Middle Pillar

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Spiritual Science reveals our rhythmic system as the realm of the Feeling life, the middle pillar between Thinking in our head, & Willing in our limbs; harmonizing & connecting head, hands & heart.

In order to think, to perceive & remember, we breathe the ethers into our lungs, & this breath stimulates the warmth of our “I” in the life of our blood to permeate our being with formative forces.

Breath of life Painting by Melanie Meyer
Bella June

We then breathe out into the world again. We populate the world with the product of our soul forces of thinking, feeling & willing.

Hilma af Klint

What are we breathing into the world?  Is it light, love & warmth = forces of life? Or depending on our thoughts, are we breathing out darkness, hatred/scorn/division, coldness = forces of death?

Breath of Life - Paintings by Gen Amistad - Paintings & Prints ...
Carla Calabrzy

Love, is a breathing out, a sharing, embodying our unification with the world. It is connected to freedom. Breathing out we are selfless – giving freely, sharing our essence. This gives us a sense for Destiny. We unite with our future as we once united with higher beings in the spiritual worlds in the past – & will again. We also do it every night when we fall asleep; & when we cross the threshold at death. We also experience this out-breath collectively as part of the bigger cosmic & earthly rhythms, particularly in Spring & Summer.

The Breath of Life. Artist: Margherita Arkaura | Modern art ...
Margherita Arkaura

Breathing in, is a uniting with the Self, connecting the past with the present. Take a deep breath & feel into the consciousness of Self-hood. This gives us a sense for our Karma. We are meant to strive to live in the world with a moral memory of our time before birth, guiding us to be better human beings. We get to do this every Morning when we wake up & begin a new day. And in the future we can transform this autonomic function into a conscious breathing in of LIGHT!

Leonardo da Vinci Artworks & Famous Paintings | TheArtStory
da vinci

What is it that lives in the rhythmic system & unites the in-breath & the out-breath in a living, warm, loving way? Since the ‘Turning Point of Time’ it is The Christ who lives in the rhythmic system – in the point & periphery of the expances. Can we feel this Being of Love living in the space between breaths, in the space between heart beats – Longing to bring in the light…?

Rita De Cassia Perez

This Sun Being transforms the necessity of memory & karma – the morality of the gods – into a love for a necessaity for freedom, which creates our destiny & opens us to the perception & oneness with higher worlds, which is our future.

And so it is, that between nerves / senses / limbs, lives our rhythmic system, which is related to our Sun born etheric body. It is here that Christ is crucified again & again thru materialistic thoughts, cold feelings, selfish, or heartless actions. Our materialistic thoughts are manifesting as dis-ease, depleting our formative forces, dying a death in our physical body, & with it deadening our consciousness of Christ.

How can we can resurrect our consciousness of The Being of Love within ourselves?

In balance of the soul,
Where the surging deeds
Of world-evolving
Unite your own I
With the I of the world;
And you will truly FEEL,
In human soul’s creating.
For the Christ-will encircling us holds sway,
In world rhythms, bestowing
Grace upon souls.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Christ-veil.jpg
Leo Klein

How do we Sense Spirit? Can we become awake to what fills our heart with warmth, reverence & wonder – Love – in awe of the Spirit, the essence behind all life..?

This moves out again as Will – Can we strive to re-member in Spirit Re-calling, willing the good, in memory of our oneness with the creator god..?

This gives us the perception to bestow on our own “I” thru Spirit Beholding, a heart-thinking that co-creates with the Holy Spirit.

Living into the rhythms of the Foundation Stone, we become connected to breathing the Spirit in & out, like singing or mindful speech. 

Our breath becomes related to the Living Word, which thru consciousness transforms our blood – the substance of our “I”.

The Holy Spirit is connected to the Healing Wisdom of the Sophia which calls to us from the future. Just as the Kingdom of God will become the New Jerusalem.

We are being asked to make this Breathing in of Love & Light the new normal, as we make our way toward Whitsun…& into our co-created future that we must breathe into now…


Mother Breath of Life Altar Card | Katherine Skaggs
Katherine Skaggs

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (Help support the RSarchives!)

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (resourses include The original Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner, Wikipedia, Anthrowiki, EarthSky.org, Skyandtelescope.org)

2 positions of moon near stars Castor and Pollux and planet Mars, on slanted ecliptic line.

17 May 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”

Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) | Ressamların Eserlerini ve Hayatlarını  Anlatan Sanat Platformu

1510 – Death-day of Sandro Botticelli, Italian painter of the “golden age” of the Early Renaissance. He belonged to the Florentine School under the patronage of Lorenzo de’ Medici. Among Botticelli’s best-known works are The Birth of Venus & Primavera.

Grigory Valuyev - Wikipedia
Grigory Valuyev

1606 – Murder of False Dmitriy I, the only Tsar ever raised to the throne by means of a military campaign. He was the first, & most successful, of three “impostors” who claimed, during the Time of Troubles, to be the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible.

Dmitriy married polish priestess Marina Mniszech. It was the usual practice that when a Russian Tsar married a woman of another faith, she would convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, but she didn’t because Dmitriy had obtained the support of Polish King Sigismund III Vasa & Pope Paul V by promising to reunite the Russian Orthodox Church & the Holy See.

This was considered a betrayal. Ten days after his marriage, commoners stormed the Kremlin & killed Dmitriy. The body was put on display & then cremated, the ashes shot from a cannon towards Poland.

He was the primary character in the opera Boris Godunov, & Modest Mussorgsky’s opera of the same name. His story is also told by Schiller in Demetrius, by Antonín Dvořák in his opera Dimitrij, & Rainer Maria Rilke recounts the overthrow of the False Dimitriy in The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge; Rilke’s only longer prose work. Harold Lamb fictionalizes the demise of the False Dimitriy in “The Wolf Master”.

New York Stock Exchange ruled 1792-2012

1792 – New York Stock Exchange founded

1922 – Riot at a Rudolf Steiner lecture in Munich, reported in the New York Times

Watergate Hearings Audio : US Senate : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming  : Internet Archive

1973 – Watergate scandal: Televised hearings begin in the United States Senate.

No photo description available.

translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler

My Self is threatening to flee,
drawn strongly by the world’s inviting light.
Now you, my foresight, dawn in me your star
and my divining, firmly as of right,
replace the power of thought
that in the senses’ glory leaves me.

This is part of the square quartet, the only verses with the words
‘threatening’ (v7 & 46) or ‘death’ (v20 & 33). They can be regarded
as threshold verses, asking for a strong commitment to enter into
a new season. The word ‘Ahnen’ (translated as ‘dawning vision’ by
Brigitte Knaack) now makes its first appearance. Its the only word
for which I’ve kept the German sound: the ‘ah’ has the sound
that opens the soul to something new. Next week the Soul Calendar
will ask us to unite with the Spirit, lose ourselves in a Whitsun dream.
Our higher Self can then be found in cosmic light & warmth. Divine Being,
the star of who we really are, can enter us in summer senses’ heights.

Introduction to the Project _Calendar of the Soul — Gallery and Art Center
Laura Summer

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Bio – Elizabeth Carlson – I was born and grew up in upstate [Woodstock] New York. I completed the eurythmy training at Eurythmy School Zuccoli in Dornach, age 24, and studied again later at Eurythmeum Stuttgart for two years. I have worked in Waldorf education since, in eurythmy, (in USA, SA and UK) for 16 yrs, in Early Years for five years, and intermittently in care for the elderly and learning disabled. I completed an MA in eurythmy (education) with Alanus University (Germany, but in the UK)  in 2016. I have lived in the UK, presently in Cardiff, Wales, since 1992. My son is 26.

Music by Ultra-Violet Archer – Here’s her solo stuff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkdsh6zXYxE74LLlDiBE3uQ


The discography https://soundcloud.com/ultra-violet-archer

Bandcamp has all the lyrics & you can ‘buy’ the album to show support for ‘In Case of Emergence’ by ‘Circles Edge’ her new band with Morgan Vallet


Ayse Domeniconi

After working with Karma & Reincarnation for 3 years the CRC has chosen a new Theme: ‘The Mysteries of the Holy Grail, from Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation’

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One thought on “Middle Pillar

  1. Hi Hazel,

    Your indication here of the middle pillar got me thinking about some items that might prove noteworthy. “Spiritual Science reveals our rhythmic system as the realm of the Feeling life, the middle pillar between Thinking in our head, & Willing in our limbs; harmonizing & connecting head, hands & heart.”

    If we look at the fourth occult seal picture from the Book of Revelation, chapter 10, it displays a little open book, and below it are two pillars marked, Jachin and Boaz. Rudolf Steiner in the Apocalypse of St. John, lecture 8, describes these two pillars as those of Wisdom and Strength, with wisdom (thinking) attributed to Jachin, and strength (will) attributed to Boaz. Boaz, as we know, can be found in the Book of Ruth, which is, indeed, a very little book.

    As we know, Steiner’s indications are that Wisdom and Strength refer to the previous spheres of Ancient Moon and Ancient Sun. Boaz represents Sun, and Jachin the Moon. The Book of Ruth disguises a great deal of importance by readily naming Boaz, but leaving Jachin identified only as “the closest relative”. When Jachin, who wants to redeem the property of Naomi, hears that he must marry Ruth, he gives his right completely over to Boaz. There is deep occult meaning to this. Jachin is betrothed to a still future time in which the Mercury forces will succeed the Mars forces seen in Boaz, which is current for that time. So, Boaz gains the inheritance and marries Ruth, and the Mars forces prevail in earth evolution for many generations.

    The significance of the Book of Ruth, which *is* the little book implied in chapter 10 of Revelations, is that it encompasses the element of Love, which marks Earth as the Cosmos of Love, between Strength (Sun), and Wisdom (Moon). To devour this little book with gnosis is like tasting honey on the tongue, which conveys bliss, but also bitterness in the belly, which is an homage to Naomi, who left Bethlehem full, but returned empty. She demands to be called, “Mara”, which means ‘bitter’, and wonders why the Lord has afflicted her life. Yet, she receives the firstborn of Ruth and Boaz, who is Obed, and becomes his nurse. All of Bethlehem declares Obed, the “child of Naomi”.

    This was long before Bethlehem of Judah became a city of David. The two Jesus boys were born there. Jachin’s betrothal was about to begin. The woman with the blood disease of 12 years was about to be healed by Christ, and the little girl of 12 years of age, awakened by Christ and given something to eat. I suspect that she devoured her meal.




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