Gustave Moreau

“…Myth is the secret opening
through which the inexhaustible energies
of the cosmos pour
into human cultural manifestation.
Religions, philosophies, arts, the social forms
of primitive and historic man,
prime discoveries in science and technology,
the very dreams that blister sleep,
boil up from the basic, magic ring of myth…
The latest incarnation of Oedipus,
the continued romance of Beauty and the Beast,
stand this afternoon
on the corner of Forty-second Street and Fifth Avenue,
waiting for the traffic light to change
— Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey

Dear Friends – I am looking thru the kaleidoscope – of reality – to read the story we all share. I am watching the blocking on the world stage – listening for anecdotes underneath the monologues & slogans – to decode the archetype of the players – in our karmic Mystery Drama – unfolding as the unifing Myth of our time.

What is whispering in the heart? What is springing up as a new oral tradition – & written in the Book of Life?

We can, we must, we are, co-creating a Modern Myth – which can be: a living repository of collective wisdom, social practice, spiritual transformation, ecological awareness, & psychological insight.

Myth is deep psyche dressed in imaginative cultural garb – a bridge or fabric of story that connects us to the blueprint of our destiny & through it to Heaven & Earth’s innermost workings, which in the end are the same as our own.

Joseph Campbell often pointed out “Myths are metaphors,” ; that symbolize the perennial, archetypal aspects of human experience. But although the underlying themes are eternal, the images that story them are constantly in motion.

Deep rumblings sound below the level of collective consciousness, where vibrantly alive mythic images challenge & evolve us like the qualities of existence they image.

Edward Burne-Jones

But mythic beings won’t stay locked out or confined to a grid. In a rationalist, de-sacralized world run by money, force, & hardware, they creep in from the margins & ruptures & edges disguised as symptoms, nightmares, epidemics, political upheavals, works of art, moods of enchantment, & disturbing dreams.

Missy Crane

An education in mythology fills a gap in the hungering soul with nourishing visions, inspiring narratives, & timeless motifs. When properly digested they become food for the heart & therapy for the imagination. They summon us back to the natural terrains from which they originally sprang & to which all things return…

Friends we are called to be the New Myth Makers – the Modern Bard – Singing the story of Love & Freedom to life.

Sing with me


26 October 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


899 – Death day of Alfred the Great – King of the West Saxons. He defended his kingdom against the Viking attempt at conquest. Alfred also oversaw the conversion of Viking leader Guthrum to Christianity. Alfred had a reputation as a learned and merciful man of a gracious and level-headed nature who encouraged education, proposing that primary education be conducted in English, rather than Latin, and improving the legal system and military structure and his people’s quality of life. He was given the epithet “the Great” in the 16th century and is only one of two English monarchs, to be labelled as such.

1923 – Ludwig Graf Polzer-Hoditz & Mana Brabinek made a vow togther on this day in the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague to work for a future of German-Slavic harmony, according to The Present Age Calendar.

Polzer-Hoditz was one of Rudolf Steiner’s most valued, independently-minded colleagues. Leaving behind his Royal traditions, he became a key player in Steiner’s regenerative threefold social impulses, working tirelessly for a genuinely unified, free Europe. He also fought to protect Rudolf Steiner’s esoteric legacy and the integrity of the Anthroposophical Society. Following Steiner’s untimely death, Polzer-Hoditz fostered a broad range of friendships and alliances with key figures such as D.N. Dunlop, Walter Johannes Stein, and Ita Wegman. In a bid to avoid further division and conflict, he made significant interventions to alter the tragic course of events that consumed the Anthroposophical Society, although he was unable to stop the major split within the membership that followed. In the final decade of his life, he concentrated his energies on world issues and on influencing events, especially in Europe, while lecturing widely and writing books. In contrast to the destructive special interests of the national and religious groups that craved dominion and power, Polzer-Hoditz sought to build a true understanding between Central and Eastern Europe and to cultivate a spiritual connection with the West.

1983 – Death day of Ilona Schubert-Polzer – Eurthmist & wife of L.Polzer-Hoditz


POD (Poem Of the Day)

~Today I AM:
Light behind mist
From the dark vortex of primal fire
Where the 1st light was born
Which made the maker of gods & human-kind
Pressing the black world like a blinking eye
Into wakefulness…
Today: What are YOU?

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