First Fruits

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Dear Friends, With all the struggles going on in & around Israel, I would like to tell the story of Ruth & Naomi – a Jewish woman & an Arab woman, who shared a deep karmic connection, giving us a message of unity we need so much today. Their story is mixed in with the Holiday called Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, Feast of The First Fruits, or Feast of the Giving of the Law; a Spring festival that celebrates the grain harvest, & the ripening of the first fruits, as well as the anniversary of the giving of the Torah. Remember that this is the time that Moses meets the ‘I AM” of Christ in the burning bush! A precurser to the tongues of fire on Pentecost.

According to tradition folks overslept the day that Moses came down from fiery Mount Sinai. So to atone, many folks hold an all-night vigil on the eve of Shavuot. They light candles, decorate with flowers, eat dairy food, study Torah, & read the Book of Ruth- an integral part of the Jewish & Christian liturgical year. Sections of Ruth are also used in the Protestant Wedding ceremony

A number of biblical scholars have speculated that the Book of Ruth may have been written by a woman – its story is not only expressed entirely from a woman’s point of view, the name “Ruth” literally means, “woman friend.” And the grammar of the original Hebrew shows an unusual content of gender equality. There is also a hidden teaching in Ruth, a kind of women’s mystery that we can contemplate, & also an allegory for a karmic, or spiritual union.

Here’s a synopsis: The widow Naomi & her 2 sons left Israel, because of a famine, traveling thru foreign lands. They settled in Moab which today is an Arab country on the East Bank of the Jordan River, bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria & Palestine. The sons married Ruth & Orpah, 2 non-Jewish women from that place. During this time in exile, the 2 sons died, & the 3 woman became very close.

The tender friendship was especially strong between Ruth & Naomi, so unusual with a mother-in-law; which has been celebrated in poetry, prose & in art, the world round. After a time, Naomi gets word that Jerusalem is fertile again, & with her 2 sons gone, she desires to go back to her homeland, telling her 2 daughters-in-law that they should go back to their families, since life with her would be one of poverty, in a strange land, & she didn’t want them to have to sacrifice all the pleasures of their young lives for her. Already sad & lonely with the loss of their husbands, the thought of parting with Naomi really intensified their grief. United in common sorrow, the 3 women stand at a crossroads. Naomi’s words made a deep impression on Orpah; & at last she decides to take her advice; –

But not Ruth, who felt a special destiny with Naomi; so they journeyed on together & made a home in Bethlehem, where Naomi’s family owned a small house, with a spring on the outskirts of town, but little else.

Ruth wanting to earn her keep, heard that laborers were needed in the fields. And Naomi remembered that she had a kinsman, Boaz, whose name means strength -a man of great wealth, as well as wisdom. And so it was that Ruth became employed in the fields of Boaz; where she worked hard & proved a blessing to her mother. Boaz took note of the integrity of the woman  from Moab. At harvest time he needed many extra hands, & he often went among the reapers to see how the work was going forward. He heard such good accounts of Ruth’s industry, dignity & discretion that he ordered his men to leave plenty for her to glean & to carry home in the evening. This she often sold on the way, in order to buy something that Naomi needed.

The 2 woman enjoyed their evenings together. Naomi had her spinning-wheel & loom; she also worked in the garden, raising vegetables, herbs & chickens. They often talked over their day’s labor as they enjoyed their simple supper of herb tea, bread & watercress.

One night Naomi was told by the spirit of prophecy, that from Ruth would descend 6 of the most righteous men of the age, notably, the prophet Daniel, King David, & what we would call ‘the Luke Jesus’. Boaz prized Ruth for her virtues, & her great moral qualities of head & heart.

In due time they were married; & Ruth bore a son whose name was Obed, which means: ‘One who Serves’. Obed became the father of Jesse, the root from which sprung the Virgin Mary. And Obed, Ruth’s son, was also the father of King David.

And so that is how this ‘Old Testament’ story ends, but we know this is just the beginning


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9 thoughts on “First Fruits

  1. Very forgiving of you to say “they overslept” on the day Moses came down from Mt. Sinai. Truth is, they had partied hard that night, and somehow, according to Aaron, he threw the gold earrings and mirrors, etc. the people offered and voila – somehow a golden calf was formed. Of course, we know Aaron had a hand in this and couldn’t bring himself to admit it. Moses was so furious he smashed the tablets that G-d had written on. He destroyed the calf, ground it finely, and put it into their water and made them drink it. A less forgiving account of them “oversleeping”.

    It really is amazing that Ruth became part of the lineage of the one to bear the Christ being. Steiner talks about the importance of the bloodline, the function it played in their spiritual transmission through heredity, so to see a woman of Arab descent having a part of such a pivotal bloodline is nothing short of incredible. Steiner talks about it in relation to the marriage at Cana in Galilee, when Mary and he make the transition from bloodline to the new birth by the Spirit, but the account of Ruth is hundreds of years before this.

      1. haha yes the bloodline served its purpose for a while, until the better method was introduced.

        1. There is much evidence to scrutinize that indicates that David’s first-born child with Bathsheba died after just seven days. This is where Nathan goes to his house, ref. 2 Samuel 12:15. Then, in Revelations we have this pronouncement from chapter 5:

          “I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a book written inside and on the back, sealed up with seven seals. 2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the book and to break its seals?” 3 And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the book or to look into it. 4 Then I began to weep greatly because no one was found worthy to open the book or to look into it; 5 and one of the elders said to me, “Stop weeping; behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome so as to open the book and its seven seals.”

          This begs the question: Who is this Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David? Could it be the Nathan Jesus? We know his historicity goes back a long way, as indicated in Luke, chapter 3:

          23 When He began His ministry, Jesus Himself was about thirty years of age, being, as was supposed, the son of Joseph, the son of Eli, 24 the son of Matthat, the son of Levi, the son of Melchi, the son of Jannai, the son of Joseph, 25 the son of Mattathias, the son of Amos, the son of Nahum, the son of Hesli, the son of Naggai, 26 the son of Maath, the son of Mattathias, the son of Semein, the son of Josech, the son of Joda, 27 the son of Joanan, the son of Rhesa, the son of Zerubbabel, the son of Shealtiel, the son of Neri, 28 the son of Melchi, the son of Addi, the son of Cosam, the son of Elmadam, the son of Er, 29 the son of Joshua, the son of Eliezer, the son of Jorim, the son of Matthat, the son of Levi, 30 the son of Simeon, the son of Judah, the son of Joseph, the son of Jonam, the son of Eliakim, 31 the son of Melea, the son of Menna, the son of Mattatha, the son of Nathan, the son of David, 32 the son of Jesse, the son of Obed, the son of Boaz, the son of Salmon, the son of Nahshon, 33 the son of Amminadab, the son of Admin, the son of Ram, the son of Hezron, the son of Perez, the son of Judah, 34 the son of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham, the son of Terah, the son of Nahor, 35 the son of Serug, the son of Reu, the son of Peleg, the son of Heber, the son of Shelah, 36 the son of Cainan, the son of Arphaxad, the son of Shem, the son of Noah, the son of Lamech, 37 the son of Methuselah, the son of Enoch, the son of Jared, the son of Mahalaleel, the son of Cainan, 38 the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

          Steiner often referred to the Nathan Jesus as the Adam Soul, and the primordial Jesus Being. As such, he refrained from incarnating for a long time in order to remain above for the purpose of coordinating the spiritual events that needed to occur. Krishna was a formative occurrence, and due entirely to the three pre-earthly deeds of Christ. Then, the Nathan Jesus
          was actually born in order to prepare for the Christ as the fourth occurrence. The Midpoint of Earth evolution, two thousand years ago.

          Now, here we are today in 2023. Yet, the Etheric Christ is a reality. I experienced It 43 years ago, around May 5, 1980. It was like what is indicated in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, wherein the “Son of Man appears in and through the clouds with power and great glory”. I remember looking up and seeing It through the blue sky and the few clouds on that afternoon.

          Please remember what the two men who mysteriously appeared amongst the disciples when Christ ascended said to them:

          “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven.” Acts 1:11

          1. That’s interesting about David & Bathsheba’s first child dying, eventually substituted with Solomon’s birth. Yet another instance of that enduring principle given in Hebrews 10:9, that “He sets aside the first, that He may establish the second.” If the Christ had decided to enter Earth with Solomon, how different things might have been, but the time wasn’t right.

            Steiner does well to call Jesus of Nazareth the “Adam soul”. Aside from the bloodline, the soul that was the first Adam (twin soul was Eve), was the same soul that incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth (twin soul was Mary, his mother), that soul’s final incarnation. Cayce refers to seven incarnations of this soul – there could have been more, but he gives these seven:
            1. Adam
            2. Enoch (aka Thoth to Egyptians, Idris to Islam, Metatron in Talmud, Hermes or Mercury in medieval Christianity)
            3. Melchizedek
            4. Joseph, ruler under Pharoah of Egypt
            5. Joshua, Moses’ right hand man, through whom the Law was received on Mt. Sinai
            6. Jeshua, scribe who compiled and rewrote the Biblical record to that time
            7. Jesus of Nazareth, the last Adam.

            1. The first born child dies for definite reasons. Nathan has no recourse but to go to his house, and sever relations with David. This is how it came about that the Luke Jesus is aligned with Nathan. Nathan’s rebuke of David comes right out of the mouth of the Lord Himself:


              It would all be downhill from here for David. His fourfold retribution would cross over to later incarnations because the Karma was steep.

              1. I wasn’t intending to speak about Ruth and Naomi this year, but you gave a pleasant surprise, which is the link between David, son of Jesse, son of Obed, and the Luke Jesus. Thus, the responsibility is given to tell the story further, and wherein the first-born of David and Bathsheba dies after 7 days. Remember, Nathan went to his House over this blasphemy. Only later did he reappear in order to encourage Bathsheba to go and remind David of how he had promised that Solomon would succeed him. You see, by this time he was an old man living in his delusions, which made it difficult to remember his promises. David would have a legacy of redemption which is little known today. He would first reincarnate as Joseph the Carpenter, who would apprentice the boy Jesus into the carpentry trade. The boy learned a lot about what was past and over with, and how a new beginning was in the offing. This comes from the Fifth Gospel, which Steiner struggled to convey.

  2. What a nourishing story! Thank you for your writings and making clear the Easter tidings!! Your celebrations sound so enlivening, I wish I lived close! Los Angeles is a bit too far!! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Heather –
      I love this story. The power of realtionships & karma is important to contemplate.
      And it seems the world is just one huge story, that we are all writing…

      Even though LA is far away in miles it’s just a click away on zoom. Perhaps you will join us for the story of Faith in Wisdom…?
      If not then the recording will be posted after…


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