The Central Regional Council – Festive Resounding

Dear Friends of the Central Regional Council –

Join a variety of folks from all parts of the Heart-Land in an Experiential Celebration: Speaking with the Stars ~Festive Resounding~

At the Central Regional Council’s Annual Meeting, Before the National Society’s AGM in St. Louis, MO. October 7-8, 2015, At the Sisters of Carondelet MotherHouse:

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Speaking with the Stars ~ Festive Resounding ~ Wednesday October 7th 2015



6:30pmVerse for America, Singing, Overview of the Celebration

Check-in Introductions: Share a highlight from YOUR Speaking with the Stars

Eurythmy with Raven Garland “Now freedom and strong brotherhood prevail amongst us. And the soul of these be blown world far! America!”

9pmStars Verse

Thursday October 8th 2015

7:30am- 8:30amBreakfast, Singing

9am – 9:45am Thoughts from the night

9:45am – 10amEurythmy Preview with Raven Garland


10:15 -11:45amEurythmy with Raven Garland

11:45am- 12:30pmStorytelling: The Descent of Innana

12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch

2pmFestive Resounding: A Journey through the Planetary Spheres

Artistic Exploration – Circle Sharing


4:00 – 5pmCRC AGM

5pm  – Eurythmy with Raven Garland


7pmEvening Program: MC Marian Leon

CRC Eurythmy with Raven Garland Wasapedan from the Masque of St. Louis: “Harken the law of the stars: -Out of the formless void, Beauty and order are born, One for the all, all in one, We wheel in the joy of our dance. Brother with brother, Sharing our light, Build we new worlds, With ancient fire, Only together, Lovers are free: Love is our labor, So labor is joy.”

Laurie Portocarrero will perform a one-woman play about Christie Barnes.

Offering from the Youth Initiative Group

Eurythmy Performance – Raven Garland 2nd movement Beethoven Sonata Op. 79 – Marianne Dietzel, piano

9pm – “Stars once spoke to Man, It is World destiny that they are silent now. To be aware of the silence, Can become pain for earthly Man. But in the deepening silence, There grows and ripens, What Man speaks to the Stars, To be aware of the speaking, Can be strength for Spirit-Man” ~Give to Marie Steiner by Rudolf Steiner on Christmas Day 1922

Friday October 9th 2015 

7:30am- 8:30amBreakfast

8:30am – 9:15amSinging, Closing Circle, Eurythmy ‘Now Freedom’

Off to the AGM!

The Central Regional Council: Marianne Fieber, Dennis Dietzel, Mary Louise Hershberger, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Alberto Loya, with Raven Garland

For info. on the AGM

“…Can we help one another find our way in anthroposophy, and together create the space within the Society to welcome everyone working within the anthroposophical movement?” ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg on behalf of the CRC


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