Many have asked for the recording of the workshop I did with the YIP 13 Initiative Forum “Are You Listening” They have generously allowed me to share it after editing out the question & answer sessions for privacy reasons. So here it is: Anthroposophia: Weaving a non-gendered Femininist Reality with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

Shelly Earl

Beloved Friends – It is now just over a full year since I started writing about the ‘Corona Crisis’. In looking back it is interersting to see how drasticly the world has changed in one solar cycle. Now more than ever, I am standing with you, & all of humanity; called to face the ‘Guardian of the Threshold’.

consciousness of existence
Sabina Wozinka

Not all of us are conscious of this faithful encounter. But for me, it is feels like a reckoning, an uncomfortable inspection of the good, the bad & the ugly parts of my being; those places where I ‘miss the mark’; the bad habits & false pride. I think of how Rudolf Steiner said that if there had been ‘4 times 12 true anthroposophist’s’, WW1 & therefore all the subsequent wars, could have been avoided. And when I ask myself if could be counted in that number, I find myself sorely lacking, & it pains me.

Jacob and the Angel Odilon Redon | Odilon redon, Redon, Art
Odilon Redon

I want to stop wrestling with my angel, & just embrace this opportunity that the current world situation is providing. How can I make straight the path? How can I avoid the abyss & bring healing to my dis-ease, which is also reflected in the world around me? How can I be of service to humankind, a pure vessel for Anthroposophia? -When suddenly my daily meditations aren’t always enough to get me through the dark nights. I can’t force anything, & yet I cannot give in, or let the astral noise drown me.

How Art Changes Consciousness
Berkley Wenderleen

I must be patient & learn to be still, taking my practices deeper. Remembering how eternally grateful I am, that my karma has brought me to Spiritual Science, & to all of you. I am working hard to visualize this, to reinforce the affirmation, that yes, I am a striving human being, I am where I am, I have come far & I have far to go. And this ongoing path of initiation is not meant to be a walk in the park, it is a practice that must lead thru a ‘death process’, so that I can meet myself in the Underworld, to redeem those lost shadow parts of my being, that long for the light of a New Resurrection, achieved thru honest labor & grace.

Conscious of Consciousness painting by Jeff Neugebauer
Jeff Neugebauer

Friends, I pray that we will continue to give birth, each in our own ways, to the being of Anthroposophia within, so that together, in wholeness, we can stand on a firm foundation, to usher in what could be seen as a New ‘World Time Turning Beginning’, bringing light to love, opening the way thru the heart-thinking of Michael, to the etheric Christ.


Moon passes in front of the Winter Circle asterism of brilliant stars on March 21 and 22, 2021.

21 March 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Now spring has arrived – Yet, the waxing moon is moving inside the hexagonal star pattern, known as the Winter Circle.

Beyond domesticity: Pierre Bonnard at Tate Modern - Art Fund
Pierre Bonnard

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day



1417 – 1487 Birth & Death & Feast Day of St Nicholas of Flüe a Swiss hermit & ascetic who is the patron saint of Switzerland. He is sometimes invoked as Brother Klaus. A farmer, councilor, judge & mystic, he was respected as a man of complete moral integrity. Rudolf Steiner calls him ‘a hero in the spirit’ & tells us ‘he foresaw his baptism in the womb.’

Image result for Pocahontas, Algonquian Indigenous princess painting

1617 – Deathday of Pocahontas, Algonquian Indigenous princess

1788 – A fire in New Orleans leaves most of the town in ruins.

Image result for Pius VII is crowned Pope in Venice with a temporary papal tiara made of papier-mâché.

1800 – With the church leadership driven out of Rome during an armed conflict, Pius VII is crowned Pope in Venice with a temporary papal tiara made of papier-mâché.

1893 – Birthday of Eugen Kolisko, remembered for his pioneer work in anthroposophy, was an Austrian-German physician & educator. He studied medicine at the University of Vienna, & became a lecturer of medical chemistry. Eugen Kolisko was introduced to anthroposophy through his classmate, Walter Johannes Stein. In 1914, he first attended lectures given by Rudolf Steiner. Consequently, he became a member of the Anthroposophical Society, & in 1920 was invited as an instructor to the newly established Waldorf School at Stuttgart by Emil Molt. Kolisko specialized in preventative medicine, & at the Waldorf School he worked with other teachers in creating a curriculum that focused on the spiritual & physical development of school children. He was instrumental in construction of several artistic therapies, such as anthroposophic music therapy & eurythmy. During the 1930s, he left the Waldorf School in Stuttgart because of the Nazis, relocating to England in 1936, where he undertook the establishment of a private educational institute. Eugen Kolisko was the author of numerous written works

Coronavirus Advice Is Everywhere. It Was the Same With the Spanish Flu. -  WSJ

1918 – With the Spanish Flu just starting to make its appearance during World War I: The first phase of the German Spring Offensive, Operation Michael, begins.

1895 – Deathday of William Q. Judge, born in Dublin. He was brought up a Methodist, but early showed strong occult tendencies. The family migrated to New York, in 1864. Judge became an American citizen at 21. He worked as a clerk at an early age as he had to be self-supporting. Hhe married in 1874, & had one daughter who died of diphtheria. At the time of the formation of The Theosophical Society he was a law clerk in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the S. District of New York. He was later admitted to the Bar, & made a specialty of Commercial Law. He was modest, unassuming, eager for occult instruction & ready to work. At first H.P. Blavatsky objected to Judge becoming a Councillor, but he won her friendly regard & kept it. He developed leadership, & became one of the most important figures in The Theosophical Society. William Quan Judge served as editor of the periodical, The Path, from 1886-1896. “To try on the one hand to point out to their fellows a Path in which they have found hope for man, and on the other to investigate all systems of ethics and philosophy claiming to lead directly to such a path, regardless of the possibility that the highway may, after all, be in another direction from the one in which they are looking.” Then difficulties arose, & he led the secession of the majority of American Lodges, in 1895.

1925 – The Butler Act prohibits the teaching of human evolution in Tennessee.

Image result for 1928 – Charles Lindbergh is presented with the Medal of Honor for the first solo trans-Atlantic flight.

1928 – Charles Lindbergh is presented with the Medal of Honor for the first solo trans-Atlantic flight.

1960 – Apartheid: Sharpeville massacre, South Africa: Police open fire on a group of black South African demonstrators, killing 69 &wounding 180.

Image result for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. leads 3,200 people on the start of the third & finally successful civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

1965 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. leads 3,200 people on the start of the third & finally successful civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Image result for Johann Sebastian Bach

1685 – Birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach, German Baroque composer & musician


Image result for leminscate  painting
Awel Dikalli

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~In the dark theater of pregnant perfumes
A fragrance of destiny
Escaping the human picture prison
To inhale a plot…


Daniel Ospina

The 8-Fold Path to the Easter Elementals

Holy Week 2021 (March 28 – April 4): Starting on Palm Sunday then thru-out Holy Week including Easter Morning, we will meet every day on Zoom at 10:10 am (Central Time) to create together a Thought-Seed Egregore based on the Herbert Hahn Verse

When I think light, my soul shines,
When my soul shines, the earth is a star,
When the earth is a star, then I am, a true human being

Sophie Takata

& then we will take turns sharing the indications for that day from Rudolf Steiner / The Buddha’s 8 –fold Path, known as the ‘Weekday Exercises’ (let me know if you would like to lead one of the days? (5 min) HOLY WEEK CHART

Resolves or ‘RIGHT JUDGMENT.’ having been formed independently of sympathies and antipathies.

Talking – ‘RIGHT WORD.’

External actions- ‘RIGHT DEED.’

The ordering of life. – ‘RIGHT STANDPOINT.’


The endeavor to learn as much as possible from life. – ‘RIGHT MEMORY.’ (Remembering what has been learned from experiences).

To pay attention to one’s ideas. – ‘RIGHT OPINION.’

The octave of the New Sun
To turn one’s gaze inwards –

Whoever is holding the leading thoughts for that day will tie it into some 5-10 min. artistic exercise based on the indications

Group sharing (5 min)

We close with the ‘reversed’ Hahn verse.
I am a True Human Being
For the Earth is a Star
The Earth is a Star
When I Think Light
When I think Light
My Soul Shines

*Dear friends, please join the call at 10:05 am to get settled in so we can begin the Thought-Seed promptly at 10:10 am
Topic: The 8-Fold Path thru Holy Week 2021
Time: Starting on Palm Sunday Mar 28 – thru Easter Morning, 2021 10:10 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
Every day, 8 occurrence(s)
Mar 28, 2021 10:10 AM
Mar 29, 2021 10:10 AM
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Mar 31, 2021 10:10 AM
Apr 1, 2021 10:10 AM
Apr 2, 2021 10:10 AM
Apr 3, 2021 10:10 AM
Apr 4, 2021 10:10 AM


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Easter Sunday – 4 April 2021, in person at the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago & online 2 pm – 4 pm Central Time.

Group Eurythmy with Mary Ruud

Dottie Zold – On the Buddha’s 8-Fold Path

Keynote with Ines Katharina (Bee Keeper, Founder of the Biodynamic Emerald Honeybee Sanctuary

We close with singing ‘Now the green Blade Riseth’

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15 thoughts on “Inter-folding

  1. Hazel, I was pondering your remark about the Corona Crisis, where you say:

    “It is now just over a full year since I started writing about the ‘Corona Crisis’. In looking back it is interesting to see how drastically the world has changed in one solar cycle. Now more than ever, I am standing with you, & all of humanity; called to face the ‘Guardian of the Threshold’.”

    Steiner spoke here about the effects of sun-spots over time, and how the gradual diminishment of the Sun from its original condition when Christ left in order to come down to Earth has created a split in the Cosmic Intelligence. Oriphiel leads the rebellion away from Michael’s true leadership. I think this crisis is still going on.

    “My dear friends, that which goes on externally, which the astronomers describe, is after all only the outer side. You know that approximately every 11 years we have a period of Sun-spots, when in the shining of the Sun upon the earth certain places are darkened, covered with spots or blotches. This was not always so. In very ancient times the Sun shone down as a uniform disc of light. There were no Sun-spots. Moreover, after some thousands of years the Sun will have very many more spots than it has today. The Sun is growing ever more spotted. This again is the outer manifestation of the fact that the Michael Power, the Cosmic Power of Intelligence is still decreasing. In the increase of the Sun-spots in the course of Cosmic Evolution is revealed the Sun’s decay; the Sun within the cosmos grows increasingly dim and old. And at the appearance of a sufficiently large number of Sun-spots, the other Planetary Intelligences recognised that they would now no longer be ruled by the Sun. They resolved no longer to allow the earth to be dependent on the Sun, but to make it dependent henceforth on the entire cosmos directly. This took place through the planetary Counsels of the Archangels. Notably under the leadership of Oriphiel, this emancipation of the Planetary Intelligences from the Sun-Intelligence took place. It was a complete separation of Cosmic Powers that had hitherto belonged together. The Sun-Intelligence of Michael and the Planetary Intelligences gradually came into cosmic opposition one with another.”

    1. Yes, we have talked about this before. And many say this has a connection to the ‘virus’.
      That is why it is ever more imperative that we work together to visualize the earth as a Sun –
      Our Earth must become the new Day Star of the New Jerusalem

      1. Hi Hazel,

        This is very true; to visualize the earth as a Sun. As well, it can be shown here how we humans are also intimately connected to the Mystery of Golgotha as a physical event of supersensible proportions. These diagrams will prove to be useful with this description from GA 202, 18 December 1920:

        “This force of light that is on the earth (Diagram VII) rays out into the universe. This is, to begin with, imperceptible to ordinary vision; we do not perceive how human moral impulses in man ray out from the earth into the universe. If a grievous age were to dawn over the earth, an age when millions and millions of men would perish through lack of spirituality — spirituality conceived of here as including the moral, which indeed it does — if there were only a dozen men filled with moral enthusiasm, the earth would still ray out a spiritual, sun-like force! This force rays out only to a certain distance. At this point it mirrors itself, as it were, in itself, so that here (Diagram VIII) there arises the reflection of what radiates from man. And in every epoch the initiates regarded this reflection as the sun. For as I have so often said, there is nothing physical here. Where ordinary astronomy speaks of the existence of an incandescent globe of gas, there is merely the reflection of a spiritual reality in physical appearance.”

      ~ Rudolf Steiner
      Before we begin today’s esoteric lesson, I want to direct a prayer to the spirit of Thursday. Esotericists should increasingly acquire a truer, higher modesty that leads them to turn, not to the highest divinity, but to consider that between this divinity, which we cannot even imagine with our highest human intellect, and all of us, the great hierarchies are present.
      Great All – Encompassing spirit.
      In your light, life streams
      to the earth…
      Today I again want to illuminate our meditations from another side. Esotericists, through their meditations, want to approach the spirit of Christ more intensely. They want to try to connect with Him more intimately than they could through exoteric Christianity. The Christ – principle’s entry into our earth evolution was so decisive, even for external history, that we calculate our time line according to it. At the time when Zoroaster beheld in the sun the approaching form of the spirit of the sun, he gathered disciples around him in order to make them into servants of the great Ahura Mazdao. And he prepared himself more and more to take this spirit of the sun into himself.
      When the earth with all its beings looks up to the sun, then it must say that it cannot do what the sun can do: send forth light. The earth would be a dark, black body if the light of the sun did not permeate it, and if the earth could not reflect back this light. Now, since Christ became the planetary spirit of the earth through the event on Golgotha, He is in the forces that cause the green covering of the earth to shoot forth.
      The Masters of Wisdom and Harmony of Feelings give us the great truths in symbols; and here, above all, it is the Rose Cross, which, mirrored in us, can awaken and strengthen the power of Christ in us. In the last esoteric lesson we saw that the red rose brings the feeling of shame to Express in the colour red. Now we know that all colours stimulate their complementary colour within us; thus red calls forth green. Thus, the sight of the black cross awakens the white, radiant sunlight of the Christ in us, and through the red roses the power is stimulating that allows green life to shoot forth from the red roses. When we imagine the Rose Cross with this feeling and let it live in us in this way, we participate in part of the power of our earth, our earth – spirit, the Christ.
      As esotericists we must constantly be trying to bring good thoughts to the things that appear to us as maya. We must be permeated by the feeling that in everything there sleeps a spark of this power, which will one day break forth in order to ray out over all that is evil. We should also bear in within us complete trust that all that is good on the earth, all that is positive, will and must emerge victorious.
      Hamburg, May 19, 1910
      { Manuscript from Mathilde Scholl }

    3. Supersensibly, Rudolf Steiner tells us, one finds the connection between weather and human thinking, particularly human thinking as it relates to the social life.
      The thinking of the past, becomes the weather events of the future. In fact Rudolf Steiner warns us that the events in Russia which led to Bolshevism, will be with us for centuries.
      ‘If you take the thoughts of Lenin and the others and see them as a picture, what does the confluence of thoughts from Lenin, Trotski, Lunacharski and so on look like? If you imagine a world consisting of these thoughts you will arrive at what physics calls a system of forces. If one were a gigantic elemental being one could take these forces and form clouds to cover a vast area, generating thunder and lighting. This is what the forces are like when seen as belonging to the region of clouds. They do not belong on earth. This picture might surprise you, but anyone who can look into the occult background of existence has to say this. In the heads of the leading Russians the same forces are at work that exist in lighting, forces that are formed in the clouds above our hearts and send signing down to earth, and let the thunder roll…’ Lecture 14 The Book of Revelations and the Work of the Priest.
      ‘In other words, what is going on in the heads of today’s Russian leaders will , when the seeds have germinated and begun to sprout one day come to represent something that will manifest as cloud events. So today’s revolutionary upheavals in Russia will one day manifest as mighty, thunderous revolutions taking place above the heads of human beings.’
      Thoughts, and great events in history are related therefore to natural events.
      ”We see smaller natural events taking place throughout the seasons and we see greater natural events such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and son on. Side by side with theses – and because of the brevity of the time span, we are able to survey, we do not feel pressed to construct any connection between the two- side by side with these we have the course of history, events such as the Thirty Years War, Louise XIV and so one. Such events might follow one another or they might take place simultaneously, but no one feels the urge to construct a connection between the two sequences, the events in nature and the parallel events in history.’ Ibid.
      Since 1840’s the world has changed. What came into the world then? It was the rise of materialism. At this time technology and science particularly the rediscovery of electricity has changed the way people think. Thoughts have become ‘electrified’, because the natural world has become woven through with electricity and this has not only an effect on the elemental beings of nature but the elementals that ever into human souls with every sensory perception.
      Electricity occurs in the cosmos, in fact electromagnetic currents from the sun enter our atmosphere all the time and over aeons they enter into the earth itself. But the electromagnetic currents that are found in the earth, having come into contact with Lucifer and Ahriman, have become degenerated fossils, but not lifeless fossils. They have become demonic.
      The Earth’s electricity has been known since Atlantean times, when it was used in unlawful ways and led to the great natural disasters that destroyed Atlantis.
      In our time we speak about pollution and global warming, however few understand that our physical pollution of the world and the global warming we are seeing, can be traced back to human thinking which has become materialised and electromagnified. Just consider how my thoughts are coming to you now, and entering into your minds. If the thoughts I bring are not accompanied by pictures, they become electromagnified. This was not so in the past.
      ‘Thoughts of the kind that are universal to-day were absolutely unknown in those olden times. The human being was deeply and inwardly moved by what he thought. There was no such thing as “abstract, logical thinking.” Man’s life of soul was quite different. To-day you may tell a human being something of supreme importance … but it has no effect whatever upon his body because his soul is detached from the body. It is believed that the men of old were instinctively clairvoyant because they were not so closely bound up with their bodies, but this is simply not true; they were more deeply rooted in the body, they felt everything in the body itself and for this reason influences from the soul could work directly upon the body. When a particular name was uttered, a picture arose simultaneously before the soul. To-day … well, a word may be uttered but no picture arises. In olden times a picture, definite and complete, arose before men and this picture would give them goose-flesh, cause a burst of laughter, or some other physical symptom; an immediate effect was produced in the body. Now this was made much use of in healing. But to be effective, the forces in the environment of a man must be used in the right way. That is why, when the Gospels are referring to Christ’s acts of healing, we find the words: When the sun had set He gathered the sick and the suffering around Him. … “When the sun had set” — not, therefore, when the sun was shining in its full strength. If that had been the case, the words (which were addressed to the soul) would have been without effect. It was only when men came to Him in the evening twilight that the words could serve their purpose.
      Such things are ignored to-day but they are connected, nevertheless, with the life of man. Whether the sun is shining at the full, whether it is twilight, whether the season is spring, or autumn — all these factors have a mighty influence, And so it is, too, with other manifestations of nature. We see the life of Christ Jesus unfolding from the birth to the baptism in the Jordan and then through the three years until His death: everything drew to a climax. And the contributory factors were not the decree of the High Council alone, not the, revolution among the people alone, but also what was happening in the heavens and in the whole of nature!’…/19240508p01.html;mark=134,62

      We are told by Rudolf Steiner that when we die our etheric body, the bearer or our thinking, disperses into the world ether after three days. Rudolf Steiner tells us also that the pollution of the etheric world, with the ‘dead’ electromagnetic thinking of human beings who died during the last half of the 19th century, the time when in spiritual worlds Michael was battling the ‘Dragon of Materialism’ was the cause of the asphyxiation of the being we call the Nathan Jesus who is the bearer of the Christ ‘I’. This was the cause, we are told, of the second Mystery of Golgotha which occurred in the Etheric worlds.
      Human thinking caused the second Mystery of Golgotha.
      Let us now turn our minds to Sunspots. Sunspots, we are told by Rudolf Steiner have a connection to the weather and to historical events.
      ‘But although it is known that a period of sunspots invariably coincides with unrest in some form on the earth, people cannot accustom themselves to take real account of the influence which plays down upon the earth from the super-earthly world and comes to expression in the sunspots. Nevertheless the influence is a reality! When it rains, human beings consciously abandon certain activities. When it is raining cats and dogs you cannot go on with gardening or work of that kind. There, you see, nature has an influence upon the conscious life of man. But upon his unconscious life, the whole surrounding universe of stars has a very great influence. Obviously, therefore, the effect of the sunlight upon man is by no means the same when the Sun is partly obscured.’ Ibid.
      As we seen above, weather is also related to human thinking. Sunspots on might say, therefore, are created by the materialism in human thinking, by the degenerated electromagnetic currents that these thoughts create in the cosmos when released at death. But as everything has its counterforce, Counterbalance and Counterimage, these very sunspots also emit Cosmic iron which is necessary for human thinking, for it brings human freedom!
      Rudolf Steiner tells us Michael uses this cosmic iron, and when he does it becomes Michaelic iron. We all know the connection of iron to magnets! Iron can be used to attract magnetic forces and it was this iron that Michael used in order to claim victory over the Ahrimanic angels, who feed off the degenerated electromagnetic thoughts of human beings who have died. Michael banished these angels to the earth and cleared the etheric world so that Christ’s resurrection could be seen by human beings, but that is not all. Michael’s iron also clears the human soul, it creates a clear path in thinking for the development of freedom as a necessary foundation for a new consciousness able to perceive Christ’s resurrection in the etheric world.
      Michaelic iron clears the path from head to heart.
      ‘In our time it is the impulses contained in the iron thrown out from the Sun that have special significance for human beings. And these impulses are used by Him whom we know as the Michael Spirit, in the service of the spiritual in the Cosmos. In our age there are thus present in the Cosmos impulses which were not working with the same strength in earlier periods of civilisation. This cosmic iron, in its spiritual nature, makes it possible for the Michael Spirit to mediate between the super-sensible and the material on Earth. We find, therefore, on the one side a spirit of warfare abroad in the world man enters, when in our time he reaches to what lies behind outer sense-existence. When a man crosses the Threshold with super-sensible sight and instead of directing his gaze to matters which concern him personally turns his attention to great affairs of the Universe which underlie our whole civilisation, then he sees warfare and battle, spiritual battle. There is strife, there is war and conflict in the spiritual, behind the veils of existence. And the iron which, even to the point of physical manifestation, is thrown out by the Sun Spirits into the Cosmos — with this iron Michael arms Himself for His task in the cosmic war. For Michael has the task of helping humanity to go forward in the right way in face of these Powers of Strife behind the veils of civilisation. On the one hand — battle and warfare. On the other hand — the labours and strivings of Michael.’…/19231117a01.html;mark=617,56

      So, in a sense we can say that human thinking, materialistic thinking, electromagnetic thinking destroys the Earth and the Sun, however it is this death, of earth and sun, in our thinking and perception of the world and through it, which enables us to freely come to Christ, who lives in the blood enriched with Michaelic iron. Christ the great Sun being has brought the Sun power to the earth in his blood and with it the potential in human souls, in human blood, for the gradual (in graduals) birth of the sun in our souls through our consciousness of Christ.
      The Grail is nothing less than Christ Consiousness!
      Consciousness is the vessel in which Christ lives in us! This Grail is the human head. It is for this reason that Golgotha means Mount of the Skulls. From death to life through Christ.
      When the souls of human beings enlightened by the Christ die their sun thoughts enter the etheric world, creating a Grail from the earth itself. Christ Consciousness enters the natural world and brings about a change in the world. The world around us is different to what it was centuries ago because the thoughts of human beings are always entering the earth and affecting nature for good or for ill.
      Sun thoughts, Christ thoughts which enter the earth, fashion the earth into a new sun, so that when the sun dies and the Earth too dies a new sun arises!
      The Earth becomes a Sun, a new abode for Christ!
      What we think enters the will and becomes deed, in our souls and in the soul of the world.
      Natural events are deeds directly related to our past thoughts. Historical events, wars, upheavals etc, are directly related to our past thoughts. The far future and the near future are directly related to our present thoughts.
      The forces that work progressively from the cosmos into the world are connected to pure love. Pure love is manifested outwardly in the etheric element of light.
      ‘The ground of the world is the being of inward love appearing outwardly as light…the outer appearance of beings is love and the outer appearance of love is light.’ Rudolf Steiner Lecture Fifteen The Book of Revelation and the work of the Priest.
      Rudolf Steiner goes on to say,
      ‘We can well imagine the age of materialism since the fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth century, and also the culmination of materialism during the 1840s; we can well imagine the further ramifications of materialism after that with all that has been in human thought and action, with all those terribly destructive forces that have been raging in humanity since the middle of the nineteenth century, even though many still hardly notice it at all.’ Ibid.
      The light of the sun, dear friends, is the love of higher beings, when it enters into human souls in which lives nothing but the light of electromagnetism it becomes wrath. Human beings turn love into wrath.
      Divine Wrath, which one sees in weather events etc is what happens when the love of the hierarchies becomes polluted with the ingredients of evil that rage in humanity latently and which whirr over our heads in the etheric world from the etheric bodies of the materialistically minded dead.
      But this divine wrath, which creates so much pain and suffering is the very protection from all material constructs that will arise as the result of the materialistic consciousness soul era. The pouring of the vials of wrath found in the Book of Revelation occurs in the age when human beings influence nature more than they have ever done in the past with their thinking and actions.
      Black magic or the misuse of divine forces that enable human thinking led to the Atlantean Catastrophe. In the same way much that happens today finds fulfilment in natural phenomena.
      This summer we live with the effects of the Russian revolution, which Rudolf Steiner tells us:
      ‘Will pour down on to the heads of human beings in storms of thunder and lightning that will last for whole summers.’ Ibid.
      This is the consequence that arises from human thoughts and deeds – divine wrath, or love which has been transformed into its opposite. This divine wrath in turn has the potential to remove all the damaging effects created by materialistic human thinking. It is the same with illness. What we think creates bad weather in our bodies which attracts demonic beings, just as the thoughts of the dead feed demonic beings in the etheric world we feed germs with our thoughts. The illness is a necessary antidote.
      Here it is now sunny again. Love pours out over eastern Australia now, because it has been wiped clean of its damaging thoughts by Divine wrath. It is a chance to start over, to discover what is important, to unite soul with soul in self sacrifice and brotherly/sisterly love. We see it everywhere, neighbours risking their lives to help each other. People rallying together to help save cattle and livestock and native animals. This love, this humanity which rises up from adversity, this is the great gift that the hierarchies give us, it is the etheric rainbow after the storm.
      The human soul is Noah’s ark. In it the human being carries what he or she has discarded, but which the human being must also carry to safety – the world of nature.
      What we create from now on in our thinking becomes the future natural world around us. It will either be the new Jerusalem created from love which is the light of Christ, or Babylon created from the black magic electromagnetic thoughts inspired by Lucifer (electricity) or Ahriman (magnetism).
      Love or Divine wrath.
      It is up to us.
      I dedicate these thoughts to my teacher who from spiritual worlds continues to inspire me, Sergei O Prokofieff. He sacrificed not merely his artistic nature but also what he could have achieved through his own karma in order to devote his life, as John the Baptist devoted his life to Jesus Christ, to furthering the work of Rudolf Steiner. These sacrifices of one’s karmic gifts and potentials for the sake of another, is an image of the soul’s sacrifice of the lower ego for the entry of the spirit self. A truly Rosicrucian act that will not be understood, just as Christian Rosencreutz and Rudolf Steiner are little understood, for some centuries. In the future Sergei O Prokofieff will be seen differently and his connection to Rudolf Steiner during the Mystery of Golgotha, one above and one below will be known and his work appreciated by the world. And those Anthroposophists who did not recognise him, will do so then. Then it will be understood why his voice sounded like thunder in the hearts of men. When love encounters materialistic thoughts it is always felt in the soul like Divine wrath.

          1. There were many things that spoke to me. Because our Sun is obscured today by clouds, the thoughts about the Sun’s effect on our thinking spoke to me, as I hunker down (light snow falling outside) and spend this day in mostly thinking. The reminder about Golgotha, the Mount of the Skulls, representing death becoming life in Christ, and of love appearing as light (I may review Lecture 15 from which you drew those thoughts). Also thought of the folks in Australia when you spoke of divine wrath being expressed in floods of rain. And I like the thought of our souls being like Noah’s ark – that was a new concept to me. It seems that Christ also becomes an ark, because in taking much of my karma He has taken on Himself much of what I’ve discarded, in order to make room for my true destiny to be manifested. And finally, the thoughts about demons, and illness – I’m hoping that humanity will learn that we need to be more truthful. All the lies being told are bringing on epidemics that are affecting our society in a negative way.

  2. These are some great questions you present that we can all ask ourselves. I was reminded this morning that it’s not when all is going well and smoothly that we face our true character, but when the pressure builds and things seem to us to get out of control. Moses, we’re told, was a humble man – not perfect by any means, but humble, and as the hordes pressured him “Why did we leave Egypt?”, he had to do some self-examination. Here’s an interesting result from that, in Numbers 11 – what struck me is that he knew that the pressure was getting to him, and that soon he was going to be faced with his own “wretchedness”. That got me wondering – would my wretchedness be exposed under pressure?

    “14 I am not able to bear all these people alone, because the burden is too heavy for me. 15 If You treat me like this, please kill me here and now—if I have found favor in Your sight—and do not let me see my wretchedness”

    1. Wow, I have never read this Bible passage…I can totaly realte, although I do think I am willing to see my Wretchness (even if it kills me)

      1. That is an extraordinary chapter from Numbers. Yet, you notice that it is not Moses who is complaining about “meat”. It is the people who followed Moses into the wilderness who are now missing their luscious leaven! Moses is willing to ‘take it on the chin’, so to speak because he feels that he has failed. His perceived wretchedness is really not true, but a false self-criticism.

        Today, we are very much in the sight of a Being who does know our wretchedness, and with courage, as Hazel indicates, can be faced as part of the process of initiation. This Being makes us see the “Picture of Dorian Gray”. Not pleasant, but must be faced at some point in time.

          1. As little children, we are very much acceptable to the Lesser Guardian of the Threshold. It is when we begin to receive the luciferic and ahrimanic influences that we become corrupted. This is what the ‘lesser guardian’ sees of us before we take the courage and will to face it.


            You, Hazel, do wonderful work 24/7, and I have to think you are still hard on yourself. Your willingness to face your true self, even unto death, is very revealing. It shows how far you have come in the matter of initiation. So, please, go into the depths in the early morning wake up and see how you now fair with the guardian. You can be nothing but clean, even with your unresolved issues from childhood. We still bear to endure what we have “signed up for” as you indicate. This is the karma that plays out under the ordinary conditions of life.

            There is a means to work actively against Lucifer and Ahriman, and root them out, even as we understand them for the important work that they have done. This is the substance of Spiritual Science in all of its ramifications.

            1. Thank you dear Steve for ‘seeing’ me. Yes, I do work hard & I do have the courage to face the Guardian & to grapple with the adversarial powers in myself & in the world. Living into the Christ Impulse & working the understand the Sophia is the Great Work.Transformation is my middle name…

              Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” ~Matthew 19:14

              See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. ~1 John 3:1

              Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure. ~1 John 3:2-3

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