Faith in Wisdom

Wisdom is calling.
Truth is raising her voice.
In the heights & in the depths she takes her stand’.

Seek understanding, digest knowledge,
Become the Sophia of Christ.
We are She – She are We –
Embodying Love in Wisdom.

‘Love is the result of Wisdom reborn in the I’.
‘Wisdom Radiates in light’.

Reclaim the chalice-crown of the Light-bearer
‘Faith in Wisdom’
The full power of the ‘I.’

The Rose of the World flowering
The Tree of Knowledge & of Life,
a ripe resounding…

‘For the time is at hand’

Lyrics for Velsum
Pentecost 2023

Anthroposophia & the Redemption of Lucifer – A Pentecost Festival for 2023

with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, & Velsum Voices Lucien Dante Lazar & Ultra-Violet Archer

Experiential Break out led by Lucien

1 – 2:30 pm Central Time Saturday 27 May 2023 on zoom

Hazel Archer is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Pentecost Festival
Time: May 27, 2023 01:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 705 017 4041
Passcode: Whitsun

~John Jardine Goss/ EarthSky.

26 May 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The near first quarter moon will glow above the star Regulus in Leo the Lion this evening, & near the asterism known as the Sickle. You can catch the moon and the Sickle until around 1 am CDT.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


National Paper Airplane Day

604 – Deathday of St. Augustine of Canterbury

1293 – An earthquake strikes Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan, killing about 30,000

Called for the burning of his books and called for his arrest. Frederick the Wise of Saxony protected Luther by hiding him in Wartburg Castle. Luther worked tirelessly on a complete translation of the Bible into German. Luther answering charges of heresy before the Diet of Worms in 1521.

1521 – Luther outlawed. Called for the burning of his books and called for his arrest. Frederick the Wise of Saxony protected Luther by hiding him in Wartburg Castle. Luther worked tirelessly on a complete translation of the Bible into German. Luther answering charges of heresy before the Diet of Worms in 1521.

1805 – Napoléon Bonaparte assumes the title of King of Italy and is crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in Milan Cathedral, the gothic cathedral in Milan.

1828 – Kasper Hauser appears in Nuremberg on Whit Monday “The Child Of Europe”

1830 – The Indian Removal Act is passed by the U.S. Congress; it is signed into law by President Andrew Jackson two days later.

1896 – Nicholas II becomes the last Tsar of Imperial Russia.

1976 – Deathday of German Philosopher Martin Heidegger

50 Days after The Resurrection = Our Community Pentecost Gathering –

Bonfire, Pot-Luck, & Prep Stir – Leading thoughts with Rev. Jeana Lee

Whitsunday 28 May 2023

NEW TIME: 7 pm – 9 pm 

at the home of Hazel & Chuck Ginsberg

Please bring food & drink to share –


Patricia Ariel

Tune into the Ascsension – thru these video recordings:

~Vitae Sophia~ A Whitsun Festival of United Soul Endeavor (New Hampshire)

As Above So Below (Boston)

The Sacred Geometry of Ascension (Infinity Foundation)

Find a collection of the many RECORDINGS of Presentations, Programs & Festivals HERE

5 thoughts on “Faith in Wisdom

  1. “We will begin to-day by turning our thoughts to the event known as Pentecost. I said in the first lecture that clairvoyant research may first of all be directed to this event, for as we look back into the past it presents itself as a kind of awakening, experienced on the day commemorated in the Whitsun Festival, by those who are generally known as the Apostles or Disciples of Christ Jesus. It is not easy to form clear and precise pictures of all these undoubtedly strange phenomena. And if we want to think truly about the matter we shall have to call up from deep down in our souls, many things we have learned from previous studies of Theosophy. It seemed to the Apostles that they were like men who had awakened, feeling at the moment of waking that they had been living for a long time in an unusual state of consciousness. In very truth it was a kind of awakening from a deep sleep, a wonderful, dream-filled sleep … remember that I am speaking of how it was experienced by the Apostles themselves … a sleep of such a kind that at the same time a man carries out all the affairs of everyday life and goes about just like a normal person, so that those with whom he comes into contact do not notice at all that he is in a different state of consciousness.

    The moment came when it seemed to the Apostles as if they had been living for a long time, for many, many days, in a kind of dream from which they woke at this time of Pentecost; and the awakening itself was a strange experience. The Apostles felt as if there had actually descended upon them from the Cosmos, something which could only be called the *Substance of the all-prevailing Love*. They felt as if they had been quickened from on high by the all-prevailing Love and awakened from the condition of dream into which they had fallen. It seemed to them as if they had been wakened to life by the primal force of Love pervading and warming the Cosmos, as if this primal force of Love had come down into the soul of each one of them. And to others who could observe them and hear how they were speaking now, they seemed altogether strange. The others knew that they were men who until now had lived in extraordinary simplicity, a few of whom had, it is true, behaved somewhat strangely during recent days, as if lost in dream. This they knew.

    But now it seemed to the people as if these men had been transformed, as if their very souls had been made new; they seemed to have lost all narrowness, all selfishness in life, to have acquired largeness of heart, an all-embracing tolerance and a deep understanding for everything that is human on the earth. Moreover they were able to express themselves in such a way that everyone present could understand them. It was felt that they could look into every heart, could read the deepest, innermost secrets of the soul and so were able to bring consolation to every single individual, to say to him exactly what he needed. It was naturally amazing that such transformation could take place in a number of men. But these men themselves in whom the transformation had come about, who had been awakened by the *Spirit of Cosmic Love*, now felt within them a new understanding of what had, it is true, come to pass in intimate connection with their own souls, but which they had not previously grasped. Now, at this moment, there dawned in their souls an understanding of what had actually transpired on Golgotha.”

      1. By looking into the story for its objective reality, and picking up clues which often come through artistic depiction like this one wherein a sacramental act has been performed by the One With The Light Halo. Does it not appear that something has begun to be altered here?

        This helps with giving a picture of the words that describe how and why the disciples were buffered in a certain way in order to ensure their safety at the critical hour. Christ was able to tell His captors, “let these go their way to fulfill the word which He spoke, “Of those whom You have given Me I lost not one.” John 18.

        In three days, their eyes would be opened to a new etheric vision of the Risen Christ. This was the main effect of the Last Supper.

        1. “And when we look into the innermost soul of one of these Apostles, into the soul of him who is called Peter in the other Gospels, it is revealed to clairvoyant sight as it gazes backwards into the past, that his normal earthly consciousness completely ceased to function from the moment referred to in the other Gospels as the Denial. He beheld this scene of the Denial, how he had been asked whether he knew the Galilean; and now he knew that at that moment he had denied any such connection because his normal consciousness was beginning to fade and an abnormal condition to set in — a kind of dream condition indicating a withdrawal into an altogether different world. Peter’s experience was like that of a man who when he wakes in the morning remembers the last events of the previous evening. Thus did Peter remember the scene usually known as the Denial, the triple Denial before the cock had crowed twice. And then, like outspreading night, the intermediate condition came upon his consciousness. But this intermediate condition was filled, not with mere dream-pictures but with pictures representing a kind of higher consciousness, an experience of things belonging to the world of pure Spirit. And all that had happened, all that Peter had as it were slept through since that time arose before his soul like a vision. Above all he was now able to gaze at that event of which it can truly be said that he had slept through it, because for a full understanding of this event the quickening by the all-prevailing *Cosmic Love* was necessary. Now there came before the eyes of Peter the pictures of the Mystery of Golgotha, as we, looking backwards with clairvoyant consciousness, can again evoke them if the conditions necessary for such vision are induced.”

          Here was one of these visions, and again it is encapsulated in a Bassano painting from 1577:


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