Michaelmas 2015- Meeting the Dragon Within –

Sunday September 27, 2015 During the Eclipse of the Harvest Moon 6:30pm at the Rudolf Steiner Branch

The Dragon is not found in the sense world. So where is he? The dragon lives within the human being. “…the outer cosmic conflict of Michael and the Dragon was transferred to the inner human being, because only in human nature could the Dragon now find his sphere of action.”

Steiner gives a picture of the dragon; on the one hand, writhing around in us, even coiling around the heart; but then — behind us, at the back of the head — the outer cosmic figure of Michael, radiant, towering, retaining his cosmic nature but reflecting it into our higher human nature, so that our etheric body reflects etherically the cosmic figure of Michael.

Then visible in the human head — but working down into the heart — we can feel the power of Michael, crushing the Dragon and causing our blood to flow down from the heart into the limbs. So we can put our will into action through heart-thinking. This is Gemüt – described as: ‘the mind warmed by a loving heart and stimulated by the soul’s imaginative power’.

This activated heart-thinking allows us to enter into a living relationship with the whole cosmos. Then, Steiner tells us, we will be able to find solutions to our social problems!

 Doors open at 6:30pm – with an Exhibition of Paintings on the theme bySophie
7pmUpstairs: Welcome – Hazel Archer Ginsberg

‘Michaelmas Mood’ a Performance by theMidwest Eurythmy Group
Finding our Sun Task in an Age of Shadows’ – Robert Karp Co-Director of the Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association

8:07pm – Eclipse Begins

The Well-Tempered Klavien by J.S. Bach played by Clark 

8:30pma tour by Sophie  of herMichaelmas Paintings

8:45pm – Break – Doors Re-Open for Eclipse Activities- Holding the Light as Michaelites

9pm – Doors Close – Upstairs: Group Eurythmy with Tish

Downstairs: Cosmic Harvest: The Michaelmas Eclipse – Hazel Archer Ginsberg

An Artistic Exploration of the Sun & Moon Seals with Sophie

Upstairs: Circles, Singing & Spirals with Nancy

 Small Group Exercise with Robert Karp

Verse for the Michaelic Age, ‘In the Primal Beginning’ Verse, The Foundation Stone Meditation  

11:27pmEclipse Ends

Refreshments – Your Donation goes to the Midwest Eurythmy Group – Snacks to Share Encouraged!

 This event is part of the Central Regional Council’s ‘Speaking with the Stars’ project, striving to empower us to ripen our speech, so we can work in a Michaelic way with the Spiritual Beings of the Stars.

Want to help with refreshments or clean up? For more info. contact Festivals Coordinator, Hazel Archer Ginsberg


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