gray if he understands what he says with his prognostications. It could be more timely then that.

              It is always good to talk with you, Maverick, and hope for the next level of seership. You have become a very astute student, which these earlier posts attest to. Let us hope for it.

              1. Thank you Steve for your encouraging words. And it’s always interesting to me to read of your observations on the planets and the stars; you seem to have a keen interest in them. I’m only just beginning to explore them, feeling somewhat like an apprentice. As such, I’m enrolled in some courses through The Star House, in Boulder, CO. (https://www.thestarhouse.org/). I’m not in contact with Brian Gray, not yet at least, maybe someday, but I am confident of his star wisdom; he’s been involved with astrology for over 40 years, and has intuitively, maybe imaginatively, perhaps even inspirationally, arrived at a system by which we can now “speak to the stars” out of our human experience – his system is an integral part of the program used at The Star House. I do believe that the spiritual beings represented by our zodiac are listening intently for our responses to what they’ve put in place, so to answer your concerns, yes I’ll be paying close attention to any upcoming planetary alignments. So please share with us the insights you receive that you consider will be helpful for us all.

              2. Hi Maverick,

                I am thankful that you responded. I have given a first response, which concerns the parallels between the May 2000 planetary alignment and the one that is occurring now. The one occurring now just might be more visible, and I will certainly alert you to any significant events, although they might be even perceptible today.

                You had mentioned Cayce’s power over wind and weather with his prognostications in his readings, which were pronate, while Steiner’s were totally vertical. This is the difference between Michael, and the elementary spirits that Cayce invoked. I hope you realize this. I am sure that Brian Gray is helping you. The allure for Cayce is much like the allure for Paul, which is, indeed, a stepping stone.

  2. I feel pain and wonder, doubt and confidence wrangling all with each other. Birthing anything is divine yet fraught with fear. Love underscores all as it draws out the new life, blossoming into fullness when the time is right. Patience and commitment.

    1. Perfectly stated, Thank you Joan…Birth is messy & beautiful & yes, indeed, fraught with fear…I hope the love can shine thru, since that is the final outcome

  3. It is extraordinary to me that exactly one week after Orthodox Holy Saturday, April 23rd, which you have expressed so well in describing what it feels like to experience the entombment of both silence and anticipation, which then becomes your own platform to reveal your presentation, that this whole Sophia Rising Convergence is continuing on to a great planetary conjunction. This is set to occur on the morning of April 30th, and it marks certain important parameters. Venus (occult Mercury) finally overtakes Jupiter after many months in pursuit, and this means the speeding ahead of the directional star of the “good ship anthroposophy”. Jupiter is in the sign of Aquarius, and this conjunction will appear as an extra-bright morning star, which is very much the same as the three Magi experienced as the Star of Bethlehem.

    As well, because the Sun and Moon are in such close proximity at sunrise on April 30th, a partial solar eclipse is set to take place, and observable in South America. Also, this event will lead to a total lunar eclipse on May 15th, which will be visible where I live.


    To call the Sophia Rising Convergence, a convergence, is really appropriate for what is now taking place, and especially in making clear what Reverse Ritual means. As you have indicated, it was on the evening of December 31, 1922, that Steiner felt the need to make clear the meaning of Reverse Ritual, or “Cultus”. In 2022, it has been exemplified. Congratulations. I have a whole new forward focus, and spirit of anticipation of what stands to come next.

    1. Beautiful picture, dear Steve – you have connected the dots for us so that the spiritual signiture speaking from the Cosmic & Earthly happenings can be illuminated…
      Let us contiune to converge…

  4. Hi Hazel. While I didn’t attend the event, I’ve read with interest this impulse which has seemingly caught the fires of your passion. The idea of a “renewal” of the initiation process, and it’s accompanying soul journey, sounds very similar to the idea put forth by Gray, Tressemer, and Schiacappasse for the renewal of “star wisdom” – that’s an event I’ve signed up for. Being on a soul journey is a universal human event, so I’m assuming that your bringing attention to it in this manner is meant as a catalyst for individual soul development? It certainly can’t hurt to bring some focus to the idea of the soul’s journey.

    Something that intrigued me was the restrictions on the words you should use – you mentioned the removal of the words “Christ, Lucifer, Ahriman”, and a few other amendments you were asked to make. That kind of censorship concerns me. I can’t imagine anyone told Steiner what words he could or couldn’t use, and you’re doing the same work – bringing an impulse from the spiritual world, albeit with the caveat that you’re bringing a “renewal” of an original impulse. Still, this idea today that we need to avoid certain words so as not to offend people is a creativity-killer, imo. Anyone offended by words that Steiner himself used isn’t ready, character-wise, for entering the spiritual world, and probably needs to go back to sucking on their milk-bottle, because they’re obviously not ready for real meat.

    I applaud your efforts. As an obvious artist, I’m sure you’ve had your share of dealing with critics. The Gospel of Love that is like an umbrella over all we do is very aptly described in the Revelation as the little book that tastes sweet like honey, but is painful in the belly, where the realities of life’s relationships with people take place. People can be a pain in the belly, but they’re all divine souls, hence the need for patience.

    One more thing – I’m pasting some of your words; can’t recall why: “Coming into balance, we enter the 3rd stage: ‘Paradiso’ – Where we redeem the New Isis-Sophia – we gather up the dismembered parts into a wholeness – to foster Anthroposophia within our soul, & to manifest SOPHIA RISING: Unveiling the Wisdom of Being Human, in the world.” Now I remember why I copied this – I think you’ll find that we don’t so much redeem Isis-Sophia; actually it’ll be yourself who’ll be redeemed. I know I’ve approaced divine beings and truths with that attitude before, that I was going to be instrumental in redeeming them, but it ended up being me who was the one who was redeemed. Dante was the one who was changed in Paradiso, thanks to his beloved Beatrice and a few of her loving friends, and not vice-versa. Cheers.

    1. The work of renewing star wisdom is indeed connected with the Rising of the New Isis-Sophia, & you are right on that we are redeeming the Anthroposophia within ourselves, that is the goal of our inner development thru Spiritual Science, our modern initiation.

      I must be autistic around the social norms since I always seem to step on everyone’s toes by speaking out of turn, even though I am honest, I must learn to be more diplomatic. It really is true that the social sphere is the proving ground where love must reign if any true progress is to be made.

      1. Hi Hazel,

        You are not stepping on people’s social norms when it comes to anthroposophy, but only apparently to Maverick, who sees a kind of conflict, which he can explain if he is up to it. He sees Edgar Cayce as a viable entity in these proceedings, and this is what is causing his problems. He subscribes to two masters, and Cayce is one of them. So, you will always have this dilemma. Please remember that you have the hope. I like Maverick very much, and he can explain himself in why he takes any kind of opposition to the Sophia Rising Conference. I found it very splendid, and see much more around the corner. Much more.

        1. I can see why people would take it as a conflict or a breach of privacy for those named but not named. Most folks don’t like the process revealed. I am still learning about these kinds of boundaries. In my family the secrets were deadly, so I always feel called to bring things into the light of day, which helps me as an individual work thru what it all means. It may have been a hard process but it was fruitful & honest & the proof was in the perfect pudding, which was served up & fed the masses…I have redacted the original blog post because I really don’t want to step on any toes…

        2. My position is simple – throughout human evolution, there have been many “masters”, but there is only one “Master of masters”, who is the Christ Being. Put another way, Wisdom has many rooms in her house, and Steiner’s & Cayce’s wisdom occupy two of those rooms – there are other rooms full of treasures of Wisdom.

          I have no opposition to the Sophia Rising impulse. It’s a little-trumpeted fact that Archangel Michael spoke through both Steiner and Cayce, and, as Steiner has said, it’s time to bring East and West together, not to go the other route and further divisions. The fact that Michael spoke through Steiner we have to take on the strength of his own word; that Michael spoke through Cayce is a documented, recorded fact witnessed by others, complete with powerful, natural effects like the wind rising in a room where the windows were all closed – people who witnessed it were in tears from the demonstration of power. I say this Steve, so that you’ll understand why Anthroposophists cannot limit Michael, or Sophia, or Christ to themselves. Spiritual beings such as these aren’t limited by or to our understanding, so keep an open mind in your search for Wisdom’s treasures.

          1. Maverick, you have to understand something about Michael. First of all, he has advanced from an Archangel to an Archai, and thus is the leading Time Spirit of our age of the Consciousness Soul. This has only occurred relatively recently with the Event of 1879. As such, he very much wants to influence human beings today by being a kind of still, small voice; the Voice of Conscience. He is very reticent about being overt, and would never be so officious as to work within wind and weather conditions. Cayce had the ability to stir up elemental spirits, which you are further indicating.

            I knew I might step on a toe, but turn-about is fair play, isn’t it? It is all about acquiring our spiritual treasure. We get to communicate, which this venue allows me to do. Michael is someone who now comes up close, and quite unexpectedly says, “can I make a suggestion for something you should do”?

            Read Steiner’s “Michael Mystery”, GA 26, for the evolution of Michael to where he seeks to be today. Now, that is a treasure. If the flesh was as willing as the spirit, we would have no problem.

  5. HAG – you are a genius! I would love to receive a copy of the script — where do I pay you?

    Next, I loved what you said here and how you said it — me? I’d be cussing!! (A little) I do understand how one gets downloaded from Spirit as to how it is to go — and somebody doesn’t get it — I am here to say keep doing what you do the way you do it — while I did not attend the event — the energy given out was felt by me and all the work that each one of you did I know was tremendous — I stand with you in all that you said — you are a hell of a teacher and full of wisdom — keep going — I see you and I stand with you in Spirit. Thank you for your strength and steadfastness — you do YOU — keep on the good foot!!

    1. Hello Miss Desmond – Glad you were tuning in.
      I just wanted to share the process, no right or wrong, just different ways of looking at life, which I am always happy to learn from.

      send me your address & I will mail you a script
      You can make a donation to https://paypal.me/ReverseRitual

  6. Ireally enjoyed participating in the performance and got a lot out of it because of it. I am pretty good with a having a critical constructive eye. After lunch is not a good time for things so dense with meaning. Morning would have been better or after our afternoon break. Not related to the performance but it would have been nice to have had the opportunity of others e mails and cell phones if individuals desired. On the whole I would describe everything as excellent.

    1. Thanks Richard, Yes, we had the hardest time slot, & we asked the most of our particapants.
      It was indeed a grand experience all around. Thanks for all you brought

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